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Riding The Waves Of The Final Months Of 2021

Riding The Waves Of The Final Months Of 2021

The final three months of 2021 have begun. Seven planets are retrograde. Solar flares and winds range from mid-strength to high levels.

Earth/Gaia’s vibrational frequencies and amplitudes soar up and down as cosmic energetics activate “Her” inner and outer fields. “Her” magnetite particles and ours dance in rhythm together.

All of these currents of energy work upon our physical vessels, mental focus,, and emotional set-points—and yet, worldly political and sociological happenings also play a part in how we feel, think, and act daily.

As the seasons change in either hemisphere to autumn coolness with its array of colorful plant life in red, orange, yellow, and gold or spring warmth with pastel shades and fully green foliage, this too has a type of energetic activation upon both our planet and ourselves.

Consequently, some persons are seemingly tossed about back and forth like a ball being thrown by children, and some people are relatively stabilized but still are involved in varying ways with worldly events; and everyone, as earlier stated, is activated by the “dance” of the cosmos.

Is there anything else that can be suggested to handle the current time frame besides prayer, meditation, chanting mantras, engaging in natural foods, pulling down our “Pillar of LIGHT”, speaking to the mitochondria of our DNA, and spending time in Nature?

Yes! There is still more that we can employ to be in alignment with the HIGHER SELF—the SOUL—the DIVINE-WITHIN. In other words, we can yet invite more LIGHT to arrive.

When was the last time that you remembered having fun? Whether you are considered as currently being a person of youth or elder years from the “3d” perspective (we are actually immortal in SPIRIT and SOUL), what places a smile on your face and pep in your step?

What kinds of fun costs very little money or none at all?

Is it cooking a delicious meal for friends and family?

Is it painting, dancing, sculpting, playing music, or writing?

Is it shopping for spiritual items such as crystals and gemstones or essential oils or malas or sacred texts?

Is it performing Yoga or Tai Chi or a form of martial arts? Is it playing sports? Is it just sitting quietly by a lake or stream?

Whatever makes you peaceful and happy that is also healthy, engage in this regularly—even daily.

Constantly focusing on the challenges on the planet is not transcendence above them.

Even though we must realize that there are certainly problems that must be solved with humanity, if there is anxiety and worry attached to thinking about the problems, the process of LIGHT TRANSMISSION AND RECEPTION is compromised.

When we engage in peaceful fun activities, we produce what has been labeled as the “Bliss Hormone”, and it allows our central nervous system to be calmed and for the other aspects of the nervous system (sympathetic, parasympathetic, autonomic) to function properly; and the glands of our endocrine system are also balanced, and all other aspects of our physical vessel perform with excellence.

Then our emotions are stabilized, and our thoughts are directed towards peaceful, loving experiences.

Think about the activities that give you (or used to give you) joy before the global pandemic situation arose.

Write them down, and decide to explore them again.

If time is spent in this specific “Now” preparing for engagement in fun, happiness-producing, joy-giving activities while so many planets are retrograde which encourages us to slow down, self-reflect, and review, then as the planets move direct, and as the year closes and a new one opens, we will be better capable of handling what may still appear on our planet as challenges and as LIGHT further cleanses them away.

We must remember that LIGHT is performing a two-fold process:

  1. It is clearing-out and cleansing cellular records and planetary disharmony, but it is also
  2. Regenerating and crystallizing DNA.

When we are relaxed, the LIGHT, which is from SOURCE, can more readily move through us for re-alignment with SOURCE FREQUENCY.

Everything that we do, including the fun things, can be dedicated to SOURCE.

Sometimes people inaccurately believe that only prayer, meditation, and other actions that are particularly recognized as being “spiritual” are how we connect with SOURCE.

However, any righteous and healthy activity is actually “Karma Yoga”.

The word “karma” is not accurately defined by Western standards.

It is not always consequences being paid because of having done something bad.

There is “good karma” too. “Karma” simply is defined as “action” which can be good or bad, and accordingly, we attract certain experiences.

For example, as someone is doing housework, he or she is performing the “karma” of house cleaning, and this is a good action.

A clean house invites LIGHT in the form of health and abundance.

Housework may not be considered as a fun activity all the time (unless we sing as we do it), but it is a necessary one that invites blessings.

Thus, those activities that we definitely consider to be joyful can be performed as “Karma Yoga”.

There is a crystal that is recommended by many Crystal and Gemstone Masters and Therapists for creative endeavors, and it is RAINBOW FLOURITE.

It is a beautiful cloudy-like crystal with pastel coloring of such hues as green, purple, pink, blue, etc.

It sometimes has a rainbow within it which is a sign of ancient refracted sunlight beaming upon water.

Obtain this crystal in either a heart-shaped or sphere-shaped or obelisk-shaped form or even as a bracelet.

Cleanse it in warm soapy water for a few moments, and then dry it in cool water.

Then give it a few minutes of sunlight. Next, ask SOURCE, according to your path, to allow the crystal to be a tool which activates your creative potential and elevation to higher thought as well as give you healing.

The other aspects of RAINBOW FLOURITE are that it is a protection from harmful electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) and from disharmonious energy being attached to your auric fields.

It is also very calming, and it is a protection from colds and flu.

It is, therefore, a wonderful addition to anyone’s crystal and gemstone apothecary. Along with SHUNGITE, it provides powerful protection from harmful radiation and health concerns.

Let us be serious about envisioning our planet enveloped in LIGHT and do all of the rituals that we can to attune to the LIGHT. However, let us also have some fun!

We can think more clearly when we are relaxed, and obviously, clarity of thought leads to correct actions, and we will need to act with fortitude and courage as the months move on and as SOURCE creates the opportunities for the birth of a “New Golden Age”.

Let us, therefore, relax between “contractions”. Earth/Gaia does, and we are connected to “Her” sacred “womb”.

Dr Schavi M Ali

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