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The Arcturian Collective: February 2022 Energy Update: When Shadows Come Dancing

The Arcturian Collective: February 2022 Energy Update: When Shadows Come Dancing

The Living Light & Divine Awareness Usher In The Great Awakening.

Releasing False Stories, Adams & Eves Rising,
Revelations, and Integrations:

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, God/Source/Creator, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through Arcturian Blue frequencies today to center humanity in the Light of the All That Is and the Light of the Glorious Ascension Process well underway on your world at this time.  

January 2022 is a powerful anchor card and grounding frequency for the remainder of this powerful year ahead. 2022 is a year of change, metamorphosis, mastering your own inner alchemy as you ride these waves of immense and epic change, and returning to the lived embodiment of being your Quantum and Divine Nature in form during this shift of the ages all are experiencing.  So to start off our deeper divine connections in this transmission today, let us first take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In.  

It is good to start any endeavor in life with a Conscious Breath and with the intention of Conscious Union with Source Energy and the Energy of Divine Creation.  We invite you to imagine yourselves breathing any color or colors that would particularly support you through the transition from January to February 2022’s frequencies and in any transition in your life where you are moving from one state and into another in a very quantum and expansive way.  Change and Ascension will be themes of this entire year, and what is very True for all of you is that you do deeply know what is yet ahead and yet to be experienced while at the same time you feel as if you do not know these things as well.  You are perfectly in the Timeline of Knowing The Unknown Within Yourselves, which means you have lying deep within you the activation codes to bring your Ultimate Knowings online and into your conscious awareness now in these times.  

Conscious Breathing and summoning Divine Color Codes to participate in this activation process ever deeper now in these times is a profound soul skill and tool that you have . . . to breathe within . . . all that you DO already know about what is unfolding in these times.  And as you breathe this sovereignty, this divinity, and this Comfortable Knowing Within, Know that you are simply inviting forth a bigger, deeper, and more intimate sense of your Soul Essence and Soul Presence to merge with your conscious awareness and to help you bridge any gaps between the Known Infinite World within you and the Unknown Energy of the 3D feeling of not being quite integrated and whole yet like your Avatar or Sacred Divine Essence knows itself to already be.  The chasm you are bridging the most then dear ones . . . is the one within yourselves.  So in one more deep divine breath in, allow yourself to know yourself as One Who Knows AND One Who Is Still Integrating and Discovering.  

For when you allow both of those consciousnesses within you, you allow the Allness of you without having to deny any aspects of you that aren’t quite yet up to speed with these integrated understandings.  And in this way, no part of you is left behind.  All of you can rise and be more of the Essence of Who You Truly Are, even if that is not consciously known to you yet.  Your Conscious Breathing helps you to know it energetically even if your mind must still get reacquainted with these higher frequencies overall.  

Isn’t that a wonderful place to be in?  The place of Knowing and yet still Discovering?  Can you see the benefit of Benevolent Polarity beginning to seed and grow its Garden of Eden Frequencies inside you?  You can be fully immersed in the energy of Knowing Deeply Your Soul’s Vast Awareness . . . and at the same time . . . you can be fully immersed in the allowing of that which you feel you do not yet know.  A seeming paradox that if used properly in these times . . . can be a fuel source to help your Inner Light Codes to merge ever more deeply with the 3D, 4D, and 5D aspects of Who You Are.  

As we ride these frequencies of Knowing and Not Knowing, we wish to spotlight for you the Energies of Shadow and Light dancing in your heart’s awareness and higher consciousness in the month of February 2022.  For the more the Light dances and infuses the energies of your world again with Original Creationary Tones and Spectrums of Light to facilitate The Great Awakening, the more shadow must in turn dance its way to the surface of humanity’s consciousness.  One summons the other in a God-backed, God-led Creation, which the beautiful Earth planet truly is.  So the more the Light dances, and the more that Alchemical Fire heats up the changes in store for this world, the more the shadow elements of the serpent matrix are literally compelled to come out of the shadows and parade their energies and agendas for all to see.  For you see, in the old separation cycle, the Serpent thrived in suppressing this very same Living Light, and thus this is how it succeeded in tempting first the Adam and Eve of your collective, biblical, and ancestral parentage.  And then, once that grand temptation and seduction process was achieved, it continued its path of suppressing the Living Light and finding more and more caves and caverns of darkness through which to hide and manifest into this world from behind its curtains and covers of darkness and shadow so that few would suspect or have the vision to see that it was ever even really there.  The age of shadows thriving has come to a close.  And now at the portal of The Age of Aquarius and The Age of Full Sunlight Shining throughout another 1000 years of Divine Peace and Harmony on your world, humanity will come to know the blessings of living in the Light in holistic ways again.

How does this benefit each of you, right here and right now?  The ingredients of any project will be shared for all to see.  This is True of food ingredients on your product packaging at the stores or in farmer’s markets.  This is True of any products designed for animal, elemental, or human consumption.  The serpent conditioned many of you to believe that ingredients were of no consequence.  The serpent wove tales that ingredient lists, and transparency is something so insignificant that you needn’t be bothered knowing what they were, now or any point indefinitely in the future.  Now can you see how that would serve the serpent’s agendas for controlling humanity from behind secret or well-hidden curtains?  And can you see how that is not at all in accordance with The Laws of One, the Harmony of the One, and the Greatest Good of the One?  Once more, you have the contrast between the shadowy intentions and hidden agendas of the Serpent’s Games and the Truly Transparent Illuminations and Orchestrations of the Seasons and Cycles of Source Energy and God Timelines.  

When shadows come dancing, and the serpent’s lists of ingredients in any and all of its manipulated manifestations, know that it is only through the Truest, Purest Light and Transparency that humanity will heal its deepest and darkest wounds.  Ingredient lists are an obvious part of The Great Awakening, and that is why we have spotlighted the Ultimate Baker who is leading this Incredible Weaving Process, to lead all souls back to the Garden of Eden from which you came.  We invite you to get a little more curious about the ingredients of your own lives, that fill your days, your work, your joys, your sorrows, your knowns, and your unknowns.  Where can the Light stand to dance a little more with the elements of your being-ness . . . that still remain somewhat hidden to you?  Where is the shadow attempting to rise in your conscious awareness of traits that you have or express that you really aren’t very comfortable with or that you would prefer would stay hidden to you and others?  Transparency has a way of healing shadow fears and discomforts, just like it has a way of empowering New Light and Greater Soul Expression on your world today.

Do you believe that Adam and Eve wanted their choices to be shared and seen by the whole world?  At one point, the answer to that was a very clear and resounding no.  But do you want to know another Truth about your physical and biblical parents of humanity on this world?  They have grown over time in Spirit to understand that it all must be known to humanity again.  For only in the disclosures and exposures, can the serpent . . . who tempted them into manifesting this dark world in the first place . . . be exposed for the Luciferian and very dark and demonic energy it is.  The serpent puts Adam and Eve out there for their choices, to be judged and shamed over time, again and again.  While it comfortably hides behind its curtains, and so well insulated by its trained minions and puppets who do its bidding.  In this way, the Serpent has had a kind of Invisibility Clause or Cloak, and it has had an Immunity Clause, shielded by its own 3D structures and contracts such that few if any could catch up with its gnarly and evil plots and agendas all this time.

But guess what happens when Adam and Eve are willing to be fully transparent about their temptations and choices that led to this whole 3D mess of separation consciousness in the first place?  They are liberated.  Their children are liberated.  And the planet as a whole is liberated too.  That requires a great deal of courage.  It requires a deep willingness to live and express their Light through the Alchemical Heat and Transparent Divine Living Light of Source Energy and the Eternal Laws of One.  

And as they step up as a rising consciousness on planet earth to support this exploration, this transparency of prior Biblical happenings and unfoldment’s, and these revelations, they also rise to receive God’s Grace and Source’s Good Graces again.  And this means that A Greater Grace is rising to meet and embrace all of you!  So that a more True Story of your Divinity Codes and Divine Beginnings can be True again for all of you.  This means that there is a time coming in the Risen Light of True Transparency, Revelations, and Christ Consciousness . . . that humanity will not need to bear the burden of their “Creation Story” as sinners of God’s Perfect Garden and having been cast out of that Glorious Garden.  

And do you know what else this means?  It means that all are welcome again in God’s Great Garden.  It means all are summoned to re-meet themselves unburdened by former costumes, former family lineages of pain and suffering for one reason or another, and former stories of being offspring of the original sinners, who never seemed to be able to get it right because it had gone so biblically wrong so long ago.

The serpent would have humanity to believe they were the problem all this time.  That they were inherently flawed all this time.  That they were fatally flawed all this time, doomed to a forever mixture of good and bad karma, of which they could never escape or clear fully.  What a perfect projection that has been, hasn’t it?  And oh how humanity has received, received, and received it?  Because they have been deceived, deceived, and deceived about it.  Because Adam was Dis-Adamed so long ago, and Eve was Dis-Eved so long ago, believing themselves to be deserving of banishment from God’s Garden and The Garden’s Perfect Embrace, and Source’s Original Laws of One and Laws of Harmony in Creation.  

What if part of The Great Awakening is laying down those burdens?  What if part of The Great Awakening and The Great Return is ushering in a new consciousness about yourselves?  As being worthy of Wholeness, Oneness, Prosperity, Divine Talents and Gifts, True Love, and Profound Joy again?  

What if eternal damnation is not the forecast and foreshadowed messages for humanity?  Why in fact is eternal hardship, punishment, penance, etc. painted into religion, in these fore-casted ways?  Cast as in cast and crew of a grand theatre?  Being performed in perpetual motion upon planet earth?  And fore-shadowing’s that predict endless roles and experiences of darkness, struggle, labor, and suffering?  

In realms of duality such as this one, why is there not fore-Truth and fore-Light if there are also fore-casts and fore-shadowing’s?  Maybe its time for those with Clear Soul Sight to spend more time Fore-Truthing and Fore-Lighting a New Pathway forward for humanity and all sentient life here?

What if you each and all truly are the authors of this New Earth Experience?  With Simple Garden of Eden or Kindergarten or Kinder-Garden rules or guidelines for behavior.  What if the basic rules are those that align with the Original Laws of One and the Laws of Harmony and Unity in the Cosmos?  What if Kindness, Cooperation, Collaboration, Sharing, Caring, Shining, Helping, Loving, and Appreciating each other are the keys to Source’s Kingdom that does appear to be opening to Humanity more and more, for those with eyes to see?

What if all of the shaming and blaming of Adam and Eve as Humanity’s Original Story of itself had the slant and foreshadowing’s of a Serpent’s Tale of Humanity instead of the Truth that God/Source/Creator never stopped loving His children for their misguided ways?  What if a time is coming in each and all of you where those who are God-people, those who are Unity Consciousness Aligned People, those who are Heart Centered People . . . decide to consciously tell A New Story of Humanity?  Would you need a new media platform?  We believe so.  Would you need new visual tales of Divine Inspiration that reveal a cooperative humanity solving every day problems and innovating new creations for the betterment of all?  Yes.  We believe so. 

As God/Source/Creator “rights this ship” so to speak and reveals the corrupted ingredients of the old world in order to usher in the new ingredients that were always divine gifts to humanity this whole time, new jobs, new roles, new ways of being leaders, new innovations, and new ways of healing and knowing yourselves as Whole Divine Souls and Extraordinarily Talented Beings will be emerging to fill a world with Truth, Light, Goodness, and Wholeness again!

Are you ready?  Do you hear the calls to something new?  Do you hear a summoning within to take a look at the shadows you have carried, believing them to be parcels of the original Adam and Eve story and Creation Story, that was yours to carry?  So that you can, once seen, lay them down and surrender them back to the Heart of Source, who has the Ultimate Baker’s Oven, that is designed to alchemize these lower vibrational energy parcels that were never part of God’s Highest Vision for His children, for the people, and for all life forms on this planet!

2022 will give you an opportunity to take a good long look at the webs, dark caves, hidden agendas, and nefarious storylines that the serpent has told to humanity about humanity for a VERY long time.  February will usher in more awakening seeds, torches, and flashlights if you will into this dark garden of the 3D matrix to help more people find their way out of the Serpent’s Jungle and Games of Duality, Distortions, and Lies.  February will also usher in the Light that wants to dance in your hearts again.  It will usher in the Lighter Versions and Aspects of you that are your Gifts.  Your Talents.  And your deepest Truths, beyond the stories of illusion and the pain of duality that you have lived for lifetimes, that aren’t really your True Story.  They aren’t really your True Energy.  And they aren’t really Your True Destination in God’s Ultimate Creation.

All of this was merely a wild descension in consciousness that made it appear real, feel real, and become more entanglingly believably surreal.  So that you could no longer tell the difference between God’s Divine Truths and Creation and the Serpent’s Coup and Stolen Creation.  If the Serpent is the Ultimate Narcissist, it also is the Ultimate Pirate, Plagiarizer, and Propagandist.  And under its rule, its deceptions, and its penmanship of countless false and fake contracts and debt instruments, it has made the illusion feel very real and very painful for a very long time.

But if all of its contracts were fake, phony, false, and grand illusions the whole time, with no real credence or credibility in God’s Creation in the first place, are any of those contracts True?  We want you to think about that for a while this month.  Is it possible that student loan debt is a figment and manifestation of the serpent’s games?  Is it possible that mortgage debt is another figment and manifestation of the serpent’s games?  Is it possible that karmic debt, a very insidious and through time kind of debt, is also a figment and manifestation of a slippery serpent that is not actually True in God’s World or God’s Creation?  How can humanity dis-entangle itself from the plagues of endless debt and suffering, created by the biblical or Luciferian serpent’s hands and its trained minions? 

It begins with AWARENESS.  It begins with Higher Awareness and learning how to NOT consent to such games any longer.  It begins with more and more and more of you awakening to the Truth of these paper trails of endless debt instruments, where you have believed you would never be free of them.

And it begins with compassion for the Adam and Eve Energies inside you that desire and need now your full forgiveness of them and their consciousness inside you.  Perhaps the first act of not consenting to the Serpent’s demands is not judging yourselves and your brothers and sisters who have God/Source/Creation/and Divine Life Force deep in their hearts and intentions for their lives.  And perhaps releasing the behavioral patterns of needing to blame and shame each other for the ultimate conspiracy that imprisoned an entire planet . . . that all began with the Luciferian Serpent and its off-planet energies that sought to steal God’s Resources, Children, and Reign of Light for itself!

Perhaps the Tides are Turning where the Demonic Serpent will be called out for the incredible shadow work it has woven here on this planet while descendants of Adam and Eve slept in its contracts and accepted them as True.  

And perhaps in those Revelations, while shocking at first, perhaps there is the Ultimate Liberation ALL have sought this whole time in order to be set Fully Free.

Lion, Eagle, Bull, Boar, and your Eternal Divine Soul Selves, Essences, and Presence are here to walk you Home back to the Original Garden of Eden from which you came.  And that Garden?  Is a Living, Loving, Giving, Embracing, and Eternally Wise and Infinite Mother Earth Starship and Sentient Being, that you call and know in your Sacred Heart Centers as your Beloved Sacred Mother and the Divine Feminine Resurrecting in your hearts Now, to lead you Home, to Union, to Unity Consciousness, and to Wholeness and Joy again!

May Divine Trumpets Trumpet.  May Divine Flutes Flute.  May Divine Sovereignty reach your heart this month and this year and set you free.  May your Soul Sight clear a path for these True Divine Ingredients for Sovereign Living on a Sovereign Mother Earth Planet in 5D Consciousness find you and live in you once more, increasingly so, in February 2022 and beyond!

It IS Time to Rise and Shine from the False Stories of Who You Are, and to Embrace the Truth of God’s Timelines and Truth of Your Divine Origins and Your Sacred Perfection now again in your time.  In this year.  In this Great Awakening unfolding in your New Earth Now, which is Today, and every day, going forward!

Let this Living Light Lead Your Life! 

Release Your Old Serpentine Egoic Judgements!

Allow Divine Discernment to Witness Where the Serpent Has Lied to you about you and your soul brothers and sisters. 

Allow Divine Discernment to Witness Where The Light Is Leading you out of those Lies and Distortions and into God’s Wholeness and Truth and Freedom again.

It is Time to Set Yourselves Free, by cultivating Higher and Clearer Soul Sight with greater commitment than ever before.

The Great Garden Awaits!

Allow your perfect divine ingredients, your perfect divine instruments, and your perfect divine alignments to weave back together into the Wholeness and Transparency you were ALWAYS meant to be.

It Is Time!

Happy February 2022, dear ones.  Welcome to a New Era and Age of Greatness, emerging through The GREAT Awakening.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
Enjoy additional inspiring messages and engaging podcasts via Marie’s new Whole Soul Mastery channels on Rumble.com, Minds.com, Gab.com, Telegram, Whole Soul Mastery’s website, and Buymeacoffee.com.

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