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Discover Your Life Lessons With Numerology

Discover Your Life Lessons With Numerology

With online numerology, you can find out the significance of the numbers in your life and how they impact your personality and relationships. Every number in our life has a magical vibration, and numerology is an accurate way of decoding the meaning of these vibrations.

When you realize who you really are by examining the numbers in your name and birth date, you empower yourself with this knowledge. You can get a clearer idea of the direction you should take in your life, who you are most compatible with, and the negative traits within yourself that you need to watch out for.

Find your Life Lesson number with online numerology and discover who you really are as an adult, and what your core values truly are. You may surprise yourself!

How To Calculate Your Life Lesson Number

To find your Life Lesson Number you take your birth date and add all of the numbers up until you reach a single digit.

Note that with the day and the month of birth, we add the whole number, but with the year we break it into its separate digits before we add.

For example, if you were born on 31/8/1974 then we add:

31 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 4 = 33

We then add 3 + 3 = 6

The Life Lesson Number here is 6.

Now add your birth date together and reduce to a single digit to find your Life Lesson Number.

Life Lesson Number 1

The Winners

Those with a Life Lesson Number of 1 are ambitious, independent and active. They like to be the leader of the pack, although they often prefer to work alone. They have the power of leadership, though they have to be careful not to become too arrogant or uncaring.

They will be most successful if their emotions and ego are well balanced, although they will always like to stand out from the crowd and can have quite a rebellious streak.

Life Lesson Number 2

The Mediators

Those with a Life Lesson Number of 2 find much satisfaction in helping others achieve their goals. They are very intuitive and considerate of others, and they enjoy playing a service role in life. They have to watch they do not become over-sensitive or lack self-confidence.

They are very social people who have a natural talent for mediating between others. They find it easy to see both sides of any issue and at times this can lead to indecisiveness, but most of the time they can use this talent to bring others together.

Life Lesson Number 3

The Actors

A very artistic and imaginative person, the 3 person tends to be an optimistic and cheerful type who enjoys self-expression. The most outgoing of all the numbers, they can be very charming and charismatic. They enjoy being the center of attention and perform well under stress.

They have to be careful to not become too self-indulgent and extravagant, and can be somewhat insensitive at times to the feelings of others. The number 3 is a gambler at heart and not afraid to take big risks in their life.

Life Lesson Number 4

The Organizers

This number belongs to a person who is trustworthy, practical and well organized. They tend to see life in black and white, and dislike disorganization. They prefer well-ordered systems and practical decisions. They have to take care not to become too stubborn and narrow-minded.

They tend to be hard workers and are not afraid of physical labor. They like secure and ordered environments and as such are suited to public service or armed forces work.

Life Lesson Number 5

The Communicators

Adventurous, clever, versatile and sensuous, the number 5 person loves to travel and experience life to the full. They do not like routine and monotony in their lives, preferring change and adventure. They are great communicators and are skilled at drawing people to them.

A negative 5 person can be irresponsible and self-indulgent and could become immersed in physical temptations such as sex, drugs and alcohol. They are better to remain focused on the mental plane, where they can reach great heights.

Life Lesson Number 6

The Healers

The number 6 person has a great capacity to care for and help those around them. They are tolerant, humane and conscientious and do well in roles such as nursing or in the teaching professions, where they enjoy serving and helping those around them. They have a strong sense of justice.

They love their homes and make great parents, as they offer unconditional love and protection. They have to be careful not to become self-righteous and egotistic, and need to have balance in their lives in order to feel at peace.

Life Lesson Number 7

The Investigators

The 7 people are very intuitive types, who are great thinkers, readers and mediators. They are drawn to spiritual matters in life, often becoming interested in the occult and religion. They are trustworthy and dignified, and they enjoy using their mind to its fullest potential.

They are somewhat of an enigma to others, and often to themselves. The negative 7 could become gloomy and isolated; disillusioned with the world they may become hermit-like. However, poetry and music stimulate their souls, and they are capable of great things in life.

Life Lesson Number 8

The Bankers

Those with a Life Lesson of 8 have idealistic, forceful minds, and naturally seem to inherit power, money or position. They make very good executives and business people as they have an uncanny sense of what the public needs and how to provide it.

They like to work hard and play hard, and have a lot of energy to do this. They have to be careful not to become self-indulgent and undisciplined, which can bring on ill health and emotional bitterness, but if they remain positive they have the vision and ability to become great leaders.

Life Lesson Number 9

The Humanitarian

A number 9 person is generous, compassionate, philosophical and kind. They have a lot of love and benevolence for others, so their lessons in life revolve around helping as many people as possible. They have much wisdom to share and they like to delve into the mysteries of life, homing their psychic and perceptive skills.

A negative 9 is selfish, quick-tempered and self-serving, so care must be taken to live an unselfish life with a focus on using philosophy to make life easier for themselves and others.

Find out why your day of birth is so important with daily numerology traits.


daily numerology traits

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