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Horoscopes: September 1st Thru The 8th

Horoscopes: September 1st Thru The 8th

For the week of September 1st thru the 8th, be sure to read your Rising Sign as well: 


A part of you just really doesn’t want to do anything. And truth is, a part of you probably can’t do very much this week. Especially if you’ve been recently over-doing things. And yet you can’t really get an Aries to just sit around and do nothing. Not for long. And if an opportunity arises to go out and paint the town, it could really be hard for you to say no. One thing you could consider are the pros and cons of ‘having a good time’ and what that really means for you right now. Socializing can be a good thing. It can bring new contacts, new connections, new ideas, and new inspiration. But socializing can also be over-rated. The expense, the effort, all that wanton enjoyment. Can you afford it? Is it distracting you from other things that you actually would much rather be doing? One of the things that you might be considering with the upcoming retrograde phase of Jupiter which lasts until the end of the year: are what are your true priorities? What do you really really want. And what do you really, really need? You can party till the cows come home and toss all caution to the wind, and yet never really feel satisfied. Or you can have one poignant and meaningful moment that can be oh so deeply satisfying, and probably didn’t cost you a dime. And you were still able to get home early enough to get a good night’s sleep. 


If you want to socialize this week, rather than going out, have everyone come over to your place. Your ruling planet Venus is finally stationing direct on the 3rd/4th, and it is opening up the doors and taking out the good china as something of a hint. There will still be a number of planets remaining and/or stationing retrograde, including Jupiter stationing retrograde in your sign, so it may not necessarily feel like a grand fiesta, or that you are moving forward at the speed of light. But then Taurus often prefers it that way. It could also take a while for Venus to pick up its normal momentum. So do take your time. And yet these stations of Venus can be something of a turning point for you. And if you have done your retrograde Venus homework well, then you will have reacquainted yourself with some of your most salient priorities. What you really, really want in your heart of hearts. Jupiter has been urging you to grow, perhaps even beyond your own expectations. But at what cost to the people and things that most matter to you? Use the next several months that Jupiter will be in its retrograde phase, to create more balance in your life, recognizing the need for you to grow and expand your horizons, while still making room for the important things and people in your life, like home and family, nurturing community, and a sense of support for you and your loved ones.  


Mercury may still be in its retrograde phase, but this can still be a good week to go off on a lark, take a mini road trip or stay-cation with loved ones and family. Or perhaps to take a jaunt on your own to some close-to-home and familiar places that you’ve been wanting to explore. And even if you cannot get away this week, celebrate the direct station of Venus this week by telling someone you care about, how much they really mean to you. It may feel a little over-the-top. Jupiter’s influence can do that. But with Venus now stationing direct in Leo, you are being encouraged to speak from your heart of hearts. Say what you mean. And mean what you say. But perhaps the most important transit for Gemini this week, is the inferior conjunction of Mercury, which is what is asking you to focus in on home and family. And although it is not yet time to be making any major decisions, or take any actions, you are being asked to think in terms of what improvements you might want to make in your personal life. Having Mercury retrograde in Virgo is kind of like an opportunity to practice the Zen of organization. This can also apply to your own mind. For instance, creating better habits or routines, that would best serve your emotional health and well-being. Even small changes can make a huge difference with the aspects we are now receiving. 


At the last quarter Moon on September 6th, we have the inferior conjunction of Mercury. This marks the beginning of the new Mercury cycle which will last until December 22nd. It is at the last quarter moon that we start to consider what goals we might want to work on in the next Lunar cycle to come, at the New Moon in Virgo on September 14th. The New Mercury cycle is also in the sign of Virgo, a sign that you associate with your own mind and perspective. It is at this new Mercury cycle that our minds are the most impressionable and receptive. Thoughts, like seeds, are planted, initiating a whole new cycle of mental development, realization and growth. What thoughts and ideas would you want to plant in your mind? Would you like to cultivate more patience, more empathy, more understanding? Is there a particular subject that you would like to learn more about? Or is there a skill that you would like to perfect? It could be that news you receive, or something you learn automatically becomes the prevailing thought at the foremost of your mind for the next 4 months. The New Moon on September 14th coincides with the direct station of Mercury. And that is likely when you are going to have all the information that you will need, in order to proceed with whatever ideas are being planted now, within the potential of the New Mercury Cycle.


The stations of Jupiter always coincide with a trine from your ruling orb, the Sun. This is a positive and optimistic aspect that dares us to be inspired, and to connect with a vision for the future. And this is true even with the retrograde station of Jupiter, which we have this coming Monday. This year, the retrograde station of Jupiter coincides with the conjunction of Mercury, the beginning of the new Mercury cycle, which is therefore also strongly invested in the vision being inspired through Jupiter. It is at this Mercury conjunction that our minds, and our inner psyche is most impressionable to the thoughts and ideas that are foremost on our minds. And will probably remain so through to the next cycle of Mercury, which begins on December 22nd. For Leo, the station of Jupiter seems to be filled with promises for new growth, expansion and opportunity. But due to its retrograde phase, these opportunities will probably not fully come to fruition until Jupiter is direct again in the New Year. That should not prevent you from preparing the way in the mean time. But it will be in the New Year that you are more likely to see the results and rewards for any initiatives already begun, and when the doors will be opened for ever greater opportunities and potential to be fulfilled. 


During the retrograde phase of Mercury, you were being asked to reacquaint yourself with yourself. That means learning as much as you can, about yourself, your needs and what might support your health and well-being. Likewise the retrograde phase of Mercury in Virgo was also asking you to familiarize yourself with your own mind, your point of view and your psyche. Initially, we were stepping into this retrograde period with a lot of unknowables and a bit of uncertainty. But with the recent Super Full Moon, and now the conjunction of Mercury on Wednesday, some new information could be coming to light. Our minds are impressionable at this time, and whatever ideas, themes, or thoughts that you find yourself preoccupied with, are probably going to continue to be so until the next Mercury cycle on December 22nd. That can include any new information you might receive this week that you did not previously know. Be open and receptive, for the information and guidance received in this raw time of the new cycle is perhaps even more important than at first realized. Listen. Be flexible. But also be open to choosing what you would much rather want to fill your mind with going forward. New seeds are being planted, and you will want to make sure that the best seeds take root. 


Now that your ruling planet Venus stations this week for its direct phase once again, you might want to ask yourself what you have learned over the past 40+ days of the retrograde phase of Venus. What memories have resurfaced? Were some old connections or associations restored, or briefly re-engaged? What were they trying to show you? And what were you learning about the things that you really really want in your heart of hearts, and why you have made the choices and associations with others that you have. Was it merely for the attention? The flattery and glamour? Was it feeding your ego? Were you overly willing to deny your own needs, wants and desires just to merely fit in and be accepted? Or was there really something there that still has a bit of a kindling charm about it? So much to mull over. But these retrograde phases of Venus are essential for our own growth and understanding of ourselves and others. Which then allows us to have more conscious and healthier connections with others going forward. We are shown how, and perhaps even why, we do relationships the way we do, but more importantly how we could do them even better. 


On Sunday, Venus, the planet of money, values and relationships stations for its direct motion. Now rising as a morning star, the seedling hopes, wishes, and desires that have been slowly simmering and percolating on the back burner of our lives are going to be put into application over the next several months. But so much depends on what you have learned during the critical retrograde phase of Venus over the past 40+ days. This could have been you were being shown you how and why you do relationships the way that you do. And even, how you might have healthier and even better relationships in the future. Perhaps there were discoveries made about your own self-worth, and how well you value yourself, and any compromises you have made in order to be loved and accepted by others. These insights during the retrograde phases of Venus can be illuminating. The station on the 3rd/4th represents something of a shift and a readjustment to whatever new insights were being sown within the potential of the New Venus cycle in mid-August. These are important. For we were being asked to connect with our own heart center more fully in order to understand what it is that we really, really want and desire in our heart of hearts. And now the work is to see how you can put what you have learned into application. 


Every time your ruling planet stations, as it will on Monday, it does so with a trine to the Sun, bringing a sense of optimism, self-confidence and hope for the future. Because of this imminent hope and enthusiasm, you feel confident about moving forward with your goals, even though you may not see the full benefits of doing so until the New Year. For that is when the retrograde phase of Jupiter ends. However, this does not mean that nothing will be happening. In fact much of your planet’s most important work takes place during these critical months when Jupiter is retrograde. For this is when you are becoming all that much more aware of the promise and potential of what Jupiter in Taurus can bring. That can include addressing any health concerns that could come to light during this time, or learning more about those things that can better support your health and well-being. Things like diet, adjusting your daily routines, readjusting your work schedule to accommodate any changes you are needing to make. Jupiter aims to improve your well-being when it is here. And it also aims to improve your work environment and daily routines. You may not be able to make all the changes you hope to, or see the full benefits of any changes being made until the New Year. But know that any positive changes made while Jupiter is in Taurus,  can benefit you for months, perhaps even years to come. 


The inferior conjunction of Mercury on September 6th is a critical time within the whole retrograde phase of Mercury. For this is nothing less than the beginning of the New Mercury Cycle. At this time Mercury is invisible to the eye, rising and setting with the Sun. It will not appear in the night sky again until the middle of September, when it will rise before the Sun in the early morning hours. But it is when Mercury disappears from view, and enters the heart of the Sun, that it has its greatest potential. And it is also at this time, that our minds are most impressionable to any new seed ideas and thoughts. New ideas, thoughts or perspectives seeded in our minds at this time are likely to become the prevailing thought for the next 4 months of this current cycle. You might want to further cultivate this process by opening your awareness and your mind to new possibilities. Is there a subject you might want to learn more about? Some place you might want to travel to in the future? Perhaps a new venture or business idea? This particular new cycle of Mercury, for you, aims to broaden your horizons, and expand your awareness in some significant way. Therefore be open and receptive to any positive ideas and possibilities percolating on your mind-stream this week. You may not have all the information you need to put them into application yet, and you may not even know their full implication. But something is definitely brewing.  


On September 3rd/4th, Venus stations, marking the end of its retrograde phase. For the past 40+ days, Venus has been in its retrograde phase in the sign of Leo, a sign that Aquarius associates with partnerships, relationships and relating. During these critical retrograde phases of Venus, we can and often do arrive at certain insights about who we are attracted to, and perhaps even why we do relationships the way we do. We get more in touch with our hopes, needs and expectations from others, and perhaps even come to some significant realizations about yourself as well. One of the things Aquarius can often come to realize is what you are, or are not, willing to compromise for the sake of relationships. That can include things like compromising your own independence or freedom, or needing to put your own needs and desires aside in order to be accepted and/or desirable to others. The station of Venus represents a shift. And if someone is worth all those compromises and adjustments, that will become all the more apparent as Venus enters its direct phase, and can lead to feelings of renewal, reconciliation and deeper commitment. But if one of you wants greater freedom, and the other is not so keen about that, then that will become apparent as well. Either way, these stations of Venus can be quite significant when it comes to the realm of the heart. 


Your ruling planet, Jupiter, stations 2 times each year. One for its retrograde phase, as it will this week, and another time when it resumes its direct phase, as it will at the end of December. And each time Jupiter stations, it does so with a trine to the Sun, re-instilling hope and anticipation for the future. This trine to the Sun brings us confidence that we are heading in the right direction, even though we may not see the results or the fulfillments of certain promises until Jupiter is direct again in the New Year. Jupiter always wants us to grow in some significant way, and this is even true when in its retrograde mode. Sometimes even more so. For when Jupiter is in Taurus, Pisces is being asked to expand their mind and perceptions in some significant way. This can be as simple as looking at a situation from another perspective, learning something new, or perhaps studying a new subject that has the capacity to open you up to new ways of seeing the world around you. You could find yourself conversing with people from very different backgrounds from yours, or who have very different beliefs. These help you to re-think your own views and positions. And perhaps even your own moral and ethical judgments about things. In this way, these retrograde phases of Jupiter can be very important for our own moral and spiritual development.


Astrology By Lauren
A Level IV Certified Consulting Astrologer, in New York City. 

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