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How Grounding Can Improve the Quality of Your Life

How Grounding Can Improve the Quality of Your Life

“In order to deal with the chaos that exists in the world today, you need some grounding. That grounding best comes from knowing who you are.” ~ Michael Ray

The Healing Power of Grounding

In our modern society it is easy to feel dragged between responsibilities from the moment we wake up to the time our head hits the pillow again.

Even then your mind can race for hours in the dark before it eventually shuts down like overdue computer update with no off button.

Balance can be found when pulling from opposite directions. But when we aren’t in control of what grabs our attention, we often find ourselves trying to please everyone except the person in the mirror.

Always working in the trenches with no time for lifting your head into the clouds (unless it’s to download your latest assignment from the omnipotent iCloud) can leave a weight on our shoulders.

But, rather than longing for the clean skies above, maybe we should look in the opposite direction for answers, to the earth beneath our feet and the healing power of grounding.

How Grounding Can Improve the Quality of Your Life

1. Generation (iPhone) X

For thousands of years the earth has provided humans with everything our hearts desire in abundance. But it’s a sad reality that modern society has nurtured a generation that now worships technology above all else.

As we move throughout the day we pick up stresses and strains but we seldom make time to let them go again. 

But there is one simple act that could turn this around for all of us.

2. New Dogs, Old Tricks

We live in a time where looking back, instead of forward, could be the answer to our problems.

Take off your shoes. (And socks.)

It really is that simple.

It may not seem like much but in doing this one thing we could solve many of our issues.

3. Faster Connection

When we connect our bare skin to the earth we quite literally ground ourselves.

Without trying to make you feel like a cyborg, we all have electrical charges running through out bodies between the electrons in our cells.

Without a way to release this charge, this can build up inside our bodies until it jumps at the nearest chance to release, often giving us a “static shock” in the process.

4. The Clever Part

When we touch our bodies to the earth this current naturally flows between the two and balances the electrical current throughout our bodies.

Before the invention of footwear, we constantly walked around on bare ground and rock, our bodies in harmony with the earth.

Emerging science now shows that when we are returned to our natural state in this way, any pain, fatigue and inflammation we may be experiencing are all dramatically reduced. Even our mood is improved and our depression can lighten!

5. Steps To Take

To feel the full benefits of grounding some people recommend lying naked on the earth. 

While this will dramatically increase the surface area of your skin-to-ground connection, if this isn’t your style then all you need is 40 minutes standing bare-foot on the ground to reap all the benefits.

Now, for many that sounds like a lot a time to carve out of your busy schedule. Additionally, what about winter? Are you mad!?

6. Home Comforts

Earthing mats and mattress covers are where modern technology connects ancient wisdom. These amazing devises ground you while you’re at your desk, watching TV or lying unconscious in dreamland.

Because grounding is a relatively new concept there are few scientific studies to back up the initial claims. But the early results have been promising.

Even without scientific support, there are swathes of people joining grounding movements around the world, creating a positive uprising for Mother Nature’s very own natural medicine that has helped improve quality of life for thousands of people.

Next time you feel like life is pulling you under, look down instead of up and you’ll feel a new energy buoying you up.

Tom Hutch is a freelance writer who helps open people to new ways of thinking with his work on health, wellness and philosophy. He believes the answers to many of our problems lie in the wisdom of our ancestors. We only have to reilluminate them in our modern context.

Luminita d. Saviuc
Luminita, the founder of purposefairy, is an enthusiastic student of the arts, psychology, and spirituality. Her acclaimed blog post, 15 things you should give up to be happy , was shared by over 1.3 million people on facebook. Later on, it became the heart of her book, 15 things you should give up to be happy, book that will be published by penguin random house in march 2016. For more details check out the about page.

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