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The Great Quantum Transition - Operation Cain: Part 1

The Great Quantum Transition - Operation Cain: Part 1

The  first phase of Lightwarriors’ ground team took place in Yemen. Its purpose was to cleanse the planet of the remnants of Black Archons infrastructure on the Earth’s Subtle Plane under the guidance of Co-Creators and Higher Light Hierarchs.

Yemen was one of the key nodes of Black Infrastructure. On the Subtle Plane of this State, Archons hid the primal cell of human karma. It was a powerful hotbed of karmic contamination of all mankind in the duality era.

Yemen On The Map

For a better understanding of the LFs’ operation, a few words about the genesis of the problem.

Its origins date back to the time of the Local Universe’s Black Co-Creator who betrayed the Source and crossed over to the Dark Side.

An important part of his construction of the Black and Gray eons was to take over the Earth and enslave humanity.

The idea was to launch a karmic mechanism on our planet.

The chain reaction it spawned, like a pandemic, would quickly affect all earthlings, turning them into obedient slaves of Archons.

The chain reaction needed an impetus, an initial momentum. Cain helped to create it.


Without repeating the well-known story of Cain, a few additions about the circumstances of his fall.

Black Co-Creator secretly, long, and very carefully prepared Cain to commit the first murder on Earth, so much needed for Archons. He came to Cain under the guise of “God” and pumped him with criminal thoughts. From the necessity of murder to save his parents to the possibility of getting Abel’s wife Aclima (other names Luluwa, Kalmana, Calmana).

The Hierarch’s efforts were successful. He turned Cain into a zombie. As the same zombified suicide bombers who are now training to commit terrorist attacks. Their will is completely suppressed and the necessary behavioral programs are imposed on them.

Black Co-Creator was preparing Cain to be a murderer by completely subjugating his mind on behalf of “God”. At the moment of committing the crime, Cain was in a state of affect.

A very difficult question is how to accrue karma to a suicide bomber who blows himself up and kills other people, but does so against his own will while in a zombified state.

Anyway, Cain committed the first murder and formed the primal cell of human karma.

After that, Black Co-Creator made his Monad the anchor of universal human karma and the core of a three-dimensional anti-world.

First Murder

It condemned Cain’s Soul to endless, as the Hierarch had intended, torment. The consciousness of the murderer’s Higher Self was as if in a coma.

Thus Archons created all the conditions for the eternal enslavement of humanity which under no circumstances could get rid of karma in its first cell – the Monad and the Causal Body of Cain. Even if wished, he could not work it off.

He has been deprived of the sacred right to repent and get rid of his karma which every man has. That is, the most important thing, the freedom of choice has been taken away from him.

Cain experienced terrible mental anguish even in the coma of his Higher Self. Immediately after the murder, he repented and was horrified by what he had done, and he lived his whole life with this feeling of guilt.

Horrified Of What He Had Done

Before Cain died, Black Co-Creator met him again in the form of “God” and informed him that his hour of death had come and he would go to Hell to the eternal torment.

But he offered Cain an alternative: immortality in exchange for eternal service to him.

Cain dared to reply, “I will not serve you, for you are not God and you cannot be God! And if you are God, I’d rather die than know you!”

Lightwarriors’ initial assignment was to find the exact location of Cain’s tomb and conduct the entire set of intended actions from it.

However, as was often the case, at the last minute, Co-Creators changed the operation plan and made the task of the ground team more complex.

As a consequence, the work began when the group was still at the airport and was just getting ready to leave for Yemen. In them began the acceleration of the Monads to the vibration of Absolute Light, after which the inter-Monadic synthesis started.

Higher Light Hierarchs placed Cain’s Monad into the formed inter-Monadic whole (merger of Monads) to cleanse it of everything incidental to it except Cain’s karma.

Monads’ Merger

At the same time, within the inter-Monadic structure, there was a fusion of the Absolute Reality Crystal with the Flower of Life Matrix.

Thus a prototype of the first cell of the Absolute 3D reality was created. It was planned to replace the 3D anti-world in the Anti-Pleroma core’s copy in the inner Earth (see DRACOS AND REPTILOIDS, Part 2).

Then, team members with the help of Higher Light Hierarchs and Karma Lords split the first cell of universal karma which was in Cain’s Causal Body. More precisely, his Causal Body itself was that first cell.

Simultaneously, a careful study was made of the Cain’s Monad, of all that it was stuffed with.

After the split, a significant portion of Cain’s Causal Body Karma Lords was placed in the Monad of the group leader. He was charged with splitting the remnants of the first-cell universal karma.

This work was going very hard. Lightwarrior felt a wild pain in the whole body, which was strongly twisting and breaking.

Then started severe nausea and vomiting. The pressure jumped and the heart ached. It was a complete set of sensations that could be expected from the primary karma.

Karma Splitting

The splitting of the cell occurred in parallel with the annihilation of Cain’s Causal Body. There was nothing left of it. Black Co-Creator and Yaltabaoth turned it into Portal and karmic anchor of humanity.

Plus, they also made of it the core of 3D anti-world which everyone believed to be in a completely different place – in Jomolungma.

As a result, the first cell of universal karma was destroyed along with Cain’s Causal Body.

When the ground team had already flown up to Sana’a, Higher Light Hierarchs took one more risky, but the only right step in this situation – to split Cain’s Monad, right down to its core.

It meant a complete cleansing of all the Darkis’ structures with which Black Co-Creator and Archons had once stuffed it.

During the scanning, Black Co-Creator’s Matrix of self-resurrection was discovered in Cain’s Monad that came as no surprise to anyone. The only way to eliminate the Matrix was to destroy Cain’s Monad along with it.

After that, the Higher Light Hierarchs intended to restore Cain on the level of the Monad. With such controlled elimination, it was possible to preserve his Intelligence and Higher Self.


Cain’s Monad, along with the Matrix of Black Co-Creator, was drawn into the vibrations of Absolute Light and the inter-Monadic synthesis of the op’s participants. Then they made a joint inner Monadic explosion, and everything was destroyed.

Arrived in Sana’a, the ground group devoted the first day to rest. But already at night, they had to engage in new work. Co-Creators united all carriers of the Absolute Life Matrix, and the first-ever experience of Creation with its help took place.


Thus a new Monad was made for Cain, for replacing his native one which was previously destroyed. It was temporary and necessary for the completion of his Earthly mission and Ascension.

The new Monad was artificially grafted onto its core, what was left of it. As expected, they would fuse and form a full-fledged Monadic Body.

However, it did not happen. There was no rejection either. As a result, everything that was done seemed to hang in the air and existed on its own.

The Cain’s Higher Self, concentrated in the core, did not unfold into a new Monad. For some reason, it did not feel the Monad as its own and not saw it.

In this situation, the Higher Light Hierarchs went for a new experiment to unite Cain’s core with the surrogate Monad. So he could manifest himself in a new Monadic Body and fulfill what he wanted.

In the night, Co-Creators introduced the Absolute Life Matrix into his Monadic core.

Absolute Light Matrix

The entire next day was spent in the strenuous efforts of grafting Cain’s surrogate Monad with his core to give a start within the Monadic synthesis of Perfect Light.

All attempts ended in complete failure – nothing worked. That was not the worst part. In the evening, the new Cain’s Monad, artificially combined with his core, went into an unstable phase and began to disintegrate.

It threatened the ultimate demise of Cain. Something had to be done urgently. And only the head of the ground team could do something, as he was incarnated on Earth.

His Higher Self instantly decided to unite with the disintegrating Cain’s Monad and its core. Having contained them in his Monad, Lightwarrior speeded it up to a state of combined synthesis which captured the Monad of Cain.

It did not and could not solve the main problem but did buy invaluable time by artificially keeping the surrogate Monad from completely disintegrating before arriving at the worksite at Cain’s grave.

Lightwarrior had struggled to keep in himself Cain’s Monad for several days as the group made their way to Aden where Cain was buried.


However, on the spot, it turned out that no one knew where his grave is. They had to think fast and urgently to find a place to carry out the work.

It just so happened that at this time Lightwarriors were on the island of Sira (or Seera), at the foot of the mountain with the Citadel. They decided to do the first work in Aden from there. Looking ahead, it turned out to be far from accidental.

So, at 12:03 a.m. local time, the team leader extracted from self the surrogate Monad, the DNA, and the Monadic core of Cain. They began to exist separately, but the process of disintegration continued.

Why Lightwarrior did that?

Based on free will and freedom of choice, Cain, as part of his voluntary and conscious atonement for his karma and crime before Source and mankind, interceded to have ALL of mankind’s super-illiquid karma handed over to him to work off.

Given his semi-living state, and the volume and properties of super-illiquid karma (which is the most dangerous and poisonous substance), Cain had no chance of recycling it and staying alive.

He understood everything very well and consciously went to self-sacrifice to atone for his sin. If a certain amount of karma has entered the Causal Body or Monad, it is already considered written off and processed, even if a person is physically unable to work off this amount.

Island Of Sira And Citadel

In such cases, the Causal Body or Monad explodes and all karma is burned off, and the person dies from cardiac arrest or rupture.

Having received the consent of Co-Creators and Karma Lords, half-living Cain started to pull all super-illiquid karma of humanity on himself. Its processing lasted about twenty-four hours.

Cain managed to split its entire volume but his surrogate Monad and Monadic core completely disintegrated and died.

It was a slow and agonizing death. Cain, burning super-illiquid karma, was disintegrating alive in terrible agony, that state cannot be described! Sadly, Lightwarriors could do nothing and only send him their Love.

Cain should have died heroically to atone for his sin. And so he did. But after the decay and the working off of the super-karma, life still lingered in him.

In this situation, Karma Lords took the unprecedented step of allowing Cain, his Monad, to be restored.

Karma Lords

Naturally, he was already a goner. But this step was necessary for his Ascension into the Creative Logos and dissolution in it.

And now there was nothing left of Cain to ascend to.

For the new operation, the group went to Cape Elephant which was near their Elephant’s Bay hotel.

By their efforts, Cain’s surrogate Monad was restored and merged with his Spirit, the Monad’s core.

That, too, was not enough for the Ascension.

For his Monad was separate from the other half, the Twin Monad known as Awan or Aven (other names Qelima, Jumelia, Balbira) which he had abandoned when he lusted after Aclyma, the wife of his brother Abel.

Before the Ascension, the Cain’s Monad had yet to be united with the Monad of Awan, and her karma had to be purified. Cain’s torment was doomed to continue.

The unification of the Monads took place two days later. And immediately started the purification of the Awan’s Monad.

But Cain did not cope with it, as he had no strength left. The Awans’ Monad turned out to be “not a gift”, very badly polluted by karma.

So the next night, Lightwarriors, by permission of Karma Lords, stepped in and helped Cain work off Awan’s karma.

Cain And Awan

One member of the group, Elena, took the most, and as a consequence, some of Awan’s karma was materialized and injected into her on the physical plane. It happened while she was bathing in the sea.

Suddenly something stung and paralyzed her. It turned out that she had been bitten by some poisonous sea creature that looked like a sea urchin. But sea urchins don’t swim, they crawl on the bottom, one can only step on them, not bump into them when swimming.

Poor Elena was immediately taken to the hospital, where many sharp needles were taken out of her foot. But some remained. They had to be naturally rejected.

Such an incident had never happened here before. The entire group did not get into the sea after that, and then they decided to go in but very carefully. With similar karmic affairs, even a shark could come…

Sea Urchins

The next and final work was the Ascension of the holistic Cain’s Monad, cleansed of karma, into the Creating Logos. For it, the team had to be directly on his grave.

Here began the most interesting thing. As noted above, no one knew where Cain’s grave was located. That it is definitely in Aden is well known.

Cain is considered to be a criminal and apostate, cursed by the Creator, so that no one honors him, as opposed to Abel and Seth, including the Muslim Arabs.

Lightwarriors pulled up all the available information on the Internet, and in different languages.

It turned out that Cain’s tomb was being presented in different places to tourists.

There is even a theory that it is not located in Aden but Marib. Also, some believe that it is located in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The team decided to get to the bottom of this on its own. It was for the best, for such a powerful Dark Portal Archons could use for evil, knowing where it was.

The information obtained by clairvoyance did not yield the expected results. To locate Cain’s remains in the Black field of the crater of the extinct volcano where Aden is located was as hopeless as looking for a needle in a haystack or a pile of garbage in a landfill.

Analysis of all the info collected allowed identify of three possible sites of Cain’s grave in Aden: 1) a cave on top of Mount Shamsan, 2) under a large tombstone on top of one of the mountains near Shamsan Mountain, 3) a citadel on top of Sira Island.


The team had to investigate all these locations. Omitting details, the first two options were not confirmed. There was one last hope – Sira Island from which Lightwarriors had coincidentally already conducted one of the first works.

The intuitive certainty that it was the place sought was reinforced by the information of the famous kabbalist Ludwig Venetianer.

Ludwig Venetianer

According to his information, Cain’s tomb is on an island on the edge of the Arabian Peninsula, near the volcano crater where the citadel fortress is now located. Everything was coming together!

So for the main work Lightwarriors went to the top of Sire Island.

As soon as they took their first steps to the top of this mountain, they immediately felt that they were not mistaken.

There was very special energy here.

First, the group climbed to the top of the Citadel, under which Cain’s tomb was supposed to be. Indeed, it turned out to be so.

From this place, by united efforts, Lightwarriors elevated the Cain-Awan’s Monad in the Creating Logos.

Then they descended a little lower where another place caught their eye. It was an unsightly structure leading to a dungeon.

There was a staircase going down into the depths.

But it was dark and invisible, and also very dirty and filthy. Truly an entrance to the underworld…

The clairvoyant study of the place left no doubt. It was exactly the Portal they were looking for, leading to the core of the three-dimensional anti-world.


The bearer of it was an aspect of the Cain’s Monad. Black Co-Creator turned him into a hostage not only of universal karma but also of the 3D anti-world.

To fold it, the group together with Higher Light Hierarchs had to do the super-complex work.

It is important to recall some details.

There was a higher anti-world and Anti-Pleroma which were created by Black Co-Creator to gain all power in the Local Universe.

In his likeness was his son, Yaltabaoth, who created our physical Earth. It, too, was formed of world and anti-world, matter and anti-matter, time and anti-time.

Matter differs from anti-matter by a sign, i.e. anti-matter is the direct opposite of matter or matter vice versa.

In 1928, the British physicist Paul Dirac, as a result of theoretical analysis, concluded that an elementary particle with a negative electrostatic charge (the electron) must have a positively charged twin brother.

In 1932, the existence of a positively charged electron was confirmed experimentally.

The first anti-matter particle, the positron (anti-electron), was discovered.

In 1955, the antipode of the proton – the anti-proton – was got.

As a result, physicists realized that each particle of ordinary matter corresponds to a particle of anti-matter. The elementary components of matter and anti-matter have practically the same characteristics except for the charge.

At the contact of a particle and an anti-particle, there is their annihilation with the release of super-energy.

Paul Dirac

In 1995, specialists succeeded in creating anti-hydrogen. Stalking anti-protons with xenon atoms for three weeks, physicists have managed to get nine atoms of anti-hydrogen. Each lasted about forty billionths of a second before self-destructing by colliding with normal atoms.

In 2002, two groups of scientists produced thousands of anti-hydrogen atoms by colliding positrons and anti-protons held together by magnetic traps. Later, physicists learned how to produce millions of anti-atoms.

In 2010 they managed to trap anti-matter atoms for the first time – in a total of 38. Immediately afterward, a wave of cataclysms swept over the Earth.

These two events were directly related. It is categorically unacceptable to attract into our world the substance of the anti-world, and vice versa.

Matter And Anti-Matter

At moving from one reality (anti-matter) to another (our world) of a certain critical mass of anti-matter, the same as at collision of particles and anti-particles, i.e. mutual absorption by both worlds, collapse, and annihilation will happen.

Modern physicists claim that anti-matter does not exist in our Solar System. They simply have not learned to detect it.

Anti-matter is everywhere there is ordinary matter. That is, in any object of the material world, such as a stone or a chair, matter and anti-matter are represented in equal volumes – 50 to 50%.

Due to it, a delicate balance between these two realities is maintained. The world and the anti-world are nested in each other. And violation of this balance leads to the self-destruction of both.

So one can imagine how daunting it is to roll up a 3D anti-world without eliminating or rebooting a conventional world.

Of course, this problem is simply solved by destroying the entire Local Universe and creating a new, “correct” one without a parallel anti-world.

But that means the destruction of all things, even with a possibility of future evolution. Therefore everything that is being done now by the Absolute, Co-creators, Higher Light Hierarchy, and the Galactic Committee is precisely aimed at the transformation of the Universe without its destruction.

World And Anti-World

To eliminate the 3D anti-world on Earth, Higher Light Hierarchs developed a very complex plan, and the ground team had to perform an important task in it.

Together they merged their Monads and through a collective inter-Monadic synthesis produced a volume of substance which by its qualities corresponds to the undifferentiated first-manifested matter of the Absolute.

Then it was differentiated and structured using the World Order Crystal. The volume of Absolute matter thus created was held in their Monads.

After that, they split the core of the Earth’s 3D anti-world, localized at the Portal next to Cain’s tomb on Sira Island.

The removal of this ‘plug’ produced an effect similar to sucking gasoline out of a car tank through a tube.

The entire Earth’s anti-matter began to be pulled down to Aden’s Portal and flowed into the united Monad of the group and Higher Light Hierarchs accelerated to the Absolute Light fusion vibration.

This collective Monad contained a Matter Ordering Matrix which cleansed from karma and transformed into a neutral substance of anti-matter entering it. The final product was placed in Mount Jomolungma.

To not prevent the collapse of reality as a result of the loss of a part of anti-matter volume, Absolute matter, that was created beforehand, was used. It instantly replaced the removed anti-matter.

It was not without surprises and cunning traps left by the insidious Black Co-Creator.

As known, the physical anti-matter is the entire Elements Periodic Table, only with a minus sign. In the course of the operation, the element of “dual-purpose” – mercury – was revealed. Archons used it as a Portal between the world and the anti-world.

Elements Periodic Table

During the 3D anti-world folding, mercury went off like a time bomb, producing a breakthrough of the anti-world. Fortunately, Higher Light Hierarchs reacted immediately and solved this problem.

But then another surprise was triggered. Black Co-Creator left many so-called “vacuum spheres” in the anti-world. At coiling of it, they broke the chain reaction and its folding stopped.

Immediately, Higher Light Hierarchs applied the “reality pumps”, forcibly making the anti-matter roll-up. Its complete folding and transformation into the undifferentiated primordial matter were terminated within a day.

Thus, the entire Earth’s anti-world was eliminated, and the volume it occupied was temporarily filled with artificially synthesized primordial matter.

It remained to restore the section of reality where the core of the anti-world was located. The Earth’s “skin” on the Subtle Plane in this place resembled a burn through or wound, where a bullet pierced the body.

Burn Through

Co-Creators stripped a piece of tissue from the Lightwarriors’ Monads and applied it as a “band-aid” to heal the Earth’s damaged area. Such an experiment was the first in history, and very successful.

But there was still a long way to the final point. After all, the matter that replaced the volume of the 3D anti-matter was primal, i.e. undifferentiated, so it was unsuitable for Life and evolution.

It was necessary to streamline and differentiate it. But how should that be done? No one had an answer to this question at that moment. Co-Creators urgently started searching for a solution.

Several experiments have been conducted, some of which Lightwarriors have also participated in. After all, the volume of anti-world has been replaced in absolutely all forms of the 3D world on our planet, including the matter of every human.

It was also unclear whether the ordering of matter would proceed in the same way for “living” and “non-living” matter (for example, stone, and man).

For two days experiments on differentiation of the substituted volume of anti-world in physical bodies of group members were carried out.

Undifferentiated, unstructured, artificially created ideal 3D primordial matter was transformed into primal differentiated, livable matter.

Differentiated Livable Matter

And it was in conditions when normal life went on and Lightwarriors were fully conscious. Several schemes were tested on different op’s participants.

Personally, the team head did everything perfectly. A volume of structured matter equal in volume to that of unstructured one was formed in place of the former anti-matter.

But that wasn’t all. The entire volume of Lightwarrior’s body matter had to be reloaded, thus uniting the two pieces of matter into one indivisible whole.

This operation was performed by Co-Creators together with Higher Light Hierarchs. As a result of this very hard-carried procedure for the body, a reboot was performed and a single individual volume of structured 3D reality was formed. That is, a carrier of Absolute 3D matter was a human body!

Other schemes of artificial first-matter structuring were tested, and finally, one of the created schemes was approved.

At the same time, similar experiments were completed and the optimal scheme for the inanimate three-dimensional matter was found.

The next and final step should have been the global structuring and rebooting the entire volume of the former Earth’s anti-world. However, Co-Creators and Higher Light Hierarchs didn’t hurry with it. There were good reasons for that. This great event is yet to come.

Thus, all planned and unplanned parts of  in Yemen were terminated. Its next stage continued in the United Arab Emirates.

(To be continued)

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