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Arcturian May Energy Update: Your Path to Ascension and Mastery

Arcturian May Energy Update: Your Path to Ascension and Mastery

May 2024 Energy Update

The Mid Way of Ascension:
You Are The Light of the World
You Are The Music of the Spheres
You Are Creators of Infinite Realms & Worlds
Inspirations for Navigating the Parted Red Sea 

Dear Ones,

It has been said that You Are The Light of the World.  And it has also been said that you are the Music of the Spheres.  And what we wish to say to you today is that you are Creators from Infinite Realms and Worlds and that you are Creators OF Infinite Realms and Worlds.  Many of you have forgotten this Truth about Who You Really Are, and these messages that stream through Higher Dimensional Frequencies of Light are here to spark your Remembrance of The True Timeless Divine Essence that You Are.

So let us take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In today, and remember Together, that we are each a Sacred Seed of the Divine Creator’s Pure and Perfect Consciousness, Heart, Love, and Light.  And as these Sacred Seeds, let us remember the music that shines within your Pure and Perfect Conscious Breathing, that is available to you Each and Every Single Day, 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days Per Year.  You are Creators of the One True Divine Creator in every breath.  In every soul inspired intention. And in every conscious and connected partnership with Source, with the Living Christ Light, and with the Sacred Mother.  The Living Breath is the Nectar and Life Force of Source, that breathes Light into your most cherished Creations.  It Breathes Life into the Parts of you still carrying wounds and tethers to the old matrix, that know they want to let go, but sometimes are unsure of how to simply release them and let them go.  This level of Conscious Breathing heals planets, worlds, and universes.  And it can surely heal you, if you will allow it too.

So let us Breathe in a Conscious Breath deep into your lungs, your spirit, your soul essence, and your cells, and allow this magical divine prana to release anything that your higher dimensional consciousness no longer wants to carry around in any aspect of you, in any energy field, and in any part of your consciousness.  Feel this Conscious Breath in your lungs, and hold it to a count of 3, 4, 5, or whatever number is most comfortable for you.  As you hold that breath to this Sacred Number Count, feel it reaching deep within you and clearing away any debris from any karmic wounding in all timelines in this 3D time space dimension and illusion.  Feel the Power of God’s Prana loving you, healing you, resetting you, and reorienting to you to what is Perfect, Whole, and Divine In You.  And that nothing else less than your perfect Divinity needs to remain within you. As you release your Conscious Breath to a matching number count to how long you held the inbreath, see your cells, your light, your soul, and your consciousness receive exponential blessings in this Now moment of release, for the courage and consciousness it takes to release density in this way.   Breathe a few more conscious breaths in in this manner, hold this inbreath again and see it clearing away debris from 3D wound tethers from the old paradigm, reaching deep within you, and then breathing out all of that energy to be cleansed by Pure Source Light and Love with the Perfection of God’s Heart and Timeline, where no pain, shame, regret, illness, doubt, darkness, etc. can exist.  You are the Breather of Your Divine and Sacred Freedom.  You are the Breather of Your Divine Perfection.  Breathe in this way as often as you need to, to reset your entire energy field to the Codes of Light, Truth, Joy, and Perfection you are.

Planet Earth is in an Epic State of Shifts and Ascensionary Upgrades.  God is summoning all Divine Instruments who know how to breathe the Light of Source into every day happenings as well as bigger planetary events as well.  God’s Wind Instruments are assembling and hearing the Higher Call to Breathe New Light, New Life, and God’s Plans for Humanity and for Planet Earth into being.  And you are here listening to a message like this as a Witness to this Ascensionary Calling and as a Conduit of this Ascensionary Calling.  Both are vital to the shifts unfolding.  For Ascensionary Conduits and Instruments are indeed changing this world, simply by breathing new light codes into it, consciously, every day.

There are many themes and streams of energy around Time Travel, Multidimensionality, Star Races, and the ability to Quantumly and Sentiently Perceive beyond the physical 5 Senses.  You may notice this in the shows you can watch, the conversations you may be having, and the inner life experiences you are increasingly aware of.  What if each of you is activating on levels you previously couldn’t imagine?  What if each of you is the Radiant Star Essence of God, the Unity Star if you will, of this time and timeline?  What if you have abilities to perceive beyond what your 3D human essence has been able to perceive for lifetimes upon lifetimes here on the karmic wheels of incarnation and re-incarnation?  What if all of that awaits your discovery this year and in the years ahead, this decade and beyond?

What if you are here in this realm as a Creator and Builder of what is New and True, as the old structures continue to crumble, one by one, and perhaps at some point, all at once?  This May 2024, and in the foreseeable soul journeying forward that you know you are here to do, embrace, be, and rise up and through, higher consciousness in one and all of you is seeking its True Source.  Its Due North. It’s Union with the Divine.  To anchor the Light, Life Force, and Prana of the Great Mother in all you feel, say, know, and do.  You are the alchemizers of 3D air into Divine Prana and Creation again.  You are the change makers, the dreamers, the transcenders, and the Greatest Blessings in all of the Cosmos.  For you are alchemizing darkness into Light.  And toxicity into Pure Life Force and Life Breath again.

While the Awakening Process well underway is unique and individual, it is also universal.  And that Universality of Planetary Awakening will go a long way in supporting new projects, new ways of living and breathing and being, and new ways of embodying Divine Life Force and Divine Visions for a New Earth.

You are those Dreamers.  You are those Seeders.  You are those Visionaries of Truth, Light, Grace, Peace, Ease, and Joy!

It is the 3D illusion’s struggle as it falls further and further into decay and dematerialization that causes pain and struggle to the human ego. It is not God’s Timeline and Source Prana that is in pain and suffering.

Humanity is in the Mid Way.  The In Between Times, as has been mentioned.  And it is as if you are in the Middle of the Parted Red Sea, that Source is holding open for you in your timeline, here now, today.  The Waters are held at Bay through Divine Source Hands, for your safe passage.  And yet the sand beneath your feet (previously the “sea floor” before this grand adventure) is dry and strong, supporting your journey from one timeline into a whole new one.  There are moments when you look at the swirling waves on both sides of you, and wonder how is this even possible?  How am I chosen to walk this path, to the Higher Light at the end of the Red Sea of My Timeline?  There are moments you might look back at the path you have already traveled and have doubts about moving forward into this new life, that promises only Light, without greater detail?

Can you turn back?  No.  You know this is not the answer.  Tempting as that idea might be, on some of the harder days.  The Known world is solely an Illusionary World.  So the temptation coming from the Ego, that through contracts with the Serpent’s Illusions feels this way, knows then that what is Known is Only an Illusion.  And that what is real . . . is what is calling to you now, even if what is real is what temporarily feels to be what is unknown to you.  It is an extraordinary place to be, living in the Mid Way and the Mid Point Between the Worlds.  Those on the Path of Ascension, who are anywhere on that Path of Ascension right now, know that they cannot turn back.  For the old world is day by day eroding and ceasing to exist.  And soon, in your lifetimes, you will see that as the old world ceases to exist, by becoming vapor, and faint memories of what once was, . . . the Truth of God’s Timeline was here the Whole Time.  It existed under cataclysmic events that covered up God’s Story, God’s Timeline for all of God’s Children. And it has also existed energetically.  In the Ethers of the Truest Believers.  The Truest Knowers, shall we say.

May 2024 and beyond are all about Courage.  Christ Consciousness Centered Courage.  Moses Consciousness Centered Courage.  Noah Consciousness Centered Courage.  It is a Knowing Beyond All Circumstances.  It is a Knowing Beyond All Temptations to flee and to run from what is yours to do.  It is Otherworldly Courage and Faith, that can only be fortified, truly FORTIFIED, though the Breath.  Through Conscious Breathing.

It requires Courage to see beyond the Veils of Illusions, when most around you don’t dare to look.  And now in the 2020’s, it requires Courage and Faith to not only LOOK behind those curtains but to step beyond them.  The Terrain in God’s World is first a feeling.  Then a physical reality. To step into God’s Kingdom, Timeline, and Realm ~ conscious souls, awakened souls such as yourselves, you must travel first sentiently, through your feelings, to know and perceive the inner map that is being laid out before you, through Clear Soul Sight that comes from Conscious Breathing.  It is in Conscious Breathing that the Inner Lanterns of Source alight, and how what was once dark and uncertain, becomes the most glorious, riches laden, miraculous adventure and experience of a lifetime.

This is where many of you are now.  You are in the Mid Way between enslavement with your Modern Day Pharaohs and the New Light of God’s Timeline, inviting you forward.  And yet you must choose Faithing Forward.  You must choose to keep putting one foot in front of the other, feeling on the inside that this is the Pathway to Deeper Wealth, Well Being, and Union with All That Is Divine.

Many around you cannot see the Current Red Sea that is Parted.  Their Spiritual Eyes and Clear Soul Sight are not yet that developed to be able to see it.  But you can.  And this is what we will draw attention to today.  For as you journey, the further away you get from the 3D shores of pharaoh-enslavement timelines, the greater uncertainty the more human aspects of you feel, trigger, and become.  And yet as you step into the choice to keep moving forward despite the uncertainty of what is ahead, and with the clarity of the certainty of the decrepitness of your old life, more of your spiritual vision awakens, and thus more of your physical spiritual gifts become increasingly felt and known to you.

You have to let go of the 3D Shore to access and achieve union with the 5D+ Sure, and assurance from God that you are on your way Home.  In the Breath, when breathed Consciously, you ARE Home.  Home IS The Breath. Truth Is The Breath.  Source/God/Creator Is The Breath.  And that is who and what is breathing you, when you can’t see.  When you have doubts.  When you are weary.  God/Source/Creator is that very Life Force that is your lantern, your compass, and your map that you can know from within, when you can’t otherwise see in the 3D version of your story.  Only 5D vision can see your conscious soul steps walking in God’s True Timeline.  Where You Never Actually Left Source at all.  You just day dreamed your way for a bit, into a 3D intense and dark illusion, that made you think you had fallen from grace.  Now is the time to awaken from that painful day dream and allow yourself to be Source Led, Source Guided, and Source Informed as you continue on in this Grand Awakening Journey, from the Mid Point Forward.

There are others of you also in the Mid Way Journey.  You will find each other along the Path of Faith, Courage, and Fortitude, each having to trust the Light Within to Guide you Home to the Land of Light, Joy, Ease, and Plenty, and out of the Pharoah-ian Era of Soul Enslavement, Pervasive Lack and Scarcity, and Spiritual Famines.  You reside in the Feeling Within of God’s Plenty and God’s Guidance, even if and even when you feel triggered by what you can see, all around you, and in the Shores of Illusion and Uncertainty, that are still pretty clear and crisp in your memories as possible timelines to empower and embody.

The Ascension Path requires Inner Soul Sight.  It requires Inner Sentient Sight.  The only way to travel out of the Shores of 3D Illusions and Uncertainty into God’s Timeline Again is with and through ever increasing willingness to Listen Within to the Still, Small, Subtle Yet Clear Divine and Perfect Essence of God, guiding your every knowing, step, awareness, and faith. 

Tune your Divine Wind Instrument to the Sacred Soul Breath of God.  Attune your Living Christed Consciousness to the Map of Sovereignty, Multidimensional Soul Sight, and Sentient Mastery that you have always had within you.  Whole Soul Mastery lives within you.  It lives within your Faith, Your Sentience, Your Trust, and your Alignment and Attunement with Source.  And this attunement and alignment are augmented and fortified with Sacred Soul Songs. These are the songs that will help you to breathe your Light and Life Force through your Sacred Holy Vessel, to see when others around you can’t see, the pathway back to Source Within, in every single breath.

Conscious Breathing and Divine Soul Songs are key elements in the Return of Many Sacred Souls from the 3D Illusionary Realm to the 5D New Earth that is levels of Higher Consciousness beyond the illusion you are now leaving.  Sing your attunements.  Sound your attunements.  Breathe your attunements.  And continue to walk through the Mid Way of your Ascension Process, going the distance, not alone.  But with Source in your Heart, in your Breath, and connecting with other Sacred Souls listening to the Power of the Breath in their instrument, guiding them on the Ascension Path Home with you.

You might call these Soul Groups.  You might call these Soul Tribes.  You might call these people in your life Soul Family.  And all will be True.  For they are the frequencies of Souls Returning to Sentience and Conscious Breathing to find the answers to every ascension challenge any of you might be facing at any point.  And these are the souls that remember that everything you need is within you.  From your vibrational awareness of knowing that all needs are met by Source/God/Creator who strengthens, fortifies, and blesses you, you are aligning with other souls ready to activate their Super Powers, their Majestic Multidimensional Gifts, through Union with Source in these ways too.

And Together ~ Together . . . you are Paving the Way for more Awakening Souls to follow and find their own ways through the Mid Point of this Ascension Process, when it is time for them to do so. Just as others paved the way for where your feet walk and stand right here and now, On the Path of Courage, Faith, Fortitude, Conscious Breathing, and Multidimensional Ascension.

You are God’s Sacred Seed, and Divine Wind Instrument, sounding the Light of God’s True Timeline in every breath.  Creating Music of the Spheres and Illuminating a Pathway for you to continue to Faith Forward, no matter anything that is going on in the 3D illusions of your lives.  God’s World and Timeline is Clear.  God/Source/Creator’s Love for you is Perfect and Clear.  And as you continue to listen to higher dimensional callings to let go of those 3D illusory shores, and to embrace God’s spirit and grace in your every breath, you are more committedly journeying Home to Source, on the other side of that Biblical Red Sea, where everything you ever desired to experience and create awaits you, from the inside out.

The New 5D Earth is a Frequency.  It is an Alignment.  It is a Sentient Creationary Code and Higher Frequencied Structure.  As Terry Cole Whittaker states, Agreement Is Reality.

When you take these breaths, and take these sentient steps, to Agree with God’s Timeline and to Be God’s Wind Instrument, the Path to the New 5D Earth will be what you are walking.  And the ease and grace of your arrival will be Sentiently Assured.

That is a Faith and Fortitude and Ascension Journey Story many are ready to hear, and we will continue this conversation in subsequent messages throughout 2024.

So journey forward and focus forward in Faith.  Know your map is within.  As is your Divine Lantern.  You have it all.  Embrace it and trust your Clear Soul Sight to guide you past the triggers and tethers of the 3D Illusions calls and beckoning’s, and into the Light of Divine Wealth, Health, Joy, and Expansion.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
Enjoy additional inspiring messages and engaging podcasts via Marie’s new Whole Soul Mastery channels on Rumble.com, Minds.com, Gab.com, Telegram, Whole Soul Mastery’s website, and Buymeacoffee.com.

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