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The Great Quantum Transition - Ops In Dominicana

The Great Quantum Transition - Ops In Dominicana

In the Dominican Republic, the primary mission of the Lightwarriors’ ground team was to destroy in the Subtle Plane of our planet the parasitic Anti-Earth created by Black Archons and their High Hierarchs.

Anti-Earth appeared in the distant past as a result of dipole super-Monadic synthesis of two co-creators of Black and Grey eons in our Local Universe.

Intelligent biomass was born that evolved into a semi-intelligent entity. After some more time, a planet and its Logos were formed from it, but only on the Subtle Plane, without a 3D manifestation body.

The created object was called Anti-Earth. Supreme Black Hierarchy immediately had far-reaching plans to use it for taking over the entire Local Universe.

To do so, they built on 3D Earth a system known as the Devil’s Belt. In addition, a network of Death Cells Portals was developed in parallel to it.

The Devil’s Belt acted as a noose that was thrown over our 3D Earth and with which it was girded. The nodal spots in this system were the planetary equilibrium point located on the Hawaiian island of Lanai, and the Portal on the Island of Haiti.

It was Haiti that was the main hub of the Devil’s Belt, through which it was unfolded. Immediately after its creation, the Belt was linked with Anti-Earth.

The lancing was forced on Gaia. Before the operation, the Co-Creators showed Lightwarriors how it was: a powerful boarding hook or harpoon pierced our planet’s body.

It enabled the amputation of 25% of Gaia’s Monad and, by combining it with an aspect of the Supreme Dark Hierarch, gave birth to an entity that became the spirit and Intelligence of the Anti-Earth’s Logos – its Black Guardian.

But Archons didn’t stop there either. The Devil’s Belt consists of 12 Portals. With the help of Anti-Earth, the Dark Hierarchs created 12 eons representing the bodies of its manifestation on the Subtle Plane.

In other words, Anti-Earth singled out 12 bodies of manifestation, combined them, configured in the form of eons as local self-contained segments of reality, and anchored them on our 3D Earth through the portals of the Devil’s Belt.

Archons needed it, first, as an opportunity to destroy the 3D Earth at the moment X. Then – the 5D Earth, and finally, all 13D worlds of Pleroma along with the Absolute’s Hierarchs dwelling therein.

The 12 vampiric eons of the Anti-Earth were being wielded from the Haitian Portal. They enveloped, ringed our entire planet in a fan. Black Archons and Dark Hierarchs populated these eons with all sorts of evil spirits which they created in all corners of the Local Universe.

In the eons, demonic entities lived off the life force of the Earth and humans, in which they entered as possessors.

As instructed by the Council of the Higher Light Hierarchy, the assignment to the ground team resembled a combat sabotage operation behind enemy lines.

It included an airborne assault to the enemy rear, reconnaissance of the area, finding the point of impact, destroying foe infrastructure, clearing the area, and safe return home. No losses in manpower or equipment.

But from the start, things didn’t go as planned. Black Guardian of Anti-Earth had unlimited access to our planet through the Haitian Portal. It quickly checked the Lightwarriors, and within days after deciding on the operation, attacked them.

Black Guardian began striking the main blows on the ground team leader before he left for the operation site, while he was still at home.

One night, after three o’clock, Lightwarrior awoke from a sudden malaise. A violent spasm squeezed his head and heart. Agonizing convulsions shook the entire body which was covered with cold sweat. Vomiting became violent.

At first, he thought he had been poisoned by something and had to go to the hospital. Thoughts of death flashed through his mind.

But the heart hinted that “physics” had nothing to do with it. He felt that there was something foreign inside him, hostile, trying to consume him.

With a great effort, the team leader sent a blank text message to his deputy, which usually meant that the situation was critical and urgent help was required.

The deputy immediately came to the rescue, energetically supported Lightwarrior, and clairvoyantly kept an eye on what was going on. The attacker was immediately identified and stopped.

The team leader felt a little better but all his internal organs were still disemboweled.

He was laying in such a semi-lifeless state for another couple of hours, switched off for several hours.

It was about noon when Lightwarriors woke up.

It felt as if he’d been run over by a roller. There was bitterness in throat and an echo of nausea in his stomach. The heart was racing and the whole body was burning. Typical symptoms of its struggle with the strongest negativity, or energy shock.

He called to his second, who gave the details seen in the clairvoyance. Black Guardian of Anti-Earth had pounced on Lightwarrior from the Higher Planes and attempted to capture and consume his Monad.

Defensively, as usual in such cases, the latter launched an inner Monadic blast. As a result, the attack was repelled but the assaulting entity was not destroyed.

For more than two days Lightwarrior recovered. And on the night of departure to the ops’ location, Black Guardian attacked again. This time the group leader had suffered the attack more easily, though he was still half-dead when boarded the plane to Dominicana.

After the first attack, Black Guardian was delivering pinpoint strikes to all participants in the upcoming ops, injecting, like a scorpion, its venom into their Subtle Bodies.

This poison was the substance of which it was composed, the product of the dipole fusion aspects of the Black co-creators. When struck by it, Lightwarriors felt bouts of intense nausea, as in poisoning.

But every cloud has a silver lining. All this played the role of inoculation, strengthening and hardening the members of the group, and preparing their bodies for the combat conditions in Black Guardian territory. As it would later turn out, that’s what saved them in Haiti Island.

Lightwarriors have established that in both cases the attacks were carried out from the Haitian Portal. Through it, Black Guardian was freely entering and leaving the Earth.

It could only be traced as far as the Portal. Beyond it, the entrance was closed, for the Anti-Earth eons were already there. And the territory of the Portal itself was out of our planet’s reality.

The team leader did not sit idly by. While still at home, he tried in his Subtle Body to penetrate the Anti-Earth through the Haitian Portal.

As Lightwarrior stepped through the barrier veil, he immediately felt to be sucked into it like a black hole.

He immediately tried to capture the Black Guardian’s super Monad and blast it by an inner Monadic explosion. But failed to destroy it, and, in return, the monster immediately tried to capture his Monadic in response.

Lightwarrior caused a second inner Monadic explosion. After that, Co-Creators had to save the team leader. They quickly got him out of Anti-Earth, for it was not known how this sortie would have ended.

Co-Creators did not approve of the Lightwarrior’s amateurism. The risk was too great. The fact that Black Guardian’s super-Monad could not be destroyed by a normal inner Monadic blast was clear already after the first attack on the group leader.

The ground team flew to Haiti Island on the evening of the day set for the operation’s start. The Dominican Republic that occupies more than 70% of the Island was chosen as its venue. The rest territory belongs to the State of Haiti.

Upon arrival at Punta Cana Airport, Lightwarriors rented a car and drove to Boca Chica, the resort where their hotel was located.

The real trouble began the day after they arrived. Black Guardian determined that the group was in its territory and declared war on them. It began to inflict massive energy strikes and inject its poisonous substance into Lightwarriors in large doses.

Black Guardian attacked exclusively at night. During the day, Lightwarriors didn’t feel its presence.

So for the first few days, they held defenses at night, withstanding the attacks, and recovered and came to their senses during the day.

The assaults were not just energy strikes, they were blows of destruction. It was good that the group members were to some extent prepared for them after the hardening they had undergone back home.

There was nothing they could do in this situation, only hold on under the blows. All they had to do was to stand for a while.

The heart and stomach reacted most acutely to the attacks. The poison produced bouts of debilitating nausea that lasted all night. Plus, nervous system breakdowns that they managed to restrain with the greatest difficulty.

Thus went on for several days. The entire plan of the operation was disrupted. Instead of proceeding immediately, Lightwarriors came under a barrage of enemy fire.

Black Guardian suppressed all the team members’ attempts to come to their senses and go to the Haitian Portal. And it has suppressed them very harshly and brutally. No one could help Lightwarriors. They could rely only on their strength and ability.

After a while, they began to notice that the frequency and strength of the Black Guardian’s blows and attacks had noticeably diminished, and it seemed as if it was tired, exhausted.

The group decided to take advantage of this to launch a counteroffensive by resorting to cunning. Namely: to change the op’s location.

They hoped that it would mislead Black Guardian and give them a chance to buy time while it analyzed what to do next.

First, Lightwarriors drove to Santo Domingo, where they were interested in the Columbus Lighthouse.

It is situated on a high hill, on which a cathedral was built in honor of Christopher Columbus. It is also where the remains of the great navigator are buried.

Columbus was an incarnation of St. Germain, the Ascended Master of the Light Hierarchy. It is quite logical and legitimate that the place with his remains could not be an ordinary one.

While on Columbus Hill, the Lightwarriors spotted a strong anomaly, the presence of negative energy. It was incomprehensible, where was it coming from?

They started to investigate. It turned out that Light Hierarch created a Portal there, which, through Columbus’s DNA, pulls the surrounding negative energy (and there is a lot of it in the Voodoo’s land) down onto itself. Then it is processed and purified through St. Germain’s DNA wave structure and returned to the environment.

After a diversion to Columbus Lighthouse, the team made a stealthy march to the site of the first operation. Until the very last moment, no one but the team leader knew where they were going.

He announced the change of tactics as they approached their destination. It was Laguna del Diablo on the Samaná Peninsula, a tiny lake lost in the Dominican jungle.

There was no road, and they could reach the place only by horseback. It is one of the extremes of the Dominican Republic.

In clairvoyance, the op’s location looked as if acid has been poured on it from the Subtle Plane. The entire area has been affected by the poison of Anti-Earth’s Black Guardian.

As evening approached, Lightwarriors decided to spend the night in Las Terrenas to set out with a guide for Laguna del Diablo the next day.

The 3D Earth Logos perceived this area in a distorted format, not the way it was. Black Archons did their best to install a disinformation program into the reality recognition system that broadcasts the wrong information to Gaia’s brain about this place.

Due to it, She saw Laguna del Diablo in a completely different way, allowing Archons to use it to implement the Anti-Earth’s project.

The first night in Black Guardian’s territory (in fact, Samana Peninsula is its territory only at night) went surprisingly smoothly. Lightwarriors got their first good sleep on Haiti Island.

Black Guardian simply didn’t detect the group. It was the misinforming reality system that had played into Lightwarriors’ hands. Monster just couldn’t see them in it.

The next morning the team left for Laguna del Diablo. However, they could not reach it because of the guides who had to be changed twice. It was possible to get to the place only after the third attempt.

Once on the Laguna shore, Lightwarriors were struck by its beauty but immediately felt their throats catching. The whole area of this Portal radiated the strongest negative energy.

They approached the water and carried out the planned action.

First, Lightwarriors energetically merged with the Ascended Masters by inter-Monadic fusion.

Then, together they ripped off the lower parts of the Anti-Earth eons from the surface, which were deployed from that location and stretched across the planet like beads on a necklace.

After that, Lightwarriors independently folded all Earthly parts of the parasitic eons to the point of their original deployment, in Laguna del Diablo. Simultaneously, the Ascended Masters did the same with the upper part of the eons cutting off from Anti-Earth and destroying them.

Similarly, the group completely tore the umbilical cord by which the Anti-Earth’s manifestation body was harnessed to the Subtle Body of our planet.

The Ascended Masters pulled into their Crystal the substance that made up the harpoon and annihilated it.

On the floor of Laguna del Diablo, the team spotted on the Subtle Plane a clutch of Black Guardian’s eggs. It instinctively sensed a threat to them from Lightwarriors, and that was why had attacked them so fiercely earlier.

By the decision of the Karmic Board of the Local Universe, the clutch was to be destroyed. The group enforced the decision.

At the base of a harpoon deep beneath the Portal of Laguna del Diablo, Lightwarriors detected a container with the self-resurrection Matrix of one Supreme Dark Hierarch.

By the decision of the Karma Lords, it was destroyed. The Ascended Masters placed the container in their Crystal and split it by collective inner-Monadic synthesis.

That was the end of the operation at Laguna del Diablo.

At the same time, the deputy leader of the group who stayed at home was remotely conducting the other part of it – the squelching the Anti-Earth’s Black Guardian.

Monster still held 25% of Gaia’s aspect. Lightwarrior convinced Co-Creators, the Ascended Masters, and the Karma Lords to allow him to perform the task, separating and cleansing the Gaia’s Monadic segment that was in the Black Guardian.

In the course of his work, Lightwarrior was under such a tremendous psycho-emotional strain that his body could not withstand it. At the peak, he had to call an ambulance. Doctors diagnosed a preinfarction syndrome and injected a double dose of medication to save his life.

Thank God, the next day Lightwarrior felt better and continued his work. Black Guardian had been suppressed and split. The Gaia’s Monad aspect was crystallized, purified, and restored.

Then, Lightwarrior by Absolute Light in his Monad annihilated Anti-Earth’s Black Guardian as well.

Meanwhile, in the Dominican Republic, the ground team set off for the next operation, the Polo Magnetico in Barahona. It’s a unique place on Earth where a car left in neutral gear stopped on an uphill slope doesn’t roll back but instead begins to slowly move uphill. On its own.

This phenomenon is caused by the fact that near Polo Magnetico there is a mountain with a strong magnetic anomaly that is felt within a radius of several kilometers.

Examined the location, Lightwarriors discovered a Portal that stored an aspect of the Anti-Earth Logos.

The Portal was redundant but active. It was the Portal that created the geomagnetic anomaly and other paranormal activity in the area – glows at night, unexplained sounds.

Lightwarriors felt its negative energy – nausea, head constriction, and severe depression. It did not prevent the group from starting to work together with the Ascended Masters.

Uniting energetically, they ripped from the Portal and placed an aspect of the Anti-Earth Logos into the core of the Masters’ Matrix. Then, using it like a magnet, Lightwarriors attracted the rest of the Logos aspects previously introduced into our planet’s field.

This helped assemble an artificial copy of the Anti-Earth’s Logos. It was then destroyed by a collective Monadic explosion in the Ascended Masters’ Matrix.

The following morning, Lightwarriors set out for the Sierra de Bahoruco National Park. This park is famous for having the world’s only deposit of larimar. Larimar, or volcanic pectolite, is a semi-precious stone with delicate blue color, like the Earth when viewed from outer space.

Larimar is the bearer of an aspect of Gaia’s Logos, and the world’s only direct Portal to the 5D Earth. It is located in the Sierra de Baoruco, a mountain range on the border with Haiti. Fortunately, Black Archons haven’t found it, though they got very close in Polo Magnetico.

It’s easy to imagine what would happen if Archons harpooned an Anti-Earth projection into this place, what they did at Laguna del Diablo.

This gave them access to the 5D Earth and its capture. In the larimar’s deposit, the 5D Earth has introduced aspects of its Logos to connect with our 3D planet, as the first step for future full fusion with it. On 5D Earth’s Portal, Lightwarriors found the site for the operation.

According to Ascended Masters’ plan, the group was tasked to energetically capture the Anti-Earth’s Logos and place it for splitting into the Local Universe’s Logos.

However, a few minutes before the op began the Karma Lords informed the group that the 5D Earth’s Logos had applied for a karmic duel with the Anti-Earth’s Logos.

The petition was granted, so Lightwarriors’ participation in the operation was canceled. They could only watch the duel while they stayed near the Portal.

The duel started. The 5D Earth’s Logos immediately captured and placed the counterpart in self, and a deadly battle ensued – who will win. The duel lasted for over a week and was over by the time Lightwarriors returned home.

While at larimar’s Portal, the team detected areas of negative energy that could not be there by definition.

On scrutinizing the site, Lightwarriors discovered the black flecks in the Portal’s field. It turned out to be the Anti-Earth’s aspects that they had missed during the work on Polo Magnetico.

Archons were onto the Portal’s localization and began introducing Anti-Earth’s aspects to it for a phased infiltration and takeover of the 5D Earth.

The group members removed the 5D Earth’s and Anti-Earth’s aspects from the Portal. The former, Lightwarriors have installed in them till the karmic duel outcome, the latter destroyed.

That was the end of the main part of the operation in Dominicana, and they flew home. There they waited to see how the duel of the two Logos would end.

The wait was short. Anti-Earth’s Logos was suppressed and destroyed. But the 5D Earth’s Logos paid too high a price for victory. It had become unlivable.

In this situation, the Local Universe’s Logos for the first time decided to intervene. Executing its will, Lightwarriors and Ascended Masters assembled what was left of the winner and installed it into the Universal Logos.

There 5D Earth’s Logos dissolved, rebooted, and, most importantly, took on the Local Universe’s Logos aspects. Then, it unfolded itself again in a new, higher quality.

This is another important step in the creation of our new five-dimensional reality in the course of the Great Quantum Transition. And now, we have to be ready by rising vibrations, to enter 5D Earth as our new home.

**By Lev

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