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Arcturian Collective: Energy Update - What Is Your Anchor?

Arcturian Collective: Energy Update - What Is Your Anchor?

September-October 2022 Energy Update
What Is Your Anchor?
All Must Rise With The Tides of Revelations
& The Tides of Epic Infusions of Living Light
5th Dimensional Harbingers Awaken!

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Light of Unity Consciousness, and the Heart of Christ Consciousness, as change begins to take on a whole new frequency for all of you, and as your own Self Gnosis and Soul Presence embodies more of the Divine Frequencies you all Truly Are.  

In this Grand Acceleration of Change on your world right now, in the latter half of September 2022 and the beginnings of October 2022, what is your root?  What is your anchor?  What is your Divine Center, as these Powerful Waves of Change flow into every corner, nook, and cranny of the Human Collective’s Experience, and your own Personal Experiences in these times?  Divine Change may indeed be uprooting and unsettling, for you have been entrenched for millennia in the mires of Serpentine Waters, Maritime Laws, and 3D Matrix Machinations.  And yet it is also multidimensionally liberating.  And thus, profoundly freeing.  As if you all will take a much-needed God Breath for the first time in a very long time.  Humanity has forgotten to breathe.  Humanity has forgotten HOW to breathe.  For Breath IS Union.  And Divine Breathing, Conscious Breathing, Quantum Breathing IS Sacred Partnership with God/Source/Creator.  And that is how you ground in these times.  That is how you center.  That is your Sacred Root when the land and foundations beneath your feet seem to implode, and you not only lose your footing, but you lose your proprioceptive balance in that world falling away and the new one rushing in.  You each will be a Vibrational Coordinate dear ones, as the old world turns to dust in swift biblical events now.  That Vibrational Coordinate is defined, felt, known, and embodied through your Breath.  You are Travelers of Time Space Realities.  All of you.  And this time of the False Timeline Crumbling and the new one Quantumly Becoming will rely on your Soul Skills of Quantum Time and Timeline Travel . . . where you become the Simple, Easy, Soulful Experience of A Divine Breath in those moments.  Where you are not here or there.  Where you Simply ARE your Divine Breath that gives you Grounding, it gives you Stillness, it gives you your Conscious Cosmic Coordinate, and it reinstates your Inner Divine and Cosmic Compass, Lantern, and Map for the journey ahead of the New Earth’s Birth and Grand Rebuilding Process.

We will speak more to this energy of all that is false now . . . Falling Away . . . more in this transmission today.  But for now, we wish to seed this Transmission today with the Power of Conscious Breathing.  We invite you to Breathe a Deep and Sacred Conscious Breath In with us right here and right now.  Relax all that you were previously thinking about.  Let the “to do” lists or fears your mind was rehearsing for this day and future days to simply fall away from you in this moment, . . . as if all of that could be contained on a piece of paper that you let fall to the floor for the moment.  For all of that energy is too heavy to be with us in this Now moment, where we Breathe Your Divine Union with Source and the Unified Field of Unity Consciousness together.  Allow yourself to simply feel the joy, the nurturing, and the seamless perfection of Divine Prana filling your lungs, flowing to all of your cells, and filling your Spirit at the same time with God Energy, with Pure Life Force Energy, and with the Perfection that lives in all that lives in Creation, now and forever.  You are that Perfection in that Divine Breath.  You are that Union in that Divine Breath.  You are that Simple Grace suspended in mid air, in mid prana, in that conscious willingness to partner with God and to partner with your Sacred Heart that knows the Infinite You who travels Time and Space with Such Regularity that it is as much a part of you as your Living Breath is right here and right now with us in this moment.  You are the Allness of Creation in every Breath.  That is a deep and profound energy to allow yourself to re-experience with us today.  And yet it is the Lifeline to Spirit, to Soulfulness, to Grounding, and to Higher Awareness that all will need in the coming days and weeks, even prior in some ways to when this transmission will even post for public reviewing and receiving.  We are seeding this Higher Consciousness and these Healing Frequencies into the Collective right here and right now as this message streams through this channel, for the Greatness, the Gloriousness, and the Grace of Humanity and All Sentient Life to be Restored, Reoriented, and Remembered in the Hearts of All Beings, now and in all directions of time.  We are presciently healing the Waves of Shock, and Change, and Fear, and Disbelief, and Grief before they touch your planetary and collective shores, simply by this Conscious Streaming of Life Force, Divine Prana, and Epic Grounding in this Intention of Conscious Breath today.  You are what you Breathe.  You are what you Believe.  And what you Breathe, and what you Believe, so shall you Receive.  So be Receivers of Profound Light, Comfort, Gnosis, Grounding, Love, and Compassion for each other.  Today and in the days and weeks ahead.  Breathe Peace.  Breathe Life.  Breathe Compassion.  And Breathe Love, for it is the Highest Frequency in All of Creation.  It is the Healing Power within the Breath that heals worlds and that creates worlds simultaneously.  And that is the Miracle your world is needing at this precipice and in these biblical events flooding your experiences as we speak.  

September is far from over at the time of this transmission.  There are many powerful events unfolding now, already unfolded, and still yet to come.  And while many are curious about those geo-political happenings, which are massive in scope and scale on your world, we can attest to that, we really wish to hone in first on how you as a member of Humanity can be a container, a conduit, and a holy vessel of Divine Grace as profound change sweeps over the globe in numerous and simultaneously occurring biblical events.  We have seeded already this awareness of your Divine Breathing as your Best Noah’s Arks for these times.  And that is True.  Yet how skilled do you feel in allowing all falsehoods, illusions, grief, trauma, and fear to fall away as they simultaneously rise in humanity’s conscious awareness ~ some for the first time ~ others for the countless nth time . . . but never with this voluminous inertia to create epic biblical change as you are experiencing this month and beyond?  Let’s review for a moment the concept of a life preserver.  If you are a boater, a sailor, you are well familiar with floatation devices known as life preservers.  They assist people, and perhaps especially children, in floating in water as needed, for people do not innately have endless buoyancy if they fall overboard and need to access . . . what?  Their Breath.  It all comes down to the Breath dear ones.  It is what you first take when you incarnate, and it is what you last take when you transition of this world and into your new form.  Well think of your Breath now as your Ascension Floatation Device, offering you TIME and GROUNDING . . . when moments require extended breathing to “catch your breath” . . . because it seems to have “run out of you and down the street” so to speak.  

And if Breath, truly Conscious Breathing, is your First Ascension Floatation Device in these Ascension Storms right now, how else can you orient your consciousness to be buoyant and grounded at the same time as sweeping events flood revelations into this world with a swiftness and depth the likes never seen before on this world?  How do you catch your breath then?  How do you ground in your Sacred Heart’s Knowing then?  You must train yourself to vibrationally surrender to the God Breath inside.  You must invite yourself to practice this vibrational relaxation and to become a Still point in your own Heart Center, slowing down, and calming down your Conscious Breathing to be as still as a Glassy Lake during the Great Tempests and Storms that may be swirling around you.  What facilitates calmness in storms like this?  Vibrational Rehearsal.  Vibrational Awareness.  Vibrational Motor, Muscle, Mind, and Heart Memory.  You are the Energy and Engine of Stillness and Serenity no matter what is unfolding in the world, dear ones.  For you are a Timeless Essence of the GodHeart and GodSpark who IS and eternally Embodies this Quantum Calmness through Time and Space.  This is your Very Beingness.  This is your Deepest Core.  Your All Time Eternal Perfect and Serene Divine Essence.  This is the You we want to call you to remember when any biblical floods, storms, and revelations pour out into the Collective Consciousness and Accessible Awareness now in these times.  Breathe and Connect with that Inner Place of Known Grace, that Trusts in Being Held in your Eternal Essence in any triggers unfolding, and that Alignment with Source and The All That Is as your Eternal Divine Coordinate and Sense of Self and Soul Presence, as so many illusions surface to ultimately fall away.  You are your Center.  Source in You is your Divine Center. Your own Christ Consciousness is your Hammock of Grace and Divine Center, when the earth’s structures and the collective illusions in the collective consciousness shatter to the four winds . . . to then dematerialize on the Wings of Change whose time has come to usher out the old and reset and reseed the New.  

Many who listen to our transmissions have been connecting with their inner Lion Harbinger.  Many who attune to these frequencies connect and commune with their inner Eagle Harbinger.  You will need the other three that we have spoken about in past transmissions to ride out these storms.  They need to work together, in the Spirit of Coordinated Wings and Wisdom, to ground you in these times and escort you into the Higher Vibrational Octaves of New Earth Living, Breathing, and Being.  The other three Harbingers of Peace in these times are the Bull and the Boar (who are twin frequencies), and the Divine Sacred Soul Presence in You.  Bull gifts you strength, power, and deep grounding.  Bull can stand square with gale force winds and not be knocked over or swayed from its positioning.  Boar gifts you intelligence and ushers in access to your soul wisdom and higher sensory abilities, especially the sense of smell . . . to intuitively smell or KNOW what to do, where to move, how to be, and what to integrate quickly on an energetic level to meet whatever tasks or challenges you may be facing.  Both stand strong in their resolve to align with Source and to Be Who They Are without sway.  Bull and Boar know how to Ground and how to Stand their Ground, when storms or experiences brew and attempt to uproot them.  Bull and Boar will not be uprooted.  They will ground and almost manifest new ground, if old ground is falling away.  And it is your Divine Soul Essence and Presence in You who is the inner leader, who is the inner Intuiter, who is the Inner Unifier and Avatar of your experiences, and who is the inner Transcender and Transmuter of any lower vibrational timelines swirling through your own experiences or humanity’s experiences at a collective level.

The Hero . . . of these times . . . in your life right now . . . is YOU.  You are the Lion Spirit.  You are the Eagle Essence.  You are the Bull facilitating your own Grounding.  You are the Boar intuiting and smelling with higher senses where and how to move and be for optimal safety, security, and grace in your own Stillness.  You are the Emerging 5th Harbinger . . . The Integrated Harbinger . . . of All of your Divine Power, Intuition, Lifetimes of Practicing Higher Soul Skills in the Deeper Underworld of Separation Consciousness, Stress, and Duality Games.  And it is your 5th Dimensional Harbinger that is here to emerge through the 5th Harbinger, as you rise and integrate the other 4 Harbingers skills and abilities, gifted to you from God for these times, as your allies, and your own Inner Strengths in these times.  You are the Great Riser, finding your Conscious and Quantum Breathing as your own Life Jacket, your own Life Preserver, when the Floods of Revelations pour into every nook and cranny of Human Consciousness these next few days, weeks, and months of 2022 and beyond.  

Humanity will require a long-time healing for some time.  New technologies will be released that will help this healing process and accelerate the healing process, after the unfoldments of the accelerated revelations process.  So, it will not be a forever healing process, but it will require a sustained healing presence and commitment for humanity to heal from the aftershocks of this time of Revelations.  And Source and Spirit will be helping in that process too.  God has known the ending from the beginning, of this last world age and cycle.  And God/Source/Creator will be here in the clean up and the healing process just as much as God/Source/Creator is here to facilitate the liberation and revelations process.  Its all One in the Oneness.  Its all a Part of the Grand Creation Story, where Separation Meets Unity Consciousness and Divine Reunion again.  It is happening.  

Your Avatar and Brave Epic Hero soul skills in these times are mostly, mostly, intangible, etheric, sentient skills that live timelessly within you.  There are also “Noah’s Ark” more “tangible” preparations we have mentioned before, and which many of you have gathered already.  Those more prepared on both the inner and outer planes of consciousness and in their daily lives will weather these storms with more grace, with more prana, with more wealth of divine breathing and sentient life force and support.  Those unpracticed will be called to quantum leap in accessing and integrating their sentient soul skills. All are being summoned home to the God Timeline.  The Garden of Eden Timeline.  The New Earth in 5D Consciousness+ Timeline.  And thus, all must rise with the Tides of Revelations and the Tides of Epic Infusions of Living Light on this world, bringing the Heat of Clarity, Transparency, Prosperity for All, and Integrated Soul Sight now more than ever before.  It is through Lenses of Risen and Christ Consciousness Sight that people will come to see the profound gifts given in this epic time of Global, Planetary, and Cosmic Change now.  

The Time for Sleeping has long been over.  Many know this now, and many more will be knowing this very soon. Invitations have been sent for many weeks, months, years, decades, and even centuries now.  There has been an invitation to Be Ready for a long time, perhaps from the beginning . . . when God knew the ending at the beginning that was set to quantumly unfold in the Eternal Knowings Within Creation.  When we say together that It Is Time To Rise, that is a mantra, a Truth, an affirmation, and a Bridge into the Experience of Those Having Already Risen . . . as if it is right here and now . . . your Now Experience.

It has been a long, long journey to Now.  Your 5th Dimensional Harbingers of Grace, Peace, Unity Within, and Risen Light are here within you, having mastered all of the lower dimensional experiences and embracing your Now Time Graduation from those lower dimensional experiences.

Human, planetary, and cosmic evolution seeks to know itself in new ways now.  The 3D experiment of Separation Consciousness is over.  It is Game Over for the Biblical Serpent in this unique timeline on Planet Earth, known as the Ascension Timeline.  Linear Time will define you less and less, and divine and vibrational right timing will align you more and more with who you are and who this Collective Sentient Family of Souls on your world is divinely designed and destined to expand to become.   

Many have felt the birthing pains of New Earth for a long, long time.  Many have felt the challenges to assimilate revelations coming to their awareness for a long, long time.  Many have navigated flood waters already many times in their lifetime already.  And to those brave souls who have faced those challenges, wrestled the duality of two wolves inside, reset, reoriented again and again to their higher timeline, after spending time in lower vibrational weeds and triggers and self expressions many times . . . we applaud you, we thank you, we are with you, we have always been with you, and we rise now with you into a Glorious and Grand New Light and New Life Experience in the Unified Field of Consciousness, once all rise through the coming biblical events and quantum clearing on this planet of these old 3D paradigm’s ways.  

Through the pain of these times, Prosperity for all is Growing.  Through the confusion of these times, Clarity for All is Expanding.  Through the divisions of these times, Unity for All is Rising.  And through the profound hardships and struggles many will feel in these times still to play out, Healing for All is Returning.  Wellness, Well Being, Grace, Glory, Joy, Love, Unity, and Prosperity are your natural state of eternal being.  Knowing Yourselves as Deep Eternal Beings who cannot ever truly be Separated from Source is returning.  The Great Remembering is here.  The Great Ascension is upon you.  Revelations are here, right now.  It has been a Long, Long Journey to Now.

And Now is where your Power Point IS.

So, when the Trumpets sound, when the Bells Ring, when the Revelations unleash through significant global and planetary events, KNOW YOUR POWER WITHIN.

When events overwhelm, when people around you struggle, when challenges and emotions seem too much to bear, KNOW YOUR BREATH WITHIN.

When powerful events and storms surface great darkness and uncomfortable Truths to the Great Eternal Knowing of the Collective once more, KNOW YOUR LIGHT WITHIN.

Trust the Swells and the Stillnesses in the Storms to bring the Potent Bifurcations of Consciousness, and all of the Splits and Divisions in Humanity, into one Accord.  Into one Harmony.  Into Divine Unity.  Source is the Ultimate Conductor.  Source is the Great Unifier.  Only an Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent Creator Source could unify a world this out of balance, and this deep under spells of these extensive Serpentine Illusions.  

This is a Time of the Great Revelations, the Great Re-Unifications, and the Great Risings, transporting all into a New and Risen God Timeline.

All Time Is Now.  And you are here and now, listening, as part of your own preparations to Awaken your 5th Dimensional Inner Harbinger into Deeper Integration, Preparedness, Faith, Fortitude, Strength, Power, and Resilience.

Remember your First Preparation ~ Conscious Breathing.  Remember your second Preparation ~ to Fall into Divine Faith, Surrender, and Inner Intuitive Guidance when the false pieces, people, structures, and more of this old 3D matrix are exposed, dismantled, and dematerialized.  You are not here to patch the cracks of those pieces, and humanity’s attachments and emotions surrounding them.  You are here as Breathers of the New.  You are here as Creators of the New Structures, Projects, and Inspirations that Unify Global Collectives once more.

Remember Who You Are, and Breathe Deeply the Light of Who You Are, as much as you can as these storms of epic change roll through.  

You are your Divine Breath.  You are your Divine Presence.  You are Eternal Sovereign Beings.  

Your Divinity and Your Sovereignty are being set right in the Eternal Now of Divine Creation.  Receive, receive, receive the blessings of Who You Are. And as peacefully and faithfully as you can, allow the breadth and scope of the grand release and scope of the dismantling and dematerialization of all that is false, and all that was so dark, dense, and painful for humanity for a long, long time.

Dear Ones, let’s take a Deep Divine Breath In . . . for the Living Light that indwells the True Heart of Humanity!

Let’s take a Deep Divine Breath In . . . Knowing the Grace and Skillfulness of Source’s Healing Hands in all unfoldments now.   

Let’s take a Deep Divine Breath In . . . to seed many more Deep Divine Breaths as you transmute challenging revelations and reset this upside-down world right side up again, together.  Together as One Presence within each of you taking courageous and conscious soul breaths for the Collective of Sacred Unity and Light you are.

And may All of Creation Expand and Rise through your Grace, Compassion, Unity, and Conscious Breathing to Light the way for New Life on Earth and in the Cosmos, in all directions of Time.  

You are the Brave Epic Avatars and Divine Heroic Souls
who came for these times!

Together ~ as we weave within this timeless interconnectedness, we all feel in these transmissions ~ we dream Oneness again.  Together ~ we co-create Harmony again.  And Together ~ we raise the Light of Peace, Harmony, and Joy again, seeding God’s Great Garden back in Human and All Sentient Hearts again, in all directions of time.  

Together ~ we Rise!  And Together ~ we are already Risen!  Both are seeds of Epic Divine Truth . . . in the Multidimensionality of Time and Timelessness.  

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
Enjoy additional inspiring messages and engaging podcasts via Marie’s new Whole Soul Mastery channels on Rumble.com, Minds.com, Gab.com, Telegram, Whole Soul Mastery’s website, and Buymeacoffee.com.

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