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Arcturian Collective: Time for Oceans To Roar

Arcturian Collective: Time for Oceans To Roar

Revelations Of Illusions In The Truth & Truth In The Illusions.

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the celestial color hues of Sapphire Blue and Divine White Light.  In the Higher Dimensional Waves of Change, there are cascading Waves of Light that are illuminating your planet, your experiences, and your lives.

Freedom and Sovereignty are rising as these Tide Waters of Epic Change continue to raise the frequencies of your planet and attune the human instrument to vibrational resonance with harmony and the Oneness Hz.  There is a great surge of anticipation in the collective as to how planetary peace and harmony will be restored and revitalized.  What we wish to share with you today is that change of this proportion and scale happens largely in the realms of ether, and in Waves and Pulsations of Source Energy, creating the epic waves of unmistakable change in your daily lives.

And that is what you see now lapping up on your shores.  These Powerful Waves of Change are Divinely Orchestrated and Implemented Pulses and Pulsations that are restoring the original divine blueprints of harmony, well being, abundance, and grace on your world.  Now for those not believing this to be True, or unable to sense change at this vast and deep level actually occurring in any way, shape, or form right now, witness the resistance and the vocalness of many in long-held positions of leadership and governance, speaking out against the return to what once was ~ the very harmony and goodness and godliness of which we speak.  Witness the increase in the volume of the tide turnings, the shifts in the collective consciousness, and the over-turnings of previously inverted and subverted laws, that did not serve the Light of Unity Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, or the Laws of One in the Cosmos, but rather a much darker and more sinister energy.

Many have lost the ability to seek Truth within the layering’s of the propaganda and the mechanisms of control on your world.  Many have succumbed to being very short-sighted, or near-sighted if you will, in their lives today, and often, over the course of many lifetimes.  That spiritual myopia has allowed the fishbowl of human experience to perpetuate the consciousness that the fishbowl is a vast ocean of experience. When in Truth, the fish in that bowl somewhere deep inside . . . knows . . . that it is designed for so much more.  The tides turning in June, July, and August 2022 are seeding the liberation of many “caught or trapped fish,” who are either continuing to embrace the skewed lenses of perception that seeing through the glass of the fishbowl itself can manifest or who are sensing the rumblings of an impending tsunami of unleashed Truth and Revelations, but have no comprehension how to change or adapt to allow in that level of Truth into their lives, into their hearts, and into their very beingness.  And so they too continue to swim around and around that very same fishbowl, content to think small, because thinking BIG brings up too many unwanted feelings and emotions.

July 2022 is stirring the bowl.  It is shaking the tank if you will.  It is rumbling more and more pulsations of Truth, Light, Human Dignity, and Higher Awareness, at a frequency level, to create Pure and Positive Change.  The fish, if we continue with our metaphor, is you . . . each one of you . . . as well as the Collective Whole of You . . . is feeling the pulses and these impulses . . . and is being given an opportunity to tune in within to your own Divine Instrument . . . and listen for the sound and light codes that are cueing you to remember the Truth in these Waters of Illusion.  Do you remember the expression and inquiry about whether you are a drop in the ocean or the ocean in a drop?  The fish in their fishbowl is being summoned to feel into that higher awareness and muse, on a daily basis.  And what you will find is that more and more people are sensing and feeling the Truth in the Illusion, in ways the serpent and the serpent’s minions still find inconceivable, to this day.  In this Now moment.  So far into the illusion they are, that they cannot see their own gnarled and gnarly astigmatism and distorted lenses as well.

Thus in the turning of the tides, and the emerging liberation of many fish trapped in their 3D fishbowls, there is a growing awareness that the Illusion that was counted upon to be truth is in fact leaking, rumbling, crumbling, shaking, and failing.  There is a tremendous amount of Illusion in that truth.  And that is a tough gulp of Illusionary water to swallow.  Yet in the wisdom of Source, and Creation, instead of confronting the Illusion in the truth that most people are presently believing and embodying, and shocking people in the shake up of the only water that they can remember swimming in, . . . the dark and serpent infested water that they still believe is prana, is Source, is the Light of Creation, Light Rays of Illumination are simply expanding in the water.  Purifying it.  Cleansing it.  Clearing it.  And gently stirring those very waters so that the brackish, density in the deeper sediment and muck in the depths of that fish bowl, first begin to be cleansed with the Living Light of Source, at a level undetectable or subconscious to most in the human collective.  So the purification on this planet is already underway and has been underway for a very long time.

While the darkness thought it was thriving in the duality games it loves to employ, all the while, pulsations of Divine Light have been transmitting Pure Light Codes this whole time as well.  In 2022, and now in this season of June, July, and August of 2022, The Great Stirring and The Great Turning of those Tide Waters is powerfully and profoundly underway.  The Living Light is doing the work of the vibrational preparations of the Earth’s Expansive Fishbowl, and your very own Physical Human Body Temples, that are comprised mostly of water.  This is by design.

There is no where and no way to outrun this level of epic and extraordinary light.  This is the Living Light of Source and the Original Divine Creation that is simply permeating every crack and crevice on this planet and penetrating even the densest places and people on this planet.  To remain on Planet Earth, all life must yield to the Ascension Timeline’s Purifications.  And your physical nature, your divine nature in a physical body, is made up largely of water so that you can be these Conduits of the Living Light whenever it is divinely timed for you to remember and know yourselves as such!  And you are also comprised largely of water to be conductors of this Living Light yourselves . . . in the Great Turning of Tides . . . to serve as the very Instruments that facilitate and implement the ultimate flipping.  The ultimate resetting.  And the ultimate restoration of The Laws of One within you, to re-orient an entire planet to the Heart of Source again.

Thus, while there has been a lot of Illusion in the truth the serpent has propagated, propagandized, permeated, manipulated, and perpetrated for a very long time, in a realm of duality such as this 3D earth, there is also a lot of Truth in that very illusion, whose time has come to pour out and pour over the entire Earth, in perfect and precise Divine Right Timing.

Remember Noah?  And his ark?  Noah lived in a fishbowl timeline as well.  A very tight and destructive and dense timeline of human consciousness at that time, as well.  In the duality of this realm, a physical flood of epic storms and voluminous rains rained and reigned down on the earth, in a way that ultimately created a reset, a reorientation, and a rebuilding of the earth.

A New Rain is here now in 2022.  A New Reign is here in 2022 that is not about people lauding power over others.  It is a Divine Reign.  And a Divine Rain.  And that Divine Rain/Reign is flooding your world as we speak.  It has been for some time.  But it is more palpable now to many of you.  You can feel more of these tidal waves in your lives.  You can feel the ripple effects of the power in those waves.  This is not the false power you are accustomed to.  This is Real Power.  This is Epic Power.  This is Source Power. 

Water in smaller amounts, in gentle flows, and at certain temperatures can soothe, heal, and restore life and life force.  Water in larger or greater amounts can be destructive, turbulent, and stormy.  Water can also be cleansing and liberating.  And the waters you are about to experience as a collective, the Floods of Revelations and the Floods of Divine Clearing, maybe elements and aspects of all of those descriptions.

Those that can find their faith and fortitude will know from within . . . the inner guidance . . .. of how to flow in the floods of the Ascension Times, which you are all now in.  You will know how to move, how to see, how to breathe, and how to thrive even when the swirls of storms and cleansing seas are rising to a pitch and level that no human has ever seen.  When Source moves, Source MOVES.  And Source is on the move now, like never before.

You have been summoned to prepare your arks.  You have been guided to remember how to breathe.  You have been reminded of the difference between 3D oxygen and 5D divine prana.  You have been gifted bigger picture vision and perception through these messages through which to see the Truth within the murky waters and seas of vibrational soup that have been mentioned again and again in these transmissions.  You have Spiritual Sight.  You have Arks of Grace within you.  You hold the Keys to your own Ascension Process and thus the Vibrations of your own Liberation.

July 2022 will continue to usher in Intergalactic Liberation, Freedom, and Sovereignty in pulsations of Light Codes and World Happenings the likes of which have only been told in story books, in someone else’s biblical time.  These Codes?  These Light Codes, these Light Rods of God, and these Ascensionary Purification Codes?  Are here in Your lifetime.  They are here in 2022, and they are sweeping away all of the dark debris in the fishbowl of Humanity’s 3D Separation Experiment and Experience.

You are the Noahs of your Time.  All of You.  One and All.  There is no one on this planet that is not going to go through this Laser Purification, this Living Light Led Purification.  And the Bifurcation of your Worlds?  Will be woven back together, by this very Celestial, Cosmic, and Profound Light of Creation that only acts in Physical Realms of the Universe when it is divinely timed to do so.  And it IS time to do so.

The Earth’s imbalances are impacting the entire cosmos, this entire universe, and thus creating a wobble in the larger Creation so vast, and so impactful, that the Time of Restoration to the God Code and to the Original Divine Blueprint of Creation is at hand.

Yes, there are beings who will continue to get louder and louder, as they find themselves desperate to inject the serpent’s verbiage and the serpent’s propaganda into the fishbowls of consciousness that many live in on this planet at this time.  And yet, with the Divine Aid of Frequency Pulses of Light, Illuminating Truth within the Seas of Illusion, those serpent minions and servants will find themselves soon telling a tale that no one believes any more.  Because their injections of Illusion into the truth they are trying to sell . . . are exposing themselves.  And the truth they are trying to pass off as Truth with a capital T, that are in fact the serpent’s lies and distortions ultimately, will soon be so clear, and self evident, that no one will listen to them any more.  They will drown in their own sea of lies, and centuries old webs of deceit, seduction, myopia, and manipulation.

With Divine Transparency, with Divine Revelation, with Divine Strobe and Spotlights that can blanket the Earth by mere Divine Intention for the Highest and Greatest Good of All, humanity and all sentient life here and in the universe will experience an Act of God, or Acts of God, the likes that have not been seen in thousands of years.  But it will be experienced to be known.  For Faith is being restored in the Collective.  Alignment is being restored in the Collective.  Oneness is being restored in the Collective.  And you, the listener of this transmission, are being restored to your Divinity, your Dignity, and your Divine Sovereignty as we speak, as these Tides Turn in every corner of your planet and everywhere the Light touches.

Deception and the Great Deceivers do not like the Living Light.  That is why they are attempting to censor it every chance they get or every chance they can manipulate.  More are awakening to the mouthpieces of the censorship.  More are seeing more clearly who is holding the bullhorn to silence and suppress an Awakening Collective.

Those still playing the games in service to the serpent will find out that Oceans Roar.  And they will experience just how powerful Water can be, when it conducts the Truth of this Divine Creation, and when it exposes the Lies that spawned forever ago from the Serpent itself.

Never was the serpent ever going to dethrone and upend God, in the Grand Coup it had always planned.  God is not interfering with the Serpent’s Agendas to deceive itself about the victory it still may believe it can claim.  God does what God does best.  He brings the Light to all things, and allows Transparency, Truth, Higher Vibrational Awareness, and Divine Prana to Illuminate All Things, and allow the Truth of Transparency and the Living Divine Light to Reveal All That Ever Was.

And the Heart of What Will Ultimately Be Revealed?  Will be that you, each one of you, was only ever a Purity of Love, Compassion, Cooperation, Kindness, Abundance, Well Being, Light, and Joy. Out from underneath all of the Duality Games, all of the Dark Agendas, all of the Man-ipulations and Deceptions by the Serpent, you will remember and you will realize to embody Wholeheartedly Again ~ that you as a Divine Soul and Eternal Spark of the Godheart ~ can never be broken.  You can never be destroyed.  You can never be damaged.  Not when your Consciousness is awake to the Living Light in the ways we know Humanity will be.  In that New Light, in that New Frequency of a Loving, Giving, Harmonious, and Whole New Earth, you will know once again your perfect Light and your perfect Wholeness, that will live and thrive for many years to come, in the Purity of Creation and the Joy of Living, that God/Source/Creator is restoring for all of you once more.

Your work?  Is to be a Sacred, Awakened or Awakening Noah, now in your timeline.  To embrace Faith and Fortitude as your most important and most beautiful vibrations you embody and wear throughout your day, every day now.

The Waters are rising.  The Tides are Rising and Turning.  A Whole Planet is shifting.  There will be more things that rock the boat, or rock your ark(s), in July and the remainder of this year, and beyond.  But God’s Jubilee in 2022 is setting things right.  God’s Infinite and Eternal Faith and Knowing of the Living Light is setting things right.  That is the Level of Light touching your heart, this humanity, and this entire planet.  And it is Good.

See those vibrational and metaphorical fish in fishbowls around you.  You might see yourself in a fishbowl too.  Are you a drop in the ocean?  Or an ocean in a drop?  We invite you to consider truly living and knowing Who You Are as that entire ocean in a drop of water . . . and whether or not you would actually choose to live in a fishbowl if you were an entire ocean that can connect with infinite amounts of Light, Life Force, and Beings of Light all over the world!

You were never designed to play small.  You were not designed to see small.  You were not designed to live in a bowl.  Or a box.  Or anything less than the fullness of the Extraordinary that lives in your Divine Potential.

Ignite your inner curiosity.  Honor your soul’s knowings.  Allow yourself to expand to see a bigger picture than the one you see today.  Tomorrow, our picture will be ever more expanded by today’s picture.  And we are already more expanded by yesterday’s pictures.

You dear ones are growing in quantum leaps and bounds, as we speak.

You are remembering who you are.

To leave the fishbowl and embrace more of these Light Codes within your own unique Divine Instrument, all you have to do is say YES to that adventure.  Saying Yes To Source and to Divinity, and removing your consent and leakage of the energy you previously may have given to the Old Separation Spawned 3D Matrix, is a quantum leap in your daily awareness that you are choosing Life.  You are choosing Light.  You are choosing Unity.  And thus, you are choosing an Intergalactic Independence, Cooperation, and Epic Ascension in ways the mind cannot fathom.  But in ways that the Soul Presence in you already knows.

You knew you would be here, reading a transmission like this, at the Precipice of your own Ascension Rising.  And here you are, taking some last glances and glimpses of 3D Fishbowl Living.  For yourself and others.  You are reviewing with that majestic view and perception you now have, wow, what a journey.  And I made it.  I am here in the knowing of the Living Light that is blanketing the earth, and ushering in the Floods of Divine Light, Revelations, and Remembrance, that knows the Divinity in All Things once more.

You are here at the Precipice of Epic Earth Events and Miraculous God Moves and Movements.  You came to be here in this times.  And you ARE here in these times.  You are standing among and with The United People of Planet Earth Initiative.

Welcome back to the Leading Edge of Human Evolution, Divine Creation, Cosmic Reunion, and Soulful Realignment.

It IS Time!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
Enjoy additional inspiring messages and engaging podcasts via Marie’s new Whole Soul Mastery channels on Rumble.com, Minds.com, Gab.com, Telegram, Whole Soul Mastery’s website, and Buymeacoffee.com.

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