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Horoscopes: February 23rd Thru March 1st

Horoscopes: February 23rd Thru March 1st

For the week of February 23rd thru March 1st, be sure to read your Rising Sign as well:


The hearth fires of your heart continue to be kindled as Venus and Mars continue to move in tandem this week. So much so that they may be difficult to contain and turn into something of a brush fire. Even platonic relationships feel more vivacious and exciting with these two conspiring in Aquarius. But these passions can be channeled into almost any area of our lives, and could even be exaggerated to the point of an inferno. Therefore be careful. For when we walk with our head in the clouds, we are more likely to trip over the things we aren’t paying attention to. The Full Moon this weekend, may make it its business to show us precisely what is tripping us up. It could feel a bit like our bubble is being popped when that occurs. But that realignment with reality could actually be something of a saving grace. The Full Moon can also show us the consequence and/or rewards for efforts made in the past, whether concerning a health issue, or the work you do and the way you do it. Full Moons can also shine a light in even the darkest corners of our lives, and perhaps even bring you confirmation that you are precisely where you need to be, and doing precisely what you are supposed to be doing already. 


Passions continue to simmer on the back burner all week, as Venus and Mars are still traveling in tandem. It’s kind of hard to let something go, when you are fully invested in it. And of course, whenever there is a full Moon all of our emotions rise to the surface. One of the issues with all these feelings, is an attempt to placate them with things like retail therapy, over-indulgence and other extravagances. One’s eyes tend to be much larger than one’s stomachs and/or wallets in this sort of weather. On the other hand, the general good will, and wistful hopes for the future, albeit extravagant and not always realistic, can still bring good cheer and mutually accepted fare thee wells. Just be aware of what your limits are, in order to avoid buyer’s remorse, or a sense of disillusionment later on. And despite any hiccups around the Full Moon, there are also opportunities to make some important connections towards the end of next week. The kinds of connections that bring just the right sort of people together for just the right sort of reasons. By the end of the week, you might want to look around you, and pay attention to who is here walking with you on your path. Alliances are being formed. 


Mercury enters Pisces on Friday, which is usually a good time of the year for quiet reflection and introspection. Too much commotion can easily lead to distraction. So it almost become imperative to place the focus within, and tune out some of the noise without. However this could prove to be particularly challenging around the Full Moon on Saturday, which is a time of the month that is often fraught with activity, expectations and to-do lists that cannot and will not be ignored. You will need to negotiate with the outside world this week, just be aware of when you need to say No, cut back or retreat. It can sometimes feel with the Full Moon in Virgo that all of your feelings are being laid bare for all to see. Nothing is sacred, or remains hidden for long. Emotions come to the surface at the Full Moon. But even with all of the emotions swirling and agitating for attention, this is also a surprisingly good time to look at your life and your prospects more objectively. It may not be the best time for important discussions (because of all the feelings), but they may not be avoided either. In which case, do also consider the bigger picture. Even if it doesn’t appear to be so at first, you can make progress if you are willing to look at things from a still higher perspective while also keeping your feet firmly planted. 


What ideas about yourself, what you do, what you know, and what you had previously believed to be true, are feeling challenged lately? Are you questioning yourself? Are there perhaps some ideas that you have been holding on to about yourself that are no longer valid for who you are now? Full Moons, such as we are having this weekend, have this way of bringing things to the forefront of our lives. And as things are revealed, or brought up to the surface, so are all their attending emotions: the feelings, the memories, as well as any surprising realizations. And sometimes as a result, as could happen with this Full Moon, we may never quite see things the same way again. Discussions and conversations can be fraught with emotion with this Moon. And you may be wise to hesitate to share everything that you are feeling. But rather than being forlorn about what could or should be, or trying to change other’s minds, remind yourself that the one thing you do have control over, is your own perspective. And sometimes the best course of action is to simply take the higher road. 


As the Sun makes a conjunction with Saturn this week, it could feel as if your hopes and dreams are being squelched. But this is not entirely true. Saturn in Pisces can check our wistful daydreams and hopes, but it does not aim to shatter your dreams. What it aims to show you is what is or is not actually possible. It may not be perfect or what you had originally hoped for. But it is what you need in order to achieve some sort of approximation of the dream. Full Moons can be revelatory. And what the Full Moon on the 24th has been trying to show are the resources and help that are available to you. Then armed with this clarity and knowledge, you can then create some sort of plan for the future. The Full Moon is shining a light on your resources, your priorities, and all those things that you do have at your disposal. And if it appears to not quite be enough to fulfill your needs, how can you make the most of what you do have? And in a way that can more fully honor your self-worth? Use the Full Moon to cast a ritual of abundance. Pick one small thing that you know you really, really want, and gift it to yourself, reminding yourself that you are worth it, you deserve this, and then with the utmost gratitude, send that same wish out to others, that they may also benefit from the richness and abundance that the universe has to offer. 


The Spring-Cleaning Full Moon on February 24th is your moon of all moons. This is the time of year that Virgo sees the results and ramifications of decisions made in the past. Something could come to light that you had not previously seen or realized, and can prove to be illuminating. It can also help you to objectively see where you are heading, and how you feel about that. Do you wish to stay the course, or go in a new direction? It’s not always about doing the easy thing. Whether these be rewards or consequences, you are being given a point of view of your life so far, at least since your last birthday. Just before the Full Moon, your ruling planet, Mercury, entered the sign of Pisces, the land of dreams, high hopes, and wistful wonderings. In its most idealistic state, Mercury in Pisces is trying to inspire you to ever greater possibilities. But in order to make those big dreams a closer and more manageable reality, you are going to have to create some sort of plan. Whether that requires spread sheets or ledgers, lists or road maps, you are being asked to figure out some way to fulfill those wistful wonderings. The Full Moon may be trying to put things in perspective, but remind yourself that it is the end goal that counts.    


The Full Moon in Virgo always tries to show you each year, what needs clearing out. And what old remnants from the past that are still hanging around that need to be tied up once and for all. This could be an old health problem or injury, or some other thing that’s come undone in your everyday life, and you’ve been ignoring. Like ghosts from the past, they will insinuate themselves into your life, saying “Fix Me” until you do. This is a Moon that asks you to take care of business once and for all. Also, don’t be surprised if things are unearthed, revealed or exposed in the light of the Full Moon. These are things we don’t usually see, notice or pay attention to. And that can apply to those subliminal states of consciousness, including your own Higher Self, your Inner Guides, or your own subconscious mind. What arises could help to shine a light on where you might want to set better boundaries, put those old ghosts to rest, and find ways to make peace with the past. Also know that the fates are conspiring to bring certain individuals together, while parting others, and certain events that occur this week, may be part of that orchestration going on behind the scenes. 


The Full Moon in Virgo is often when Scorpio will receive rewards and accolades for what they have accomplished. Like a strobe light shining a beam over the proceedings, it can feel as if you are suddenly being appreciated for all that you have done and sacrificed for over the years. The Full Moon this weekend could even bring the fulfillment of a cherished dream or hope. Conversely it can also bring things to an end, or deny the fulfillment of your hopes. Friendships may part. You may decide to leave a certain group or association. Think of it as a reboot with reality. Know also that passions are still running high this week, and may even reach a new level. So much so, that you could find yourself having some run-ins with others. This can also give vent to a lot of restless energy, which if channeled well, can be useful for getting an awful lot accomplished. 


Normally the Full Moon in Virgo, as we are having this weekend, can be a time of year for Sagittarius to shine, and to receive rewards and accolades. It can also bring you the consequences for previous decisions and actions. As you stand here, you are being given an opportunity to assess the outcomes. Is this where you had hoped to be? And if you are not satisfied with the outcome, what sorts of changes might you want or be able to make? Whatever you do, don’t go leaping into the fray without looking, or be pressured into making any decisions right away. Wait until you see what is being revealed to you first. And if you are thinking of making any changes, stop and ask yourself first: Will this allow me to grow in the ways that I am needing to do right now? Sagittarius is almost always optimistic. And well you should be, for positive attitudes reap positive results. But this Full Moon also comes with a reminder to keep your feet firmly planted on terra firmer, and to make sure that you have a plan. Knowing this, you can make new plans for the future, that you know will allow you to grow. 


Full Moons can bring revelations. And things that were previously hidden, or that you had not been aware of, could come to your attention. And the Full Moon in Virgo this weekend could even bring a brush with reality. Full Moons are often illuminating, and this one can feel as if you are finally seeing things clearly. It’s as if you can see what you are needing to do in order to fulfill a certain goal or journey. And whether or not you are even on the path that you thought you were. What is being revealed to you? What truths were you not previously able to see? If you got off course, this is an opportunity to get back on track, or reassess the direction your life is taking. What can also be revealed are the ways that you perceive the world, the things that you believe to be true, and how they may be aiding, guiding, limiting, distracting or even deceiving you. If an idea, belief or goal is sound, it should be able to stand up against even the most vociferous challenge or argument. And that is what the Full Moon is trying to show you. 


The Full Moon in Virgo each year can offer you the opportunity to reassess how you handle your finances. Have you been successful at paying down your debt? Or has your debt been inexplicably accumulating? Is there something that you can do about it? There could be a sudden loss. But you could also see the results of a business or marketing campaign finally paying off; and funds owed you from the past can suddenly come rolling in. This is a time to reassess your debts to others, or they to you. Have you been successful at paying down your debt? Or has it been accumulating? Is there something that you can do about it? Can you finally pay something off? It may not be all that you had hoped, but it could still prove to be a step in the right direction. Full Moons can also be illuminating, so that things that were previously hidden are now being disclosed. And that can include how you might want to be more mindful of what sorts of resources are or are not available. And it can become evident as to precisely what you should be doing in order to invest your valuable time and resources in only the most productive ways.


If your birthday falls on or around the Full Moon on February 24th, you will be all the more sensitive to this Full Moon in Virgo. Astrologically, birthdays are like new beginnings. But when a Full Moon falls on or near your birthday, the new beginnings you are hoping to make may require you to tie up some loose ends first, or bring an old order to a final completion. Something will end in order for you to make a new start this year. This can also be a good thing. Like bringing the conclusion to a dry spell in your life, and opening up all sorts of doors that you had not previously anticipated. Full Moons can also be quite emotional, and this one especially so in your interactions with others. Emotions are on the surface when it comes to your interactions with others. Everything that you feel about others, about your relationships with them, about any promises or agreements you have made will come to the surface in the light of the Full Moon. Because things are brought out into the open, you get to see the truth about your own and others feelings about each other, and their true intentions. This can make or break relationships depending on what is being revealed. 


Astrology By Lauren
A Level IV Certified Consulting Astrologer, in New York City. 

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