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Arcturian Collective: July 2022 Energy Update - Intergalactic Independence

Arcturian Collective: July 2022 Energy Update - Intergalactic Independence

Intergalactic Independence & Emancipation:
Rising Tides, Tables Turning,
Epic Revelations & Remembrance, & An Emergence
of  The United People of Planet Earth Initiative

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Sacred Heart of Oneness & the All That Is.  This transmission today streams through in late June 2022 and prepares the way for July 2022’s epic unfoldment’s.  

The Tides Are Turning, dear ones.  God/Source/Creator is turning the tables that once turned against Him, and against the Heart of Humanity and the Heart of One.  These shifting tides and epic events unfolding and liberating this planet may feel like whirls and swirls of discomfort, unease, uncertainty, upending’s, and triggers in a variety of ways in your lives.  They also may feel to some like a welcome and refreshing breath of higher dimensional prana returning to this planet, to your lives, and to your expanding heart consciousness.  Those stormy energetic seas are here to shatter the old illusions and restore the Truth of Source Light, Source Love, and Source Unity in all of Creation again.  It IS Time for this Grand Reunion.  And to Weave that Extraordinary Union and Unity, the Wounds of Separation must rise first to the surface of Humanity’s Consciousness, so that they can heal.  In the rising of such wounds, a Way is being Made by Source to bring the Healing that every soul seeks at this time.  And that Great Healing?  Is Unity Consciousness.  It is Oneness Consciousness.  And it is Heart Consciousness of the Highest Caliber and Highest Vibration ever thought possible.  This is Returning to You.  Trust this, as the soul tests and global tests test this.  Through these tests of strength, faith, resilience, stamina, and more, a deep and primal Trust is emerging to allow God/Source/Creator/The All That Is Frequency back into your Hearts again, not just as individuals, but also as a Unified Collective receiving these Light Codes and the Knowing of your Divinity again.  This IS Happening.

So first, we invite you to Breathe In A Deep and Sacred Conscious Breath with us today.  And in that Conscious Breath, we invite you to fill it with frequencies of Sapphire Blue and Sacred Divine White Light, filling you with Grounding, Calming Energies and the Restorative Feeling that everything is unfolding perfectly as it needs to be, as it is divinely ordained to be, and as Source and Mother Earth require it to be.  With deep Divine Breaths like this each and every day, and with a deep consciousness of Wearing the Color Sapphire Blue these next few weeks and beyond, you can weather these Ascension Storms better and with greater faith and strength than you otherwise might have believed to be possible.  As you Breathe in this way, and as you tune into the Sacred Soul Colors of Sapphire Blue, know that you have every tool, resource, and divine connection you need to Rise with God’s Tides and to Triumph and Thrive in the Resetting, Reorienting, and Reuniting that is unfolding, throughout 2022’s Revelations, Disclosures, and Exposures.  In other words, you’ve got this.  You ARE this.  You came for this.  And are here to do, to be, and to embody this powerful energy in these times.

God’s Jubilee is here, and it is happening.  You are here to receive its restorations and its liberations.  Many, still unaware of this biblical timeline, will await the Waters of Revelations to arrive on their Shores, so that they can be more sure that these prophecies and stories foretold in sacred texts are in fact showing up as tests to stir in deeper feelings of an openness to Trust Source when they cannot see, when they cannot swim, when they cannot outrun what is unfolding, and when they must in fact look up and look within.  When all the storms of the horizontal linear 3D life and world they have occupied and inhabited for many, many lifetimes can offer no haven, no sanctuary, and no glimmer of Hope, Healing, Peace, or Truth, Trusting Source Becomes THE WAY.  And these folks who will rise in the Swirling Tides of the Ascension Storms will find their way to The Way because Trusting Source becomes the most Vital and Trusted Option.  It is what humans have prayed for for centuries.  And that time, is drawing near.  That time is at hand.  Every prayer is always answered.  And this big prayer, this Collective Human Prayer, to lead Humanity out of its Seas of Darkness and Separation Consciousness has been heard and heeded many times over the centuries.  But This Time, This Year, This Season, This Now Moment in 2022 is that Day and the Hour and Divine Unfoldment Coming Full Circle into Divine Fruition . . . where all things upside down and inside out and distorted in gnarly, twisted, serpentine ways . . . will be made right.  The Living Light is making things Right.  The Source Energy and Infinite Power of Creation within the Living Light is making things Right.  And you are living this now in your lifetime, to seed an entirely new era and age of Planetary Grace.  

But first, you will need your Arks.  Your Noah’s Arks, to be precise.  You will need all that Noah required and more.  For there are many more Noah’s on the earth now, than existed in his biblical day and time.  You will need your physical preparations for stormy weather.  You will need your families.  Your communities.  You will be called to exercise kindness and compassion, and humility in Ascension Leadership, Education, Transmutation, and your World’s Current Cycle of Ascension Alchemy.

You will need expanded vision in this 2022 Ascension Year Bridge and Timeline.  New perceptions will allow the seemingly impossible to become divinely possible.  You will be required to breathe in Prana, as the old 3D toxicity comes to the surface in the sewage of 3D exposures and disclosures, and the air may feel noxious as well as inadequate to support the Deep and Divine Changes required of all on planet earth in this Turning of the Tides Moment that is now deeply underway.  Your Breath.  Remember Your Breath.  It is Vital in Times like these.  It was vital in Noah’s Day, and it is ever more vital in yours.  So breathe deeply, breathe divinely, breathe faithfully, breathe humbly, and breathe openly, with as much heart and soul as you can muster.  All will be summoned to risk it all, to risk their fear of letting go of the Old Fear Matrix, and the Old Separation Guidelines for Human Behavior and Planetary Behavior, based on the ways of the serpent, but that were at least known, and previously trusted as the way of life on planet earth.  The Fear, The Ultimate Fear, will be of letting go of all that was once thought to be true . . . when people must face that most if not all of that was based on Upside Down Serpentine Coordinates in the False Illusion of God’s Creation that it created for so long.  A New Earth is emerging.  A New Earth is rising.  It will be a Gaia you recognize, and remember, if you simply allow your lenses of perception to relax long enough, and your lungs and physical body to breathe in deep enough, to experience her again.  She is a vibration.  She is a Knowing.  She is a heartbeat.  She is your Divine Mother, who has been largely shut out and shut down in your consciousnesses.  But she was always here.  And she is here again today.  

Ascension Is Remembering.  Ascension is Remembering Who You Are and where you come from.  You are a Cosmic Child of God and Gaia’s Sacred Union.  You are a Soul Essence and Presence of their Creation, in their Divine Union.  Their Consciousness never left you.  The veils of 3D enslavement and illusion made it too difficult to feel that while you each served time in this prison planet, in a deep state of mind-controlled submission and subservience to the 3D Matrix’s requirements and conditionings, and of course its propaganda that it had copious amounts of, to keep generation after generation under the 3D Sleeping Spell and Curse if you will, . . . until now.  

In 2022, God Says Enough.  In 2022, God Says, Its Time To Turn The Tables in my House.  In My Creation.  To let the Light of the All That Is to lead all life again.  It Is Time.

It is significant that in the United States of America, An Epic Independence Day Celebration will take place on July 4, 2022.  This is the July 4th Celebration, that in a way Trumpets the Victory Bells of this Nation’s Beginnings and its Foundational Core.  What was the United States Founded In and Upon?  God.  In God We Trust.  What were its founding ideals and principals?  Whether you are an American or not, these are Cosmic Ideals that are returning to your consciousness dear ones.  They are returning to your Collective Consciousness as well.  Look them up.  Seek them out.  Seek that Truth that we spoke of in the last transmission.  Become those Quantum Questers again.  If you hear our words and don’t know what we speak of in this message or any other, look them up.  Seek resources to supplement a deeper and deepening inner remembering of them.  Its not about understanding or standing under 3D games of governance.  It is about remembering your behavior and unity-informed actions, thoughts, words, and deeds.  This is all flooding back to your world in 2022 and beyond.  As you seek to remember, and seek to learn, more of the Living Light will return to your Sacred Heart Centers and make this journey much easier for you.  Those that resist Who They Are, and Where They Originated From, will struggle a little more.  But that struggle too will be purposeful, serving as a pillar and guideline to help them reacquaint with their inner Cosmic Map that knows only Due North to Source coordinates now.  

All Must Return to the Living Lamp of Divine Light again.  You may look around and consider that an impossibility right now.  But allow Source to do what Source does best.  Perform miracles at the highest levels.  Become Miracle Magnets in this time period.  Quantum Questing with Miracle Magnetism is a powerful combination that can assist you to surf these Tidal Waves of Quantum and Cosmic Change with greater ease and blessings.  Again, fighting Divine and Miraculous Magnetism is a futile process.  Why?  Because you all are a match to the Divine Magnetism that is summoning you to Sovereignty, Prosperity, Divinity, Joy, Unity, and a Divine State of Celestial Belonging in the Sentient World of Higher Celestial Consciousness.

Now is the Time where you are summoned to be That Which You Truly Are, and to release that which is built upon centuries of illusions.  That is why you might be witnessing things crumbling in your life or in your community, or in the world, more than ever.  That which is not Truth, that which is not Source Energy, Living Light, and Unity Consciousness Based and Backed, will cease to exist.  Its already happening.  

So we ask you, what do you see in your personal life and your “collective life” that is dematerializing in this way?  What “emancipations” do you see happening, in the form of upending’s?  Tide turnings?  Reversals?  The Laws of the Land in the United States of America for one.  Any laws that inverted, subverted, or subjugated the original foundations of this Country to a lower power, a lower frequency, distorted perceptions, and serpentine manipulations . . . are now crumbling.  The original design and blueprint of Source will rise in its place.  But that is not without confusion, high levels of emotions, attachments, etc. on the part of the people caught unaware of this Biblical Battle still unfolding, and the opening now to The Way back to Source and Unity Consciousness at this unique and epic time on your world.  A great deal of compassion is required for ALL SENTIENT LIFE experiencing the unfoldment’s.  For what is experienced by one of you, is at some level, experienced by ALL of You.  The Confusion of 1 Individual is a palpable confusion in the Collective One.  And so all are left to navigate shifting your thinking and your perceptions from the Survival of the Fitness (Deep Separation Consciousness Programming) to the Healing and Thriving of the Whole (Deep Unity Consciousness Liberation).  

This July 4th, 2022, ~ we invite you ~ wherever you live on this planet ~ whether in the United States or anywhere else in the world right now . . . to Tune into This God Nation, this Energy of One Nation Under God, which can be felt as either One Nation Protected and Guided By God or One Nation Led By God, God Frequencies, and Divine Unity Consciousness for the Highest Good of All.  The United States of America is what the founding fathers of this country knew to be a template for this Ascension Timeline, that it would be a Template of Divine Resurrection to Divine Ideals, Ways, Leadership, Transparency, and Unity in the world again. The United States of America is a Living Template for The United People of Planet Earth Initiative.  This is the Template for Unity Consciousness.  This is the Living Blueprint for the Laws of One to be restored again on Planet Earth.  And thus it is here that the greatest battles and the deepest Battleground is being fought for the Soul of Humanity, right now as we speak.  

Other Star Nations and Races know this is happening as well.  For they feel it.  What happens here, touches all life in the cosmos as well.  So, the United States of America is a Living Cosmic Blueprint not just for Americans, not just for Humanity Globally, but for All Sentient Life Intergalactically.  July 4th, 2022 is thusly not just a celebration of a document signed centuries ago by some men, in a time of turmoil on your world . . . an isolated incident with archaic values, and disconnected hearts then, governing disconnected hearts now.  The Declaration of Independence which led to the U.S. Constitution are Living Documents, Living Declarations, and Living Blueprints that have far reaching consequences and far reaching, multidimensional impacts on the universe as you know it.  

We say this to you on this 25th day of June as the world watches and witnesses’ recent unfoldment’s to restore the U.S. Constitution to its God Roots, that transcend wars and battles, distortions, and duality.  It is a living breathing frequency that is God Given, and Man Implemented through Divine Instruments of that Time . . . for This Time Now and The All Time Living Energy of this Timeless and Infinite Today that incorporates past, present, and future time as One Now, One Time, One People, and One Universe forevermore.  

Yes, things will crumble.  Yes, that is already happening now.  What is crumbling are false structures.  False creations of the Serpent and the Serpent’s Servants. Do not be attached to what you see failing and falling.  Instead, go within your heart center where you can feel your Divine Remembering’s.  Where you know the Oneness that All Things Are and Always Will Be.  And that is where you can glean strength when the tests of faith come surging into your experiences, your perceptions, your triggers, and your fears.  You will be tested.  Divine Freedom tests All Illusion.  It has been this way for centuries on your world, and it is this way in all worlds and universes.

Ascension, Oneness, and Wholeness are a choice.  They require participation.  They require growth.  They summon faith and fortitude, at levels many have not yet experienced.  But they will.  That time is here.  And more crumbling’s to usher in greater faith and fortitude are near.  

Crumbling’s can trigger deep and expansive fear.  Or they can summon great liberation.  In the duality game, the choice is yours.  Through which lenses will you choose to see?

During these next few weeks, we invite you to breathe.  We invite you to look inside yourself for your own Remembering’s.  We invite you to consider that part of your soul presence Knows that this is the map and the protocol for this Ascension Timeline on Planet Earth.  And within that remembering, you tucked away all of the soul skills, tools, and resources you would need, for this journey.  For this Great Turning of the Tides and this Great Turning of the Tables in God’s House!  

God is Turning the Tables on the serpent and its minions.  They will not win this battle with the Ultimate Creator of Creators.  They may be the last to know this.  They may already have an inkling the battle is already lost.  But many of them are programmed to fight to the end.  And so, they just might.  

But most of humanity, while many might still be quite confused as to the state of the world right now without higher perception (or 20/20 Clear Soul Sight) or biblical vision, is Love Centered.  Heart Centered.  Higher Dimensionally Oriented.  They just simply forgot, and the serpent has helped them remain in a state of perma-forgetfulness and spiritual amnesia all this time. Nothing can stop The Great Awakening of a Collective Humanity and Sentient World back to Love.  Nothing.  

So feel that frequency if you so choose this July 4th, 2022.  Celebrate THAT Independence Day.  This is an Intergalactic and Multidimensional Independence Day being honored and celebrated all throughout the Universe.  Not just in the USA or in the world today.  Think Bigger.  Breathe Bigger.  Faith Bigger.  Know Bigger.  Expanding your Soul Vision helps your experience of this process, immensely.  

And remember, you are not living this and journeying this alone. Spirit is here to help.  The Arcturian Collective is here to ground and inspire you along the way.  God and Gaia are Divine Parents empowering their children to step up, rise up, breathe up, and ascend up to the Higher Light Codes and Divine Sovereign Essence they always were.  

Listen to channels like this one if these frequencies inspire and uplift you.  Find others that support you in this journey too.  There is so much support for the Emancipation and Liberation of You and the Emancipation and Liberation of the Much Greater, Much More Expansive, and the Truly Infinite One that is embodied in the Living Frequencies of The All That Is and the Heart of One.

Welcome to The Great Awakening.  Welcome to the Intergalactic and Multidimensional Independence Day, celebrated more consciously now in 2022 by a Growing Collective of Souls, who are Rising and Remembering Who They Truly Are and their Role in the Re-Uniting of Sentient Life throughout the Globe and this Grand Universe.  

You are the brave epic hero and light warrior and star seed who came for these times.  

You are safe.  You are sovereign.  You are sentient.  

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
Enjoy additional inspiring messages and engaging podcasts via Marie’s new Whole Soul Mastery channels on Rumble.com, Minds.com, Gab.com, Telegram, Whole Soul Mastery’s website, and Buymeacoffee.com.

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