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The Rise of Lowsumerism


This video is a non profitable and non commercial project. It is the result of a series of studies by Box1824 and of thoughtful observations about everything that happens around us. Box1824 is a research company specialized in behavioural trends and consumption.

Research : André Oliveira, Eduardo Biz, Sophie Secaf and Stefanie Kazian
Screenplay and Directing : André Oliveira, Lena Maciel, Rony Rodrigues and Sophie Secaf
Editing : Fernanda Krumel, Lena Maciel and Lucas Moesch
Illustrations : João Felipe Veloso
Consultancy : K-Hole
Audio Finalization : Loop Reclame
Special Thanks: Cristiane Grosselli, Bianca Dallegrave and Zeppelin Filmes
Further thanks: team Box1824, Sam Shaber, Renata da Hora, Felipe Thomé, Cristiano Arbex and all the people that sent us suggestions of tracks and images for the video. All collaborations were fundamental for the end result.

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