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Arcturian Collective - The Will Of The People Is Returning

Arcturian Collective - The Will Of The People Is Returning

October 2022 Energy Update

People Are Seeing Their Collusion With The Serpent’s Illusion
Choosing The Light of Union With Source Again

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council.  We come to you today through the frequencies of Sapphire Blue and Pure Divine White Light, as the Human Collective and this Entire Planet goes through more powerful upgrades and Ascension Symptoms in October 2022 and beyond.  

The Will of the People is being heard.  The cosmos hears it, the Earth Mother hears it, Divine Source Creator hears it, and more within Humanity as a Collective are hearing it.  Lion Energy and Eagle Energy are rising and taking their place in the Heart of Humanity and claiming Divine Sovereignty of the Earth from the powers that once long usurped the Christ-Sophia Sacred Union and Divine Garden of Eden Energies.  Bull, Boar, and the 5th Dimensional Divine Essence and Presence within each one of you stand with them to claim this too.  Nothing can stop this liberation unfolding.  Nothing can stop the unity that is unfolding.  And nothing can stop this epic Ascension, Renewal, and Rebuilding process that is unfolding. 

Noah rose in your conscious awareness dear ones in many recent transmissions, messaging your Inner Arks, your Inner Fortitude, and your Inner Faith required now in these transition times.  Let us now take a Deep Divine Breath In and feel the strength and faith of Noah, and other biblical timeline Avatars that you each can connect with through your Heart Centers, who rose in their day, in their time, and in their own ways to meet the challenges and transformations of the day.  Allow this Sacred Breath to flow to all of the places inside you that may be weary in the journey, and that may question the rightness of your present life experiences or the new life steps yet to be.  Feel this Conscious Breath flowing through your Light and your Life Force, reminding you of your own inner maps, your own inner sentience, to guide and lead you as you enter new terrain in Ascensionary Energies leading to a brand-New Earth birth.  

You aren’t designed at this time to know what is ahead.  The Grace in Growing in Leaps and Bounds in Ascension Timelines like this is to let go of the need to know.  And to allow a Sacred Being.  To allow a Sacred Knowing from within, that doesn’t know the details of all the New that is unfolding but that Knows All Is Well in the Highest Realms of Consciousness, seeding this realm with the Vibrational Frequencies . . . that makes All Is Well to be True for every sentient being on this planet.  If you Trust that All Is Well, and you have Faith that All Is Well, and you are willing to allow All To Be Well, then whatever is unfolding is part of this Grand Divine Orchestration to make it so that all is Holistically, Universally, and Christfully Well in your life experiences.  The deeper you can trust and allow All To Be Well, the quicker and more quantumly it can become your experience.  

What stops or prevents people from Trusting their Divine Sovereignty to manifest Healing, Wholeness, and All Being Well on your world today?  Fear.  Seeds of Great Fear, sown for lifetimes, on planet Earth, as the unnatural, synthetic, and dominant vibration on this planet for many, many millennia . . . since the fall of the Garden of Eden.  What do many people most fear?  Being deceived, manipulated, and entranced with deception, which leads to a whole host of behaviors, daily choices, and life experiences.  Its not so much trauma and pain that people most fear.  Its the deception in the illusion of the trauma and pain that actually mires people in the spell of the illusion more than the trauma and pain itself.  The trauma, pain, and suffering are merely expressions of the Deception that propels the Illusion.  But it is Deception through Seduction, Temptation, Distortion, Division, and Propaganda that imprisons so many on your world still today.  And thus, many fear waking up to the Deception that has run rampant in their Fields of Perception, limiting them, trapping them, and compelling them to behave in a way that is counterproductive and incongruent with their God Selves.  

People most fear what they do not want to see in 3D realms such as the Earth has been for millennia, because they do not want to see or to know how they have strayed from their original Divine Light Codes and their timeless Union in the Higher Realms with Source Creator. People most fear their own Divine Soul Sight for they would have to face the house of cards that the entire illusion they have been living for eons has been creating in perpetuity for as far back as their souls can remember.  For many people, they are trapped, they are limited, there is scarcity, there is pain and suffering, and there is no ark or hand of God that is going to usher them out of it. For many people, a sense of soul abandonment has been what they deep in their subconscious memories believe happened TO them, when the perception was inserted and in-serpented that God banished them from Eden as punishment for making the decision to eat the apple given to Adam and Eve by the Serpent. What if the Adams and Eves on this world adopted this self and soul abandonment themselves, as a way of mitigating or alleviating the pain of the original wound?  With the original wound being intense shame and pain that stems from believing they turned away from God in the first place?  

There is a sense of self chastising, self punishment, self, and soul abandonment, and hence Spiritual Amnesia as a way to cope with the intensity of that much reality and that much Truth surrounding most people’s greatest fears and most people’s deepest wounds.  And when souls turn away from God, and then they turn away from how they turn away, through a deeply embedded willingness to collude with the Serpent’s Grand Illusion and thus to collude with not expanding their Sacred Soul Sight, they accept the status quo that the pain and suffering in their personal lives and on this planet is the way God made it to be.  Some people suffer, some people lack the resources they need to survive, and God simply rewards some souls and not others, because the God that has been taught to humanity for thousands and thousands of years is the God that punishes his children for disobeying him and for aligning with the Serpent in a grand division and distortion of epic proportions.  

What if . . . there is a bigger picture?  What if God/Source/Creator knew that people would turn away as part of their Spiritual Evolution?  What if He knew that through a Collective Belief in Separation Consciousness . . . that humanity could create a very believable illusion with an externalized villain and an externalized controller . . . to experience ~ for a time ~ a sense of powerlessness to do anything about that?  

And what if God/Source/Creator knew that all people would return once that Grand Experience had run its course . . . to a Reintegration with their Divine and Timeless Soul Sight, where they would indeed revisit and re-learn choices made to separate themselves from God, to turn away from Truth to self medicate with divisions, judgements, distortions, and propaganda . . . that ultimately lead to the awakening and re-awakening of their Clear Soul Sight and Sovereign Power again?  What if this is the Time you are in fact Living In right now?

We believe that it is.  We believe humanity is on the cusp . . . of breaking a thick collective spell and pact or vow if you will . . . of or with Staying Asleep no matter what comes to awaken them.  We believe that more and more courageous souls are waking up and claiming a deep and divine awareness and knowing . . . that they can sleep no more.  Many courageous souls are rising up and remembering . . . there is Life and Light beyond this fear.  Beyond this smallness.  Beyond this collusion with the serpent’s illusion.  

Why does or did humanity need an external serpent to control them?  They needed the villain who would cause and catalyze their pain and separation, in order to have this kind of Separation Experience and Experiment over many years time.  Yet, here you are on the Precipice of Epic Change, where Multidimensional Avatars Are Awakening all over the planet, and where in that Great Awakening the Veils of Illusion now seem so silly, so ridiculously fraudulent, manipulated, and yet projected out to the world at large in completely theatrical and fraudulent ways . . . you are seeing things perhaps for the first time in a long time that you now see as quite absurd, defying logic, and betraying any divine sense or intuitive sense within.  

Clear Soul Sight is waking up.  YOU are waking up.  If you are here listening to a transmission like this, you are an Adam or Eve Awakening to the Truth of the Spell of the Serpent . . . and ultimately to the Truth of Eternal Love, Embrace, and Joy of the Divine Source Creator that has always been and always will be yours to receive and to experience. 

October 2022 is facilitating this Grand Awakening in Greater Ripples now, and in more robust revelations.  Red October is a Time of Illumination where the Crimson Energies of the Central Suns and Alchemy is possible for all souls who have turned their backs on God and turned their backs on their own Gifts of Sentient Sight, Knowing, Hearing, Seeing, Feeling, and Sensing.  

Awakening Requires Feeling.  Awakening Requires Healing.  Awakening Requires Clear Soul Sight to See with Higher Perception the Spells and Spellcasting that that Serpent engages in, to embody the External Villain that stole your life force, which took or thwarted or squashed your dreams, which sentenced you to eternal incarnational cycles to work for its agendas and its manipulations, and that keeps you isolated and separated from God/Source/Creator.  

Do you want to know the Greatest and
Most Simple Beauty of The Great Awakening?  

It is a Decision to Return to That Which You Always Were.
It is a Decision to Return to the Divinity You Are.  It is a Choice.
It is a Decision.  It is a Grand Return because you Choose It To Be.

And for those that do, choose, and decide To Return, what was easily edible, swallowable, and digestible like that ancient apple in the Garden of Eden so long ago . . . and that timelessly tempts, distorts, and divides Adams and Eves still now today, is a Freedom That Knows No Bounds.  It is a Prana that lives within each one of you and that can heal and restore all Light and all Life on this planet.  If only people will awaken and choose it for themselves.  If only people will awaken and decide to choose it for themselves, TODAY.

The Heat of Events Unfolding in October 2022 and in the remainder of this year is going to make everything UNREAL and everything ILLUSIONARY that much more UNREAL and that much more FAKE, FALSE, and ILLUSORY.  Yet this time, now in these times right now, more and more people see and know the fakery.  More and more people are seeing the Serpent’s Stage and Set Design falling apart.  The Cast and Crew of the shows are fumbling and faltering too, making the storyline and the narratives much harder to perform . . . in any believable way.  And thus, people will experience the crumbling narratives as increasing chaos and instability in your world . . . UNTIL THEY AWAKEN to the movie reel and theatrical performance they have been watching and that they have been supporting with their very own life force.  And it is those moments of Great EPIPHANIES and Great Awakening SOUL SIGHT that people pop up out of the spell they were previously deeply under, and they step up to take their place as A Re-Awakened Multidimensional Avatar that remembers . . . I can never be separate from God.  I Am a Divine Soul Presence and Spirit Soul without beginning and without end.  And no Serpent can wave its wand over me and my connection with God and my soul expressions unless I choose to allow it.  

And therein lies your freedom, dear ones.  Where do you give your power away to external sources?  Where do you give your power away to external villains?  The Serpent in this 3D matrix, its Luciferian Energy, is the ultimate “external villain” who has plagued humanity for eons of time.  But there are other ways people give their power away, in addition to acquiescing to the Serpent’s demands in this realm and illusion.  They give it away to jobs, to careers, to ego demands and judgements.  They live small and believe themselves to be very small and insignificant in Creation, and therefore unable to affect any kind of real, impactful, and lasting change.  They can give their power away to poor health, poor relationships, poor money management, etc. All are ways that they affirm to themselves their allegiance to the Serpent’s ways and to the Serpent’s world.  And by living this way, they affirm their choice to experience this side or aspect of Creation.  It is through your choices, your decisions, and your actions and beliefs that stem from those choices and allegiances that create your reality.  

Only now . . . the Whole of the 3D Reality has been called out by God/Source/Creator.  Those with eyes to see know this is what is happening, and it is happening much more prominently and grandly in 2022 than ever before in Human History.  So, God/Source/Creator knows the 3D Realm and Gig of Separation Consciousness, Suffering, and Division is up.  Its over.  And only the Truth of the Living Light, the Truth of the Living Oneness, and the Truth of the Living Christ Consciousness in all realms is returning to this planet.  For the Light of Truth to emerge into a collective planetary experience at this time ~ as the Leading Edge of Creation once more . . . the Shadow of Lies and Illusion must first flush into this story in epic theatrical and emotionally challenging plot twists and revelations.  All happenings now are playing out in large part to Wake A Sleeping Humanity Up, that is and has been under a Serpent Sleeping Curse for millennia.

Your invitation in our transmissions is simply this:  To Awaken With Grace and A Sense of Peace, Preparation, Protection, Love, and Faith in your hearts . . . or to Awaken with Fear and a Sense of Suffering, Confusion, and “The Sky Is Falling” type emotions and experiences.  A Brave and Glorious New Earth is rising and opening to each of you.  A Compassionate, Colorful, Expansive, and Cohesive New Earth is rising and offering itself to each of you.  And yet, choices still must be made as more of the Ascension Process and Ascension Theater plays out.  

Its only Theatrical and Cinematic until you CHOOSE UNION.  Until you CHOOSE WHAT IS REAL.  Until you CHOOSE Sovereignty, Unity, Christ, and Freedom Consciousness.  When the Choice is Made, to exit the Serpent’s Eden, and to Re-Enter God’s Divine Eden, your personal life wakes up.  Your soul wakes up and breathes, perhaps for the first time.  And . . . the entire world wakes up . . . because fewer and fewer souls are giving their vital and divine Life Force to the serpent . . . and to the illusions that an external serpent manifests and perpetrates.  So much so that it will soon cease to exist, when Humanity Decides as a Mass Consciousness Collective to make it so.  Source is leading the way to make it so.  Humanity is called now to Consciously Decide to Join this Divine Effort and Ascension Mission to make it so as well.

Your beliefs, your words, your emotions, your actions, and your feelings manifest your reality.  To be impeccable with your words, emotions, actions, beliefs, and feelings is to return by Conscious Choice and by Divine Decision Making to Union with Source.  And this is what Noah chose.  And decided.  And this is what other incredible Multidimensional Avatars chose and decided in their day.  They decided that Source/God/Creator and Source Creation were Number One in their daily choices, their daily habits, their vibrational awareness, and their sacred fortitude.

Ascension Is A Choice.  Change is inevitable.
But Ascension and Union with Source is a Conscious Decision and a Soul Choice.  

And thus, Freedom from the 3D Matrix is as well.  The Sky Can Be Falling but you can be in the New Earth Consciousness and in All Is Well Consciousness if you choose no matter what.  It takes discipline.  Yes.  It takes discernment, yes.  It requires the expansion of your soul vision and your sentient senses, yes.  

But nothing is more rewarding than unifying with the God Timeline again.  Nothing is more rewarding than unifying with the Heart of Source and God’s Vision for this Great Earth again.  Nothing!

The world may seem more lost, distorted, divided, and discordant than ever.  But with Faith in your Heart, and Source in your Breath, and Clear Soul Sight in your Inner Guidance System, you can navigate any storms and portal into your own unique timeline where with Source, where with conscious choice and empowering vibrational action steps . . . all is well and everything is possible . . . and the Living Light Leads Everything in All Ways, Always.

October 2022 will continue to shake up the serpent’s status quo of spell casting and thus the sleeper’s abilities to sleep. As has been said before, wake-y wake-y, or shake-y shake-y, and quake-y, quake-y!  Its time to rise with the Tides of New Earth Change and Ascensionary Consciousness Shifts.  Old world structures from the illusions will fall.  And fail.  People holding on to failing structures will experience more of the Great Quakening.  People deciding to let go and to trust guidance that portals them into Divine Truth, New Earth Foundations, and New Earth Creation, . . . will feel more ease and grace in the wildness of the Ascension Storms.

Source is here in you, with you, and for your Greatest and Highest Good.  Will you choose to emancipate yourself ever more fully and clearly, as more 3D debris ratchets up and more emotions do simultaneously?  

Fear is a choice. So is love.  So is grace.  So is peace and grounding and ease.

Choose well, dear ones.  Choose wisely, dear ones.  

Rise and Unite with the Multidimensional Avatar You Are, who is awakening exponentially in these times!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
Enjoy additional inspiring messages and engaging podcasts via Marie’s new Whole Soul Mastery channels on Rumble.com, Minds.com, Gab.com, Telegram, Whole Soul Mastery’s website, and Buymeacoffee.com.

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