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Mother Of All Eclipses! Are You Ready?

Mother Of All Eclipses! Are You Ready?

Are you feeling more emotional lately Crystal?

2020 is certainly not subtle is it?

We're just over one week into the year and it feels like a lifetime of lessons already.

I suggest you pay attention to what challenges are coming up for you. They might be themes that will play out for you throughout the year.

We're in the thick of an eclipse season.

This means that your emotions are being amplified and your intuitive senses are being awakened. It can feel uncomfortable, yet the awareness is ultimately liberating.

And yet, this is just the beginning...

The mother-of-all-eclipses is happening!

Tomorrow, January 10th at 9:07am PDT there is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer. This is ushering in some much needed feminine energy.

Cancer is the sign of the Mother.

As a collective, we are learning how to take better care of Mother Earth.

As individuals, we are learning how to nurture those parts of ourselves that have been neglected.

This week's astrological events are a wake up call.

Eclipses are always extraordinary. And yet, the celestial lineup that is in store for us this week is simply staggering.

On January 12th, there is one of the greatest celestial connections of our lifetime - the Sun, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and Mercury all meeting up in Capricorn. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction in this sign is a once-every-500-years phenomenon.

Capricorn is the sign associated with government, authority, and the structures of our lives.

Foundations will be tested. There will be an inevitable breakdown and rebuilding of many of our society's structures.

The world as you know it will never look the same. You might not see the effects of these celestial events right away. Yet behind the scenes, day by day, minute by minute, our world is changing.

How can you prepare for these powerful energies?

Let's look to our loving Cancer Moon for guidance:

  • When you feel fear, stay centered and grounded as you bring love into your heart
  • Treat yourself as you would treat your own child - with kindness and compassion
  • Accept ALL of your emotions, not just the ones you feel are "nice"
  • Take time to let yourself just BE
  • Journal to connect with your feelings

Help the Earth by cutting down on plastics, driving less, and helping the animals in whatever way you can.


Kari Samuels
My intention for you is that you stop​ playing small so you can dream big and live large. You can experience TRUE happiness. You can wake up every morning feeling excited because you are enjoying a life of freedom, sharing your God-given talents that only you can express.Yes, you can have an incredible life. I’d love to show you how. I can help you realize your dreams and live your soul’s purpose.
There’s so much more to you than you ever imagined. We’ve only just begun… Source Here

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