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The Great Quantum Transition - Operation In Nepal: Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition - Operation In Nepal: Part 2

All the following Lightwarriors’ operations in Nepal were related to the Buddha and subordinated to the former task. Namely, to dismantle the energy structure of Black Archons and remove all sources of power from it.

In many such additional sources were aspects of Buddha. Co-Creators instructed the ground team to find them, purify from Darkis’ karma, and bring them back in fully restored form to Buddha Gautama Shakyamuni.

To understand the operation’s significance, it is important to recall who Buddha is.

It is not a name, but a rank, a high level of spiritual perfection. There have been, according to different sources, from 7 to 28 Buddhas throughout the history of mankind.

Buddha in the spiritual Cosmos is usually considered a being that independently broke off the Samsara Wheel (the need to incarnate on Earth to work off his karma) through self-improvement and Ascension (obtaining immortality). But on the strict condition of incarnation on Earth and after Earthly mission end.

In Spiritual Cosmos, there is a kind of “Buddha club” that consists of entities who have become Buddhas after terminating their Earthly mission.

Not all of the higher beings who have incarnated on our planet to attain the level of Buddha could do so.

Got a human body here, they were left alone with themselves, without any help, and went through the knowledge of the Truth and the lessons of life EQUALLY, on a common basis with other, ordinary people.

It is for this experience that they come to Earth, finding their way here and showing it to others. Many higher beings could not reach the level of a Buddha in one incarnation.

Sometimes those who did not need to break the Samsara Wheel came to Earth because they had no karma, but arrived on our planet to perform some task.

The most famous was Buddha Gautama Shakyamuni. His real Spiritual name is Yang Bao. He is one of the Primary Archons of Light, an inhabitant of Pleroma. His dipole by birth is Guan Yin (Goddess Kannon).

Yang Bao (Gautama Buddha) and Guan Yin did not incarnate on Earth together – only separately. Each fulfilled personal evolutionary program. As a result, none of them could achieve their goal and terminate their mission to the fullest extent.

The objectives of Gautama Buddha and Guan Yin were similar. Both wanted to create a universal tool to erase human karma but went in their ways and with different technologies. Perhaps if they had acted together according to the same plan, they would have succeeded.

In Nepal, every Lightwarriors’ op was carried out in locations related to key moments in the life of Buddha Gautama Shakyamuni.

First of all, the group was interested: why did he die? Buddha passed away, not ascended because Ascension was how his Earthly journey was supposed to end.

It is officially believed that after his death, Gautama Buddha went to Nirvana and from there to Paranirvana. Nirvana corresponds to the Logos field of the Local Universe, Paranirvana – to Pleroma, and Mahaparinirvana – to Absolute.

To get there from Earth directly is possible only by defeating death, as a result of Ascension. For example, like Prophet Elijah or Jesus Christ.

But Buddha died. And Buddha should not die, he should only ascend. Then, it turns out that Gautama Shakyamuni has not reached the level of Buddha. During the ops, Lightwarriors clarified this contradiction.

They found answers to their questions when they went to the place where the Buddha died.

It is in Kushinagar, in northern India, near the Nepalese border.

Buddha was poisoned by a toxin put in his food. He lay in great agony for several days. Then, turned on his right side, he died, or went into Nirvana, as the generally accepted version interprets it. Indeed, Buddha Gautama Shakyamuni after his death went into the Logos of the Local Universe.

But it happened only because his Spiritual Brothers, Higher Light Hierarchs, helped him. After all, Buddha received on Earth the body of manifestation of his Monad through the Logos of the Local Universe, which was his homeland, and he was a Universal Hierarch.

Buddha KNEW he was about to be poisoned and deliberately went about it. Only by taking in a large dose of the world’s karma could he trigger the karma removal tool he had created.

His life mission terminated, and all that was needed was to put a final dot or exclamation mark on it, defeating death demonstratively, as Christ would later do.

Unfortunately, it did not happen for the reasons mentioned above.

Paranirvana is the final stage of immortality, so one who has attained it does NOT die.

For Buddha, death was tantamount to mission failure.

It happened because of the sabotage of Darkies, who blocked his aspects, and he was unaware of it.

As a result, he lost integrity, without which immortality is impossible.

Gautama Shakyamuni returned to Earth after eight (according to other sources, after twelve) years as Padmasambhava.

And this time he achieved what he could not in the previous incarnation – physical immortality.

At his birth on Earth, Buddha-Yang Bao (although he was not yet a Buddha then) brought to Earth in his Monad an aspect of the Local Universe’s Logos.

Never before had anything like this happened on our sinful planet.

It was a bold, risky, and audacious move to give Earth a piece of the Central Spiritual Sun while the Dark Forces reigned unchallenged here.

The core of this aspect Yang Bao handed over to Mahatmas of Shambhala who placed it in the Altar of the sacred Mount Kailas.

Preliminarily he created 12 copies from the core based on his Monadic aspects.

Similarly, his dipole Guan Yin acted. In her first incarnation, she brought an aspect of the Galactic Logos to Earth, which was placed in Jomolungma. Like Yang Bao, Guan Yin is the official Guardian of the Foundations in the Cosmos.

What was Yang Bao’s Earth mission?

He wanted to create a universal reactor that could annihilate karma formed not only in Logos Intelligence Forms (Planets, Stars, Constellations, Galaxies, etc.) but also in Man (in the Causal Body and the Monad).

Creating such a rector would allow the entire Universe to be cleansed of karma. This was his goal. But to achieve it, Yang Bao, first, had to reach the level of Buddha.

Traveling through what is now northern India, Nepal, and Afghanistan (Bamiyan Plateau), Gautama Buddha began creating the anti-karmic Mandala of the 12 Power Places – the Universal Light Temples – the foundation of the future reactor.

On the Subtle Plane, he invested in each Power Place one of the 12 copied aspects of the Universal Logos, of which his Monad was the bearer.

Gradually a structure consisting of local parts of Earthly reality and aspects of Buddha’s Monad was built up. This was to be the body of the future reactor.

Lightwarriors searched for a long time for its center but never found it. Most likely, there was none at all, or the center was the Buddha himself.

Dark Hierarchs prevented Buddha from realizing his mission. They did so in an insidious, dishonest and cruel way, trying to seize an aspect of the Universal Logos that he brought to Earth to be used for Evil.

They secretly took over all 12 Light Temples created by Buddha and connected them to the karmic graveyards, gaining control of the situation.

The plan was simple and ingenious. At the moment of reactor activation it had to absorb and annihilate (turn into Light) a certain dose of karma, first, of Earth Logos, then some of the human karma.

All this had to go through Buddha himself. All the 12 Temples were created as one whole.

Black Archons disrupted the unity of the system by severing the connection between the Temples. At the time of the system’s launch, Buddha was already poisoned, and he deliberately went for it, hoping for the reactor.

Buddha pulled down a colossal amount of karma that should have been immediately redirected into the reactor for annihilation. Instead, the super toxic substance from the Darkis’ karmic sinkholes poured into Buddha.

Since the integrity of the reactor was destroyed, it did not turn on and did not work. The entire amount of karma received had to be burned out by Buddha himself.

During the days of his illness, he completely processed it. But his physical body could not endure and he died.

The whole infrastructure of the reactor he created (the 12 Universal Light Temples with his and the Logos aspect of the Local Universe) passed into the hands of Black Hierarchs who created a part of their global energy system on this base.

The Council of Co-Creators instructed the ground team to gather and purify all 12 aspects of Buddha, combine them into a single whole, and return it to Buddha along with the purified and restored aspects of the Local Universe’s Logos. Except for the main one, in Kailas, that did not fall into the hands of Black Archons.

This operation Co-Creators have been assigned exclusively to the male Lightwarriors, i.e., the bearers of the Male Foundation.

The task of the female half of the group included similar work with the illiquid aspects of Guan Yin. She left them on Earth during incarnation when she was creating her version of the universal anti-karmic reactor.

During the Nepal operation, the team visited many places where Buddha built Light Temples, placing aspects of the Universal Logos and his Monad within them.

Upon arrival, Lightwarriors extracted aspects from these Power Places and put them into Monadic body created from the fragments of all the male team members’ Monads.

The group could not visit all 12 Temples. Therefore the Higher Light Hierarchs and Karma Lords with Buddha-Yang Bao (after incarnation, he joined the number of Karma Lords) themselves relocated aspects from other, not visited Power Places to the locations where the team stayed.

It allowed covering all the Temples. In the same way, the women of the group worked with the aspects of Guan Yin.

The first op Lightwarriors carried out from the Boudhanath Stupa that the DNI narrated in PART 1.

First, with the help of Hierarchs and the Buddha himself, men took in the portion of his aspects on the Causal level. Then, filtered, purified, and sanitized them. Then, – moved the aspects into their united Monad. From it, with the help of the Absolute Light vibrations, the aspects were returned to Buddha.

In the same way, Lightwarriors worked on the next operation site, from Swayambhunath Stupa.

It is built in the most energetically powerful place in Kathmandu Valley.

It is believed that the prayers said here have a power 13 billion times greater than in ordinary places.

Of course, it is the Heart, not the location that gives power to prayer. Nevertheless, Swayambhunath Stupa is indeed built on a unique spot.

When Lightwarriors climbed to the top of the hill where the Stupa was located and viewed it by clairvoyance, they were unspeakably surprised.

The Stupa had been built exactly where one of the planetary Life Flower Temples had initially been.

Black Archons took over this Temple and turned it into their Portal. Numerous sacrifices, including human’, were made here.

Dark Hierarchs used this Power Place for the birth and incarnation of demonic entities from other Subtle Planes. A similar fate befell many of the Life Flower Temples.

In the course of the operation, Lightwarriors evacuated Buddha’s aspect of the Temple field. Then completely erased the Portal’s infrastructure and restored the original Light to it by installing the Matrix of the Absolute Life Flower.

On the same day, the withdrawn aspect of Buddha was merged with the others and briefly connected to the Absolute’s Aspect through its synthesis vibrations. It was done with each extracted aspect for their gradual Absolutization.

That same night, Co-Creators conducted a test on Lightwarriors of fireworks (or volley) aspect release.

Earlier it was believed that the Monad can single out only one aspect at a time. The experiment has proved the opposite. The Monad can allocate many aspects at once, i.e. can exchange aspects with several Monads or Logos simultaneously.

The next operation was carried out at the ancient Narayan Temple about 7 miles east of Kathmandu. There the group also cleansed it of the negativity accumulated as a result of numerous sacrifices.

Unusual was an op in Parping village, at Padmasambhava’s (Guru Rimpoche’s) cave, where he spent seven years in meditation.

There, too, were several aspects of Buddha.

But all of them had already been purified and Absolutized by Padmasambhava himself.

Lightwarriors only had to take them in and combine them with the other aspects they had collected earlier. It remained a mystery why, after purification, he did not take them when ascended.

After all, Padmasambhava is an incarnation of Buddha.

It was necessary, first, to collect all twelve that do not seem to have happened.

After Lightwarriors left the Rimpoche’s cave, their leader was suddenly drawn to it again. He returned, approached the Altar, and felt the vibrations of 14D. It turned out that an aspect of Pleroma had been left in the field of the cave, of which Padmasambhava was the bearer.

That is, the first time Buddha delivered on Earth an aspect of the Universal Logos, and in Guru Rimpoche’s incarnation, he also brought an aspect of Pleroma. It was risky, very risky, given what happened to some of the Universal Logos’ aspects that were taken over by Darkis.

Fortunately, the main – in Kailas – remained undistorted, and all captured aspects were copies, clones of it.

At the request of Co-Creators, Lightwarrior ascended the Pleroma’s aspect to its source.

On the way back he felt the call to return to the cave again. He had to go back there for the third time, while the whole group had already gathered to leave by bus. This time, the Higher Light Hierarchs asked him to take into himself a copy of the Born in Pleroma’s Matrix.

It turns out that Padmasambhava also brought it to Earth, leaving it on the Subtle Plane in the Altar he had created over seven years in this cave. Later, the group found out – for what purpose.

He was involved in the Co-Creators’ plan for the salvation of the so-called Cain’s Thirteenth Tribe. Its Monads were supposed to be transformed into the Born in Pleroma. A bold plan, nothing to say.

It wasn’t carried out in the past because all needed things were done only recently, in Yemen, during Operation Cain. Whether it will continue remains to be seen.

After the next op at the Namo Buddha Temple, where Lightwarriors conducted another work with the aspects of the Buddha and Guan Yin, the group returned to Kathmandu, and from there went on to Pokhara.

On the way, they stopped at the ancient sacred city of Patan.

There they also had work with aspects of Buddha and Guan Yin. Patan (Lalitpur) is one of the three ancient cities in the Kathmandu valley.

In Pokhara, at the Gupteswar Gupha Cave, the men of the group assimilated three aspects of Buddha prepared by Higher Light Hierarchs.

The women, respectively, worked with aspects of Guan Yin.

The next day the group worked at Barahi Temple, also known as Lake Phewa Temple, in Pokhara. This temple was dedicated to Goddess Kali (aka Durga, Parvati, Bhairavi) and housed her preserved aspect.

Lightwarriors could not believe it: the former Kali was long gone, she had moved to the Light Side, and her former Black aspects were still here. The reason was that they had been preserved by the rituals and energy of blood sacrifice.

The group extracted the Kali aspect from the Temple, purified it, and then annihilated the aspect. After that, the female part of the group did the planned work with the aspect of Guan Yin.

Then, Lightwarriors arrived in Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautama Buddha, to complete their Nepal mission.

In the beginning, there was a reserve Portal for the incarnation of the Higher Beings. Gautama Buddha came from Pleroma through it, bringing to Earth an aspect of the Local Universe’s Logos.

This aspect was installed in Kailas. But before that, it was divided into copies according to the principle of Spirit’s partibility.

At the birthplace of Buddha Gautama Shakyamuni, Lightwarriors brought together all of the remaining 12 aspects of Buddha and Guan Yin. The aspects of the latter were delivered by the female part of the group to the Goddess, after that they merged with Her Monad.

In addition, there was a forced assembly of all the illiquid aspects of the Higher Feminine Beings blocked in various places on Earth as a result of the sacrifices made there.

The aspects were then purified and restored to the vibration of Absolute Love. Then, they were transmitted to the Feminine Foundation Bearer of the Absolute.

Similar work was fulfilled by the team’s men. They put illiquid aspects of Buddha in their temporarily united Monad and formed them into a single body.

The next step was its ascension and merging with the Buddha Monad. It was done in Kapilavastu, where Gautama Shakyamuni spent his childhood and adolescent years.

There the group found the Portal of Light with an unfinished Mandala in the center. It seems Buddha hadn’t time to complete it.

In Kapilavastu, through an inter-Monadic synthesis, Lightwarriors elevated the unified aspect body of Buddha that they created from the restored illiquid aspects in 12 Universal Temples into his Monad and merged with it.

All Nepal operations’ tasks were completed. But Co-Creators asked the group to stay in Kapilavastu a little longer. They directed Lightwarriors to two Stupas built on the site of the Tomb of the Buddha’s Parents.

There Higher Light Hierarchs put in the team leader the dirty aspect of Buddha’s Father for purification. It was necessary to pull in and sanitize all the illiquid male aspects of the Higher Beings blocked on Earth due to the blood sacrifices.

Lightwarrior collected and cleared them up for a week. After the sanitization, all aspects were handed over to the Male Fundamental Bearer of Absolute in Pleroma.

In the evening of the same day, the ground team left Nepal for the next operation.

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