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How to Make a Perfect Blooming Flower Garden

How to Make a Perfect Blooming Flower Garden

Flower gardens can be astonishingly beautiful but it takes a lot of effort. Different flowers require different care, so if you are willing to give it a go, here are a couple of guidelines to help you achieve flower heaven.

Identify sunny areas

Every flowering plant is different, which means some require a lot of sunshine while others prefer less of it or even shade.

So, take a good look at your garden throughout the day - what areas get a lot of sunshine throughout the whole day? What areas get sunshine just in the morning or the afternoon? What corners are always in the shade?

Make notes on this because you'll need it when the planting part comes.

Get the right soil type

Quality soil allows sufficient nutrients for the plant to grow and resist the pests, while also retaining enough moisture to reduce the need for frequent watering.

Soil that is not sticky and sandy and with organic material is good for flowering plants. Even if you can't choose the type of soil in your garden, you can always enrich it with organic material.

The best organic materials are either well-rotted manure, compost or leaf mould.

How to Make a Perfect Blooming Flower Garden

Choose the flowering plants

When deciding which flowering plants to grow in your garden, stick to those which are accustomed to your climate zone. No much sense in opting for exotic plants that will wilt down soon because they can't adapt to the local weather.

When picking the plants, you can also consult the local nursery and get recommendations and tips. Also, make sure you know the first and last frost dates.

You should know that there are several types of flowering plants: long-living perennials, short-term annuals, seasonal bulbs, and vines. Each of them will fit great in a specific area of your garden.

Start with the focal point

Every garden should have a spot that catches the eye the moment we enter the garden. Make sure you deal with that spot first - maybe it can be a large flower bed with shrubs on the corners and a small colourful flower bed in the centre or it can even be a piece of art surrounded by long-living perennials. Or you can plant a large mass of the same flower type to make a strong impression.

Watering tips

Watering is highly important for the health of your flowering plants. Native species require less water, especially when they become established. For most flowers, the golden rule is not to allow the first two inches of the soil to dry out.

The best time of the day to water them is early in the morning because most of the water will enter the soil and not evaporate.

Invest in the best garden hose reel and drip irrigation system - quality equipment is important for watering the garden without the risks of going too far and spread fungal and other infections.

Seeds vs plants

Both annuals and perennials can be grown from seeds. Of course, growing a plant from the seed takes much longer than simply buying a plant ready to be planted in a hole.

If you opt for seeds, first sow them in a tray of seed compost and keep it indoors. Once they are germinated enough, plant them in small pots. Mind that it should take several weeks before they are ready to be planted in the garden.

Use the right fertilizer

Most fertilizers are marked with three numbers. The first number tells us how a high percentage of nitrogen is in the fertilizer, the second refers to phosphorus, and lastly, potassium. All three elements are crucial for plant growth. Nitrogen helps the green growth, phosphorous encourages root development while potassium maintains plant vigour.

Before deciding which fertilizer to but, simply test the soil to see which nutrients are lacking in it.

How to Make a Perfect Blooming Flower Garden

Use a lot of mulch

Mulch is great for protecting the plants' roots and for preventing weeds from appearing and spreading. It also keeps the soil together, not allowing it to wash away.

There are many types of mulch, including pine needles, shredded wood bark, and even rubber and cocoa bean hulls. Still, maybe the best type of mulch is the compost made of kitchen and yard organic waste. Since it's organic, this type of mulch not only protects the soil but also enriches it with nutrients.

Keep grass away

You need to prevent the grass from invading the flower garden - it's best to add a border because it's very hard to get rid of it once it finds its way to the garden. There are various border and edging materials you can use but strips of steel or aluminium are best for flat terrain. Just make sure the border extents at least 4 inches into the ground.

Final comment

A perfect blooming garden can be achieved - you just need to have every aspect planned out before you actually start planting the flowers.

Also, good organization and regular maintenance will make sure your flower garden thrives.

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Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about lifestyle-oriented topics, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar.

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