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How To Tell If You Had A Past Life In Atlantis


Denise Linn

Recently I did a radio show on Atlantis and the response was overwhelming. Many asked for my list… so here it is, in no any particular order.

Here’s How to Tell if You Had a Life in Atlantis:

      1. You have a fascination with crystals. Just holding one can often change your state of being. Using crystals and stones feels somehow familiar to you.
      2. Sometimes you have concerns/fears of world cataclysms, or you have dreams of cataclysms, especially floods or waters of death.
      3. You are a healer, or in the healing professions, or are drawn to the healing arts.
      4. You’ve had feelings that you don’t belong, or feel that this isn’t your true home.
      5. You have a deep concern for the planet as a whole.
      6. You sometimes get plagued with guilt that you aren’t doing enough.
      7. You either have a passion for computers and maybe even are involved in the computer industry . . . or you have a deep dislike (and almost abhorrence) for computers and/or technology.
      8. You love the ocean, and/or love dolphins and whales … or you have an unaccounted fear of the sea.
      9. You’ve been interested in Atlantis and the myths surrounding it.

You don’t need to check off all of them to have had a life in Atlantis, but if you have 6 or more, it’s a good indicator. Or course, there might be other reasons (besides having had a pivotal life on Atlantis) that account for the things on this list. But it also can be that you were there … and as the current energy of our planet is very, very similar to the energy at the time of downfall of Atlantis, it could be that ancient memories are being activated within you.



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