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Your Weekly Horoscope: March 1-8

Your Weekly Horoscope: March 1-8

For the week of March 1st thru the 8th, be sure to read your Rising sign as well: 


For the past 12 years that Neptune has been in Pisces, Aries was being compelled to look for some sort of spiritual, mystical or significant meaning in their lives, without trying to find it in any particular place. By looking for it somewhere outside of yourself, you may think you had found all the answers, but would soon come to realize the fruitlessness of this. Those answers would become riddled with inconsistencies and contradictions. Beliefs turn into mere wistful dreams and hopes. This is because the lesson of Neptune in Pisces has been that the answers were not to be found in any particular place, or even through a particular teaching. The answers were to be found in that still quiet place within your own mind and heart. But in order to find that inner sanctum, you would need to withdraw from the noise and chatter of the outer world, and connect to your own inner guides. This can be difficult in a world of constant motion and distraction, where we are constantly plugged into our watches and phones. However, even a brief pause in which to merely sit and be with yourself can help to facilitate that connection to that inner spark. At this moment in the Jupiter/Neptune cycle, you are being asked to reacquaint yourself with your own Higher Self, your own Divine Spark, in whichever way you perceive that to be. And through this experience know that the answers can then be found. 


For the past 12 years that Neptune has been in Pisces, you may have been consumed with feelings of disenchantment, particularly with finding your own crowd, your people who share common goals and ideals. Ideally Neptune was trying to lead you away from the hubbub of daily life, from group think, and in doing so, may have brought you away from what you were usually accustomed to. For what the Jupiter/Neptune cycle may have been trying to show you since 2022, is that true fulfillment may not necessarily be found through some particular teaching, group or movement. And since Jupiter entered your sign last year, Jupiter has been trying to drive it home that even though certain groups can serve as guideposts along the way, but if they don’t resonate with what is within you, it will only be so much smoke and mirrors. However, when you do find that connection, the one that resonates with your own heart and mind, then it can feel as if you are connecting with something much much larger. Something that contains a kernel of limitless potential, that can even have the capacity to make a cherished dream, a closer reality. With the semi-square, dare to ask questions, dare to ask why? Then listen to your heart of hearts for the answers. 


For Gemini, Neptune being in Pisces for the past 12 years could bring all sorts of uncertainty and trepidation about the future. You wonder if you are on the right path. You question the choices that you have made. And beset with frustration, you may have found yourself wistfully wondering what a more fulfilling or meaningful path might feel like, or if it were even possible. We often feel some element of disenchantment with our chosen path when Neptune is so strongly placed. But that is mostly because the rewards of Neptune are rarely attached to material outcomes, and are more concerned with our spiritual inclinations. And especially so since the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction of 2022, you were being asked whether or not you have been living your life according to your own altruistic convictions. Ironically, the more altruistic your aims since then, the more likely you could feel successful. Seeds were being planted. And with the current Jupiter semi-square to Neptune those altruistic motives are being tested for sustainability. Is that wistful dream for the future possible, achievable, realistic and realizable? And if not right now, what might you want to adjust in your perspective to make it a more achievable reality in the foreseeable future? 


For the past 12 years, Neptune has been asking: If you were to look for the truth, where would you find it? Is it somewhere outside of yourself? Perhaps in that other exotic religion, that new fashionable guru, or some other charismatic entity? Is it far away, in some exotic land or on the side of a mountain? Searching for the truth, deeper meaning and understanding, can lead us here, there and everywhere. But ever since the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in 2022, Cancer was being persuaded to just stop where they are: turn down the noise, be still, and instead of looking outside, to pay attention to what is resonating within your own heart and mind. The journey can be inspiring. But it is within your heart of hearts that confirmation is to be found. Jupiter, as your inner guru and guide, was showing you the possibility and potential that lay within. And now at the Jupiter/Neptune semi-square, you are being asked to give expression to that potential. To put your aspirations into some sort of context, and cast it out into the universe. It may not be what you originally thought it might be. And you may find that you’ve already made some adjustments along the way. The challenge has been to put your heart-felt beliefs and aspirations, into some sort of application and live it to its fullest.


In 2022 when Jupiter and Neptune made a conjunction in their own sign of Pisces, you were tasked with releasing an old way of life, in order to create the life of your dreams. There may have been promises broken, dreams may have unraveled, and support systems failed along the way. But despite the vagaries and inconsistencies of your life, there has also been a more subtle and compelling energy that has been weaving its influence into your life. And that may have included things like being willing to receive, to allow yourself to be taken care of by others, and to be humble enough to ask for help as it was needed. And now you are being given the task of recognizing that what you have to offer the world is well worth investing in. Neptune in Pisces was trying to teach you something about the sacred exchange of energy and resources through this divine cycle of reciprocity. Open yourself to the divine, and look for ways to make what was once merely an inspired idea into more of an actual and sustainable reality. Know that receiving is not synonymous with taking. People are willing to invest in someone that they see as worthy, and has something of value to offer them as well. Or simply because you are you.


Virgo works so hard to try and make sense of the world and keep things in order. So when Neptune entered Pisces some 12 years ago it totally upended the general order of things, creating that much more work for the beleaguered Virgos to do. Between herding cats and shoveling snow in the midst of a 12-year-long blizzard of mayhem and confusion, Virgo has no idea if they are coming or they are going. And to add to that confusion were all these people expecting you to make sacrifices and do things that were totally out of character. One of the benefits of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in 2022, is that you were being given a fresh new perspective. One that would allow you to better improve the relationships you already have, and to create new partnerships with people who share the same sort of world vision that you have. And if there are any tweaks to be made in that department, the semi-square between Jupiter and Neptune is when you would want to help facilitate that process. In 2022 you were being given the opportunity to form mutually rewarding partnerships with people who just totally got you without you having to explain yourself. Now that Jupiter is in Taurus, you will soon begin to receive confirmation for that. 


One of the challenges for Libra over the past 12 years has been trying to bring what you do in your life (your daily activities, your work, your job, even your health and well-being) more in alignment with your ideals. This is about putting those ideals into practice in your everyday life. Walking the walk as well as talking the talk. This can be as simple as living more sustainably, or taking the extra time to cultivate a healthy and more conscientious diet and lifestyle. And if you can actually do some kind of work that also supports your ideals and aspirations, even better! But too often with Neptune there can also be disappointment and disenchantment. Especially if we find our ideals conflicted or compromised by our work and what we do. Then along came Jupiter in 2022 with the promise to improve your health, and make your life and lifestyle a little easier to manage. Perhaps you adjusted your schedule, made your life a little freer. And now at this juncture of the semi-square between Jupiter and Neptune you are being asked to further tweak your health along with your daily activities, and to do so in a way that supports your confidence as well as your ideals. This is when we are all being tasked to make our dreams more realizable in practical and achievable ways. 


Some of the things Scorpio has been learning over the past 12 years is that when problems arise with loved ones, rather than trying to fix them, or even trying to understand them, oftentimes the best way to help is by simply being available. There is something to be said for understanding with the heart, and accepting others unconditionally, without judgment or expectation. And then in 2022 along came Jupiter, who was trying to show you the benefit of letting go of some previously held expectations, and opening up to unconditional acceptance. However, old expectations die hard. And now at this first tweak of the Jupiter/Neptune cycle, you are given a chance to readdress this idea once again, in order to arrive at that level of acceptance without the limitations of previous expectations. The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction of 2022 was also seeding something else. Something inspiring, and creative, and filled with potential. And now that we have reached this juncture in the Jupiter/Neptune cycle, you are being encouraged to find ways for that potential to bloom. Feed your inspirations. Create the conditions for your vision for the future to thrive, and there’s no telling what they can bring: a new promise, a new hope, a new means of expression, and perhaps a dream that is finally able to gain some traction. 


It can be so disappointing when the very people who you would expect to support you and your dreams, are the very ones who seem to be undermining all that you are trying to achieve. This can happen when Neptune is in this angle of the Solar or Natal chart, as it has been these past 12 years. This may have thrown you back on yourself, as you came to realize that you don’t necessarily have to ask anyone else for permission in order to pursue your dreams. And then in 2022, with the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction you were being inspired to pursue your dreams, and to consider what it might mean to live your own best life. And at this juncture of the Jupiter/Neptune cycle you are being asked once again to consider: What might you want to tweak in order to have greater peace and serenity in your life? Where might you find a more supportive environment? In many ways there have probably already been some significant changes in the most fundamental areas of your life. And now at the semi-square you are wanting to further expand that vision, and see what you might want to further tweak in your personal life that will make that ideal a closer and more achievable reality. 


We can look so mournfully at our old dreams and idealistic notions, despairing as to why they have not lived up to their expectations. And yet in some ways you were being shown that the potential had been there all along, right there in front of you. Perhaps even closer than you realized. The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction of 2022 was trying to inspire you in a certain direction, in order to take that potential and turn it into something that could be more real. Something that can make that ideal closer and more realizable. One way to make those dreams a closer reality, is to believe in the dream. The Jupiter/Neptune cycle which began in 2022, has now reached a juncture in the cycle, in which you are being asked to take what may have felt like a wistful hope, and look for ways to make your everyday life more in alignment with your dreams. This can include things like stopping to listen with a compassionate heart, to be more open and accepting of others, even when they don’t necessarily agree with you. To open your eyes, and hear with your ears, and open up your senses and awareness in ways that you might not have even imagined. You may be hard pressed to do so right now. See what needs to be adjusted in order to further open up your heart and mind. 


Sometimes in order to embrace the promise of a new dream, we are going to need to release some old dreams that are no longer working out as previously hoped. We look so longingly at the old dreams that we could totally miss the door that is opening in front of us. It may not seem like much at first, so it could be easy to ignore. Don’t. Neptune has been asking you for the past 12 years: What are you willing to let go of, in order to live a more meaningful life and lifestyle? What are those things that are truly most important to you? And what sacrifices are you willing to make them more of a priority? Neptune has been asking Aquarius to put material achievements aside in order to make those priorities a closer reality. Then at the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in 2022, you were being shown and inspired to see how you could actually turn what was once merely a potential, into something more. At this juncture of the Jupiter/Neptune cycle we are being asked to see what you are still holding on to, that might be getting in the way of making that dream more sustainable and real. Know that you will receive the help as you need it, but that mutual support and reciprocity thrive best when you consider the well-being of everyone concerned. 


During the years that Neptune has been traveling in your sign, the feelings are likely to have been huge. Like a roller coaster of emotional vastness, Neptune can bring you to the heights of transcendent bliss, but can also leave you in a puddle of despair and disenchantment. Truly Neptune wants us to live a more meaningful life and lifestyle when he visits our sign. But it may not necessarily be in the ways that you originally imagined when Neptune first entered Pisces 12 years ago. And then in 2022 with the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction a new cycle of potential was being seeded. At that point Jupiter/Neptune were asking you to expand your hopes and dreams even beyond your previous expectations. This is because with both Jupiter and Neptune in your sign, you were being shown your potential in all its glory, in which it could feel like almost anything is possible. And now that we have reached the next juncture of the Jupiter/Neptune cycle you are being asked to more fully believe in that dream, and to believe it with conviction. Even at the risk of ending up in a puddle of despair, even at the risk of disenchantment and despair. You are being asked to believe. 


Astrology By Lauren
A Level IV Certified Consulting Astrologer, in New York City. 

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