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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Did you know that the Chinese New Year is aligned with astrology and more specifically the Moon?

I certainly didn't but apparently it takes place on the 2nd New Moon after the winter equinox.

There are then 15 days of celebration until.... the first Full Moon.

They then release those lanterns to wish a good year and thank the ancestors.


I once released one too, together with my daughter. That was several years ago now, 7 years I think, she was still small then.

I don't remember what we wished for but if it was that we would remain close friends, the wish has already come true. 

Can you wish for anything better by the way?

Tonight, I am going to have something to eat with her. It has been many years except for a hamburger or ice cream.

After a decade of black snow and karma upheaval, for the first time in more than five years I don't have to count whether I can pay the bill AND buy food next week as well.

This is a great relief and gives a sense of calm and peace.

I have seen both sides of the coin in this life, having money and not having money.

I speak as an experience expert when I say: life is much more fun with money.

Logical, I hear you think, but you don't fully realize it until you have experienced it.

But doesn't that apply to everything?

Once I quit my job as a lawyer because my "patron" as it is called, wanted me to file an appeal for his mother-in-law that was based on lies. I did not participate in that and I was allowed to dispose although it was not said in so many words. Unfair and cowardly, who wants to work for such a person? Not me.

A few weeks ago, I told this story to a lawyer who told me that he had gone through the same thing with his "patron". 

We immediately clicked.

Honesty lasts the longest I think and I stand by that, even though it has brought me little in the material sense.

But what I do in this life is only between God and me.

That is also the only thing I am judged on, not by God because He does not judge and is only love, but by myself.

I can look myself straight in the mirror and that gives me peace of mind.

Without guilt or shame by the way because I have fought for my life like a jaguar biting an alligator to death.

Tonight, I celebrate with my daughter who has always believed in and loved her daddy.

And that is completely mutual.

I once received a card that said, It's easy to become a father, but being a daddy is something else.

I rarely, if ever, go outside and my days are plain and simple: work, eat, sleep, walk, play guitar, write and read.

But when my daughter asks for something, I spring straight like a soldier.

To your orders my angel!

For my daughter I will do anything. I once read a good joke about a proud father and I like to share it:

"Even if my daughter got in the newspaper as a serial killer I would write a proud response to the newspaper: Dear, you write that she made 32 victims, but it’s 32 known victims! 

Happy Chinese New Year to all, by the way, it is dedicated to the Rabbit, more specifically the Water Rabbit.

What that means, no idea. I do know that it is a fortunate New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto trine Mars and sextile Jupiter which means it will be a transformative month in which much work will be done. All the planets also turn forward starting tomorrow as Uranus, the planet of sudden change and insight/wisdom, comes out retrograde last and we will feel and experience that to the fullest.

The stars are favorable over the next 4 weeks culminating in the Full Moon on Feb. 5, in the domestic, wise sign of Cancer.

A perfect opportunity to send a lantern into the sky as a family and make a beautiful wish.

I just need to buy a lantern; I already know my wish.

Reprinted on crystalwind.caexclusivelywith written permission from Stefan Van Heester. Copying this article to other blogs is strictly prohibited. It is copyright protected. 

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Stefan Van Heester
My name is Stefan Van Heester and I am a dedicated student of A Course In Miracles. 

I hold 2 University Master Degrees in Law and have a deep passion for all things mystical.
I have specialized myself in Sidereal astrology which takes into account the 13 zodiac signs, the uneven size of the constellations and the actual position of the celestial bodies.
Besides astrology I also love numerology.
Astrology and numerology reveal a treasure of information about the Self. 
The Oracle of Delphi states: Know Thyself.
Once you know who you are you can enjoy life to the fullest.
Since the summer of 2022 my articles are featured in BLOOM-magazine.

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