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Tap Into Planetary Power: July 8 to 14, 2024

Tap Into Planetary Power: July 8 to 14, 2024

HEIGHTENED ENERGIES: Excitable Mars and radical Uranus will precisely conjoin next Monday, July 15.

Although the influence of this alignment is strongest on that date, the two planets are already within each other's orb; thus, we are starting to feel anticipatory symptoms related to their conjunction. Plus, a review of history reveals that world events related to strong planetary aspects such as this Mars-Uranus alignment often occur in the days leading up to, or even in the week following, the date of precision.

As a planetary force, Mars represents human will and desire. When activated, the Red Planet inspires independent, assertive, courageous action. It helps focus our intentions and provides the energy needed to charge forward.

Uranus, at its mundane level, is the planet of rebellion, of unexpected and abrupt changes, of eccentric and erratic behaviours. Since the sideways-spinning planet is named for the god of Chaos, it is not surprising that we anticipate some anxiety and unsettledness (at the very least) when it is activated.

However, Uranus is also one of our three transpersonal planets. At this higher-octave level, its task is to assist humanity with Consciousness Expansion. Uranus helps connect us with the Universal Mind, inspiring progressive and ingenious ideas, inventive solutions, and intuitive insights.

THE ALGOL EFFECT: An especially notable feature of this Mars-Uranus alignment, which occurs at 26°19' Taurus, is that the two planets are at the same degree as the fixed star Algol. In ancient astrology, almost all the stars were assigned unsavoury qualities, with Algol being associated with "misfortune and danger." However, modern astrology is not nearly as black-and-white in its assessments, preferring to acknowledge positive potentials rather than only focusing on the unfavourable.

The fixed star Algol is located in Medusa's Head, part of the Perseid constellation. While most of us may be familiar with the myth of Medusa, and how anyone who looked upon her face would be turned to stone, there is more to the story. 

Medusa was a beautiful priestess who served in the temple of the goddess Minerva. After Medusa was violated by Poseidon, Minerva blamed her for what happened. She put a curse on Medusa that turned her hair into snakes and took away her beauty. It was after this transformation that anyone who looked upon Medusa’s face was turned to stone, even after the priestess was beheaded by Perseus.

But Medusa's myth has an intriguing twist at this point. When she was killed, the winged horse Pegasus flew out from her body. This symbolized immortality, the embodiment of the divine, and the ability to master both Earth and Sky.

It is from this turn of the story that we derive the positive attributes of the fixed star Algol. These include strength, confidence, and the power of the feminine; the ability to rise above victim consciousness; magical transformations; and the development of spiritual abilities.

ALIGNMENT SYMPTOMS: Since the cosmos — and Uranus, especially — likes to surprise us, we cannot predict exactly how the Mars-Uranus alignment will manifest. However, it is reasonable to expect that people will be more impulsive, stubborn, and strong-willed than usual and perhaps less concerned about the impact of their actions on others. And, with the alignment occurring in earthy Taurus, Gaia could also be unpredictable over the course of these two weeks, with unexpected natural events.

There is higher purpose even in events that are outwardly disruptive, however. Uranus knows that change is required if humanity is to make progress, and yet it also is aware that we tend to travel down the same road day after day unless something arises to set us on a new course. Solutions for society's problems are rarely found unless and until something occurs to shift our thinking; as Albert Einstein famously said, “Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.”

VENUS IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Venus, the goddess of Love and Beauty, is in the spotlight this week as she forms significant aspects to four of the outer planets and also changes signs. This activity draws our attention to the status of our relationships, values, the arts, and financial matters.

The most significant developments in these areas are likely to appear toward the end of the week, starting with Venus entering heart-centered Leo on Thursday. While Venus is in the sign of The Lion, from July 11 to August 4, people tend to be more generous, playful, and romantic. If we are involved in creative projects, we may be more spontaneous than usual or drawn to use brighter colors.

However, since the regal Lion enjoys being the star, it is good to be aware of ways in which we might rely too much on the attention and admiration of others. If we find ourselves being self-conscious rather than self-confident, or seeking applause instead of simply enjoying the moment, we have veered off into the shadow lands of Leo.

With Venus opposing passionate Pluto within 24 hours of her ingress into Leo, there could be some relationship or financial dramas on Thursday and Friday. This planetary combination is typically possessive or manipulative, since it can trigger underlying jealousies and trust issues. And, with Venus in Leo, reactions can be especially theatrical.

THIS WEEK'S ASPECTS: Here are my brief interpretations of this week's most important planetary aspects, day by day: 


Venus sextile Uranus: This aspect encourages us to be more adaptable in our relationships, and to give loved ones space to be their authentic selves.

Mercury sextile Jupiter: The mind is inspired, conversations are lively, and people are interactive, with much of interest to discuss.


Jupiter sextile North Node: This aspect helps us be more optimistic, to have faith in ourselves, and to take new risks.


Sun trine Saturn: This influence helps us feel more stable and secure emotionally.


Venus trine Neptune: The human heart and the high heart are linked, increasing empathy and our capacity for compassion.

Venus enters Leo: While Venus is in Leo, love is expressed exuberantly and playfully. However, we should be wary of valuing romance over substance. A need for attention could lead to unwise choices.

Jupiter semisquare Eris: The need to voice opinions and beliefs is heightened, and the decibel level could be very high.

Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune: Conversations are unlikely to lead to resolution, due to a lack of clarity and mental focus.


Venus opposite Pluto: Dramas are possible as trust issues are triggered. This opposition requires new levels of honesty with self and others.


No major aspects are exact today.


Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn: We are very cautious about opening our hearts today and may need time to sort out our feelings.

Monday July 15

Mars conjunct Uranus: The Mars-Uranus alignment perfects at 7:04 a.m. PDT, when both planets are at 26°19' Taurus.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: You have the energy, discipline, and stamina needed to accomplish your goals this year. However, it will be important not to base your sense of self-worth on whether you "succeed" exactly as you had planned or hoped. If you have any underlying uncertainties about your value in the world, those insecurities may come forward now, perhaps manifesting through a tendency to react defensively or to feel that you have to explain yourself. This experience is best handled not by blaming others for their lack of support but through learning and practicing new levels of self-appreciation and self-acceptance. (Solar Return Sun sextile Mars, opposite Ceres, trine Saturn, square Chiron, square Eris)

In peace, love, and gratitude,


Aspects of Note This Week:

All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours.

  • Monday: Venus sextile Uranus, Mercury sextile Jupiter
  • Tuesday: Jupiter sextile North Node
  • Wednesday: Sun trine Saturn
  • Thursday: Venus trine Neptune, Venus enters Leo, Jupiter semisquare Eris, Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune
  • Friday: Venus opposite Pluto
  • Saturday: No major aspects are exact today
  • Sunday: Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn
    (Monday July 15: Mars conjunct Uranus 7:04 a.m. PDT at 26°19' Taurus)

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Astrologer Pam Younghans writes the NorthPoint Astrology Journal based on planetary influences and insights received. Her hope is to bring astrology "down to earth" in a way that will help readers navigate current energies, while also utilizing these energies for spiritual and personal growth.
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