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Horoscopes: November 17th Thru The 24th

Horoscopes: November 17th Thru The 24th

For the week of November 17th thru the 24th, be sure to read your Rising Sign as well:


Your ruling planet, Mars, is strong in the sign of Scorpio, a sign that imbues you with focus, strength and direction. With Mars here, there is not that much that can stand in your way, or keep you from achieving your goals this week. Mars has been in Scorpio since October 11th, but its strength is reaching something of a crescendo this weekend when it enters the heart of the Sun. This is when Mars is cazimi, and asking Aries to take greater command of their lives. The conjunction of Mars, can be something of a new beginning, accompanied with a new attitude just brimming with a sense of renewal. We are still in a growing Moon, therefore use the Mars conjunction to follow through with any intentions and goals that you have been wanting to put into operation, but just didn’t have enough energy or courage to follow through. This is a week aimed towards self-improvement, self-renewal and positive growth, in whichever way is most meaningful for you. 


When Venus is in Libra, Taurus will often find themselves focused on personal self-improvement. There may be a focus on health and well-being with Venus here, but with something of a twist. For Venus is concerned with your well-being when in Libra, which also includes feeling good about yourself.  Being less  critical and/or judgmental. Not being so hard on yourself. One of the primary principles to Venus in Libra is moderation in all things, and making sure that the baskets of your life are equally managed. Too much emphasis on work lately? Venus will want you to schedule in adequate leisure time. Too much of a good time lately? Then Venus will ask you to update your schedule in such a way that allows for all areas of your life to thrive. But this is not just about pleasantries and niceness. Another attribute of Venus are things like forgiveness and compassion. On Wednesday, a Venus/Chiron opposition could unearth old memories from the past. And one thing that can become evident with this transit is that when you heal your own wounds, and are able to forgive yourself and others, you also are in a better position to be a better healer and guide to others. 


With Mercury in Sagittarius for the rest of the month, you could find yourself feeling very idealistic. Perhaps idealizing a person, a belief, or an idea. Placing the object of your idealization on a pedestal, you might even find yourself wanting to make offerings, strew flowers at their feet, and make lofty speeches of praise. Your heart has been brimming with good will this past week, and this continues throughout the weekend. Mercury in Sagittarius is a time for good cheer and good times for Gemini. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself saying yes to everyone and everything. Just be aware that you won’t be able to go to ALL the parties. Even if you are the life of the party at all of them. Communications are also key here. Even if they are a little superlative at times. And when Mercury is in Sagittarius there can be a tendency for all of us to just say what’s on our minds without thought of their repercussions. Words matter this week. And how you communicate, and what you say, and the way you say it will make all the difference. 


We are in a growing moon phase. And an active one at that. This current lunar cycle began with the Moon conjunct Mars at the New Moon, and this week the 1st quarter Moon in Aquarius is square Mars, amping up the energy as we approach the Full Moon on the 27th. If we go too fast, we’re liable to have the breaks stop us in our tracks at the Full Moon. But if you dig in your heels and refuse to budge, you’re only going to feel really restless and agitated. Mars, which has been roiling up the atmosphere this past week, wants us to take action. Not so much that you trip over something on your way out the door. Just enough to send a message that you want to get things moving in the right direction. When we seed these positive intentions with the right motive and a positive declaration, we’re telling the universe that we’re ready. And then when the causes and circumstances arise that will allow you to follow through, you will be ready. This week, seek the middle way, and then send your intentions out to the universe by the first quarter moon. May you grow like the Moon in its waxing phase, eagerly looking towards the future. 


Mars in Scorpio is fully investing the Sun, your ruler, with determination, confidence, will and courageous intent. This is the sort of energy that can move mountains and create new initiatives. It is also the sort of energy and courage that is all too willing to take on even the most daunting of challenges. Just be sure to choose your battles wisely, and know when you need to back down from an un-winnable confrontation. Our warrior planet, Mars, will gain entrance into the throne room this weekend, and is liable to stir up all sorts of trouble if not channeled wisely. There is a difference between being confident and being foolhardy. Burn off some of the excess energy through some sort of strenuous or challenging activity. And then plan your week. There’s no telling how much you can accomplish with Mars at your side. One area where you are likely to see some of this activity (and maybe a little angst) play out is closer to home. Great for doing repairs, doing a major cleaning or renovation. Could be challenging when it comes to personal interactions with others. Remember, words matter, and the way they are delivered will matter even more. 


Mercury in Sagittarius is great for all sorts of gaiety, romping through the streets, and entertaining at home. But note that it can also be terribly distracting if you are trying to work, and/or aiming to get anything accomplished. People just seem to be dropping in at all hours, and without bothering to call! And although this is fabulous for touching base and getting all the inside information, it can make it difficult to follow through with tasks, and stay on point. Another thing to remember this week, with all this chattering and socializing going on, is that words matter. And words can have consequences. When Mercury is in Sagittarius, words have this way of tumbling out of our mouths before we even realize it. Telling the truth is generally a good idea, depending on who you are telling it to. More importantly is how you tell it. When you speak from the heart, and are willing to share your story with others, you can also mend hearts and minds. 


It can sometimes be difficult to stay motivated and on point when Venus is lolling around in your sign eating bon bons and painting her nails. There are just way too many distractions this week to keep you focused. So it kind of helps to have all this Martian energy motivating us and keeping us moving in the background of our lives. There are things to do, and obligations to be followed through with. All the lolling about is going to have to wait any way, because you’re going to be needed by others. For if anyone can know what to do in a dire situation it is you. The bon bons can wait as well. Know that you are in a better position to help others when you are willing to address your own issues. In fact, when you are willing to share your own experiences with others, honestly and forthrightly, you can heal your own heart as well as the hearts of others. One thing that could become evident this week is that when you can accept the wounds and imperfections in others without necessarily trying to change them, you can effect a complete overhaul in your relationships with others. 


It’s full steam ahead for Scorpio. After causing all sorts of mayhem over the past week, the Sun and Mars traveling in your sign, will make an exact conjunction at 25º of Scorpio. When Mars is within 17’ of the Sun it is said to be cazimi, which means ‘in the heart of the Sun’. Mars is already quite strong in its own sign of Scorpio. Fiercely focused, and courageously determined, there’s no stopping you once you get yourself started. But when Mars is in the heart of the Sun as it will be this weekend it kind of takes over. Mars asks us to take action, to set things into motion, and begin anew. With a sextile to fellow Scorpio-ruler, Pluto, this week, there will be no stopping you. This is great weather for renewal, rehabilitation, and reinventing yourself. And for those who are looking for a second chance, this week can help to make that a closer reality. It takes courage to try something big and challenging. And this is just the sort of weather to make it all that much more possible. 


When Mars is in the previous sign from yours, you could find it difficult to get things started. And this is crazy when we consider just how much energy is contained in this planet this week. In a sense, Mars is even taking center stage. However, for Sagittarius, instead of helping you to get things moving, it could feel a little frustrating. And the more you push it, the harder it will feel. Much of that Martian energy is being focused within, so if you find it difficult getting enough sleep, or finding yourself up at all hours obsessing about this that and the other thing, this is why. However, much of this will change after Mars enters your sign next week. But in order to make the most of it, you are being asked not to push yourself too hard. At least not yet. The harder you push, the more likely you will be forced to stop when Mars first enters your sign. Use the time to look within. Gain insights. Tie up some loose ends. In the mean time some patience is required. 


With Chiron in Aries semi-square your ruling planet Saturn this week, you could find yourself coming to a deeper appreciation and understanding of where you came from: your roots, your culture, your history and family. In some way you are being beckoned to delve beneath the surface and maybe even take a deep dive into the past: through any old wounds, past any old history that seems to be making some noise. This could be a little painful, but it is also an opportunity to finally heal. In some way you are being asked to change on some very deep level, and it is likely that your home, your family, and your personal life are going to reflect these changes. But first you are going to have to let go of any fear. Let go of regrets. And then give yourself permission to forgive, so that you can reach that level of acceptance that allows you to see the human condition for what it is, which at best is imperfect. 


Has anyone ever made you feel self-conscious? Or perhaps questioned something that you said in such a way that made you question it as well? Perhaps made you doubt yourself and what you know? With Chiron in Aries semi-square your ruling planet Saturn this week, you may be aware of standing on the outside and not quite fitting in. But whereas Saturn/Chiron can make you aware of certain insecurities, it can also bring you the tools to heal these. Healing comes through the awareness that you really do have something important to say, even if not everyone can hear it or understand it. Healing comes through the art of also listening to what others have to say. Through the cultivation of these two basic premises, not only will you find yourself better able to connect with others, but also learning how to communicate confidently and effectively, dispensing with all doubt. 


Now that Saturn is direct in your sign it is also going to make an exact semi-square to Chiron on the 25th. Saturn/Chiron weather can make us self-conscious. It can also cause us to doubt ourselves and our own self-worth. And any way, everything just seems so much harder when Saturn is in your sign. What you don’t want to do is to believe those inner narratives, self-doubts and self-criticism. And what Saturn/Chiron can also bring are the tools that can restore your confidence and self-worth. One of the things that Chiron in Aries has been trying to show you, are the gifts and talents that you possess, but probably took for granted. And with this Saturn/Chiron weather can also come a deeper feeling of acceptance of who you are and what you have to offer. It is so easy to get caught up in what you think is supposed to make you be seen as valuable, when often what makes one so much more valuable is simply who you are. Chiron is not so much about what you do or do not have, but the ways in which you are willing to more fully value, take care of, and invest in yourself as you are. 


Astrology By Lauren
A Level IV Certified Consulting Astrologer, in New York City. 

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