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Horoscopes: March 10th Thru The 17th

Horoscopes: March 10th Thru The 17th

For the week of March 10th thru the 17th, be sure to read your Rising Sign as well: 


If you are feeling a little lost this week, recognize it for what it is worth, an opportunity to just go with the flow. You will regain your footing by next week. Right now you are being asked to indulge your wistful imaginings and to get a bit lost in another world. Don’t allow any denizens into your world that do not belong there though. Those things such as self-doubt or second-guessing yourself. If they try to worm their way in, cast them out, or put them on a shelf and ignore them. You’ve got bigger fish to fry. But in order to do so well, you need to first believe in what it is that makes you who you are. So ignore those tedious voices of doubt, and go forth as the courageous Aries you are. With Jupiter conjunct Chiron in your sign it is asking you to more fully accept yourself as you are. Through Jupiter and Chiron you will be receiving wisdom about your own journey of personal self-expression. And included on that journey is a certain acceptance of who you are, warts and all, and all in all, that makes you especially real and relatable to others. It is not your perfection that makes you exceptional, but your imperfections. Dare to flaunt them. 


The conjunction of Jupiter to Chiron this week is about our own healing journey. And that can include going to places that we would normally want to avoid. Such as your own memories and experiences that you had neatly tucked away in a safe place so that you wouldn’t ever have to look at them again. Jupiter is here to remind us of the necessity to shine a light on our wounds in order to heal them. The only things that can truly undermine us are the things that we keep hidden and locked away. When we are willing to open up and share our vulnerabilities, our wounds and fears with others, we can then begin to let go of that which had previously burdened us. By having the courage to heal your own wounds, by facing down your own fears, and exploring the best modalities for you to do so, you are also placing yourself in a position to be a better healer, guide, inspiration for others to do so as well. What that healing path might look like for you in particular may not be the same as it is for others. So trust your intuition to guide you, and lead with your compassionate heart. 


Normally with Mars rambling about in your sign for what has felt like forever, you would expect this surge of energy, initiative and enthusiasm to arise. But with Mars retrograde from November to January, many a Gemini found themselves backpedaling, and the square to Neptune from October to November put a bit of a damper on that whole energy factor. And it left a strange feeling of uncertainty in the air. We could be feeling like some of that uncertainty is back this week, as Mars will once again face off with Neptune. But with a difference. For this is a time of release, and a letting go. Whether that means putting aside any doubts, regrets or insecurities. Or recognizing who or what is making you feel that way. Letting go of these can be a way to heal. Do know that things are bound to be a little blurry and confusing this week. So if you are needing to make any major decisions or commitments wait until the fog lifts before signing on the dotted line. What this week is good for, is getting lost in your imagination. You might find it challenging to concentrate. So allow it to wander in a good way. Watch a good movie, read a good book, take a walk in nature. Sometimes we need to get a little lost in order to find ourselves again. 


In some way this week could feel like the end of a cycle. The Moon is waning and we’re being asked to let some things go. A time to wrap things up. Clear out the old in order to make room for something new and ever better to take root. This is a good week for cleaning and clearing in general, but all the more so with this last quarter moon on the 14th. It’s about releasing and letting go. But it’s also about making new and better beginnings, that can help you to realize your life’s purpose and bring more meaning. Letting go and clearing out spaces can be literal. But this can also be about releasing things you no longer need in your life, like anger, insecurity, and self-doubt. Our own healing journey can come in a number of guises. Use your personal life experiences to bring meaning to what you do, and to allow you to connect with others on a much deeper level. For through your own healing, comes the understanding that we are all here struggling, and trying to do the best that we can. Even and especially if it is imperfect at times. 


Fantasies and the imagination can take hold this week. This can be great if you are trying to create something beautiful, creative or compelling. But the imagination can also play tricks on us. So can deception, whether it is deliberate, or because we missed something in translation. If you are needing to make any important decisions, make sure that you have all the facts first, and that you are seeing, hearing and understanding things clearly. What this week is good for, are those experiences that allow your imagination to flow in a positive way. Deep inspiration and meaningful experiences can be had, if you are willing to turn down the noise and connect with something more meaningful, beautiful or spiritual. Allow some things to go. And allow yourself to go with the flow. This is a week for music, prayer and wonder. Anything beyond that could prove to be frustrating though. So move slowly. Give consideration and compassion where needed. And simply allow some things to just go. 


There could be a lot of misinformation floating around the air waves this week. So it would probably be a good idea to question them, especially if they don’t feel quite right, or make any sense. Especially if people are making claims that seem to be too good to be true, or are just plain outlandish. This is just really foggy weather. So if you are needing to make any important commitments or decisions wait until the fog lifts and you can see your way forward again. Not only are we seeing things in the fog that are probably not there, but we could lose our footing. That being said, foggy weather is also not that great for getting things done. Unless you are planning on cleaning out your attic and closets, in order to get rid of a lot of stuff that had accumulated over the past 6 months. Foggy weather is really good for releasing, and clearing stuff out that you no longer need to hold on to. It can also feel somewhat uncertain. Know that although you may not have all the answers yet, and you may not be able to see what’s what until the fog lifts, and you clear out that attic, what this week is also good for is just getting lost in your imagination. So binge watch that series. Read a good book. And just let some things go until later.


Don’t believe everything you hear this week. It’s bound to be intermingled with half-truths, innuendo and miscommunications. And do note that it could be difficult to focus and concentrate, so you may need to let some things go in the process. That’s okay. Now that Saturn is in Pisces you will gradually get into a more productive mode. Just probably not this week. What is rather fascinating for Libra this week, is a conjunction between Jupiter and Chiron which could feel a bit like you are turning over a new leaf in your life. This will be a little different for everyone, so this may (or may not) have something to do with the ways that you had previously allowed certain things to pass in the past, but will no longer be able to do so. Mostly because certain things will no longer sit well with you. There is a strong need to do the right thing, and you will no longer be able to compromise your own conscience. As a counselor, teacher, leader, advisor to others, or in whatever role you may currently find yourself, you are being asked to walk the walk, lead by example, and inspire others to do the same. 


There could be a tendency to find yourself at a loss this week. Know that that is okay. Sometimes, in order to regain your footing, it is necessary to just let some things go. In the mean time you might not be sure if you are coming or going. And there could be moments where you find yourself lost in reverie and even remorse. That is what happens when we allow ourselves to let go of the shore and go with the flow of the river. It can feel like you are unmoored for a bit. Rather than trying to control it, sometimes it helps to just go with it, and see where it may be taking you. But also allow yourself to get lost in the reverie, to dream, to wonder, to imagine along the way. There may be other things you are needing to let go of in the process. Things that you have been holding on to, and no longer need. For even as we are moving away from one shore, we are approaching another. One that promises greater health and well-being if we play our cards right. There is a certain wisdom that can be had when we make ourselves, our own health and well-being a higher priority. 


Much can be healed when we are ready to forgive and move on. It’s not a matter of right or wrong, so much as having to carry all that extra weight around with you. There is also something to be said in acknowledging that no one is perfect, and everyone else has their own baggage as well. Deeper connections can be made with others when you are willing to accept people for where they are without judgment. That is one of the lessons that can be realized with the Jupiter/Chiron conjunction this week. That even at our best, we are all imperfect, while trying to do the best we can. This week is a good week for just letting some things go any way. So do so. And that includes being able to take some time out as needed for yourself. If things are not moving in the direction you want them, or your are feeling lost in a fog, disenchanted or at your wits end. Stop to dream, muse, reflect and wonder. Then when the fog lifts, you’ll be able to proceed once again. 


It will be easy to be led astray by wistful daydreams this week. So perhaps the advice for the week is to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. One thing though that can become apparent this week, is that when you dare to put yourself in another person’s shoes, you can more fully appreciate the struggle they are going through. With Jupiter conjunct Chiron this week there is a lot of room for forgiveness. Forgiveness for the past. Forgiveness for others. Much can be learned through exploring your own personal and familial history. That includes all the experiences and journeys that have brought you here, to the place where you are now. Doing this sort of inner exploration can not only prove to be enlightening but healing as well. 


An exact Jupiter/Chiron conjunction this week affords you the opportunity to heal old wounds and clear the decks. This can be as simple as removing the clutter from your life, and from within your immediate environment. In some way you are needing to free up your space. And free up your life. This is probably not a good week to create a plan, things are just too fuzzy over all. But it can be a good week to sort through the detritus of your life and release that which you no longer need to be holding on to. Jupiter/Chiron offers us an opportunity to begin a whole new healing journey. Especially mentally, emotionally and psychologically. And the more honest you are able to be with yourself and others, the closer and more meaningful will be your connections going forward. It’s like turning over a whole new leaf in your life, and beginning anew.


There is a wistful inclination to wonder and dream this week. Just be watchful for booby traps, that could leave you confused and exasperated. With both Sun and Mercury conjunct Neptune in your sign, it is easy to get off course. At the very least it could feel like you are lost in a sea of distraction where you can’t seem to get very much accomplished. Chalk it up to all this Neptune weather we’re having, and rather than fight it, give in to Neptune. Use Neptune to get lost in your imagination, for moments of mystical reverie, and emotional enchantment. So long as you can discriminate between the fantasies and reality, you can then avoid some of the pitfalls that are lurking in the fog, such as being misled; misguided, or hopelessly self-deceived. This is probably not a good week to be making major decisions or commitments as a result, but it is a good week to wonder, imagine, and to more fully appreciating and valuing what you have to offer to others. 


Astrology By Lauren
A Level IV Certified Consulting Astrologer, in New York City. 

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