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February March 2024 Arcturian Energy Update: In The Great Shift of the Ages

February March 2024 Arcturian Energy Update: In The Great Shift of the Ages

February-March 2024 Energy Update

In The Great Shift of the Ages,
People Are Summoned Back To The Basics:

Conscious Breathing, Union With Source,
Clear Soul Sight, New Earth Noah Preparation,
Witnessing Darkness, & Empowering Light!

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, God/Source/Creator, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Energies of New Birth, Divine Renewal, and Divine Love today and every day that you willingly allow yourself to take a Deep Conscious Breath In to receive these precious gifts. The Changes unfolding on your world are summoning the soul skills of Allowing. Allowing what is fraudulent and false to fall away, and allowing what is True, Clear, Divine, Pristine, Precious, and Dear to Divine Source Creator to flow in and become Humanity’s Experience in this Great Shift of the Ages. Allowing requires Faith, Fortitude, Trust, and Surrendering to Divine Will deep within you ~ allowing this in your inner world and your inner essence, which allows this to also further anchor into the whole planet. For each of you is a Conduit of this Grace of Divine Allowing. And this will be a Deep Soul Skill each of you will tap into, seek, and know as you traverse the coming shifts worldwide in 2024.

So let us take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In together, allowing this Perfect Prana-Filled Sacred Breath to flow to all of the places inside you, in every energy body, in every single cell, and in every aspect of you seeking Multidimensional Fortification, Freedom, Healing, Cleansing, Strengthening, and Divine Soul Sight. Allow this Conscious Breath to flow anywhere and everywhere that your Higher Self needs in these times to Be and Breathe a Greater Grace, a Deeper Faith and Trust, and Divine Union with Source. For in the Breath, your Divine Soul Self Knows what is Light, what is God, and what is True. And when you breathe consciously in this way, your Soul Essence is offered the Hand and Heart of God to Guide your Vision, your Life Force, your Purpose, your Service, your Grounding, and your Greatness. All of that flows within you through this Sacred Art of Allowing. And we are honored to be messengers of this Precious Gift from Source, that every life form in every Realm in the Universe is given this Timeless Invitation to Connect, to Unify, and to Channel the Light of Source in all that you say, feel, see, think, and do. The Divine Design is a Brilliant and Supreme Wonderland of Source Perfection. And here we are, breathing in consciously the Living Light of its Perfection, now and always, as much as we can consciously choose it, allow it, and embody it to be so!

And as we breathe together consciously in this way, for the remainder of our messages here for you today, we want to spotlight the Energies of An Old-World Destructing and De-Constructing and the Energies of a New World, rising and restoring the Divine Creation that has always, always, been what is True. You are the Light of the World, dear one. And so too is everyone and everything the Light touches. Light has been an anomaly in a dense 3D existence. Yes? We will say that you will soon see that Light is the Only Truth and the Core Essence of every Realm in the Cosmos and in Creation. Light Breathes the Non-Physical Realms with Prana and Life Force. And Light Breathes the Physical Realms with Prana and Life Force. It is only in illusion that an entire sentient world can believe, or be-lie-ve, that there is no Life Force and Godliness within the air you breathe. Only in illusion can sentient kind believe itself to be separate from each other and separate from Source Creator.

In the events forthcoming, in the Great Shifts of the Ages, on all levels of human living, being, and doing in your world today, . . . people will be summoned back to the Basics of Breathing. For Breathing is Knowing. Breathing is Thriving. Breathing Is Life, dear ones. And humanity has not truly been living in these many, many cycles of 3D incarnations and endless karmic wheels throughout 3D time. Breathing has been reduced to necessity. Breathing has become medicalized. Breathing has been reduced to a mechanism. An aspect of the machine or collection of parts that you are. We wish to infuse those listening to a message like this with the Higher Frequencies of True Gnosis, and the Sentience of that Gnosis, that gives life to Higher Innerstanding and Embodiment of The Breath As Life Itself. And to the Higher Innerstanding and Knowing that The Breath Is God Itself, Breathing You. Enlivening You. Inspiring You. Fortifying You. And Strengthening You. When you Consciously Breathe in this way, you cannot, not for a nanosecond, be separated from Source in any way. For Breath Is Divine Union, dear ones.

How effective the 3D illusion has been in separating humanity from the Truth that they are One With Source. Always and in all ways. Just as some rogue Serpentine Factions in the Cosmos have attempted to usurp God by usurping the Word, and usurping the Money Systems of the World, and usurping governments, and laws, and much more, . . . the simple Truth remains that they will never succeed in eradicating and eliminating the True Source Creator. Because Light, Divine Breath, Union, Wholeness, Abundance, and Perfection ARE All There Is. They ARE All That Is. Everything and anything less than that Divine Perfection is your greatest clue that you are living out the experience of a False Reality, and thus a Vast Illusion.

If you do not feel fabulous every day, you are in some way living in the illusion. If you do not feel healthy and well every day, you are in some way living in the illusion. If you do not feel abundant, sovereign, and free, you are in some way living in the illusion. Because joy, positive creation, and the quantum abilities to epically dream divine potentialities into form are at the heart of the Godheart. It is how you were formed into being first as a soul, and then as a physical form. It is how planets and stars, rivers, and mountains were all formed. They all began in the Divine Design of the God heart’s Breath, Knowing, and Creationary Joy.

Some may feel that Joy at this Magnitude and Positive Creation at this Amplitude are the illusion. That they are the false hope and aspiration. And we would say to those who feel this way, start a daily practice of Conscious Breathing, even for 5 minutes a day, and see if that lens of perception changes or shifts in some way, to allow in just a little more Light. A little more Truth. And a little more Union with Source. Such that you catch glimpses through Connection with the Breath, and with God/Source/Creator itself, the Entire Other Worlds of Divine Blessings, Colors, Prana, and Greatness that are simply a Conscious Connection away from 3D hardship, pain, stress, and suffering and into Divine Creation with Source and in Divine Perfection again.

You access other worlds of Light and Divine Perfection through your Conscious Breathing. We have stated many times before that if you are uncomfortable with what you see, what you presently perceive, take a Conscious Breath and leave the confines of 3D linear time, space, and perception, and enter God’s Realm through the Breath. This is when artists receive some of their highest inspirations. Innovators receive their grandest awareness that anything and everything is possible in this realm of Divine Ideas, Epic Inspiration, Galactic and Soul Travel and Freedom, and Sacred Gnosis. When you leave the confines of the 3D world through Conscious Breathing in your day, you access the Divine Mind and Heart of God, that sees and knows all things in all of Creation. And thus the solutions to the issues you may be feeling or experiencing are all there in the Sacredness of Divine Partnership and Union with Source, as you breathe.

How brilliant is that? That God/Source/Creator would build Higher Dimensional Co-Creation and Partnership with Source right into your Conscious Breathing? God baked it literally into Who You Are. Union through the Breath is A Core Ingredient for Life. Even if souls forget. God is still there, breathing them, even when they don’t know it. God is still there, cradling their Light, their Life Force, their Dreams, and their Desires, even if they don’t know it. Conscious Breathing is the Ultimate “Footprints In The Sand” story, that many in the Christian faith have grown up hearing. In essence, during a time of struggle, and when a person, a divine soul, leaned on God when they were in pain or challenged, they saw 2 sets of footprints in the sand: God’s and their own. And then at one point in the journey, there is only one set of footprints. The weary, frightened, lack filled 3D soul traveler through ego vision then makes the assumption that God deserted them in their hour of need. And they cry out, why did you leave me? Why did you abandon me? When I needed you the most? To which God replies, I carried you. Those footprints in the sand were mine, as I held and carried you through that experience and led you to higher ground.

That story is a parable. Or a metaphor. A beautiful one, but one that people know as an illustration, or a picture, of how God loves them and supports them.

When we speak of Conscious Breathing in our messages here with you, it is the Truth of that Footprints story. Yet instead of feet and footprints, it’s the True Story of Conscious Breathing. When you breathe through a difficult time in your life, or a challenging trigger or stressor, you invite the Light of God/Source/Creator itself to BREATHE YOU and to BREATHE LIGHT and LIFE FORCE into your experience. This is the time when God/Source/Creator holds your heart and your challenges the closest, to breathe new solutions, new miracles, and new life-giving grace into your life experiences again.

Right now in February 2024, more is shaking in the serpentine structures and usurped templates of sentient living in this world. Some of you may quite literally be hearing rumblings as more of the biblical serpent’s foundations are shaken. That which is not “of God” will be crumbled to its core. And the world as you see it now and know it now is built upon a great many serpentine foundations. This includes Serpentine Foundational Principles, Constructs, Belief Systems, and Ego-Led Allegiances as well as Actual Structures, Systems, Buildings, Tunnels, Templates, and more. All is being summoned home to the Greater Light now. And as the Light summons to itself that which is like itself, all else that is not made and founded in the Light of God, will shake, tumble, and crumble. And humanity is on the verge of experiencing the effects of such crumblings.

Many are aware that you have been called to Prepare. As we have reviewed many times, Noah was a prepper. And that means, he was a preparer. But not just any preparer. Noah was a Divine Prepper. A God Prepper. A Divine Soul listening to the instructions of God through his intuition, his heart center, his awareness, and his faith to be ready for the Times when God and the Living Light would act to remove the destructive forces of the world at that time, and to reset and reorient the world to Divine Creation again. How did Noah prepare? What was his first practice? His first intuition? His first guidance? Conscious Breathing. He Consciously Breathed and Unified with Source, such that every breath, thought, feeling, and action was divinely directed and guided by Source.

You too are called to be a New Earth Noah in your own ways now. You too are called to Prepare. And thus to be Aware. What is your first Awareness? Conscious Breathing. What is your first Preparedness? Conscious Breathing.

March, April, and May will bring some upendings to old, serpentine systems. More will follow for the remainder of this year. 2024 is a POWERFUL BUILDING Year. Keystones of the New Earth are increasingly being set into place. Powerful builds and advancements in innovation, liberation, inspiration, and quantum creation are launching from those Keystones. Simultaneously, core serpentine foundations are being struck, and struck with precision blows, to obliterate their presence on the earth, and their 3D power to enslave, through deception, manipulation, and corruption.

These are the Ascension Times, dear ones. This is the Time of the Great Awakening at the same time it is the Time of the Great Deconstruction and Epic Clearing of any Serpentine Energies from this world, for all time.

The Great Birthing is happening of New Technologies, Rising Union with Source and with the Greater Universe, Epic Liberation and Emancipation from Incarcerating Structures (banking, big Pharma, etc.) as well as Mind Controlled Acquiescence and the Dumbing Down of the True Light, Wisdom, Gifts, and Talents you have always, always, had inside you.

While you are witnessing and experiencing aspects of the 3D Matrix’s Destruction, Deconstruction, and Demolition, you are invited and summoned to Consciously Breathe in Union with Source, to access the Higher Timeline’s of Perception where Breath is New Creation. Where Breath is Life. Where Breath is Joyous Liberation and Emancipation.

Witness the Darkness and Empower the Light. 

You will hear us say this frequently to you now, as more of the Ascension Changes begin to reach the surface of humanity’s awareness and consciousness.

Witness the Darkness and Empower the Light. 

Say it as a mantra. Breathe it as a prayer. Know yourself as fully empowered and capable of living this Divine Guidance and Instruction, in the Ascension Floods of Emancipation Energies unfolding and still to come.

All of you on the planet at this time have prepared in some way in some lifetimes for this Ascension Experience now deeply underway. When you doubt you have the strength to endure, Consciously Breathe. When you question whether you have any of this training and these skill sets we mention, Consciously Breathe. When you feel strong and empowered in the tests of faith forthcoming and unfolding, Consciously Breathe. And when you falter in your faith and fortitude, and question your resolve to align with Divine Resilience, Allowing, and Being a Conduit of God’s Grace and Breath, Consciously Breathe.

Remember the Real, Live, True Story of the Footprints Fable’s message. By turning your attention to your BREATH. When you feel you have had too much to handle, let God BREATHE You. ALLOW GOD TO BREATHE YOU, and FORTIFY YOU, with the precise and perfect prana you need, to feel safe, strong, able, aligned with Source, and Unified with Source in that moment. Unification with God/Source/Creator is what allows in the Miracles that are in Divine Escrow for you. And when you do, align with Source, and Consciously Breathe the Light of Source in you, you are experiencing Divine Quantum Co-Creation With Source, like Moses did. Like David did. Like Noah did. Like Christ did. You are the Moses now. You are the Davids now. You are the Noah’s now. And you are the Christed Souls now.  Summoned to Breathe With Source. To create miracles on the earth and in your life experiences that you could not create on your own. 

Allow your instrument to Breathe God and to play your part and instrument in the Ascension Story. Fall into Faith not fear as more storms roll in to crumble the serpent’s matrix and raise the Divine Garden of Eden again on planet Earth. Feel the gifts of Conscious Breathing in your heart, and in your soul. When your ego wants to rehash how scary or frightening or unforeseen it believes (be-lies) things are.

Higher Ground is found in Unified Breath with Source. Higher Ground is found in the inspirations that come through Heart Centered, Heart Aligned, God Aligned, and God Breathed ways of being and living and allowing in these times.

Someone this channel tunes into periodically names some conscious prepping categories to be food, water, precious metals (God’s money), talents/gifts/skills, shelters, and community. All are elements that Noah gathered and collected for his Ascension Journey. We will add that Conscious Breathing is First Preparedness. Conscious Breathing is First Awareness and Resource for the Journey ahead. For when you Consciously Breathe in the ways we share and spotlight, you have access to the Kingdom of God inside you. You have access to God’s Eternal Love and Wisdom and Miracles inside you. The rest of the preparations are important for the multidimensional changes that you all are experiencing and that you all will be increasingly experiencing.

You are made from the One True Source. You were Breathed By The One True Source. You are Nurtured by The One True Source. You are being Prepared by the One True Source. You are Led and Guided by the One True Source. You are Carried at times by the One True Source. And you are Rising and Emancipated in these times by the One True Source.

First Preparation? Unifying with the One True Source through Miracle of Conscious Breathing, given to every living soul, in every species of life on this sentient world. All are being summoned to the Light of Conscious Breathing and the Light of Divine Union right now. For indeed, they are the Greatest Arks and Arcs to ever be built in your inner life and inner kingdom for Ascension Times such as these.

As more shakes and quakes in the world, beneath your feet, in the financial sectors, in religions, through revelations and disclosures, and exposures, and in your personal life in this time of The Great Shaking of Fraud, Serpentine Structures and Systems, and Darkness, Unify with Source. Consciously Breathe in Union with Source and allow yourself to be fortified by the Miracles of Source in this faith filled practice and this faith filled soul skill inside you.

As more quantum innovations emerge and are unveiled in the world, in the financial sectors, in world religions, through revelations, disclosures, and exposures, and throughout your personal life and your invitations to rise and grow in this time of these divine revelations and new quantum creations, Consciously Breathe and Unify with Source.

You need this Other Worldly Divine Prana for All Of Life on Planet Earth now. So seed this in your daily life experiences. Practice and invite it in now. Allow Conscious Breathing to be part of your Celebrated Experiences every day. Having the Soul Skill of Conscious Breathing ahead of time as your first preparation and first go to for grounding will pay soothing, peaceful, and divine dividends in how you experience the epic changes in these times.

We are with you. We see you. We know the Divine Soul and Precious Child of God that you are. Summon us in to support, guide, and empower you when you need us. First and Foremost, summon God and Divine Prana through Conscious Breathing, as much as you can now. God Energy in you is what will light up this world, as it journeys through the Ascension Storms and raises New Life and New Light on Planet Earth!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
Enjoy additional inspiring messages and engaging podcasts via Marie’s new Whole Soul Mastery channels on Rumble.com, Minds.com, Gab.com, Telegram, Whole Soul Mastery’s website, and Buymeacoffee.com.

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