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November 2022 Monthly Forecast

November 2022 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for November is: “A NEW FERTILITY”

The first part of November, until the full moon on the 8th, remains an intense time between the 2 eclipses where anything can happen and the energy is tumultuous, unpredictable, somewhat accident prone, and can lean towards irritation, anger and restlessness. 

Remember that this is a time that supports transformational change and should be used wisely so don’t dwell on shortcomings and negativity. Use this time as an important reset for yourself that may include some letting go of negative habitual behavior, addictions and situations that are toxic. Once we survive the next eclipse, we have an opportunity to reboot our landscape and take a look at what we wish to initiate moving forward.

The theme of “a new fertility” is giving us the opportunity to re-evaluate how we think, what we believe and to move into a new way of being productive, sustainable and abundant. It is clear that the old ways are crumbling and what has been secure and supportive in the past is longer something we can rely on. We are moving out of a very masculine, active, aggressive time and into a more feminine expression of support which includes a necessary attention to what is fertility and how are we bringing it into our lives.

To have the most fertile ground requires fertilizing it. Our fertilizer is the compost of our past patterns, experiences, lessons, trauma, grief, successes, disappointments, karmic relationships, challenges, opportunities taken, opportunities missed and anything else we have experienced in our past. Turning the past into good fertile compost requires letting go of your attachment to it. This is the opportunity we have now; to release our attachment and any judgment of the past so it can become the fertile compost for our future.

When you plant a seed into fertile ground, you never know how it will manifest and what it will grow into. It takes trust to plant a seed for something new and to wait for right timing while the roots take hold before anything is visible above the ground. This is the time frame we are in this month and it requires patience and keeping a “don’t know mind.” A little confusion and cloudiness about the future is a perfectly fine place to be as long as you have clarity in your heart about what is right for you. Courage may be needed to turn something that is no longer working in your life into some fertile ground for a new beginning.

Think of this as a highly creative time and a time where thinking and dreaming outside the box is necessary in order to break away from the limitations of old patterns and habitual behavior. We are encouraged to explore our inner desires and take a creative risk, planting seeds for our future that don’t rely on the past but rather hold the inspiration of the unknown. There is a fine line between fear and excitement. Making choices and decisions out of fear is never justified. Making choices and decisions from a place of enthusiasm and excitement can open up a field of optimism and inspiration to feed the larger dream and desire.

It is important this month that you don’t get mired in feeling bad about yourself or judgmental of others. There is plenty going on in the world that you can disagree with, but it is best you stay in your own lane and be as neutral as possible about everything else. Being responsible for your own creations, happiness and future path is something to be aware of on a daily basis. If some sudden change occurs that disrupts your well-organized plans, try not to go into martyrdom and irritation but rather be open to something new coming in and see it as an opportunity to regroup and reset.

No matter what happens during the first part of the month, keep reminding yourself to be present and proactive and always make the choice to be optimistic, positive, and inspired by what could be rather than disappointed about what is not.

How the month shows up:


We are still in the period of deep inner transformation and personal growth. We are also still in the time frame where release, recycling and the decluttering of negative thoughts and old attachments holds a crucial space on our to do list. There is a creative urge to change it up, to do something new and different and to show up more fully with purpose. This urge can bring some irritation if things are not flowing. The key is to look for what is flowing in without effort and to acknowledge and pay attention to the opportunity it may offer. When in doubt, don’t push. Even with things that flow easily right timing is important. Wait for it.

This is a good month to take some time for the self-care aspect of change. Changing your diet, habits, environment, clothing, schedule, and daily patterns will all anchor the intention that you are creating something new. Change is often uncomfortable and the physical body can rebel. Make sure the rebellion does not cause other bad habits to form or current ones to get even more solidified. Discipline may be required to both stay in the present as well as to be responsible for your reactions and actions moving forward.


You may find yourself reflecting on past relationships and re-processing aspects that feel incomplete, unresolved, or just long forgotten experiences that were formative in your life. Gratitude and forgiveness are important tools this month to help you move away from the past and forward into a rich and exciting period for building new relationships or rebuilding current ones with new energy.

It is a discipline to see everyone as spirit, especially in the midst of observing negative behaviors and destructive activity. It is best not to take anything personally this month as well as to come from a place of neutrality whenever possible. Neutrality and forgiveness do not make something right. It just dissolves the emotional charge you may have connected to it so you can be free to create a different reality. Emotions are like glue and they keep certain patterns and behaviors stuck in a cycle unless they are cleared.  A very good exercise is to tell a story about yourself and a difficult relationship experience that has been hard to forgive in the third person like you are telling a story about someone else. Do this enough times and the charge will become less.

It is also a good month to dream in new relationships, work companions and partnerships.


Because the issues we are dealing with are deep core issues, the body may be challenged at the level of bones, teeth, cartilage and joints as well as in foundational places such as the sacrum, pelvis, and hips. Strengthening your core muscles and getting enough exercise will help you to stay grounded and focused during these times.

Core organs are also involved and may be challenged. Pay attention to liver, kidneys, spleen, and pancreas. Digestion may be off as well. Take time and give yourself a little care. It will be worth it.

Putting your health first could be one of the changes you make during this time especially if you have had recent setbacks, accidents, or a health crisis. It may be a message that you should pay attention and take more responsibility for your well-being. Reaffirming your enthusiasm and gratitude for life will also pave the way for transformation on many levels.


This is an interesting time for business, projects, and partnerships as anything can happen. Your resources could go up and down, some projects could end abruptly but then others can begin just as fast. Partnerships can dissolve or strengthen or get reset and you may feel a bit out of control at times about your ability to manage things. The best way to work with the challenges as well as the opportunities is to be flexible, inventive and focused on abundance, improvement and growth. If structures you have come to rely on fall away, take it as an opportunity to reframe, reboot and renew. There is plenty of opportunity for something new this month once we get past the eclipse energy that marks the climax of current tension.

It is also important to stay out of judgments regarding the past and out of expectations about the future. The optimism available to us later this month should be used to dream those new intentions including what agreements you wish to bring in for your next business venture or project. The people you work with are sometimes more important than the project itself so make sure you are all on the same page.


Intensity continues. As the energy expands, the highs get higher and the lows get lower. The storms get wilder, the floods bigger and the droughts more severe. The temperatures are in greater fluctuation and there is the potential for more drama in natural weather and earth phenomena. This could include earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, volcanic activity, and heavy windstorms. Adaptability and flexibility are necessary attitudes. Don’t take any of it personally and do your best to stay neutral.

Sustainability and looking at resources and how we use them will be a focus this month as we embrace the theme of a new fertility. There could be breakthroughs in energy as that is one of our resources that fertilizes our ideas and actions. Recycling and how we can reuse is also a theme that is related to the environment that will gain some ground this month. Because we are being inspired by improvement, improving something in your personal environment can bring you much satisfaction.


November 1-7: This is the most intense period where anything can happen. It requires that “don’t know mind” and the ability to be resilient enough to shift plans in the moment. Stay present and in your own lane and see any challenge caused by a door closing as one of an opportunity for another to open. If we can be neutral and resist feeling victimized and irritated, we will navigate this time frame with grace and look at the positive aspects instead of getting mired on the negative.

It is also important to allow others to be where they are in their process. Everyone gets messages and insights into what they need to complete or begin differently and everyone has a different reaction to what may be affecting them at any given time. So, look to your own process, do your own work, make your own choices, and don’t get distracted by others.

November 8: Full Moon in Taurus with a total lunar eclipse is Tuesday, November 8 at 4:02AM. This is the bookend of the eclipse window and the climax of the stressed and tense energy that we have all been feeling. Remember that this is only energy and can be harnessed for power, stamina and fertilizing your intentions. Anything that is out of balance in your life will rear its head for you to look at if you haven’t already acknowledged it. Don’t be hard on yourself during this moon but rather move towards and into the challenge of standing in your power.

The influences of this full moon under the total eclipse may stir up a desire to be right as well as some stubbornness and aggression among strong personalities. You may see this playing out on a larger scale in your communities and across the globe. Ask for strength and power and support for letting go of any drama that is not serving you well. Acknowledge the karmic lessons you have learned and set an intention to embrace a new fertility where new ideas, insights and inspiration have a chance to take root and flourish.

Join Anna for a powerful remote shamanic healing working with the full moon and eclipse, with a good clearing, words of wisdom and a powerful and necessary reset. Monday, November 7, at 7PM Mountain Standard Time (MST)

November 8-15: You will be dealing with the fallout of being pushed to your limit around the eclipse both in relationships and in other aspects of your personal life. You may feel like just disappearing for a while to reassess your choices and decisions have either been made or need to be made. Make sure you give yourself time without distraction to feel into your inner truth and commit to something new that you have some clarity about. Remember that timing is everything and you may now be on a new path that requires being gentle with your expectations and definitely patient with your progress.

Even though this time needs space, you also need support from your community and your allies. Don’t be afraid to ask for help especially if you feel confused or stuck and the instability of the times is a real challenge for you.

November 16-23: We begin to see the light at the other end of the tunnel here and a sense of adventure moves into our field. We can feel encouraged by a recent positive event or personal improvement. We can also feel discouraged if we have set our expectations too high. This is a good time frame for planning a restructure, a trip, a remodel, or any new project. Make sure you are inspired by it and not feeling burdened by the responsibility of it. If you feel burdened you will sabotage it. So make it fun and engage others with their enthusiasm to support your vision.

Some of you will feel like you are slowly crawling up through the dungeon and dark spaces where you have been trapped or in hiding for a long time. The discipline and focus of this time is to move towards lightheartedness with humor and not to take yourself or others too seriously. As we approach the New Moon on the 23rd remember to be grateful, laugh a little and enjoy life.

November 23: New Moon in Sagittarius is Wednesday, November 23 at 3:57 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST) More on this New Moon will be sent as a Power Path New Moon update to our mailing list (click here to join)

November 24-30: Who are we now? And what are we fertilizing for ourselves as well as for our planet? Have we let go of enough to make a serious change? What is left to do? This is a somewhat serious time with big energy and we should definitely not waste it on petty grievances and self-judgment. If you have fallen down, pick yourself back up and keep moving. If you are involved in a new project that seems overwhelming, bring in help. If it does not feel good, it is not you and not of spirit. If it is not flowing easily you may need to re-evaluate if it is right. At this time the right people, medicine, projects, ideas, new beginnings, and opportunities should come with ease and an inner knowing that they are right.

There is some shuffling around that will happen as new energies find their place. There is a need to allow the reorganization of your energy field especially if you have made choices and decisions that have put you on a different path than what you were on. Be patient with yourself and with others as you navigate this magnificent transformational time.

Have a great month!


PS: The monthly support audio has some very helpful visualizations and processes around composting your past and fertilizing your future.

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Lena is an internationally known teacher and shamanic practitioner. She apprenticed for 10 years with a Huichol Shaman from Mexico and has studied cross cultural shamanic healing from numerous traditions including the Amazon basin, Native American, Northern European and Siberian. Lena has taught and worked with individuals, groups, businesses and communities for the past 25 years, helping to bring shamanic nature based wisdom back into people's lives. One of her specialities is the woven song tradition of the Shipibo tribe in the Peruvian Amazon, the singing of Icaros or healing songs. The individual healing work with these energy patterns through song and other shamanic techniques has had a powerful impact on her clients. Lena is the co-author of the "Secrets of Shamanism, How to Tap the Spirit Power Within" and a contributor to "The Power Path". Along with husband and partner Jose, she is the co-founder and one of the primary instructors of Power Path Seminars and the School of Shamanism.

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