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Astral Projection Methods


Today millions of people are discovering the exciting techniques used to achieve out-of-body exploration. The variety of methods available is diverse. Throughout history, practically every religious group and mystic order has developed a system or method to explore beyond the limits of matter. To complicate this situation, many methods have been shrouded in mystery for thousands of years. For example, the Tibetan Book of the Dead provides preparation and guidance for an ancient out-of-body method. This technique was incorporated into lengthy religious ceremonies which were performed over a period of days. Many ancient techniques have remained hidden for centuries, gems of wisdom covered by the trappings of religious ritual.

To simplify this confusing and often misunderstood body of information, the following out-of-body techniques are divided into five categories; Visualization, Dream Conversion, Affirmations, Hypnosis, and Sound. The following methods have proven to be extremely effective and easy to learn.

The visualization techniques are presented first because of their ease and popularity. Many people have discovered that the visualization techniques are a natural way to initiate their first out-of-body experience. After you select a technique, repeat it daily for at least thirty days. Your commitment, desire, and effort will determine the results you experience.

Always remember, the best way to approach out-of-body exploration is to maintain a playful attitude. Have fun with the techniques and enjoy the results.

Basics of Out-of-body Exploration

  1. We are a spiritual (nonphysical energy) being temporarily using a biological body (vehicle) for experience and expression.
  2. Since the physical body is a temporary vehicle, it is only natural for us to be able to separate from it and experience our nonphysical self.
  3. Out-of-body experiences are the normal shift or transfer of awareness from our physical body to one of our higher frequency energy vehicles.
  4. We are simultaneously using and controlling multiple energy (frequency) bodies. Each of these energy vehicles exist at a distinctly different density and vibrational frequency. Ideally, all of our energy vehicles work in harmony to assist in our personal development.
  5. Each individual vehicle of consciousness is necessary to perceive within its unique frequency of the universe. To experience matter, we must have a vehicle of matter. To consciously perceive and experience the higher (less dense) vibratory dimensions, we must consciously be using the appropriate energy vehicle.
  6. We are the creative source of our reality and our experience. We create our individual reality by the way we focus and manage our personal thought energy. This principle applies to all energy levels of the universe. What we experience has been influenced, arranged and manifested by our conscious and subconscious thoughts.

Selecting Your Technique

One of the most important decisions you face in out-of-body exploration is the selection of the technique on which to focus. In general, if you can visualize well, then concentrate on the visualization techniques. Select the technique which is most comfortable for you and stick with it.

If you have difficulty visualizing, then concentrate on the affirmation techniques. Keep in mind, the target technique has proven effective for many people who have claimed poor visualization skills. I believe this is due to the physical “walk-through” which can be repeated until the internal imagery begins to appear. Many people find it easier to visualize an object or location in their home than anywhere else.

Don’t underestimate your abilities, when you are open-minded to new experiences and perceptions, they will occur. On many occasions during my workshops, people have told me that they can’t visualize at all. I have found that when people verbally request the ability and begin to practice with an open mind, they experience a rapid enhancement of their natural abilities. When choosing your techniques, remember to be both flexible and patient.

Visualization Techniques

One of the easiest and most effective methods to experience out-of-body exploration is to use your creative visualization ability. Each of us possesses the natural ability to picture an object or place in our mind. We do it every day in a thousand different ways. Most of us have little difficulty imagining our favorite vacation place, automobile, home, or person. Using our visualization ability is easy once you recognize how natural it is.

To give you a feeling of just how easy visualization can be, try the following.

For a few moments, close your eyes and begin to picture your favorite vacation spot. Select a place you have visited and know well. Just relax and begin to visualize this vacation area as clearly as possible. Begin to picture the trees, buildings, people – all the small details associated with your vacation. Become involved in the scene as much as possible and vividly see and hear all the sensations associated with your favorite vacation. You can add people, colors, and sounds as you see fit.

Now take this scene one step farther and picture yourself entering your favorite vacation paradise. Clearly see and feel yourself within a specific physical location. Imagine all the colors, sounds and sensations associated with the location. Begin to interact with the people and environment you see. As much as possible use all of your senses and become immersed in the sounds, sights, and sensations of your vacation. Take your time and enjoy the experience.

Visualization techniques are easy and enjoyable when you relax and select a pleasurable place, person, or object as the focus of your attention. Whatever you select as the focus of your attention should be an actual physical object or location. The key to all out-of-body visualization methods is to become completely involved in the imagined physical environment. The more focused your attention, the more success you will experience.


“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”
- Albert Einstein

One of the most powerful tools we possess in out-of-body exploration is our natural ability to creatively use our imagination. When used properly, our imagination can help us to achieve any goal or desire we focus on. This is graphically displayed all around us. When we look at our physical possessions, we discover an amazing thing. Everything we possess, our car, furniture, home, stereo, TV, even our relationships were once imagined in our mind. For example, when you see a house being built, just think of all the many imaginations that were busy creating the structure. First, a person begins to imagine a new home for themselves, then they share their ideas with others. Next an architect is called upon to put the imagined idea on paper. Then a builder imagines the construction of the home. Slowly, the collaboration of several imaginations and thoughts come together to form an idea, a plan, a structure and, finally, a physical home. Of course, we take this for granted; we only see the physical results of these busy thoughts around us. However, when we explore the nonphysical interior of the universe an amazing thing occurs. We begin to recognize that our imagination and thoughts have a dramatic impact upon the finer energy frequencies of the inner dimensions. We begin to understand that our imagination is a powerful creative force that shapes the unseen energy around us. When out-of-body, our thoughts and imagination are forming our immediate energy environment with incredible speed and precision. In a very real sense our thoughts are building the unseen energy substructure of our external physical existence.

While living in the physical world we see only a tiny fraction of reality. We observe only the dense results of our thoughts and deeds. The pure power of our imagination and thoughts is often not recognized as we focus upon daily survival and the acquisition of physical objects. For many people, the time span between the imagined idea and the physical results is often a long hard road. They seldom see nor understand that they have formed the subtle energy molds and structures that have eventually manifested within their physical environment.

Whether we realize it or not, our imagination is molding the subtle energy around us. With every thought we are building our future. This is why creative visualization and positive thinking work so effectively. The greater the focus of our imagination, the faster the results we experience.

I cannot emphasize enough how important this creative process is to our existence. This is not some hypothetical belief or theory but an absolute observable energy reaction that is constantly occurring around us. We can personally verify this for ourselves by practicing the techniques presented in this book. This creative energy reaction is constantly at work shaping the subtle energy around us. For example, an accurate psychic reading is nothing more than the psychic being sensitive and aware of the unseen energy forms around another person. This process is not some strange or mystical event as some believe but a simple recognition of the subtle energy forms close to a person. In fact, the entire subject of extrasensory perception is actually the natural process of people being sensitive to nonphysical thought energy and forms. As we evolve, our recognition of this energy reaction becomes more important. Our innate ability to structure our energy environment and our life carries us beyond the animal instincts into new realms of personal creativity and responsibility. The end result is that each of us becomes the creative artist of our life. Each focused thought and mental image becomes the creative mold of our personal reality. At this point we can begin to consciously visualize and build the reality we wish to experience by the thought forms we hold and visualize in our mind. Instead of being the powerless result of our environment, we begin to take charge of our life and our destiny. Finally, we come to recognize that our ability to create is limited only by our ability to imagine.

One of the advantages of the visualization method is the variety of possibilities it generates, there are no limitations, so feel free to develop and use your own. Generally, whatever holds your interest and attention away from your physical body can be effective. For many people visualizing their favorite friend, lover, or physical location as they fall to sleep can produce impressive results. For example, I know a house painter who induces out-of-body experiences by visualizing himself climbing a ladder. He states the key is to picture himself at a specific physical location as he drifts off to sleep. In as much detail as possible he actually feels the hand-over-hand of climbing up a ladder to the roof. He feels the grip and texture of the ladder with his hands and can even feel the ladder slightly shake with each step. This, like all visualizations, is most effective when you surround yourself in the sensations and sounds associated with the activity.

Another good visualization is to imagine yourself as a balloon being filled with helium. As vividly as possible, feel yourself becoming lighter and lighter as you float up to the ceiling. Intensify the sensation of rising upward as you drift off to sleep.

Visualization Made Easy

One approach to out-of-body exploration is to focus and maintain your complete attention outside your physical body as you fall to sleep. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to focus your complete attention upon a person, place, or object located some distance from you. This can be a loved one from which you are separated, your favorite vacation spot, or a gift that holds some special meaning for you. Whatever you select should be an actual physical object you know, not an imaginary place or person. Select the object or place that is easiest to visualize and holds the most interest for you.

For many, visualizing a loved one that you are separated from is effective. Just picture the person that you wish to be with as vividly as possible. It helps to be emotionally involved, so select a person you would love to be with. Choose someone you know, not a fantasy relationship. Become completely absorbed in their presence and actually feel yourself with this person. If you like, role play some kind of interaction to keep you involved.

Continue your visualization of this person for as long as possible as you allow your physical body to completely relax and fall to sleep. It’s important to maintain a detailed picture of this person and your interaction as you go to sleep. As you doze off, attempt to boost your emotional and visual connection with this person as much as possible.

This method is an excellent bedtime visualization. Keep in mind, the more emotionally involved you are, the more effective this technique is. Have fun with it and let your imagination go wild.

The Target Technique

Your ability to focus and maintain your awareness away from your physical body is enhanced if you direct your full attention upon a specific object or place. The target technique is an excellent exercise to help you develop this ability.

Select three targets in your home. All three targets should be physical items that you can visualize with relative ease. Your targets should be in a different area of your home than the room you normally use for your out-of-body techniques.

For example, you could select your favorite chair for your first target. For your second, select a gift or artwork that holds some special meaning to you. Third, select the most visually stimulating object available, such as your favorite painting, sculpture, or crystal. All three targets should be in the same room.

After selecting your targets, physically walk to each one and examine every detail. Study each object from different perspectives, notice any imperfections or irregularities. Take your time with each object, memorizing the sights and feelings associated with every target area. Become aware of all of your senses during your walk, especially your sense of sight and touch. Repeat your walk several times until you can easily recall the smallest details of each target area. Pay close attention to everything, including colors, textures, densities and weight. Also feel and memorize the sensations associated with your walk from one target to another. In other words, Get Into It! Enjoy all the sensory input that you receive.

The key to this technique is to focus and maintain your attention away from your physical body as you drift off to sleep. If you are persistent the results can be dramatic. To enhance this exercise, take your time and repeat your physical and visual walk-through daily for thirty days. Get interested and involved in each target. This technique is a great way to increase your concentration and visualization skills and it takes only twenty minutes to perform.

It’s important to select targets that are easy to visualize for yourself. Many people select personal items that possess a sentimental attraction. Once you make a selection stay with it, the repetition of your visualization dramatically increases its effectiveness.

This technique is my personal favorite, over thirty five years ago I stumbled upon it when I began to visualize objects in my mother’s home. I strongly believe that this technique can work for anyone who is willing to invest the time and effort. The key is to select target objects that are easy to visualize but interesting enough to hold your attention. Items that you have made such as a painting, a sculpture, a silk flower arrangement, or even a set of curtains can be extremely effective targets. As you progress with this technique you can increase the number and variety of the targets you select. After you become comfortable, you can expand your visualization to include an entire room. This technique is extremely effective, but it is up to you to take the steps. The time you invest will be richly rewarded.

Examples of Targets

1. Sense of sight

  • a favorite chair, sofa or any item of furniture
  • any object that you can visualize well
  • a gift or personal item that holds a special meaning
  • any object or artwork that you have created yourself
  • a special picture, painting or portrait

2. Sense of touch

  • textured fabric or cloth of any kind
  • an item of furniture
  • a door, carpet, light switch, sculpture or a wooden banister
  • jewelry, ashtray, candle
  • any object that has a unique or distinctive shape or texture

3. Sense of smell

  • fresh flowers
  • soaps or lotions
  • favorite perfume or cologne
  • cedar chest or closet
  • incense

The Mirror Technique

This method is an effective way to enhance your visualization skills and prepare you for out-of-body exploration.

  1. Begin by placing a full length mirror in the room you have selected for out-of-body exploration. The mirror should be placed in a location which allows you to easily see your entire reflection without any physical movements.
  2. As you look into the mirror, begin to study and memorize your image. Become as objective as possible and view your reflection as an object you are about to paint in your mind. Pay close attention to the small details of your body and clothes. Take your time, and memorize everything you see.
  3. Close your eyes and begin to visualize yourself in as much detail as possible. Continue to repeat this procedure until you can clearly visualize yourself on the other side of the room.
  4. With your eyes closed visualize yourself standing on the opposite side of the room then begin to picture your imaginary self moving around the room. Take your time and slowly move your fingers and hands, then slowly begin to move your arms. Visualize your reflection moving its toes, feet and legs. As much as possible, become mentally and emotionally involved in your reflection. Begin to feel the sensations of movement you are experiencing. Feel the enjoyment of movement without a physical body. Become completely involved and immersed in the movements.
  5. As you become more deeply involved in your image’s movement, feel yourself stand up and slowly begin to walk around the room. As you are walking, feel all the sensations associated with your movement.
  6. Begin to feel and picture yourself opening your imaginary eyes. As clearly as possible, feel your image looking around the room. At first this may feel as if you’re pretending to see and observe your room from a new perspective – that’s fine, just allow yourself to flow with all the visual sensations you receive. After some practice you will begin to notice an enhancement in your ability to see beyond the limits of your body.
  7. Take your time and enjoy the different parts of this technique. If you have difficulty in transferring your sense of sight, just focus on your other senses, such as touch, as much as possible. As you transfer the majority of your perceptions to your imaginary self, completely forget about your physical body and focus all of your attention upon your new sensations and sight. Completely relax and allow your physical body to fall asleep. As your body slowly goes to sleep, you will experience a transition or shift of your awareness from your physical to your nonphysical body. As this occurs, remember to remain calm and enjoy your new perception ability.

This technique is an excellent method to improve your visualization skills. Many people are surprised how easily they can visualize after a short period of practice. Take your time and enjoy the results.

Partner Technique

The following technique is a variation of the Christos technique originally developed by G. M. Glaskin, an Australian journalist. The original Christos technique was designed as a past-life regression method but it was soon discovered that it initiated out-of-body experiences for substantial numbers of individuals.

The following technique is ideal for couples, partners, and groups. As the guide you will be leading the meditation and occasionally be moving around your partner, so it’s important for you to be as quiet as possible.

  1. Your partner lays on his back, eyes closed, with his head toward the north. It’s important to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible, so he should remove his shoes and lay on a soft surface such as a floor mat, pillows, or bed.
  2. Now begin to gently massage your partner’s ankle bones in a gentle circular motion. The idea is to relax your partner as much as possible.
  3. After about two minutes of the ankle massage, quietly move to the head of your partner and place four fingers on his forehead just above the bridge of his nose.

    Now slowly begin a gentle, circular rubbing motion to the lower portion of their forehead. With slowly increasing speed and pressure, continue to rub your partner’s forehead until they report a loud, internal buzzing or humming sound. After the buzzing sound is heard, the rubbing motion can be ceased. Most people report hearing a sound within five minutes or less.
  4. Now you will begin to do a verbal, guided meditation.

    During the entire guided visualization, speak in a slow, relaxing tone of voice, assisting your partner to become as relaxed as possible. Take your time and focus on relaxation as you begin the following guided visualization.

    Take several deep breaths and completely relax… completely relax…slow down and completely relax… begin to feel your inner energy flowing…Feel your inner energy slowly moving from your head down your neck …feel it slowly move down through your shoulders… you feel completely relaxed as your energy moves down through your chest…The energy feels good as it continues moving down through your stomach…your hips…your thighs…Now feel the energy moving down your calves…Feel the energy moving past your ankles… you can see and feel the energy at the very bottoms of your feet…
  5. After the relaxation portion of this visualization, begin to lightly brush the bottoms of your partner’s feet with your finger tips as you repeat the following:

    Visualize the energy at your feet extending and growing four inches through the bottoms of your soles… Now you can see and feel the extension of your feet by four inches…Feel the stretch of your feet extending four inches beyond the bottoms of your feet…Now, hold that extension for a few moments. (After each extension is successfully visualized, your partner can indicate by a nod.)
  6. After your partner has visualized their visual four-inch stretch, have him imagine the sight and sensations of his feet returning to their normal position. Now, repeat this stretching at least three times until your partner can easily visualize this four-inch extension of his feet. Take your time and be patient. This initial stretching is essential to the success of this technique, so feel free to repeat it as many times as necessary.
  7. After your partner has indicated his ability to extend his visualized feet, quietly move to the head and repeat the same stretching exercise with the upper body and head. (The guided visualization proceeds uninterrupted as you lightly touch the top of your partner’s hair and shoulders.)

    Now, feel your energy flowing to the top of your head…Feel the top of your head begin to extend and grow…See and feel the top of your head and your upper body expand and grow four inches…See and feel your head and shoulders growing a full four inches beyond its normal size…Feel the stretch of your entire upper body growing and expanding outward…a full four inches beyond its physical limits…

    As before, repeat this process at least three times until your partner can easily imagine this extension.
  8. Return your partner’s attention to their feet and verbally guide them to extend their lower body by a full twelve inches. Repeat as many times as necessary.
  9. Move to your partner’s head and guide them to a twelve-inch extension of their entire upper body and then a return to normal size.
  10. Now, return to the feet and guide your partner to a full twenty-four inch extension. However, this time instruct him to hold the visualization and not return to a normal position. After the foot extension is complete, have your partner simultaneously stretch their upper body a full twenty-four inches. Repeat this procedure until your partner can clearly see and feel this total stretch of their body.
  11. While the full twenty-four inch stretch is being maintained, direct your partner to expand their complete body like a balloon being filled with air. For example: Now your entire body is expanding in size…You can feel your inner-self expand all over, like a balloon filling with air, your entire body is expanding all over…Your entire body is expanding by twenty-four inches…As your body expands, you can feel yourself getting lighter and lighter…Like a balloon, you can feel yourself rising, rising…

Now your partner is in an ideal state to achieve a fully conscious, out-of-body experience. At this point you can immediately begin a favorite out-of-body technique. For example:

As you float, you can feel yourself becoming lighter and floating higher and higher above your body…As you do, you repeat to yourself, “I am floating. I am floating. I am aware I am floating. I am floating free.”

If done correctly, this technique provides a powerful preparation for any out-of-body visualization or affirmation.

Take your time and allow your partner to enjoy all the sensations associated with this technique. Feel free to enhance or expand the length of the guided meditation to accommodate your partner’s visualization skills. Ideally, allow yourself at least a half an hour of time when doing the guided visualization. After the verbal, guided portion of this technique, allow your partner at least twenty minutes of silence to accomplish their personal affirmations and visualization.

Even though this is the only partner technique included I would like to point out that any of the visualization techniques can be easily adapted to a partner or group situation by designating someone to do the verbal guided visualization.

How Dreams can used to Initiate OBEs

Dreams can be an effective doorway to out-of-body exploration. For many people it’s a natural way to ease their awareness away from their physical state of consciousness and begin to recognize and experience other states of consciousness.

Since the dawn of civilization, societies and cultures around the world have viewed dreams as an important doorway to a different world. The significance of dreams is portrayed in humanity’s oldest recorded writings including The Upanishads, The Bible, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, and The Koran. From the lavish dream temples of ancient Greece to the modern dream therapy techniques used by psychologists and psychiatrists, dreams continue to provide valuable insights into our subconscious mind.

If used properly, dreams can act as an effective trigger or signal for out-of-body exploration. Some of the most common signals are listed later in this chapter. One of the best ways to initiate an out-of-body experience is to become aware or lucid within the dream. This can be accomplished by changing our attitudes toward our dreams. First, begin to personally acknowledge the importance of your dreams in your daily life. Treat your dreams as valuable insights and messages from your subconscious mind. In effect, think of them as an actual form of communication, as real as your physical experiences.

Second, begin a daily dream – OBE journal. Record every dream you can, even the small fragments. This should be done immediately upon waking, either by writing or using a tape recorder. Pay close attention to your feelings, emotions, and sensations that are experienced during the dreams.

Third, firmly express your desire for increased clarity and awareness within your dreams. As you drift to sleep, strongly request your complete conscious awareness to be present in your dreams. Make a firm, verbal commitment to yourself as you fall to sleep that you will recognize, recall, and consciously experience every single dream.

Fourth, repeat a strong affirmation to yourself as you fall to sleep every night. For example, “As I fall to sleep, I remain aware” or “Now, I have a fully conscious out-of-body experience” or “I become aware in my dreams.”

When doing your affirmations, make them firm and positive, fully expect your request to be granted. As with all out-of-body affirmations, concentrate your full emotional and intellectual energy into each one. It’s important to focus and maintain your affirmations as your last conscious thoughts as you drift to sleep.

The transfer of your awareness can occur quickly so it’s essential to remain calm and enjoy any changes in your personal perspective, environment, energy, or location.

The following is a dream conversion that occurred to me some years ago.

During my dream I was in a pet store. As I looked around, I noticed a small hermit crab on the floor in front of me. As I watched the crab by my feet, it jumped five feet straight up in the air. At first, I was startled and stepped back, then as I watched, it became obvious that the crab was attempting to get my attention. Again the crab jumped and I realized that I had to be dreaming. At that moment I said aloud, “I must be dreaming.” Immediately, I felt a strange tingling sensation throughout my entire body and realized that I’d entered the vibrational state while dreaming. Out of habit I focused my complete attention on the idea of floating up and out of my physical body. Within seconds I could feel myself lift from my body and move toward the living room.

This type of dream conversion is easy to achieve if we are willing to recognize and accept the entire process. The most important element is how we respond at the moment we become consciously aware within our dream.

I would like to clarify that vivid or lucid dreams are not necessarily out-of-body experiences but a psychological manifestation similar to an internal projection. The unusual or outrageous events in our dreams are creations of our subconscious mind specifically designed to grab and hold our attention. I have found that once we make a firm commitment to explore out-of-body, this type of lucid dream becomes a regular event. In effect, our subconscious mind is doing its best to assist us in achieving our goal for a conscious out-of-body experience. This, of course, is another reason why written goals are so vital. The more focused our goals, the more our subconscious mind is willing and able to assist us.

This type of lucid dream can be literally anything out of the ordinary: unusual surroundings or people, outlandish colors or shapes, strange buildings, animals or pets. I have found that it often may manifest as a single strange thing in a relatively normal dream; any strange, illogical or inappropriate person, place or things that is obviously out of the norm. The key to success is our conscious recognition and knowledgeable response to our lucid dream occurrence.

For example, a typical family sedan may become a bright red sports car. A regular home may become a castle. A household pet may become a lion or an eagle. A single object or event in a dream may become completely out of place and outrageous: a jumping crab, a talking cat, or maybe a flying dog. Whatever it is, it’s something so psychologically outlandish it captures and holds our complete attention.

After you recognize the dream anomaly, say aloud anything that will consciously acknowledge your awareness, such as, “I know I’m dreaming,” “I am awake in my dream” or “I’m now aware.” The next step is to be prepared for the transition or movement of your consciousness from your dream state to your nonphysical body. It’s quite common to wake up in the vibrational state while still within our physical body or experience ourselves out of sync with our physical body. The key to success is to remain calm and direct our inner self, our awareness away from our physical body.

This entire process is very natural. Now more than ever, I believe that dreams are created and designed to assist us in our personal development. It is our choice whether we recognize and use them, or ignore them. Whatever we decide, our subconscious mind will continue to send its dream messages to our conscious mind. Maybe the time has come to listen and learn from the imagery we receive every night in our dreams.

How to Respond to Dream Awareness

  1. Become aware of strange or illogical events, situations, or objects within your dream. As much as possible, focus your complete attention upon the unusual occurrence within the dream.
  2. Verbally pinpoint the illogical event or object within the dream. “I can’t fly” – “I don’t live in a castle” – “That’s strange, my car isn’t red.”
  3. As you become increasingly conscious (lucid) within the dream, verbally acknowledge that you know you are dreaming. “I know I’m dreaming” – “I must be dreaming – Awareness Now!”
  4. Be prepared for a rapid shift of your awareness. It’s possible you will awaken within the vibrational state. (Unusual sounds such as buzzing or humming combined with vibrations flowing throughout your entire body.)
  5. Remain calm and allow the inner sensations to continue as you immediately direct your full attention away from your physical body. Focus all of your thoughts upon the idea of moving to another area of your home. It’s essential to maintain your full awareness directed away from your physical body; any thoughts directed to your body will snap you back within it.
  6. Request clarity anytime your awareness or vision is less than ideal. “I request complete clarity now” or “Clarity now!” Always make your request a firm specific demand for immediate action.

Dream Signals

  1. Feeling or seeing yourself in or near a vehicle of any kind; an automobile, boat, plane, etc. Also, any dream experience involving a vehicle or motion, such as space flight or a boating adventure.
  2. Recognition of a change in your day-to-day environment, such as your home as a castle, palace, log cabin, etc. Also, any change in the location, construction or color of the surroundings.
  3. Any feelings, sensations, or experiences such as numbness, paralysis, energy surges or sounds out of the norm.
  4. Recognition of any event, situation, or ability which is out of the norm such as the ability to fly, float or move in unconventional ways.
  5. Experiencing yourself as falling or sinking. This includes movement up and down stairs, elevators, or escalators.
  6. Any experience where you and your out-of-body partner are together.
  7. Any environment which changes rapidly (i.e., things appearing or disappearing quickly).
  8. Any environment that you can easily manipulate or control. Exploring a new environment like a desert, forest, or snow-covered landscape.
  9. The recognition of a problem or conflict. For example, driving a car down a mountain and the brakes are useless.
  10. The recognition of a bridge, tunnel or opening of any kind. In your dream this opening may enable you to overcome an obstacle or barrier; a wall, river, etc.
  11. Being taught or guided in any way or being with a companion who seems to act as a guide. Often this companion is next to you but remains out of your vision.
  12. Meeting with groups of people in a classroom or conference room atmosphere.
  13. Encountering multiple levels or floors of any kind: parking garages, office buildings, ships, etc.
  14. Reading a book or computer program that contains unusual or advanced information.

The following is an example of a conscious dream conversion which was experienced by one of my workshop students. This occurred the day after a workshop.

“I awoke this morning deciding whether to start my morning or stay there and relax for a little while longer. It was not long before I drifted off to sleep.

I found myself dreaming I was in a classroom sitting at a desk. There were other students in the room. There was a teacher walking around at the front of the room. She had blonde hair and seemed to be very nice. I was in the room briefly, then found myself at my parents’ house. At this point, the dream became lucid. I was laying on the couch in my parents’ living room thinking about out-of-body experiences and made it my intention to have one. At first, I felt some tingling, then some movement. I went with the flow of it. Suddenly, I found that the upper half of my body was sitting up and away from the part still laying down. From my waist down, I was still inside of my body. I asked for help to complete the experience, then the rest of me slipped out of my body and onto the floor. I felt very heavy and could not get up. Everything seemed clouded and unclear around me. I remembered what Bill said in class and I called all of my energy back to me. As soon as I did, I felt light and was able to get up and move around. I was very excited about my accomplishment. I remember saying: “I did it! I can’t believe it! This is great!” I wanted to tell someone who would understand. My brother was in the room laying on the other couch nearby. I went to my parents’ bedroom to tell my mom what I had done and saw my dad walking out of the room. He seemed to see me, but did not say anything. I entered the room and stood by my mother’s bedside. I was excited to tell her, but she was still sleeping. I was deciding whether or not to wake her when someone appeared alongside of her in the bed and told me not to wake her. I agreed. When I opened my eyes, I was back in my body and the clock said 9:20.”

Affirmations for Astral Projection

Affirmations have proven their effectiveness over the past forty years. Today they are a regular part of self-improvement courses worldwide. An affirmation is essentially a strong, positive statement about yourself stated in present tense. The root word, affirm, means to “make firm;” it is a method of solidifying a thought or idea within ourselves. Affirmations have proven to be extremely effective when used properly. They should always be formed as a positive statement; for example, “I am a positive person,” “I deserve love,” or “I am getting better and better every minute, every day” are commonly used affirmations.

Every moment our minds are flowing with a constant stream of thoughts. Our thoughts are continuously influencing our physical and nonphysical reality. Our intellectual, emotional, and, finally, our physical state of consciousness is the direct result of our thoughts.

Affirmations allow us to focus our thoughts and counteract some of the negative ideas we have accepted. The practice of doing affirmations enables us to begin the process of replacing negative or limiting thoughts with fresh, positive ones. It is a powerful method to reprogram ourselves for positive change and personal success.

Affirmations can be repeated silently, aloud, in writing, or even expressed in the form of a song or rhyme. In out-of-body exploration they are generally repeated silently, with increasing emphasis on the last few moments before the onset of sleep. The goal is to be completely focused upon your desire for an immediate out-of-body experience as you drift to sleep.

For maximum effectiveness when using affirmations during any out-of-body technique, it’s important to do four things.

  1. As much as possible, progressively increase the emotional and intellectual intensity of your last affirmations as you drift to sleep.
  2. Continuously repeat the affirmations until you go to sleep. Make your final thoughts before sleep your most focused out-of-body affirmations.
  3. Think of your affirmations as firm personal commitments that you fully expect to experience, Now!
  4. As much as possible, feel completely open to receive the immediate results of your affirmations.

There are a wide variety of possible affirmations – here are a few examples.

  • Now I’m out-of-body!
  • I consciously experience an out-of-body journey. Now!
  • I enjoy out-of-body consciousness now!
  • I remain aware as my body goes to sleep.
  • I remain consciously aware as my body falls to sleep.
  • I consciously separate from my physical body after it is asleep.
  • As my body sleeps, I remain completely aware of my out-of-body experience.
  • I’m more then my physical body.
  • I float above my body.
  • Now I have an out-of-body experience.
  • Now I separate from my body!

Affirmations can be useful in several different areas.

  • Affirming your clarity of perception when out-of-body. The clarity technique is basically a strong affirmation for enhanced perception.
  • Declaring your immediate intentions to experience an out-of-body journey.
  • Fear reduction and control.
  • Enhancing the dream conversion process and memory recall.
  • Enhancing and reinforcing any of the out-of-body techniques.
  • Thought control – before and during an out-of-body experience.
  • Helping remove negative or limiting self-concepts and beliefs related to out-of-body exploration.
  • Providing an effective method to reprogram your subconsciousness for success.
  • Helping to expand your personal self-concept beyond your physical body.
  • Enhancing your ability to move away from your physical body during the initial seconds of a separation. “I move to the other room” or “I float up and away.”

Affirmations can be combined with other techniques in order to enhance the overall effectiveness. They can also be helpful in focusing and maintaining your conscious attention upon your goal of an out-of-body experience as your body drifts off to sleep. The following is an example.

Visualization with Affirmations

Lie on your back and become as comfortable as possible. Close your eyes, completely relax and breathe deeply, slowly, and naturally. As you relax, repeat an affirmation such as “Now I’m out-of-body” or “I now separate from my body in full awareness.” Continue this affirmation until you begin to get sleepy.

As you mentally repeat this affirmation, begin to visualize a place with which you are familiar. This could be a room in your home or any place you know well. The key is to select a place you know and can imagine with absolute clarity. Now begin to picture the room in your mind. As vividly as possible, see the details of the room – feel the carpet under your feet, the fabric of the curtains and furniture. See the patterns in the wallpaper and feel the texture of the furniture. Notice and explore the paintings, the books, all the small details. Become absorbed in the details of the room. Feel yourself walking around the room. Notice how good it feels, how comfortable it is. As much as possible, use all of your senses.

Select one item in the room. Pick it up and feel its texture, its weight. See and feel this object as clearly as possible. Become completely absorbed in it. Continue your affirmations as you drift off.

The key to this exercise is to maintain your interest outside your body until your body falls asleep. The combination of affirmations with this visualization is extremely effective.

Early Morning Technique

One of the best times to induce an out-of-body experience is early in the morning after two or three R.E.M. periods (three to five hours) have passed.

During sleep every ninety to one hundred minutes we enter a dream period commonly called Rapid Eye Movement or R.E.M. Our eye movement during sleep is physical evidence that we are entering a dream or, in some cases, other forms of altered states of awareness. The scientific correlation between R.E.M. periods and out-of-body are yet to be confirmed, however, individual reports linking the two are commonplace.

The following technique is very effective, but it does require a degree of self-discipline. Many have found it worth the additional effort.

  1. Set your alarm for approximately three to four hours of sleep. After you awaken, move to another area of your home such as a recliner or sofa.
  2. As you become comfortable in your new location, select your favorite out-of-body technique. Completely relax and begin to do your affirmations and/or visualization technique. Repeat your affirmations, first verbally, then silently to yourself.
  3. As you become more relaxed, focus your complete attention upon your affirmation and away from your physical body. As you drift to sleep, attempt to boost the emotional and intellectual impact of your affirmations as much as possible. With increasing intensity, make your last affirmations before sleep a firm, personal, commitment – to have an immediate out-of-body experience. It’s important that your last thought before drifting into sleep be your out-of-body affirmations. As you do this, feel completely open to receive your request immediately.

Remember to focus all of your thought and emotions into the affirmations. Your intensity and personal commitment are most important.

This technique is highly effective. Many people report an out-of-body experience immediately after they drift to sleep. If you have the time, this technique can be repeated several times before morning. During the first few attempts, you may just drift to sleep; however, with repeated practice, this technique can provide dramatic results.

If you are having difficulty developing your visualization ability, I would highly recommend this technique as your best alternative. It is one of the most powerful methods available and does not require visualization skills.

I believe the effectiveness of this technique has little to do with the time of day, what’s really important is your mental state. After three to four hours of sleep, our body and mind are partially refreshed and also completely relaxed. This mind awake – body relaxed state of awareness is the ideal starting point for any technique used in out-of-body exploration.

The following experience is the result of this technique. After approximately four hours of sleep, I awakened unexpectedly and decided to get up and read. On an impulse I started to write some out-of-body affirmations. After fifteen minutes of writing, I began to feel extremely tired. Selecting two affirmations, I continued to repeat them to myself as I relaxed on the sofa. I continuously repeated these affirmations as I drifted to sleep. “Now, I have a fully conscious out-of-body experience. Now, I’m out of my body!” I focused all my energy into each affirmation, making every effort possible to make the affirmations my last conscious thoughts as I drifted to sleep. The following experience occurred at 3:15 A.M. immediately after my physical body dozed off to sleep.

Journal Entry, March 7, 1974

I feel intense waves of energy flowing through me. A sense of movement begins, extreme building movement. Instantly, I am at an oceanfront home. The sound of pounding surf is all I can hear. I am in a large oceanfront house. Everything appears white and fuzzy, so I say aloud, “Clarity now!”

As I look around, forms come into focus. I am standing in front of a huge oblong table, eighteen feet in length. The room is filled with shining people. They seem to radiate light from every pore of their bodies.

Seven men and one woman come forward to greet me. As the woman approaches, I can see her smile. As she looks at me, vivid pictures begin to appear within my mind. The meaning of each picture becomes instantly clear. “It’s good to see you again. You have been busy.”

I can clearly feel the warmth of her thoughts.

As the group gathers around the table, I know it’s time to sit down. As I look around the room, it seems to expand with my vision. I can hear the crashing of ocean waves and I wish to see the ocean. A clear picture appears within my mind, “You will experience the ocean soon enough. Let’s begin.”

I respond automatically, “The ocean sounds beautiful today.”

There is a pause and then another thought appears in my mind, “Yes, the ocean is wonderful. We take it for granted. Our visitors are normally unconscious. We will adapt.” There is a brief pause then a continuation of thought energy from the other end of the room. “There is much energy being directed into the dense regions. Those who live in the hard bodies are beginning to respond. There is much to be done. Those who are awakening from their sleep are searching for answers – searching on the outside. No wonder there is so much confusion. We know how tough the physical vehicles can be, we have all been there. The ultimate test is to recognize the truth while surrounded by dense illusions.”

Spontaneously I respond with a thought, “There is too much expected and too little guidance provided. Why must it be so hard?”

Another picture appears in my mind. I somehow know it’s female. “The school is firm, but fair. Each creates the lessons they need.”

I look toward her and my thoughts just seem to flow. “But why so much ignorance and pain?”

Another voice enters my mind, “School is painful for some, enlightening for others. Only experience creates wisdom. The end result is always effective.”

I respond, “Even so, too little guidance is provided. Five billion people and all are hoping and praying that what they believe is true. It seems like an ineffective school to me – all these people living in the dark.”

Another voice appears, “You don’t see the whole picture, my friend. Time is an illusion. There is no rush. All are immortal. The very act of being is experience and experience creates wisdom. Time is not the issue.”

As I look around the room, the reality of the experience is overpowering. I can feel the table and see the room with absolute clarity. Distracted by the sound of the waves, I begin to feel an intense tugging sensation. I am being pulled back. In seconds I am within my physical body. As I slowly open my eyes, feelings of numbness, tingling and disorientation quickly fade.

Hypnosis Techniques

Today, hypnosis has become an increasingly popular self-improvement tool. It is regularly used in behavior modification therapy such as weight control, sports improvement, stress release, memory enhancement, and the treatment of fears and phobias. Recently, some powerful new uses for hypnosis have come to light. One of the most publicized and popular is past-life regression. An impressive number of recently published hypnotic regressions have obtained verifiable information from past centuries, including specific names, dates, places, and events.

Modern hypnosis is regularly used to regress individuals to a previous physical life. During this process, the person can uncover, experience, and resolve a present problem, fear, or phobia by going to the source of the dilemma.

During several of the past-life regressions I’ve conducted, I have noticed a tendency for some of my clients to experience a brief out-of-body state of awareness. This generally occurs during the transition experienced between physical lives. After additional investigation, it became clear that hypnosis could be used to induce a controlled out-of-body adventure. With minor modifications, the induction techniques normally used in past-life regression are generally quite effective in out-of-body exploration. The basic hypnotic induction can remain the same, only the directions after the induction are changed.

Hypnosis has provided dramatic benefits for millions of people in the past decade. Now modern hypnosis can be used to initiate a self-controlled, out-of-body experience. It can be effective in several different areas.

Benefits of Hypnosis Astral Projection

  1. Hypnosis can effectively induce the ideal mental state for out-of-body exploration (mind alert – body relaxed).
  2. Hypnosis can assist in the control, reduction, and elimination of subconscious and conscious blocks, fears, and limits relating to the out-of-body experience.
  3. Hypnotic suggestions can be effective in triggering a fully conscious out-of-body experience. For example, the hypnotic suggestions “I become consciously aware during my dreams” or “My dreams trigger a conscious out-of-body experience” can substantially assist the dream conversion process. Suggestions, such as, “After I enter sleep, I recognize and experience a fully conscious out-of-body adventure” or “Sleep triggers my out-of-body experiences” can be used to reinforce and enhance an individual’s ability to positively respond to their out-of-body techniques.
  4. Hypnosis can be used to improve visualization, concentration, and meditative skills.

When selecting a trained hypnotherapist, it is recommended that you check qualifications. Many states require a certification or license. Next, inquire into areas of expertise. (Many are specialists in such areas as weight control or eating disorders.) The ideal choice is someone who has an extensive background in past-life regression or life between life with knowledge of metaphysics and out-of-body exploration. Such individuals are generally more familiar with the nonphysical (thought responsive) environments you experience when out-of-body. They also possess more experience in dealing with the unique perceptions and experiences which may occur during an out-of-body experience. Often their awareness of metaphysics give them a greater understanding of your motivations and goals concerning your out-of-body adventure.

Self-hypnosis provides a powerful new tool for self-improvement. Often our fears and limits are subconsciously programmed within us. Internally we have accepted a rigid concept of ourselves and our abilities. Subconsciously we have accepted limits to our abilities and our potential. These subconscious limits are the walls that hold us from our unlimited potential. In a sense we have built walls around ourselves.

One of the most effective ways to dissolve our self-accepted limits and fear is to confront them directly. Hypnosis gives us the unique ability to access our subconscious mind and resolve our fears and limits. In addition we can reprogram our subconscious mind for success in any endeavor including nonphysical exploration.

Out-of-body Self-hypnosis

The following is a self-hypnosis script that can be used at home.

As you record this hypnosis script, take your time and speak in a relaxed tone of voice. At each break between phrases, pause for approximately two seconds. Attempt to be consistent throughout the taping. Many people have a tendency to speed up as they record, so take your time and relax. Pauses which are longer than a couple seconds will be indicated.

I recommend a digital recorder.

When doing this self-hypnosis technique, become as comfortable as possible in your designated out-of-body exploration area. If possible, use a recliner or a comfortable sofa. Select a time and place which will allow you an hour and a half of solitude. If needed, temporarily unplug the phone. NEVER USE A HYPNOSIS TAPE WHEN DRIVING A CAR!

Out-of-body Self-hypnosis Script

Take several deep breaths, allow your eyes to close, and completely relax. Just allow your body and mind to completely relax…As you feel yourself becoming comfortable and relaxed…release yourself to a special kind of experience…Let go and relax…Take a deep breath…and completely relax, completely relax…Now, relax even more…Take another, slow deep breath…letting go of all stress…all tension…With each breath feel all your tension flowing out of you…Just relax…completely relax…

Visualize, imagine or feel your head bathed in a soft healing light…a light that quiets all thoughts…A light that quiets all worries…Your mind is at peace…This soft, healing light releases your physical senses from their work…Just feel your head and its senses enveloped in this light…Now, allow this healing light to expand slightly…feel the light as it slowly moves down your neck and shoulders…Each muscle and cell that it touches is made more relaxed…more centered…more harmonized…No other sounds will disturb you…They will only cause you to go deeper…and deeper…You are more peaceful and relaxed… As this quiet, soft, healing light envelopes your neck and shoulders…every nerve cell…every muscle is completely relaxed…Every cell and tissue of your body is completely relaxed…Now allow this light to flow even further…Feel it as it flows down through your arms…your hands…your fingers…bringing greater relaxation…Feel the light envelop your chest and your upper back…your ribs…your internal organs…your lungs…and heart…Any tension…any stress that is a part of your body is released as this soft healing light fills you…Now let the light expand even more until it fills your stomach and lower back…Feel every muscle and cell relax and release…The warn relaxing light surrounds and envelopes your hips…your legs…As you completely relax no other sounds will disturb you…All sounds will only cause you to go deeper…and deeper…down…down…into a more peaceful and relaxed state of being…You are fully relaxed…fully at peace…You feel completely safe…completely protected…you can feel the relaxing power flow into your feet…All the muscles throughout your entire body are now completely relaxed…They are so relaxed, you can’t move them…Every muscle is so relaxed…so very relaxed…Feel yourself go…

Deeper and deeper…down…down…deeply relaxed…

Now you can feel the soft, relaxing power of the light shining upon you…This warm feeling of the light is radiating throughout your entire body…You can feel it’s warmth…Feel its protection…You are surrounded by the relaxing, warm energy of the light…As you completely and pleasantly relax your entire body…you can just slow down a little bit…Just allow yourself to slow down a little bit, and later, as we go, you can slow down a little bit more and let go…I am going to count downward from ten to one, with each descending number, allow yourself to slow down and relax…and when I reach the number one, you will enter your own level of deep, deep relaxation. 10…down, down, 9…deeper, deeper, down, 8…down, down, deeper, deeper, 7…down, 6…down, 5…deeper, 4…deeper, down, 3…deeper, down, 2…deeper, down, and…1 You are now at a very deep level of natural relaxation… Remember…you are in complete control and are completely aware at every level of your mind. This journey is something you want, because you are eager to explore, eager to learn… In a moment we will begin a series of exercises into your perception, your ability to see and feel and be completely free from your physical body…from your temporary physical vehicle.

Now feel the part of yourself that longs for something more…There is a part of you that longs to see more…longs for movement. As this longing grows within you…feel this longing grow into a desire…a passion to know your true self…to know and experience yourself completely independent of your physical body…to know and experience your spiritual self…feel this desire…I want you to look on the horizon and see or imagine a soft light…a doorway of light…you feel and know this light to be good…This light is full of love and protection…Now begin moving toward this doorway of light…Feel yourself moving toward the doorway of light…as you see this doorway get closer and closer…You can feel yourself totally enveloped in the light…you are totally enveloped and protected by the light…you can feel the warmth and protection of the light…The light surrounds you and flows throughout your body… throughout your entire being…Now visualize, imagine or feel yourself moving through the doorway…And as you move through doorway of light, I want you to know that you are moving away from your physical shell…As you step through this doorway of light…you will view and observe your body objectively…knowing at all times you are always surrounded in the white light of protection…as your soul, you chose to step from the limits of matter…So, I want you to observe every detail…Now feel yourself becoming lighter…You are becoming lighter and lighter…You are as light as a feather…Light as a balloon as you slowly lift and float up, up, up…Now you can feel yourself floating free…

As you float, enjoy all the warm sensations of floating free…floating completely free from your physical body…You are floating above your body…As you enjoy the floating sensations, you can feel your awareness increase…You are more aware…more aware of your new, lighter energy body…more aware of your light energy self… Now you are completely aware of your energy self…your floating energy self…Your entire awareness is moving into your light energy self…With feelings of joy, you can feel yourself floating free, floating completely free of all limits…all dense limits…Now you are completely aware within your light self…You can see and feel with all of your awareness, all of your consciousness is within your light energy self…You can feel the joy of being free from your physical body, completely free from all limits.

Now, what do you see?…What do you observe?…(Pause for fifteen seconds)

You can feel and see an increase in your new perception…Your vision is becoming better and better… clearer and clearer…Your vision is sharper, clearer than ever before…Your lighter self now has perfect vision…Your lighter self possesses crystal-clear vision…perfect perceptions…You can feel your entire awareness…Your entire consciousness is completely within your lighter energy self…You focus all of your energy within your light energy self…What do you see?…What does it feel like?…Can you see your body?…Describe what you see in detail…Enjoy all the sensations and sights…Take all the time you need…(Pause three minutes)

Now, slowly return to your physical body…Take your time and slowly return…As you return, you absolutely know that you can separate from your physical body with ease…With complete confidence, you can step from your physical body whenever you wish…You now know that your physical body is only a vehicle for your awareness…only one vehicle of many which you possess…It feels good to be able to go beyond your body to see and know for yourself…From now on, you can and will leave your physical body with complete ease…complete safety, whenever you wish.

Now, breathe deeply, relaxed and comfortable…In a few moments I am going to count from one to three, so that by the time I say number three, you will be able to open your eyes and feel wide awake…You will remember all that you have experienced…You will awaken to even further insight…You will feel invigorated and revitalized…You will be rejuvenated and rested…as though you have taken a peaceful nap…You will be in complete harmony…You will feel fitter…better…and maintain a conscious connection with your inner self…Because you have been able to relax so deeply and soundly, your mind will be sharp and alert…You will be able to think more clearly and creatively…We’ll begin…1…You are feeling very rested now…Your entire body is very much at peace…You have been able to relax deeply and soundly and it has been this ability which has enabled you to transcend your physical body…In the future you will find that each session will be even more relaxing and even more rewarding…2…You begin to feel energy and life flowing to every part of your body now…You feel full of energy and vigor…You remember all that you have experienced…and even more insight will reveal itself in the days ahead…You feel alert and awake…You have a deep feeling of well being and knowledge…You feel sound…healthier…ready to take on whatever may come your way…You feel refreshed and rested as though awakening from a long nap…3…Your entire body, mind, and soul are refreshed…Now open your eyes feeling completely refreshed and full of energy and joy.

Sound Frequency Techniques

The use of sound to induce out-of-body experiences is an ancient practice dating back thousands of years. The Tibetan monks and shamans are famous for their use of chants, chimes and bells to enhance their meditative states. In the last two decades the benefits of chanting and mantras have become a well-established part of meditation classes. The repetition of certain sounds is widely known and accepted as an effective method to enhance and improve an individual’s focus of attention.

Currently, there is limited research into sound frequencies to induce out-of-body experiences. The most extensive research is currently being conducted by the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences, located in Nelson County, Virginia. For over thirty five years, the Monroe Institute has experimented with the potential of sound-induced altered states of awareness. They have developed some practical methods to accelerate learning through enhanced states of consciousness. These methods incorporate a system of audio pulses which create a frequency-following response in the human brain. The result is a synchronization of both the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

One of the Institute’s goals is to provide practical assistance for individuals who are interested in exploring the nonphysical dimensions of the universe. Toward this end the Institute has created a series of audio products called Hemi-sync. Even though sound frequency techniques are still relatively new, I’m certain that with continuing research and development, this revolutionary form of out-of-body induction will become commonplace in the near future. In order to introduce you to sound frequency techniques I have enclosed an ancient technique used for centuries by Tibetan monks. This is one of the oldest recorded out-of-body techniques.

Classic Sound Technique

  1. Take several deep breaths and completely relax. Become comfortable in your designated out-of-body area. Close your eyes and begin to focus your attention just above the crown of your head. Concentrate all of your awareness above your head until the sensations of your body begin to disappear.
  2. As your physical sensations begin to fade, softly intone the sound OM seven times. Let the sound resonate through the top of your head.
  3. Repeat the OM sound in your mind seven times. Be completely aware of the sound resonating in your mind. Let the sound rise through the top of your head.
  4. Focus all of your attention on the very core of the resonance and allow the sound to slowly ascend toward the ceiling. Feel your awareness merging with the sound. As much as possible, become one with the rising sound, as your body becomes increasingly relaxed.
  5. Feel your awareness rising with the sound. Become one with the OM resonance. Enjoy the sound and flow with it. Feel yourself become lighter and lighter as you float with the sound. Allow your physical body to rest and sleep as you focus all of your attention on the rising sound. Maintain all of your attention on the rising sound as your body falls to sleep. As you begin to fall asleep concentrate all of your awareness on the rising sound.

This technique can be effectively used with an out-of-body induction sound tape. When using any external sound system, remember to focus upon your internal sounds. The external sound is only designed to be a reinforcement and enhancement of your own voice.

The Repetition or Ceremonial Technique

On numerous occasions people have told me that they have created a repetitive system or ritual with their entire out-of-body preparation process. They essentially created a personal series of repetitive events that lead up to their out-of-body experience. For example, they may take a long relaxing bath, then wear a special white robe and place lighted candles all around their bed or sofa as they prepare to relax and begin their out-of-body technique. During this entire process they constantly focus upon their desire for an immediate out-of-body experience. Many people report impressive results using this kind of approach. I believe this is due to the special emphasis given to the goal during the entire preparation procedure. Our mind registers this rather lengthy and repetitive process as something that is a special event and focuses additional subconscious attention upon the specified goal – an out-of-body experience. In addition the very act of repeating the same procedure over a period of weeks has an impact upon our subconscious mind. There’s an old saying that any act or thought repeated daily for twenty-one days becomes a habit. This idea is based upon the premise that our subconscious mind takes note of the daily repetition and accepts it as a new behavior norm. I believe the same principle explains why daily repetition and the ritual technique are so effective.

Looking back over the years I now recognize that I created my own ritual-like procedure. In the early seventies for a period of two years I woke up at 7:00 a.m., went to a morning college class at 8:30, then returned around 11:30 and relaxed. Every day at noon I would lay in bed on my back and do an out-of-body technique. This process was extremely effective. After several weeks of daily repetition I programmed myself to have out-of-body experiences. After several months I didn’t need to do a technique of any kind, I would just take a nap at noon and automatically lift up and away from my physical body. In retrospect I now believe that this was a form of self-conditioning, success builds upon success, and once my conscious and subconscious mind accepted the process of out-of-body experiences, it became a very natural state of being. After I had several successful and enjoyable experiences, my subconscious mind began to fully cooperate with my desires.

I believe this is important because it points the way to a deeper understanding of the entire process of out-of-body exploration. For us to truly obtain the knowledge and wisdom available within the nonphysical dimensions of the universe we must go beyond our superficial desires. To become proficient at nonphysical exploration we must be willing to program ourselves for success. Half-hearted attempts at out-of-body techniques will produce half-hearted results. For real success and control we must be willing to make a full emotional and intellectual commitment to this exploration. The easiest way to do this is to create your own daily repetition or ritual of preparation and technique. The key is to do it daily and if at all possible the same time and place. The combination of repetition and determination creates a powerful system of success that can be used to achieve whatever you may desire out of life.

Results Commonly Reported

The initial results that are commonly reported during out-of-body experiences vary from person to person. However, over the past thirty five years, I have noticed some remarkable similarities. How we react to the initial changes we experience will many times control our success.

The rapid transfer of your awareness from your physical body to your nonphysical can be a startling leap if you are unprepared. Because of this, your positive response to the sudden change of your personal location, perception, and viewpoint is absolutely essential to a successful controlled experience.

In order to assist your explorations, it will be helpful to have some idea of what to initially expect. The more prepared you are for the experience, the greater the control you will be able to exercise.

As you focus all of your attention upon your out-of-body technique, your physical body will begin to become increasingly relaxed. Eventually your body will begin its transition into sleep. As this sleep transition occurs, you may experience a dramatic change in your normal sleep cycle. This change may occur immediately after your body goes to sleep or during a R.E.M. period. It is during this transition that the inner signals are reported most often, so pay attention to any unusual internal sounds or sensations you may experience.

The following are the most commonly reported results experienced immediately after an out-of-body technique.

  1. Floating, standing, or laying just outside your physical body.
  2. Experiencing your energy self either laying or sitting within your physical body. This may be accompanied by an intense vibration circulating through your entire energy body. You may feel out of sync with your physical body and ready to simply “lift out” of the physical. This is completely natural, just focus your attention on your new vibration rate and direct yourself to move away from your physical vehicle.
  3. Standing or sitting at one of your target areas observing your new environment. This shift of awareness is rapid, so remain calm and enjoy your new perception and vibration rate.
  4. Experiencing a lucid dream. (A dream in which you become consciously aware of your environment.) During this dream, you may experience one or more of your inner signals. Focus your attention on the vibration or sound and direct yourself away from your body. (Door Now!)
  5. Experiencing a nonphysical environment that is different from your daily surroundings. Remain calm and enjoy your new surroundings.

An Overview of the Ideal Mind-set

  • Begin with a clean slate. As much as possible, release your preconceptions, limits, beliefs, and convictions. Picture yourself starting your life again completely free of self-conceptions and limits.
  • Trust yourself and your abilities – you are a spiritual being possessing creative abilities and can easily separate from your temporary physical body.
  • Be open to receive. Completely open to a new perception of yourself. An expanded vision of yourself possessing unlimited capabilities.
  • Be open to recognize and release any personal barriers, blocks, or perceptions which limit your growth and development.
  • Be open to recognize and release the intensive indoctrinations and conditioning that you have received.
  • Be open and receptive to a change in your awareness. Welcome a fully aware shift of your consciousness from your dense vehicle and limits to your higher energy self.
  • Strongly feel your inner self urging you to explore and experience beyond your dense physical vehicle.
  • Focus all of your energy, attention, and desire on your personal commitment to recognize and experience yourself independent of your physical vehicle.
  • Throughout every cell, every tissue, every part of your being – absolutely know, absolutely feel that you are a high energy – nonphysical being. Because you are more than matter, you consciously separate from your dense physical vehicle with ease.
  • Feel totally safe, secure, and protected to step from your physical vehicle now.
  • Fully recognize and acknowledge that the ideal environment and time for your out-of-body exploration is today! Now!
  • Release and detach yourself from the earth. Vividly see yourself unhook from your body, setting you free from your physical limits.
  • As you practice your favorite out-of-body technique, repeat the following affirmation. “I am more than a physical body. Because I am more than matter, I now separate from my physical body with full awareness.”

Please refer to the Effective Mindset web page.

Techniques Review

  1. Remain calm – Internal vibrations, sounds and motion are normal experiences.
  2. Be fearless for you are protected and immortal.
  3. Demand complete clarity of your awareness, “Clarity now!” as often as necessary.
  4. Focus and maintain your thoughts away from your physical body at all times. (Door Now!)
  5. Focus upon a specific desired objective; a person, place or state of consciousness you would like to experience.
  6. Be prepared for a sense of motion after making a request.
  7. Enjoy your new explorations; the unseen universe is your birthright and destiny.


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Yule - The Winter Solstice

Yule - The Winter Solstice

Yule, or the Winter Solstice is one of the lesser Sabbats of the Witches cal... Read more

Sagittarius Mythology

Sagittarius Mythology

The Sagittarius Myth Other than Virgo, the Sagittarius myth is probably the... Read more

Gods and Monsters of the Winter Solstice

Gods and Monsters of the Winter Solstice

La Befana Because Santa Claus has presided over the Yule festival for the las... Read more

Yule Blessings

Yule Blessings

Yule The Winter Solstice or Yule is one of the Lesser Wiccan Sabbats, and it ... Read more



The Logic Stone Sodalite works well in unison with the throat and brow chak... Read more



The Master Healer Stone As a blue stone with a hint of green, turquoise wor... Read more

Winter Solstice - A Season of Giving

Winter Solstice - A Season of Giving

CELEBRATING THE WINTER SOLSTICE The December solstice is also known as the ... Read more

Yule By The Hedgewitch

Yule By The Hedgewitch

Yule Yule is a solar festival and one of the Minor Sabbats. This is when th... Read more



Nov 22 - Dec 21 Spirit: Meeting competition Ego: Independent, studious, in... Read more



The Protection Stone As a stone that emerges with dramatic force from the d... Read more

Birth Totem - Owl

Birth Totem - Owl

Birth Totem Owl Birth dates: November 23 - December 21 Birth Totem: Owl C... Read more

Twas The Night Before Yuletide

Twas The Night Before Yuletide

Yule Chant Brightly burns the Yule log tonight Magic dances in firelight Ho... Read more

Long Snows Moon

Long Snows Moon

Elk – Obsidian – Black Spruce – Black November 22 to December 21 The Long ... Read more



Yule Ritual Celebrated on the Winter Solstice, around December 21 each year.... Read more

Sun in Sagittarius

Sun in Sagittarius

An Overview of Sun Sign Characteristics for Sagittarius At the heart of Sagit... Read more

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