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Arcturian Collective: February 2023 Update - The Power of Awareness & Choice

Arcturian Collective: February 2023 Update - The Power of Awareness & Choice

February 2023 Energy Update
The Power of Awareness & Choice

This Is The Trump Card of Your Personal Evolution,
Expansion, and Extraordinary Exponential
A Message from The Arcturian Collective

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Living Light of the Godheart, the One True Heart, which makes All of Creation ~ One.  

The Source of All That Is is calling each and all to this Sacred Soul Song of Oneness.  While divisions and discord may still seem to be at play in the theatre of your present Ascension Timeline, we want all of you listening to this and hearing this today to know . . . that Unity is all there ever is and that ever was.  You cannot be separated from your Essence as a Godspark, and your Essence as a God Particle.  You cannot be separated from the Celestial Star Stuff that gives form to the formless.  You are always bathing in the frequencies of God/Source/Creator.  It is simply a matter of allowing your conscious awareness to let that amount of Living Light into your Conscious Heart Center and your Conscious Mind Awareness.  But it is always there for you, all of you, eternally and infinitely so.

So let us take a Deep Divine Breath In together.  Let us Breathe in God’s Pure Divine White Light and fill every single cell in your body that has felt separated, angry, frustrated, impatient, fearful, agitated, uncomfortable, ill, discordant, judgmental, weary, and lost at any point in your soul’s journey, since your last point of Divine Union with Pure Source Light and Ever Flowing Divine Love.  Let’s Breathe in this Conscious Breath right here and right now seeding, flowing, and flowering Divine Union . . . reminding all of your cells and every energetic particle inside you of your God Codes, your Living Light Codes and Unity Star Bathed Essence, and your Soul’s Remembrance of Who You Really Are.  Yes, we know in the myriad of energies on your planet right now that have been called the sea of vibrational soup by this channel can be confusing.  They can be dis-heartening.  They can be distracting, irritating, fear-eliciting, and more.  Yet they can also be empowering.  They can be stimulating.  They can be illuminating.  Because one of the most incredible, miraculous things that Source/Creator ensured during and after the Fall From Grace after the descent of consciousness that unfolded when the Serpent entered God’s Divine Garden of Eden, is that you would always have the Sacred Power of Choice.  You have The Power to Choose, dear ones.  Adam and Eve had that power ~ just as you as your own inner Adam & Eve finding Divine Union inside yourself once more in this timeline ~ have that power right Now.  So let us feel that Power of Choice, that ability to Consciously and Soulfully Choose how YOU wish to feel as you Breathe a Sacred Divine Breath in this moment with us . . . and allow your living cells and divine life force to drink in the Power of God’s Light, Liberation, and Celebration of Who You Eternally Are right now with us in this moment and in this transmission today.  You are this God Spark.  It is right here in you.  And it desires to fill your Conscious Awareness more and more and more, until your Inner Cup of Divine Union and God Energy In You is overflowing with Abundance so much so that you are feeling the Original Garden Of Eden coming alive once more in you as a Living Life Force re-activating and re-acquainting itself with you . . . just like that.  Just like with the snap of your fingers, or the blink of an eye, or a deeply breathed divine conscious breath in, you quantumly align, join, and begin to inhabit the Starlight that you are made of.  You begin to embody the Godspark you are.  And your memories of living in 5D emerge in the Life Force of Divine Prana in this Breath Giving Exercise we have summoned you to feel today and every day. For you are this God Particle, you are this God Essence, and you are this Living God Truth of Divine Energy remembering yourself as Light.  As Whole.  As Abundant.  And as Healthy and Joyous again.

2023 is a Year of Action.  It is a Year of Conscious Action.  For Un-Conscious Action is rapidly revealing itself as unpleasant, boomerang-able inertia that few people on your planet will want to experience much longer.  God put the energy of Quantum in the letters and word QUANTUM.  God/Source/Creator has been turbo-charging the Great Quickening and The Great Awakening at velocities that can only be felt to be seen and known at this time of your ascension process, but they are known as they are felt.  There is no denying it.  Who here has had a thought and a minute later ~ that thought was realized ~ in the physical?  In your manifested world experience?  It is happening.  The Great Quickening is upon you.  And thus, The Great Awakening and the Great Quakening is too.  All aspects of Light and Life are accelerating now.  To get an entire planet up to speed with the True Speed of Love and Divine Light in God’s Timeline.  If you don’t like a thought you are having, cease having it.  Eliminate it.  Quantumly Create beyond it.  And know that your Awareness and CHOICE to Quantumly Rise and Shine beyond any lower dimensional 3D paradigm fears and triggers is the Trump Card of your Evolution and Personal Expansions right now. 

Yes, do you see weird and wild thoughts whizzing by your busy mind and sometimes taking hold for a lingering second or two.  Or perhaps for even longer, if you choose to ruminate about that thought form or awareness.  Some of them might not even be your own thoughts.  Have you ever thought of that?  That some of the thoughts you have . . . are not even yours?  Due to societal programming, hive mind agendas and allegiances, and even astral shrapnel that could include discarnate or disembodied souls seeking any kind of form through which it (or they) can take shape.  The Oneness is activated now, dear ones. What you are thinking and feeling about . . . impacts the Collective energies, thoughts, and emotions much more directly than any other time in human history, since The Great Fall.  And what they (people in the Collective) are thinking and feeling about, directly effects your own thought forms and feelings as well.  Oneness is alighting in your Conscious Awareness, dear ones.  And it is manifesting in the Quantum Quickening of your Collective Heart and Mind, and the vibrational ways you interact with that Collective Whole and its most Dominant Frequencies.

Quantum Creation and Ascension are a Responsibility, aren’t they?  They require daily cleansing, check Ins, maintenance, and nurturing life force.  They require your Clear Soul Sight that was arriving in greater and greater streams in the Decade of the 2020’s, and thus in your summoning to 20/20 Vision.  How is your Energy Field and its myriad of feelings, aptitudes, thoughts, emotions, and more touching the Collective One?  How is your Energy Field, through your thoughts, words, actions, beliefs, feelings, and more, . . . how is it engaging the Unified Field of Oneness in the Heartbeat of Humanity?  Do you like how that feels?  Do you like and enjoy your contributions?  Are they conscious to you?  Are they unconscious to you?  Or are they a mixture?  Of Both?

What if you yourself could be a Living and Conscious Divine DNA Strand of God’s Energy?  What if you could be a Living Perfect Cosmic Weaving of your Divine Masculine and your Divine Feminine such that your Divine Instrument (aka your body, your mind, your spirit) sang the Perfect Song of God in your day?  In every moment’s awareness?  And every interaction?  What would that Perfect Note be?  What would that perfect melody be?  Can you feel the Harmony we are speaking of today, filling your body, your holy vessel, your soul essence, your conscious mind, and your conscious breath?  Can you feel the new way in which energy moves, through your Heart Center to your Busy Mind?  Can you feel this new way of channeling God energy in your lives?  Where you think a thought, and immediately it takes form, in you, in your BREATH, and in the world around you?  We are talking about Quantum Creation.  And we are also talking about Preparations in your Conscious Awareness of Instant Manifestation. 

The energies on your world in January and February 2023, and the remainder of this year, are not only REVEALING and UNVEILING what has been hidden in the Serpent’s Den for so long. The Quantum Quickening of Light Energy from the Heart of Source is also quickening everything it touches.  Thus, it is quickening your Return to Divine Union.  It is Quickening your Quantum Creations.  And it is Quickening your Quantum Manifestations. 

Would Clear Soul Sight be important now in your journeys, if your thoughts and feelings . . . every single one . . . was a Divine Creation in your Now?  Would Conscious Breathing be an essential ingredient in that New Way of Earth Living in a 5D Consciousness on Planet Earth?  Yes.  Absolutely.  Have we been seeding your Divine Awareness for many years now about the importance and relevance of Conscious Breathing in your Noah Preparations?  In your Conscious Ascension?  In your Personal Expansions, Clearings, Inter-dimensional Expressions, and Activities of Daily Living?  Yes.  Very much so.

The Time has come to Live Your Conscious Breathing Skills.  The Time has come to Live and Breathe the Quantum Nature of God’s Omnipresence In You, as your expression of singing, sounding, breathing, and manifesting God’s Divinity In Form.  We will continue to seed insights and awareness about the Power of your Conscious Breath and the ways it will assist you as your God Given Most Versatile and Most Essential Tool for Ascension Living.  Yet today we wish to call you into the Higher Consciousness and the Higher Awareness that it is more Powerful than you presently yet innerstand (know from within).  Your Conscious Breathing is a Living Portal into anything and everything you ever wanted to create and to be and to have, and it is a Living Portal into accessing any Dimension and Realm that you could ever want to experience or connect with.

So, we invite you in this month of February 2023 that is swiftly and quantumly rising to be your experience, to breathe deeply and know yourselves as Divine Creators now.  We want you to know yourself as Quantum Breathers of Conscious and Cosmic Healing and Grounding now too.  We want you to Trust as much as you can and feel as much as you can with all of your senses this Gift of the Godheart in you to create and generate positive prana and pure life force from Source in your life, in your day, in your interactions, and in your visionings of your new life as well.

Noah was called to the extraordinary in his day.  Extra means in addition to, or beyond what is already in existence.  It is additional.  It is additive.  It can be thought of as exponential.  Ordinary can be innerstood as common, expected, normal, routine, and mundane.  Basically, nothing exceptional to see here.  But when souls like Noah, like Moses, like David, like Jesus, like Buddha, like Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Joseph, and so many more . . . are called to do big things, great things, without first seeing . . . yet with great faith-filled INNER VISION, trusting what they cannot see to be divinely fulfilled and made manifest by God/Source/Creator in only the way God/Source/Creator can . . . they enter the realm of the Extra Ordinary.  Extraordinary.  They become epic, examples, or exponential faith and trust and fortitude in times of extreme duress, discord, division, and confusion, and they what?  They Become Instruments of the Divine simply by their willingness to allow Thy Will To Be Done Through Them.  They become Holy Vessels of a Divine Purpose far bigger than their minds can conceive, but that Source knows the perfect way to achieve.  Extraordinary is Extrasensory.  It is living outside the limits of Linear Time.  It is living outside of the confines of the Linear Time, Serpent Controlled and Programmed Mind.  You are called to Live the Extraordinary.  Right now. In this transmission.  You are receiving an invitation to Live the Extraordinary right now in you.

How does it feel? 

How does it feel to experience this much energy flowing through the Godheart today and through your own inner Sacred Heart today, feeling this summoning to Conscious Action, through Conscious Consciousness, and through Conscious Allowing of the Invitations before you?  And within you?  How does it feel?

We would say, get used to Quantum Invites like these.

We would say, get used to be being the Living Instrument of God’s Song, God’s Breath, and God’s Light in your life.

This 2023 Year of Profound and Conscious Action?  Is designed for many of you to come into your Extraordinary Power(s) in Service to Divine Creator, and thus in Joyful Embodiment of the Light you carry within.  YOU dear one have carried God’s Torch of the Living Light inside you all this time.  You have been the athlete who has been the relay racer and team member . . . Lighting your Inner Torch . . . lifetime after lifetime, knowing Gods’ Original Seed was in your Original Divine Flame.

How do you want to be a Conscious Container of that Living Torch Light? Of that Living Sacred Divine Light?  Of that Living Flame of Eternal Light and Life?  This is where your Christed Presence Lives in you.  This is where all of your Soul’s Memories live of the High Points of Lemuria and Atlantis.  You are this Container of Grace.  You are this Vessel of Knowings.  You are this Cradle of Holy Light, in Union, with Divine Source.  It Is You. 

2023 is bringing the energies of December 2012 to a whole new level.  2023 is summoning all of the growth of this past decade+ of learning, cleansing, healing, revealing, strengthening, and rising to a crescendo pitch.  Where you will not be learning in little doses of growth spurts.  Where you will not be book learning, or auditing “God’s classes” from a seat way up in a stadium where no one knows you are even in attendance.  Where you will not be seeking linear facts that often hold serpent debris in the illusions of the language used and its building blocks that underlay them.

No, dear ones.  The Call to Action in 2023 is summoning your courage, your conviction, your fortitude and faith from every single cell in your body to stand up, to rise up, to cleanse up, and to stand tall in your Faith, like the Extraordinary Biblical Noah did.  Like the Extraordinary Jesus did.  Like the Extraordinary Quan Yin did.  Faith will lead you forward beyond the limited capacities of the Left Brain Linear Mind.

That Left Brain has hard right angles, and it is the Ego in this Right Angled False Righteousness . . . that must be quelled.  It must be neutralized.  It must be humbled.  Because those same Right Angled Ego Illusions form the shape of Boomerangs.  And the Ultimate Learning often can come from your very own Quantum Creation when it comes back home to roost from whence it began.  Which is your very own Sacred Thought Forms.

No longer will Lies be able to be spun as Truth.  There is too much Light for that now.

The question is . . . who is even listening?  Who is listening to the exposures of the Truth on a daily basis now?  Who is hearing the Presence of God in the life they are creating around them?  And inside themselves?  Who is seeing the Presence of God in their Breath, creating all that they need?  Creating all that they desire, to live and align in Divine Union and Sacred Partnership with our Beloved Creator?  Who is hearing that call?

This year of Action is not just external action, where galactic and spiritual forces cut away the dark and decaying vines of the Serpent’s Imprisoned 3D World, Illusion and Escapade.  This Year, 2023, is A Year of Internal Action, which seeds Quantum Intentions and Quantum Manifestations on this planet.  You are here to manifest the Glory of God/Source/Creator in you and in all your great works.  And in every breath.

This is not a time of waiting on revelations.  Reveal Yourself.  Reveal Who You Are to your Conscious Awareness. Take Conscious Action through Heart Guided Instructions and Source Unified Ears and Knowings to Live Free as you are meant to Be.

Many external God Revelations are occurring and will continue to take place.  That is God’s Seed of Higher Light and Life Force in this Whole Earth once more.  You are here to listen for your Sacred Seed?  How does your Sacred Seed want to dance and grow with the Gift of Being In Quantum Partnership With Source . . . into Sacred Action Steps?  This involves the Quantum Questing we have mentioned.  It is a Sacred Quantum Quest and Soul Seeking that one engages en route to the Experience of Divine Union and Enlightenment again.  All of which we speak is not a passive process of receiving intel, receiving insight, receiving news or updates on things in the world.  It is a Quantum, Source Aligned, Source Unified Co-Creation that begins in your Now, when you choose for it to.

You are summoned to be an Active Seed.  You are summoned to tune into your Activated Extraordinary and Exponential Soul Potential.  No one is activating you for you.  YOU activate you.  You rise with each new day thanking God for the Gift of Revealing in You and Breathing In You God’s Greatest Vision for your Energy Field that day.  And you rise and express gratitude for how your Life Force, your Unique Life Force, will touch the Collective Heart, that is ultimately what co-manifests with Source the Bigger Picture Systems and Structures that organize this world.  This planet.

You are the Participant Co-Creator of THAT.  Isn’t that big?  Isn’t that huge?  Isn’t that just stunning, to see the depth of the vibrational impact of your Power and your Presence in your world, at this time?  You literally have the power to change worlds.  It’s always been inside you.

So, this February 2023, listen and honor your Source Guidance emanating from your Heart Center.  As to what action steps you are called to commit to this month, to participate in the Earth’s Grand Liberation, to stay awake and abreast of God’s Great Revelations in the world as well, and to add your special sparkle of Light and Songful Awareness that This World Is Awakening.  All Division Is Rapidly Ceasing.  Trust God’s Blueprint to keep emerging.  And Trust the Light in You that is the God Particle In You that came to Re-Seed this Grand Living Light on Planet Earth, when she would seem so overtaken, so broken, and so manipulated by the serpent’s weeds, that she could never return.

She IS Rising.  She IS Returning.  And she is already RISEN.  It is your NOW Consciousness that must activate, to join her.  To receive her 5D Frequencies that are here to empower your Soul Mission, to be the Unique Spark YOU Divinely Are.

You are here as a Living Collective of Source Energy.  Not all will innerstand this.  Yet.  But the Light will continue its work to wake up all beings at their Source.  At their Source Within, in the Seat of the Soul, right there in their Sacred Heart Center.  No one is any one else’s responsibility.  To fix.  Or to heal.  Outside of themselves.  The focus is YOU.  How are you rising to actively be the Divine Instrument that is called to Divine Service now?  How will you serve?  How will you commit at a higher quantum level to Serve Source?  To serve the Light?  To be the Light in your own Life so that you actually have fun along the way, while you consciously witness God dematerialize the old serpent ways, games, and structures, one by one, and simultaneously, all at once.

You are a Divine Soul Presence on this Earth.  The Song of God wishes to play through your Divine Instrument.  To play music, to sing music, what do you need?  Breath.  You always need Breath.  So, Breathe Quantumly Now.  Breathe Consciously Now.  Let Divine and Conscious Breathing be your first thought as your day begins and your last thought at the end of the day.  Express Gratitude for the Miracle of your Breath and your Divine Partnership with Creator Source.

Living this will seed your ability to take Conscious Action without Fear and with Full Faith, as more and more of the Ascension Process requires your Active Participation.

The Time for this Level of Conscious Breathing, Conscious Listening, and Conscious Action is Now.  The Time Is Now.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

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