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February 2023 Monthly Forecast

February 2023 Monthly Forecast

The themes for February are: “Pay Attention and Be Aware”.

This month provides us with many opportunities for a change or reset through unexpected events and situations. If you are paying attention and facing the ocean, you are less likely to be taken out by that sleeper wave you did not see. And there may be many sleeper waves this month that can catch you unawares if you are not present.

Especially during the first part of the month, when we have aspects that can continue shaking things up, it is important to stay aware of what is leaving, what is coming in, and what is right in front of you. You could be challenged at times to stay neutral and out of reaction and to use the acceptance goal of the year, observation, and the attitude of pragmatism to navigate sudden and unexpected situations that may be providing an opportunity for change. It is best not to be in resistance or denial.

Flexibility, resilience and a willingness to have an open mind will also be important during this time. If you find yourself being stubborn and holding on to old dynamics, relationships and structures in your life out of fear, you will be more prone to that sleeper wave and may find yourself navigating change with more hardship than necessary. This could cause emotional or physical conflict, accidents, or impulsive behavior with negative consequences.

The upside of this eccentric energy is that it can lift limitations and allow you to have more courage to take a risk in a direction you have only been contemplating but never taking action towards. This could be a relationship (moving towards or away from), a project, a new area of study, a business, a spiritual practice, or just about anything. There is an excitement about what is possible and an enthusiasm to move forward. So, the warning is simply not to be impulsive and to think pragmatically before you leap.

It is also a good time to think outside the box and to come up with new and innovative ideas and solutions to old problems. There is an independent quality that supports breaking out of old beliefs, attitudes and ways of thinking, making it possible to shift something in a big way. This can rattle the balance of things, especially in relationships. Keep it kind, always come from a place of compassion, and always make any claim for change about yourself and never about the other person. In other words, stay away from blame and judgment.

The very best way to pay attention and stay aware is by practicing being very present. This is not being paranoid or obsessively hypervigilant. It is simply being present where you are disciplined about not dwelling about the past or worried about the future. If you are walking down a street and not paying attention, you may not see an obstacle in your way and end up tripping. On the other hand, if you are paying attention and not thinking about your next meal or worried about what you said or did in the past, you may notice something inspiring that may stimulate an idea or intention. When you are aware, awake and present you are also available to receive more of what is around you.

Self-awareness is also an important aspect to pay attention to. Be aware of your habits, be aware of your reactions, be aware of your emotions and be aware of how you feel. Use your intuition when rational thought does not give you enough clarity. Also be aware of what wants to change and support it rather than resist it.

How you navigate the first part of this month where the energy is more volatile, will set you up for the latter part of the month when the influences settle down and there is opportunity for assimilation, integration and re-evaluation. Resist impulsive decisions until this more balanced time in the month when there is more clarity. For now, your intention should be for more self-awareness and movement in the direction of improvement, satisfaction, and right relationship, purpose and path.

How the month shows up:

We continue the clearing out of what no longer serves. There is a need to trust that what is leaving your field is necessary and that what is coming in is something you are creating for a purpose. Self-awareness and paying attention to what you need and what you don’t need is the gift you will receive when you practice this awareness. There is tremendous growth this month as you adapt to change and face an unknown and unpredictable future.

An area of examination is to recognize how and where you give your power, esteem and energy away to outside sources of support rather than relying on your own inner resources. Turbulent times will either break you down or build you up by forcing you to be more resilient and to trust your intuition and instincts rather than any directive from an outside source. This is an opportunity to build up your inner power, courage and value in preparation for the future. We need to embrace the responsibility of creating our own future and not leave it up to others, expecting something or someone “out there” to do it for us.

For some, this time will be challenging, for others, exciting. There is a lot of help out there in the unseen world and some are just now beginning to understand how it can be supportive during challenging times. So, face the waves, ask for help, and trust the process.

Relationship dynamics are challenged during the first part of the month where an independent energy pushes up against dependency and what appears to be compatibility but may have been based in compromise to keep the peace. No relationship is balanced enough that both are completely equal in their needs. Whatever has been compromised to make a relationship work will rear its head and demand freedom. This can get very tricky very fast. What is needed is acceptance, understanding, kindness and a willingness to soften the dynamics so change can occur where needed.

Most will work things out. Some may not be able to and there will be fallout. Whatever happens is necessary as the more compromised you are, the less freedom you have to move forward. The way to work these issues out is to bring in something that represents a new beginning rather than to get mired in the “who done what” syndrome of blame and resentment. Use forgiveness as an energy whether you are reworking a relationship or leaving one. If one has the need for adventure that has been compromised by a partner’s need for security, find a balance, a new compromise that has a little more freedom in it.

The later part of the month will be very supportive in nurturing new or newly reworked relationships with some fertile energy as the year of the Water Rabbit is anchored and it becomes easier to land on the same page with understanding and compassion.

The stop and go, up and down energy of the month is hard on the adrenals. It is much like accelerating to a high speed and then needing to come to a complete stop because there is an accident on the road. Practicing patience is a good way to handle the impatience around unpredictability. Getting regular and disciplined exercise for the body is also a good way to moderate energy fluctuations.

Pay attention to kidneys and liver and do a cleansing or get some support though acupuncture or other methods. Both organs are filters for toxins and need a little extra help this month. Kidneys get stressed during highly emotional times, especially when there is fear involved. The liver is affected by anxiety, anger, resentment and blame. The more you handle these aspects within yourself the more you can support your body.

Mental health is also a key this month and much of it has to do with your self-esteem and how you value yourself.  Whatever you can do to for yourself in this area will be very helpful this month.

A great month to use the dynamism and eccentricity to problem solve or restructure a business or partnership in ways you had not thought of. It is also a good month to set new and different goals perhaps targeting areas or including things you have not thought of beforehand. You may need to watch impulsive decisions such as spending a large amount on something you are not yet sure of. Follow the rule of “never making a decision out of fear.” Especially when it comes to old concepts of investing, the notion of making an investment based on potential future scarcity is not the best one to follow during these times of changing values.

Business relationships may also be challenged this month and whatever happens in the aftermath should be a new alignment where any disfunction, enabling patterns or compromises are eliminated or reworked. Focus on getting the support you need and allow your own intentions to prevail in your own business instead of giving that power away to others. If you have been overly compromised, take your power back and reset your goals. It’s a good time to reinvent, to release the old and bring in something new.

During these volatile days at the beginning of the month we are prone to turbulent, unexpected, more intense, unpredictable and eccentric weather that will certainly keep things moving, changing, shifting and require a great deal of acceptance and flexibility. You can always blame the weather but it does no good. You can be irritated when plans change, but that will be a waste of energy. So, practice acceptance, patience and wonder at the power of nature.

On the practical side, pay attention to the weather and be proactive with changing plans and being flexible. Adapt to whatever environment you find yourself in. Become more aware of your personal environment and pay attention to where your focus goes. Do you need to change a piece of furniture? Is your bed no longer as comfortable as it should be? Perhaps you notice where cleaning needs to take place or a good declutter. If you are present and paying attention, what needs attention will become clear. Take responsibility and welcome the opportunity to be proactive in your own environment.

February 1-7: The energy during this time is highly influenced by the full moon occurring on the 5th. It is dynamic and highly charged and can throw a monkey wrench into the best laid plans as well as inspire a new direction you never would have thought of. Try and stay out of drama – especially creating it. There will be enough of it out there to navigate without adding fuel to the fire. Be in observation and self-awareness as much as possible and watch for those rogue waves in your life. This is not to say that something beautiful and fantastic won’t show up, however if you are not paying attention, you may miss that as well.

Observe where you are attached to things being and going a certain way and be willing for them to change if that is what needs to happen. Remember that there are no accidents and that we collectively create everything that happens for a reason. Sometimes a shake-up is needed so we don’t get too locked into old patterns. Embrace the inspiration for action without being overly impulsive and always look forward from the position of the present.

February 5: Full Moon in Leo is Sunday, February 5 at 11:28AM Mountain Standard Time (MST) This Snow Moon is volatile and can bring in something unexpected. It is also a very independent energy that can assist in breaking through past something that has been stuck for a long time. It is a sensitive time for relationships as emotional outbursts are possible. Don’t take things personally and use the dispassionate quality of the independence to be in observation first and then take action in a direction that feels right.

We can either feel very inspired by the eccentric energy or in fearful mistrust of it. It is best to face the waves so you are aware of the rogue one that could knock you down. Anything is possible and that should be a point of inspiration rather than fear. Use the energy to think and dream outside the box, always keeping your intentions focused towards self-improvement, expansion of what is positive and in support of greater service.

Adaptability and flexibility are needed to navigate the unexpected around this time especially around change that is not initiated by you but a result of another person’s action or some situation beyond your control. We recommend acceptance, emotional adaptability and pragmatic action.

February 8-14: Think of this time as preparation. You may still be influenced by the power of the full moon but that influence should now be channeled into a n acknowledgment of what you are passionate about. What do you love in your life? Where do you wish to put your energy? Welcome emotional clarity and honor any new insights that may come with it. This could be a highly creative time where you come up with a new plan and set of goals and a commitment to the discipline you will need to get you there.

In setting an intention, make sure it can be modified and use this time for planning, refining, checking in with yourself and being aware and present to what is being created and manifested. Go with the flow and don’t resist.

February 15-21: We are beginning to move into a friendlier period of time where intuition, dreaming and imagining soften the edges of challenging, active, dynamic energy. Take what you have learned, chosen and intended and place it gently in this container of support to see if it has the fertile ground to grow and manifest. It becomes easier in this time frame to refine and define who you are and what you desire based on your values. It is also easier to be accepting, compassionate and kind when you are not bracing yourself against unknown and unpredictable situations. So, take a deep breath, let it out and feel yourself relaxing into the next cycle.

Hopefully, you have built some inner trust and flexibility that will help you to navigate this period with new clarity based on your own truth and insight. This is also a good time to nourish and nurture your relationships, bring in some self-care, and enjoy your community. If you have been avoiding social interactions, reach out now to others and make connections and reconnections with the intention that they will be supportive to you in a new way. Remember that we have service as a theme this year and it should start with serving yourself.

February 20: New Moon in Pisces is Monday February 20, at 12:05 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST) More on this New Moon will be sent as a Power Path New Moon update to our mailing list (click here to join)

February 22-28: A good time to really set those goals and to actually take that leap into something new. With the energy of the new moon at your back and the support of a good action element, your intentions can move forward and you may actually see results. When something is right, you will know. When it isn’t, it will be very clear.

During this time, it will apparent to you where you want to put your energy. Any discipline towards what you are passionate about will be embraced without resistance. When you see results, you will be inspired to move ahead, do better, improve something and keep going. The theme is about newness and important change. Pay attention to what comes easily and what is still problematic. Those rogue waves are still around and will target any stuck place that needs a little push. So, stay aware and work with the energy instead of against it.

Have a great month!

We are offering our Shamanic Mindfulness Online Course with Jose on sale to help you ground, balance and be more present this month.

This month’s support audio has a great process for practicing awareness and staying present.

Join Lena for a remote shamanic healing working with the full moon energies, including a good clearing, words of wisdom and a good reset. Sunday, February 5, at 5PM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

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Lena is an internationally known teacher and shamanic practitioner. She apprenticed for 10 years with a Huichol Shaman from Mexico and has studied cross cultural shamanic healing from numerous traditions including the Amazon basin, Native American, Northern European and Siberian. Lena has taught and worked with individuals, groups, businesses and communities for the past 25 years, helping to bring shamanic nature based wisdom back into people's lives. One of her specialities is the woven song tradition of the Shipibo tribe in the Peruvian Amazon, the singing of Icaros or healing songs. The individual healing work with these energy patterns through song and other shamanic techniques has had a powerful impact on her clients. Lena is the co-author of the "Secrets of Shamanism, How to Tap the Spirit Power Within" and a contributor to "The Power Path". Along with husband and partner Jose, she is the co-founder and one of the primary instructors of Power Path Seminars and the School of Shamanism.

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