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Horoscopes: December 29th Thru January 5th

Horoscopes: December 29th Thru January 5th

For the old year/new year horoscopes be sure to read your Rising Sign as well:


Lately, many an Aries has been feeling like they need to take each day as it comes, not quite sure what the next will bring. Some Aries may have even felt a bit under the weather, devoid of energy, motivation and their usual zest for life. It is hard to see your way forward when we are lost in a cloud of uncertainty. However, Aries is not easily defeated, and no sooner does your ruling planet enter Capricorn on the 4th, when it will seem as if a plan is finally able to emerge. Until then, avoid leaping ahead. 2024 has many interesting twists and turns for Aries, and all will unfold as it will over the year. With a total eclipse in your sign in April, this year could even turn out to be something of an important turning point for you. Jupiter’s station direct on New Year’s Eve is trying to instill hope and anticipation for what is about to unfold. And that includes hope and belief in yourself and the validity of your own judgment and reason. Mercury is also stationing direct on New Year’s Day, reminding us all to bravely go forth to meet the unknown future with faith. The sort of faith that allows you the confidence to make the best decisions moving forward. 


As we move into the New Year, Taurus will come to appreciate those bonds and relationships that have been there for you through thick and thin, supporting you through any and all transformative experiences in the most recent years. But it perhaps has also shown you where you might want to create better and healthier boundaries with yourself and others moving forward. Perhaps one of the most significant events to occur in 2024 is Pluto’s gradual ingress into the sign of Aquarius, which could be pivotal for many of those born in the early degrees of Taurus. And with Jupiter stationing direct in your sign on New Year’s Eve it could also feel like a fresh renewal of hope and anticipation for what 2024 is capable of bringing you. Jupiter represents our big vision and hopes for the future. And when Jupiter stations direct in your sign it brings this resurgence of hope and faith that things can get better. For the first 5 months of 2024 that Jupiter will be in your sign he will serve as your teacher and guide, asking you to think in terms of some grander possibility, or to fulfill the promises that had been percolating over the previous year. Sort out those bonds and relationships, and then gladly go out to greet the world on your own terms. 2024 awaits.


It can often feel as if we are not being heard when Mercury is in its retrograde phase, so why even bother? Our laments, advice and proclamations all seem to fall on deaf ears. However, what you may not have realized, is that everyone has been patiently waiting for you to reemerge from the land of obscurity, so that we can all hear what you have been trying to tell us all along. We have been waiting for your words of wisdom, and your ability to problem solve and make sense of the insensible. The world awaits, and now that Mercury will finally be out of its retrograde phase, all you have to do is show up. Jupiter will also station direct on New Year’s Eve, aiming to free you up for ever better things to come in the future. In late May of 2024, Jupiter will enter your sign, with all sorts of promises of better things to come. However, in the mean time, as Jupiter stations direct in Taurus, you will be busy tying up a lot of loose ends over the next 5 months. It is time to release those things that previously burdened you, and in some remarkable way, you will then find healing. You are being freed up this year in order to find yourself in the scheme of things. And consequently your place in the world at large. 


With 3 of the Eclipses falling in Aries and Libra next year, 2024 could prove to be something of a pivotal year for many a Cancer. It may feel at times like your life is overlapping between an old order, and a new one that is trying to make itself known. You see the value of the new order that is emerging, but in some ways you are still obligated and/or attached to the old one. Whatever decisions need to be made in 2024, remember that it’s not about the ego, the applause or recognition, so much as whether or not you are fulfilling your true purpose. In the mean time, Jupiter stations direct, ending its retrograde phase by New Year’s Eve. Whenever Jupiter stations it does so with anticipation for the possibilities of the future and what may come. Although we may not be able to fully see the future as clearly as we might desire, you are still being asked to think about what you might want to accomplish over the next 5 months. It may seem like you have already made some achievements in a certain direction in 2023, now you may want to ask yourself how you may want to further grow your presence, and perhaps reach a broader network. It could also be that this is a year to receive rewards and recognition for a job well done. 


Whenever Jupiter stations, as it will by New Year’s Eve, it does so with a sense of enthusiasm and optimism about a future that is about to unfold. Jupiter speaks to us through the heart at these stations, as it now seems that promises made earlier in 2023 can now soon be fulfilled. And now that Jupiter will be out of its retrograde phase, it can finally feel like all the pieces are falling into place. This is when we are being asked to boldly look to the future. And so are you. Over the next year allow yourself to be seen and heard, and bravely put yourself out there in any way that seems comfortable for you. Jupiter will remain in Taurus through the end of May, and whatever positive efforts you make to promote yourself or what you do, is more likely to be rewarded during these months, so this is a wave that you will want to ride. Mercury also is stationing direct ending its retrograde phase at the New Year. And now that Mercury has left the retrograde phase, any creative seeds that were sown in the latent potential of the New Mercury cycle over the past few weeks, are now being asked to be nurtured so that you can bring them to fruition. Pause for a moment at the threshold of the New year and ask yourself: What glorious dream am I hoping to give birth to? And what tools are available to make that dream a closer and more achievable reality? 


As Mercury stations at the New Year, may you also pause in order to reflect on what home, family and community might mean for you. For some this is about creating their own personal sanctuary. For others it extends beyond that, and beyond the 4 walls of their domain, and perhaps even further beyond that. What is it that ties you to where you are? What is it that brings you that sense of belonging and community? What are those things, and who are those people that support you emotionally and bring you a greater sense of security, and how can you make these more of a priority going forward? What does home and community actually mean to you? Part of that may have to do with an actual place. But it could also be about finding where you fit in with the general scheme of things. What do I believe to be true? What do I stand for? And part of that is getting back to what it is that you truly believe to be true about yourself. What you have been learning up until now, has probably led to some unanswered questions. And now that Jupiter will also be stationing direct on New Year’s Eve, you are being led on a journey to get those questions answered. Jupiter is our teacher and guide. And as it stations direct it aims to lead you on this journey of discovery and higher knowledge, and ultimately finding your place in the world. 


With two of the eclipses falling in your sign next year, 2024 could prove to be something of a turning point in your life, in which great endings and new beginnings can occur. And as 2023 closes, there may be some sorrow for what you are leaving behind, and yet as Jupiter stations direct on New Year’s Eve there is also some excitement and anticipation for possibilities that are yet to come. Know that whatever you decide to invest in over the next 5 months, has a greater capacity to grow now that Jupiter is going to be out of its retrograde phase. Jupiter in Taurus could even fulfill the promise of some sort of windfall when it is in this sign. This could be through the sale of a property, an inheritance, or through a successful marketing strategy. Also know that whatever changes occur over the next 5 months, are ultimately for the greater good, even if they don’t appear to be so at first. There can also be something profound revealed with Jupiter in this area of your solar or natal chart. Like an awakening or a realization, you can discover something about yourself, your gifts, your abilities that you had not previously fully appreciated. And what is revealed may even give you a glimpse into the meaning and purpose of your life. Perhaps even life itself.  


Betwixt and between any distractions, chaos and mayhem that the retrograde phase of Mercury may have brought, you were also being shown those things that truly matter in the end. Out of the insecurity that comes from uncertainty and indecision, eventually comes clarity. It may not come right away. But once your ruling planet, Mars, enters Capricorn on the 4th of January, you will begin to finally see a plan unfolding. This will become even clearer after the New Moon on the 11th, but even now, as we stand on the threshold of 2024, there are shifts already occurring. Both Mercury and Jupiter will station direct over the New Year’s holidays, ending both of their retrograde phases. Jupiter stations direct on New Year’s Eve, restoring your faith in some of your closest relationships. Even the most difficult of relationships have the potential to improve when Jupiter stations in Taurus. Jupiter is also capable of bringing people into your sphere from different backgrounds from yours. People who can help you to see things from another perspective. Perhaps even in some remarkable way. Pay attention to the ways that you are being freed up in April to expand your world and its possibilities in some remarkable way.


On New Year’s Eve your ruling planet, Jupiter, stations direct ending its retrograde phase. Every time Jupiter stations it brings a feeling of optimism and hope for the future. It also brings the potential to fulfill a promise or goal that had been percolating on the back burner since last Summer. In the sign of Taurus it can also bring you certain improvements in your life concerning work, your work environment, your job, as well as your general health and well-being. Jupiter in this guise is your benevolent healer, consultant and guide, and the knowledge that he brings over the next 5 months can be significant for your daily life and general well-being. What you learn now, and through the month of May can benefit you for months, perhaps even years to come. Not only does Jupiter station direct this week, but Mercury also stations direct on New Year’s Day, also ending its retrograde phase. On December 23rd, Mercury returned to your sign for some unfinished business, concerning your self-care and self-awareness. As a result, what you have been learning about yourself, your health, your life and well-being these past 3 weeks will be helpful for setting better priorities over the weeks ahead. 


As we stand here on the threshold of a New Year, it can feel as if you are betwixt and between two eras in your life. An old order that still has some allure and validity, and a new order that is trying to make itself known over the year ahead. When you look back you may even think of 2023-4 as something of a turning point in your life. On New Year’s Eve Jupiter stations direct, ending its retrograde phase, which often brings a sense of optimism for the future and the possibilities that it holds. As a result you could feel yourself inspired and energized to take on greater challenges and push yourself towards ever greater achievements. Perhaps even beyond your previous expectations. Whether that means entering that competition you’ve been thinking about, or trying to grow your own brand, or perhaps even growing your own family. This is a time for Capricorn to bask in their own glory, while also basking in the glory of your loved ones, and all that you love. This is important for once Jupiter enters Gemini the end of May, you are going to take all that love and enthusiasm and apply it to what you do. In the mean time, Mercury also stations direct on New Year’s Day, asking you to tie up some loose ends in your life. This is necessary in order to clear the way for the new beginnings to follow, which are being confirmed by the New Moon in Capricorn on January 11th. 


Perhaps one of the most significant events to occur in 2024, is Pluto’s ingress into the sign of Aquarius, where it will remain for the next 20 years. Not only does this represent a major transition politically and globally but will also have an impact on many an Aquarian, literally transforming your lives in profound and significant ways. We will be speaking more to this over the year ahead, but in the mean time we now stand at the threshold of a brand New Year. Just to add to the festivities, Jupiter stations direct on New Year’s Eve ending its retrograde phase, while Mercury also stations direct on New Year’s Day. Filled with the hope of a new tomorrow, together they aim to turn our attention forwards, towards the possibilities that it contains. Now that Jupiter has ended its retrograde phase, it can help to fulfill its promise to improve your living situation, perhaps even expand your family, and improve the lives of individual family members. Use the Jupiter transit in Taurus over the next 5 months to make decisions that will ultimately promote greater security in your life, ensure a greater sense of belonging, and cultivate strong and healthy ties with family and community, that will help to create a solid base which you will be able to build on for years to come. 


On New Year’s Eve, your ruling planet, Jupiter, will station direct, ending its retrograde phase which began in September. Now that the retrograde phase has ended Jupiter has the capacity to fulfill promises and allow you to move forward with plans that had previously been put on hold. Jupiter represents our big vision for the future, and through a sextile to practical and conservative Saturn, Pisces is now being shown the ways that you can make that vision a closer and more achievable reality. Do also expect to be busy for the next 5 months that Jupiter remains in Taurus, for that is when you are more likely to see yourself running around and facilitating that process. This may also require you to open your mind to other perspectives and possibilities. But that can also happen as a result of something you hear, a book you read, a conversation you have, or because you are willing to see things from another person’s point of view. What you learn during this time, can be instrumental in improving your outlook, but also improving your opportunities in the world at large. This is just further confirmed by the direct station of Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius, letting you know that plans can, and will now be proceeding. Just know that something interesting this way comes, as you are being geared up to enter the New Year. 


Astrology By Lauren
A Level IV Certified Consulting Astrologer, in New York City. 

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