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April-May 2023 Energy Update: Blueprinted Perfection

April-May 2023 Energy Update: Blueprinted Perfection

April-May 2023 Energy Update

Blueprinted Perfection in this Time
of Required Ascension Change:

April Showers, Powerful Waters, Illuminating Light Codes,
Sacred Seeds, & Embracing How Truly Loved You Are.

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Living Light of God Consciousness and thus the Living Light of Unity Consciousness.  April Showers are Seeding May Flowers.  Regardless of where you reside on planet Earth right here and right now in these Ascension Times, April Showers are Seeding May Flowers energetically, all over the world.  And there is great variety to the Precipitation, the Rain Fall, and how it is touching the earth.  Sometimes you are experiencing powerful and very electrical thunderstorms with high winds and strikes of lightening.  Sometimes you are experiencing soaking rains that even flood the surrounding areas.  And sometimes the rains are falling through gentle sprinkles or mists.  But it is clear that the Earth and all upon her are going through a great cleansing, through April 2023’s Showers and Rains of Living Light.  And through this Powerful Cleansing, this Potent Sustenance, and these Energies of Water, Light, Sound, and Ether, people are rising to uncover, rediscover, and remember what is True.  They are being cleansed and activated to open to Divine Truth.  And they are being summoned Home  to the Higher Heart of Source Energy within themselves . . . to honor and embody the Living Light of their Divinity again.  So, through the Winds and Rains of Change, a New Consciousness is being born on Planet Earth.  This is a Risen Consciousness.  A Divine Consciousness.  And truly a Unified God Consciousness.


So let us breathe a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In.  Let us invite this Sacred Prana that is given directly from Source, that comes directly from the Heart and Soul of the Living Creation, to shower every single cell and cellular structure within our beings.  Invite this Sacred Prana that comes from the Pureness of the Godheart to touch all of the places inside you that desire a Complete, Holistic, and Joyous Awakening to receive these Rains of Divine Sacred Prana.  Your cells wish to bathe in the Light of God Frequencies again . . . for it has been a long, long journey into Spiritual Dehydration, and thus Shrinking, Wrinkling, Distorting, and Contorting your cells, your souls, and your original eternal Divine Light and turning into contracted, ego led, matrix subservient incarcerated beings who live in the density of the Serpent’s Games and Illusions.  Breathe this Sacred Light and this Divine Breath into all of your cells ready for More.  Ready for the GodSpark to fill you and to fuel you again, so much so that you realign and reactivate your Light within, to vibrate in harmony with your Soul’s Song, your Sacred Song, that God breathed and sang through you when your Soul was first Conceived.  With these Sacred Divine Breaths today dear ones, you are breathing your way all the way back to your Divine Beginnings.  You are breathing your way back to your Divine Perfection that shines radiantly inside your Eternal Divine Blueprint.

Your Blueprint from God cannot shrink.  It cannot be contorted.  It cannot be incarcerated.  Not really.  Only your perceptions can.  And in physical dense realities such as the 3D Earth has been, the manipulated reality of the serpent’s den can make it feel so real.  What if any illness, any distortion, any suffering was a holographic image of an experience of you being ill, living in distortions, or chronically suffering?  What if those stories of you weren’t True at all?  What if they are the “make believe” that the Serpent’s Matrix has conditioned people to believe about God, and God/Source/Creator’s non-existence in the Universe and in Creation itself?  What if anything less than your joy, freedom, creative expression, physical perfection, appreciation, and grace is the Illusion Itself?  What If?

We like that question.  What if?  Because it is open ended.  It is unassuming.  It is open to new ways of seeing and receiving, than questions like How?  And Why?  What if . . . is a mystical question that cruises by the Ego’s Vaults, Locks, Deadbolts, and Landmines that more typically trap you in rattling around more Left Brain, Black and White types of Inquiries, that often only allow one right answer out of two potential ones.  What if is dreamy.  What if is playful.  What if is an expression of the soul that is open to possibilities.

So, let’s go back to the question we spoke to a moment ago.  What if anything less than the best vision for you and your life that you might presently be living, what if IT, what if THAT, is the illusion?  And what if your suffering is your soul’s cues to you that THAT is the false matrix, and not your Divine Best Timeline where you are living your Joy, your Talents, your Purpose, and your Light in the most meaningful blissful ways?

And with that said, what if the world is not living ITS best Joy, Talents, Purpose, Cooperation, Collaboration, and Unity, in Harmony with the Greater Cosmos?  The disharmony is the Illusion.  The Separation is the Illusion.  The Judgement, Wars, Division, and Propaganda-Infused Belief Systems of many people on the planet right now are all a Grand Illusion?

And what if in the Rainshowers of Powerful Waters and Illuminating Light Codes, Ascensionary Etheric Frequencies are restoring Harmony within Disharmony, Order within the Chaos, Abundance from within the Poverty and Scarcity Consciousness that plagues so many, and Joy within Despair?

God has already seeded all of the ingredients and living light codes inside each of you to be His Garden of Eden.  Each one of you is a Whole, Perfect, Gorgeous, and Abundant Divine Garden of Eden, bearing Fruit and the Fruitfulness of a God/Source/Creation/Creator aligned Life and Life Force.  You were born and conceived AS A SOUL out of God’s Love, out of the Divinity in God’s Heart, and out of the Purity of God’s Ever-Expanding Love For You and For Creation in perpetuity.

You are loved beyond measure.  You are perfect beyond measure.  You are fruitful beyond measure.  And the expansiveness of that frequency in you is finding you again this month, and throughout all of 2023 and this whole new decade.  You are the God Frequency you seek.  It’s all there.  Blueprinted In You.  It is your Essence.  It is your Core Light in your being.

When storms of all kinds blow through your life, when people you love pass away, when your bank account is low or even empty at times, when you feel the squeeze of your ego, of your finances, or your ability to have compassion in any given moment, when you are challenged to be kind instead of critical towards yourself or others, when your body aches, or your heart hurts due to an emotional response to a trigger in your life, when you are stressed and found wanting, when you feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the swirls of energies blowing through and flooding your world, . . . stop where you are.  Ground.  Take a conscious breath.  And ask Source to breathe Divine Prana into your Heart Center, into your Light Center, and into your Divine Blueprint and Consciousness again.  And allow God to meet you there.  Allow Source and Spirit to meet you there.  Allow the Light of God’s Truth in You to meet you there.  Its You.  This Peace, Calm and Perfection is You.  God is simply meeting you in the serenity of your summoning God’s Expansive and All-Knowing Presence in your Life Force, and into the Core of your own Divine Presence.

What if you are invited to breathe in this way throughout April 2023 and May 2023, as more shakes and quakes in your financial markets?  And as more shakes and quakes in your global systems and structures?  And as more shakes and quakes in your very local systems and structures?  All is interconnected, dear ones.  The shakes and quakes all around you in your 3D world structures must crumble the entire illusion.  They are designed to crumble the entire system.  The entire Serpent’s Den.  The Entire Serpentine Illusion.

By breathing consciously, willingly, committedly, your hearts are opening and expanding to receiving the Divine Breath that you need to transcend this illusory world.  You will breathe the Prana that you need to transcend this realm of Serpentine Deceptions and Incarceration.  Your new life is simply a Conscious Breath away that can lead you and land you in a whole New Earth experience.  Your breath support is vital to the smoothness and the joy of this Ascension that is birthing Truth, Light, and Eternal Life again lived with the Pureness of Divine Reunion With Source, with Spirit, with Gaia, and with the Harmony in the Universe that all are being summoned Home to once more.

April Showers are raining Truth, Light, Quakes, Shakes, and all Cooperative Components necessary to shake up the foundations of serpent fakery and the structures of serpent illusions as well as to build and launch and emerge the New Systems that operate through the Light of Unity Consciousness, the Living Frequencies of God’s Abundance and Joy, and the Living Frequencies of God’s Seasons and Blueprints of Perfection.

April Showers are seeding your own Gardens.  April Showers are seeding the Earth Mother as well, who has her own perfectly Blueprinted Divine Garden.

What seeds are you growing?  And are they Conscious 5D Seeds?  Or are they GMO’d, toxin sprayed, serpent compliant and distorted seeds?  The only way to know is to look.  The only way to know is to be impeccable with your thoughts and intentions.  And to really look into and feel the vibrations you are cultivating and ingesting on a daily basis, in the garden you presently occupy.  That you presently vibrationally inhabit.

Vibrationally inhabiting your life is not new.  You have been living this the whole time.  You just haven’t known it, for many have forgotten that they are energetic beings.  They are divine souls in a physical body temple.  And many have thus forgotten where this energy comes from.  Where the Source of your Energy truly is.

So, you all have been vibrationally inhabiting your lives this whole time.  The key is now, what timeline do you want to vibrationally inhabit, now that the element of conscious choice is rising ever more expansively in all of your lives? 

Some people may hang low in their gardens, and continue to vibe in the ruts of the well-worn pathways of guilt, shame, anger, disempowerment, blame, projection, etc. 

Some people may rise high in their gardens, desiring to sow new seeds of higher, more luscious fruits and vegetables, and True Soul Experiences in Harmony with Creation, now and forevermore. 

What Garden, what Life, what Blueprint you experience is in many ways a choice. 

The Serpent will offer you more and more Seeds of Suffering.  The Serpent is offering this to all of you.  For the 3D Matrix is Programmed to Rain Deep Showers of Suffering onto all who reside upon her.

God/Source/Creator is offering you Freedom. Ease. Comfort. Leisure. Bliss. Creativity. And the ability to Flourish as you were meant to Flourish. To Flourish is to Flower.  It is to Open and Be the Light of Grace you are.

So, we invite you to engage your gardens, to seed your gardens, to breathe Prana every day by calling it into your heart centers.  And we invite you to pay close attention to the garden seeds you are planting each day, into the Serpent’s Den or into God’s Grand Garden.

Your vibrational state, your emotional state, your sentient state will communicate with you who you are in every moment.  And those are guideposts for you to choose vibrationally to increase where you are because it feels fabulous and on the right track.  OR whether you got off track somewhere and where you are needing to reseed your breath into Union with Source in your very next breath that you take.

Ascension is not hard.  But illusion makes it hard.  Ascension is all about your breathing.  And it is all about putting yourself vibrationally into the Timeline and the Vibration essentially that you most wish to inhabit.  You are freeing up your Light Bodies dear ones.  You are accessing your Vibrational Motor and Locomotion again dear ones.

Conscious Breathing moves you in between timelines.  Conscious Breathing is Revealing.  It is Revelatory.  It is Vibrational.  You are an Energetic, Vibrational, Frequency of the Godheart.

If you are struggling or suffering in your life circumstances, pause, and check in with your Breathing.  How are you breathing?  What is the quality of your breathing?  Is it 3D shallow breathing?  Or 5D expansive Conscious Breathing?  Notice where your breath is.  Notice its source.  And then, if you need to, simply intend in each breath that you are breathing again in Union with Source.  And God will meet you there.

April’s Showers and May’s Flowers will require a whole lot of Conscious Breathing.  The Illusion is cracking up.  It is being cracked by the Living Light of Source, shaking it to its core.  New life is simultaneously germinating and growing into the hearts and awareness of all.  Growth of this magnitude need not trigger fear or suffering.  But it may, if people continue to breathe 3D breaths and see through 3D lenses.  We shall call those illusion lenses.  And when each person is willing and ready to take them off, they will see this new perfectly blueprinted world of which we speak.  Until then, they may need to see through the lenses of illusion and suffering, until they awaken to the Power of Conscious Breathing, Conscious Union with Source, and Dreaming the Joy of their Divine Blueprints and Garden back into form and into their Conscious Awareness again.

Ascension is required now.  The Process OF Ascension still inherently involves a great deal of choice.  How do you want to experience the Flip?  How do you want to experience the Shift and Rise to your Higher Timeline?  The Quality of your Breathing will tell you and indicate to you a lot of where you vibrationally reside and how right now in this moment and timeline . . . you are surfing those waves of Required Change.

We invite you to Breathe Lighter.  Breathe Bigger.  And Breathe Deeper.  And to thus witness your whole beingness experiencing yourself lifting off and out of the illusion that once engaged your entire field of perception.  You are infinite, expansive, eternal beings.  Your gardens have always been within.  Plant your infinite, expansive, eternal seeds.  Breathe your infinite, expansive, eternal breath every day.  As much as you can consciously remember to do so. One minute of conscious breathing a day is a start.  Grow it to 5 minutes.  Grow it to 10 minutes.  Once you set this new Conscious Breathing Pattern into motion, it will become rather quickly Who You Are again.

So consciously Breathe and release Illusion.  Consciously Breathe and Embrace Union with Source.  Illusion and Source don’t go together.  So, breathing in Source Union on the inbreath and breathing out illusion on the outbreath can help you clear more and more of the debris (and degree) of illusion out of your physical and vibrational mind body spirit structure.  This makes room for New Earth Seeds of New Life, New Source Alignment, New Bliss, and New Harmony with the True You and the True Unity Consciousness that All of Creation Is.

It’s Time to Jump Timelines.  It’s Time to Quantum Leap into the True God Timeline from which you originated.  Alignment with Source and this Higher Vibrational Living is truly a Breath Away.  It is a Single Conscious Breath away from where you are now, to where your Soul Wants To Be.

Consciously Breathe, and BE The Light, the Divine Expression, the Grounding, and the Calmness in the Storms of Others, that you came to be.

Consciously Breathe and BE Your God Self, now and ever expansively so, in the New Light of the New Age of Aquarius, and in your New God Timeline Experience on your beloved and ever giving Radiant Mother Earth.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.


Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
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