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Horoscopes: January 20th Thru The 27th

Horoscopes: January 13th Thru The 20th

For the New Moon in Aquarius for your sign, (or natal house if you know it):


(New Moon 11th House) Not only is there a New Moon in Aquarius this week, but it is a Super Moon, and it is also making a supportive sextile to Jupiter, which is currently at 4º Aries. When Jupiter is in your sign, as it will be through May 16th, it is daring you to grow even beyond your own previous expectations. Jupiter in your sign is ushering in a whole new 12 year cycle for growth and understanding. It represents your Hopes for the Future. Likewise, the New Moon in Aquarius is asking you to think about the dreams, hopes and ideals that you would like to plant the seeds for now, not only for the year ahead, but the foreseeable future. What has worked so far, and what more would you like to achieve? What ideals or dreams would you like to further commit to? In what ways are you in a position to be an inspiration for others? And what shifts and adjustments might you want to make in order to be more in alignment with your hopes for the future? In this weather even small shifts can have remarkable consequences. A good intention for the New Moon in Aquarius might be: If this dream is meant to be for me, may the best possible circumstances arise to see it fulfilled. 


(New Moon 10th House) Not only is there a New Moon this weekend, which is a time of new beginnings and new starts, but the following day, the planet Uranus stations direct at 15º of Taurus. All Taureans will feel the shift as Uranus stations this weekend. This will be especially so for those born on or around the 3rd-9th of May or have 12-18º of Taurus Rising, but we’re all going to be feeling the forward momentum from here on. The New Moon in Aquarius, places the emphasis on your reputation and status, how you are seen, or wish to be seen by others. Some Taureans are thinking about career, and what further goals they might want to achieve. Others may be more concerned about personal reputation. But what is true for all Taureans is to make sure that your goals, whatever they may be, reflect your own unique vision and path. For the past 4 years that Uranus has been in your sign, you were being encouraged to become a truer and more authentic version of yourself. This would be different for everyone, but having Uranus now resume its apparent direct motion can bring you the rewards of doing so. Use the New Moon in Aquarius to make a vow and a promise to yourself to embrace all that is true and unique about you, and to find the best ways to express that to the world.   


(New Moon 9th House) The New Moon in Aquarius is a great time for Gemini to envision your own best life. This is a forward thinking Moon, and with all the planets soon to be in direct motion, it could feel like something of a green light to go forth and meet the future. And in order to make that future a closer reality, consider what more you might want to learn, experience or know more about? This is a time of year in which you are urged to think in terms of growth and expansion. Whether that means reaching for the far horizons through travel and exploration, or expanding your knowledge and experience through some form of education and experience. It’s about growth and discovery. Explore the ways that you might want to further grow. Then set the intention with the New Moon in Aquarius this Saturday to have the wisdom, perspective and clarity to recognize your true path, and then have the courage to follow it. 


(New Moon 8th House) New Moons are a good time for setting intentions and beginning new ventures. For Cancer, the New Moon in Aquarius can even be a time to turn over a new leaf, and begin a new chapter in their lives. These Moons can be like turning points in the year, for this is a Moon for transitions, letting go of those things that you no longer need, are taking up too much space, or require too much energy. It can be hard to let go of that which is steeped in memories and familiarity. But if something no longer serves the person you are now, or is preventing you from growing, it’s time to make room for better things to take root. What old habits, tendencies, fears or heavy baggage have you been carrying around with you and no longer want and/or need? And what changes might you want to make in order to have more control over your own life and destiny? A good affirmation for this Moon might be: When I embrace my own power, I become an instrument for positive change in the world and in my own life. 


(New Moon 7th House) For Leo, the New Moon in Aquarius places the emphasis on the other people in our lives: Partners, best friends, allies as well as competitors. And because the New Moon is about new beginnings this can be about new beginnings in relationships and with partners; breathing new life into the relationships you currently have, while starting new relationships with the sorts of people who just get you, and serve to support your life and lifestyle. Leo enjoys surrounding themselves with people who inspire them to be a better version of themselves. Or who allow you to feel totally comfortable in your own skin. The people who accept you, and embrace your own individuality and life for what is it, all in all, are the sorts of people that you will want more of in your life. A good intention for the New Moon in Aquarius might be:  I want to see myself spending time with those people who are on a similar path that resonates with my own ideals and aspirations. Or perhaps: May I continue to connect with those people who inspire me, and invest my life with meaning in every way.


(New Moon 6th House) For Virgo, the New Moon in Aquarius is about readdressing those things, occupations and activities that will better support your well-being and help to recharge your batteries. It may be that you decide to reevaluate your routines, cut back on your hours, and figure out other ways to make time for the things that you really want to be doing. But it can also be very specific. Such as focusing on your diet; starting a new wellness campaign; or going back to the gym. What changes might you want to see added to your daily routine and regimen? Would you like to exercise more? Eat more consciously and conscientiously? Is there a more efficient way to get things done? And what might make you feel more energized and inspired? A good intention for this Moon might be: Recognizing that health is the greatest of blessings, I will do what I can to promote my own, as well as other’s well-being. Or: I see myself striving for continuous improvement, instead of expecting perfection. 


(New Moon 5th House) The New Moon in Aquarius is all about finding your own personal creative expression, in whichever way is right for you. Feed your imagination, dance at the office, frolic on the subway, look at the world like everything is brand new, find your muse in whatever odd place it may be found. This Moon is asking you to do you. Know that the more comfortable you are expressing yourself (and your unique interests and preferences), the more comfortable everyone else will be with you as well. This is just the sort of Moon that will court attention and make you stand out. If that is the case, totally dive in, and dare to flaunt it. No need to worry if you think you are making an awkward impression. Seeing you in your element and without the usual filters is not only a source of entertainment for the rest of us, but a genuine joy. We knew you had it in you all along. We were just waiting for it to emerge. Reclaim your joy so that we can partake of it as well. A good intention for this Moon might be: May I invest each day with Joy, Laughter, Enthusiasm and a Happy Heart. 


(New Moon 4th House) Now that Mars has resumed its direct apparent motion, many a Scorpio will feel the urge to follow through with any plans that had been previously simmering on the back burner. Even more so now that Uranus is stationing as well. The New Moon in Aquarius, for Scorpio, is about situating yourself in such a way that you will have greater freedom to grow and live your life more honestly and authentically. To facilitate that you are being asked to first make your foundations stronger, safer and more supportive. This is when you are asked to focus on areas related to home, family, land and property, as well as those people and things who serve as your personal support systems. Ask yourself, what will bring you a deeper sense of stability and belonging? Many a Scorpio has been considering ways to transform their lives this year, and focusing on these critical support systems can help you to facilitate that shift between the old and the new. There can be some sadness for those things that you might be needing to say goodbye to, but there can also be a great deal of anticipation for the possibilities that the future has in store. A good intention for the New Moon in Aquarius might be: May I be led to cultivate a community, home or place, that brings me a deeper sense of belonging.


(New Moon 3rd House) The New Moon in Aquarius is making a friendly sextile to your ruling planet Jupiter, currently in Aries. Now that Mars, the ruler of Aries, is finally direct again, think of this as an opportunity to make some real progress and growth with any new plans or initiatives that you’ve been trying to get off the ground. With all this forward momentum with the New Moon, what you might want to watch out for is saying yes to absolutely everything that comes along. Before long you will find yourself over-committed and overwhelmed. Therefore make a commitment with the New Moon to find better ways to manage your time, and balance your numerous interests and obligations. Another way to use this New Moon is to become more informed on a subject, get all the information that you need in order to move forward with confidence, and seek out the answers to your most pressing questions. Many a Sagittarius is nursing a vision for the future, and this is the ideal time to bring all the pieces together in order to make that vision a closer reality. A good intention for this Moon might be: May I find the best tools, advice and guidance that will allow me to fulfill my vision for a brighter future. 


(New Moon 2nd House) For Capricorn the New Moon in Aquarius is primarily about exploring those things that you truly value the most. This is important, because at this time of the year, you are being asked to make those things that you most value a higher priority in your life. Ask yourself, what are those things, people and activities that you want to invest your precious time, money and resources on? And what are those things that you actually do spend your precious resources on? And if you were to make some sort of adjustment, where would you want to do so? This can help you to focus on those things in your life that really matter. This Moon can also be used to make any new initiatives, or even some of those New Year’s Resolutions you’ve been thinking about, more sustainable. For those Capricorns born at the very end of the sign, in the last few days or degrees of Capricorn, this is truly a Moon about new beginnings. Conjunct Pluto, the planet of transformation, this Moon is about how you can transform yourself, and your life, in such a way that it can feel like a whole new rebirth and time of renewal. A good intention for this Moon might be, I want to see myself easily prioritizing those people and things that are most meaningful to me. 


(New Moon 1st House) The New Moon on Saturday is in your sign, and so inaugurates the year ahead for all those born in the sign of Aquarius. And if you want to start your year out on the right foot, think of what sorts of adjustments or changes you might want to initiate this year in order to bring you more in alignment with living your own best life. There are a few things that are important to Aquarius: having the freedom to be able to live your life according to your own ideals and terms; to be able to honor that which is unique and special about yourself; and to resist the pressure from others trying to limit, repress or compromise that. For the past two years, Saturn has been transiting your sign which could feel like the beginning of a whole new era for many of you. And with Pluto sitting in the wings and about to enter your sign you are being gifted with a renewed self awareness and acceptance of those things that are most important and right for you. Therefore a good intention for this Moon might be: Today is the first day of the rest of my life, may I choose to live it truly and authentically. Those Aquarians that will be most sensitive to this New Moon are those born between January 19th and the 24th, or who have the 1st 5 degrees of Aquarius Rising, but all Aquarians will feel a sense of renewal with the New Moon being in their own sign. 


(New Moon 12th House) The New Moon on Saturday is making a pleasant and supportive sextile to your ruling planet Jupiter. Jupiter in its turn is aiming to inspire you through this Moon by helping you to connect to your highest priorities and needs. For Pisces, the New Moon in Aquarius is a time in which the hidden and secret parts of your life are being honored. There is a tendency to reflect on what was, where you came from, and what has brought you to this place in time. As a result ghosts and dreams from the past may return to remind you of who you once were, while inspiring you to make room for new things to come into your life, as they will, in their own time. There has been a recognition for many a Pisces that a phase in the life is winding down, and a new horizon is going to be dawning in the not too distant future. You are in the process of releasing that which you have outgrown. Perhaps some elements have already faded or moved aside in order to make room for new seeds of inspiration to take root. Listen to your dreams, pay attention to your heart and intuition, and then make the intention with the New Moon in Aquarius to have the courage and faith to allow your own divine guidance (intuition, your own guiding beliefs) to lead you where you need to go. 


Astrology By Lauren
A Level IV Certified Consulting Astrologer, in New York City. 

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