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What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Roses?

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Roses?

Roses are not always red, but they are full of wonders. You often see roses all around. But despite a usual sight, they remain an enigma in many ways.

There are a myriad of symbols associated with roses. Generally, roses symbolize beauty and other good things in life. But each color also brings specific representations. For example, red roses signify passion and love, while white roses are known for purity.

As roses are common players in dating and courtship rituals, the symbols for each color only grew in numbers over time.

So, if you’re looking to plant these gorgeous flowers, or you simply want to learn more, here’s what you need to know.

What Do Roses Symbolize?

Roses are prominent flowers that bring different messages. They are a powerful spiritual symbol and are fascinating in that they have evolved over the years. Naturally, what a rose represents depends on its color.


White roses represent innocence and purity.

It also symbolizes a new beginning which is why white roses often make an appearance at weddings. Most bridal bouquets are composed of white roses as it also represents eternal love and loyalty. 

Furthermore, a white rose is associated with spirituality. It establishes a connection between the physical and spiritual world. Hence, during deaths and baptism, you can also find white roses around.


The red rose is the most recognizable representation of romantic love. It holds the symbols of passion, desire, and true love. With that, you would commonly see bouquets of red roses given when lovers celebrate a romantic event like Valentine's day.

It is believed that the deeper the shade of red, the more certain the commitment is. So, if you are looking for a sign to get really serious in a relationship, perhaps the deep red or burgundy roses can help you.


Pink roses represent grace, elegance, femininity, sweetness, and youth.

If you're expressing admiration to a young woman or person that embodies elegant femininity, the pink roses would be fitting. In the same way, giving a bouquet of pink roses is also suitable if you’re showing gratitude, appreciation, or happiness.


The yellow rose is the symbol of friendship or platonic relationships. If you give or receive yellow roses from a friend, it generally suggests that said friend wants to have long-lasting company with you. Yellow roses also represent warmth, care, and delight.


A lavender rose is a symbol of mystery, enchantment, and splendor. It also represents love at first sight. So, if you are courting a person who enchanted you from the moment of your first meeting, a bouquet of lavender would be fitting.


Blue roses are rather rare, but they represent something anyone can attain: success. However, because people fail to see many possibilities, they also consider success as rare - much as believing in the existence of a blue rose.

Nevertheless, the blue rose symbolizes dreaming big or something unattainable.


Black roses are often associated with death and mourning. But it also represents new beginnings, hope, and courage.

You would typically find black roses at funerals. Hence, they are deemed inappropriate for any other occasions.

Roses in Christianity

Rose is an important symbol of God’s work for as long as Christian history can draw. This fragrant and beautiful flower shows the intricate plans of God slowly unfolding the same way the rose petals open and turn into the gorgeous creation that it is.

It is also noteworthy to mention that lots of miracles often involve roses. In fact, roses also appeared in several Marian apparitions. As a result, the rose becomes a symbol of the virgin Mary.

Moreover, the holy rosary is composed of prayers assigned to a series of beads which literally means “crown of roses.” It represents how praying and calling for Mary’s intercession are like offering spiritual bouquets.

Furthermore, the rose also represents the crucifixion of Christ. The five petals symbolize the five wounds of Jesus. Likewise, a white rose indicates the purity of Christ while the red rose bears His sacrificial blood. 

Roses in Other Religions

You don’t exclusively find roses in Christianity. It is also recognized in other religions.

For example, in Buddhism, roses are expressions of spiritual joy. So, when they bloom, it invokes inner happiness that goes past physical logic. This is why when people see roses and other flowers, they can’t help but smile.

On the other hand, Islam believers consider the fragrance of roses as a symbol of the sacredness of the human soul. Therefore, if the scent lingers in the air, but not roses are in sight, it could be God’s way or his angels’ way of sending a spiritual message.

Roses in Different Cultures

Throughout history, roses have become a favorite symbol. Whether it’s in Europe or Asia, you would always find a piece of literature or two that involves or at least mentions the beauty of a rose.

Roses in English Culture

The rose is the national flower of England today.

But before the title was given to this flower, it dragged with itself a tumultuous part of English history when the House of Lancaster and House of York feuded. The former took the red rose as its symbol, and the latter had the white rose. Finally, when both houses were united, they combined their roses, making the symbol we know today.

Moreover, a rose in English culture also represents the country’s muse. So when Lady Diana tragically died, she was forever remembered as England’s rose.

Rose in Chinese Culture

Roses are deemed as beautiful in China as in any other part of the world. Ancient Chinese royalties even commissioned gardens filled with roses, as evident to what Confucius wrote in 500 BC.

Furthermore, roses are considered to be symbols of longevity. Therefore, it is believed that having roses around helps increase your lifespan. 

Roses in Dreams

Dreaming about roses can have a favorable implication, especially in your love life. But, of course, this depends on the rose’s color and the context of the dream.

For example, seeing a red rose in your dream can mean that a budding romance is on its way.

Moreover, if you are in a couple, it could be a sign that you and your partner are bound to reignite your passion.

On the other hand, a yellow rose is a sign of a long and lasting friendship, while white roses represent purity and cleanliness.

While a rose in itself is a positive representation of life events, dreaming about a rose with thorns can signify that you are struggling with your personal relationships. So with that, you should look closer into improving your relationships and making them a priority.

Meanwhile, withered roses represent death. So you could be missing someone who has already departed.


Roses have plenty of meaning and symbols. But what’s evident with all of them is that they are all bearers of love in different forms.

So, if you encounter a rose in your path, it may be time to revisit your relationships with people. Whether it’s with your family, friends, colleagues, or social circle, a more profound connection will only add color to your soul. 

About the author:

resi innocent
Resi Innocent
is a spirituality blogger who's life mission is to share her discoveries with anyone and everyone willing to listen. She was formerly a spiritual coach and has a darling pet cat named Buggins.

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About the author:

resi innocent

Resi Innocent is a spirituality blogger who's life mission is to share her discoveries with anyone and everyone willing to listen. She was formerly a spiritual coach and has a darling pet cat named Buggins.

© 2022 All rights reserved.

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