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June 2021 Energy ~ A Message from The Arcturian Collective

June 2021 Energy ~ A Message from The Arcturian Collective

The Flood Season Is Here, Its Ark Time!

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Golden Ethers and Divine White Light Frequencies of the Godheart, the Godstar, the Unity Star, of this Grand Creation, of which the Earth is an essential and integral part.  In this magnificent celestial and sacred Light, a New Star is being born.  And what is the Divine Star?  That is the Rising New 5D Earth, being restored in her Full Vibrance, Life Force, and Eternal Shine that matches vibrationally the Living Light of 1000 Suns.  Its hard to imagine this level of Light, isn’t it?  When you have lived as individuals and a collective under the Veils of Darkness, Separation, Division, and Corruption for many, many eons and many, many lifetimes.  And yet, it is here and it is happening.  The Time of the Godlight has returned.  And thus the Time of the Godheart is shining in you.  With Conscious Breathing, each one of you is invited to Breathe and Remember.  With these Sacred Breaths and this Deep Divine Invitation to Remember, you are calling this Awareness and this Return to Divine Union Energy home inside you.  And this is the Timeline of the New Time filling your heart, your soul, your body, your awareness, and your very breath of life within you in these times.

The Time of Revelations and thus the Time of the New Time Is Here.

And Radiantly So!

So we first invite you to join us in One, Deep, Conscious, Unified Breath within where we Dream the Dream of Union as the Collective Divine Light we all truly are.  You, us, your families, your neighbors, your communities, and your world are invited to join together in this Sacred Breath, breathing the Knowing of all that has been before and all that is yet to be, and all that is NOW in this One True Heart moment.  Breathing Union in this Higher Dimensional Way works together with the intentions of God/Source/Creator/the All That Is such that all things work together for Good, for the Light, for Unity, and for the Greatest Light-Filled Expansion that can be achieved for all beings in all realms in all ways.  We are breathing this now, with you, a breath within, an exhale without, a breath within, an exhale without, flowing with this easy, seamless, natural order of life . . . and remembering this as The Power Of Creation together in these times. We are co-creating a Pathway to Peace, to Understanding, to Knowing Within, and to Living Again the 5D+ Garden of Eden that once was and that will be again.  Breathe this Serenity, this Peace, this Balance, and this Grace within.  And know it as so!  For it is!  Aho.

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the One True Light, which is what we mean when we address you in these many transmissions as Dear Ones, you have reached the Pinnacle of the Experiment of Separation.  You Are Living This Now.  You have also reached the Pinnacle of Preparedness for the New Life that is rising to greet you.  Not all in their present human form are able to consciously participate in the raising of the New Earth, with their thoughts, deeds, actions, motivations, etc.  But at soul level, they certainly voted it in.  At soul level, all collectively agreed that the Time of Separation is over and the Time of Reunion is at hand.  And there are many of you who consciously feel that call, that vote, that commitment you made to the Intention and Dream of Renewed Divine Union, and you live that call and that summoning to be the Greatest and Best and Brightest Version of your God-Given Light and Soul Sight every day, no matter the challenges, the setbacks, the ego tricks and cunning manipulations, judgements, betrayals, and more.  For you know the Steps Home are with a Faith that lives beyond what the physical eyes can see.  And through those lenses of Faith, and Fortitude, you hold the God Strength and the God Vision inside you to take every next step and every next breath, no matter what.  This IS the Armor of God, dear ones.  This is how they all do in fact work together for the Greater Good of the One.  You are the Living Breathing Example of this, in these times.  

And we would like to call your attention back to that Fundamental and Quantum Precipice you are now on.  It is an Epic Pinnacle Moment in all of Creation, for all are experiencing and witnessing the sounds of God’s Sacred Pin Drop, God’s Moment Where He Reveals the Light of 1000 Suns to the Heart and Soul of this World.  You are in this moment awaiting the Great Return of the God Energy to your world in Floods, Disclosures, Revelations, and we might even say, Rapture for those who resonate with its frequencies and vibrations.  For this is indeed an Extraordinary Moment in All of Creation where this incredible energy, awareness, and insight is becoming One in the Hearts of One in all of you and all in Creation, in One Breath.  In One Heart.  In One Song.  And In One Sacred Knowing and Seeing through All Time.  

And as we spotlight this Precipice, and this Pinnacle moment, we also wish to highlight the Energy of Preparation.  Perhaps these are the 3 P’s of the Ascension Process that is now unfolding.  For it is a Precipice Timeline, a Pinnacle Timeline, and a Preparation Timeline.  And this is where the Energy of Noah is rising, surging, and peaking in many of you . . . the One Who Knew The Floods Were Coming.  The One Who United His Breath with God’s Breath.  The One Who Unified his will with God’s Will.  And it is this energy of Divine Preparation that we wish to speak with you about now in the remainder of this transmission.

These are the times that try mens’ souls.  What does that mean?  It means that these are the times that stretch every resource, every ability, every faith, every belief, and every everything inside a person’s inner life, their perceptions, their spirituality (or the lack thereof), and more.  These are the times when everything that was explainable by the mind or the ego lens on life can no longer be explained by those very same tools.  Those time tested tools in the old paradigm, that is.  These are the times when every man, woman, and child are summoned to let go of what was and what they thought they believed or knew even, from a lens of social conditioning and old earth training, and they experience what it feels like to leave that world of perception behind because of the divinely compelling experience of something much greater than they are in their field of vision, perception, and inner knowing.  

Some things are literally beyond explanation.  Some things are understood on Faith alone.  Moses was one such person and character in the tales that transcend time.  His Faith and Willingness to be more than whatever he thought he could be led to his Great Leadership and the Liberation of His People.  Why?  Because he was willing to surrender his limitations to the Greater Divine Source above . . . that Knows All Things, All Beings, All Timing, and All of Creation in Right Timing.  It is Source/God/Our Beloved Creator that KNOWS how to take Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed and form that into the Parting of the Red Sea.  And form that into a Giant and Epic Ark of New Light and Life.  And form that into the Resurrection and Eternal Life of his very own Son/Sun in physical form.  

Those listening to this, we would ask you to pause and reflect just a moment on your own life.  Have you experienced a moment where you were called to step up in Faith?  In Fortitude?  In Extreme Humility and Surrender your will to God’s Will?  There are innumerable stories we know of right now today that many throughout time and space have lived this. Have chosen this.  Have found this level of courage and spiritual fortitude to grow in So Much Strength and Faith . . . that the Ultimate and True Power they ultimately had was THEIR SURRENDER to God’s Will.

Do you Know how much strength it takes to surrender that ego inside you?  To let it go with Extreme Humility knowing that it has reached capacity, and even at full capacity, it cannot do but a fraction of the things that the God Heart, the God Sight, and the God Light within you and within all things can do?  That much strength is unquantifiable.  And yet it happens.  It happens time and time again.  Because why?  Because God’s Will Is Your Nature.  God’s Sight Is Your Nature.  God’s Light Is Your Nature.  And God’s Grace, Miracles, and Heart are your Nature.  Its the Truth.  

Yet does the ego leave and surrender in this way, willingly?  No.  For the Ego is the “Adam and Eve & Serpent” Contract and Energetic Manifestation of that contract in the 3D realm . . . that is installed as the default setting and mechanism to guide all of human behavior in the 3D realm.  And thus, it is in a way the Serpent’s Blueprinted Vision for Human Existence.  So if we continue this illustration, to Live, Breathe, and Act through Extreme Humility, and through Extreme Grace, and through Extreme Surrender, the human is going against any and all narratives that the Serpent has programmed into it, including the one that Leaving the Ego means Death, and that Leaving the Ego and Surrendering the Ego is incompatible with Life itself.  And it requires a willingness to nearly potentially perish and to accept whatever experiences that come your way, because they ultimately become better experiences than living without any True Life Force and any True Light Source at all.

People are ready to leave the false light fake narratives that the egos within all of humanity have accepted as true at this time on your world.  Why?  Because they are feeling the treadmill of living this way.  One by one by one, more and more are awakening to the illusion of the serpent’s vision in their lives.  And in this world.  And they are saying, no more.  Many are aware more keenly than ever before . . . This Isn’t Living.  And do you know what God/Source/Creator would say . . . welcome back to the Truth of Who You Really Are!  For to awaken to the Truth of Who You Really Are, you have to be willing to surrender All That You Are NOT.

And that is why the “Your Will, not my will” prayer is so exponentially powerful because it is shining a light on the transition from ego-led living to heart-led living.  It is signaling that the faith of the mustard seed is activating inside you and that God Knows Exactly What To Do with that Divine Energy to maximize your growth and awakening in these times.  It is an act and vibrational decree within yourself and within your heart center’s awareness that you are going to listen and allow the Divine to move in you, to move through you, and to manifest for you what is in God’s Greatest Vision for you.  

Do people tend to surrender to this level of Faith and Grace, easily?  No.

Do people tend to surrender to this level of Surrender and Ego-Death, willingly?  No.

Because the serpent’s blueprint that exists within humanity is a very convincing narrative in the duality game.  And in that blueprint, exists many alarm bells and land mines, triggers of fear and depravity, hopelessness, and lifelessness, shame, fear, doubt, and much more.  Its as if at every turn on those inner planes, the doubt, the guilt, the fear, the seduction, and the corruption from Adam and Eve’s Critical Choice-Point . . . has seeded the “no way out” fear codes . . . and the “must obey the serpent’s narrative . . . the-kaa-spell-and-narrative” as the only default choice there is to stay alive, to survive, because living the pain of the lie is taught and conditioned into this world so deeply to be better than death itself.  

And now, with the Light Codes flooding into this world, pouring into every nook and cranny on your world RIGHT NOW, and streaming through the Heart of God to the Heart of Every Soul, and every Particle of Air, and Every Manifestation at this time, . . . The God Blueprint of the Divine Design is being re-instated.  And that God Blueprint . . . Is A Living Life Force that can’t be Broken.  Can’t be Beaten.  Can’t be cancel-cultured.  And Can’t Be Stopped.  It is an Epic, Eternal, Living, Loving, Life Force that IS All There Is.  

And when the world turns topsy turvy on a global scale such as it is and such that it will continue to do to WAKE PEOPLE UP from the Serpent-Induced-Slumber all have been living under . . . a crack in the field of the false matrix is undeniable.  And what floods in?  God’s Light.  God’s Truth.  God’s Love for each and everyone on this world.  And That ~ That Dear Ones ~ Is A Narrative Shocker.  That Dear Ones Is A Narrative Destabilizer, Distiller, and Cleanser.  The Light Knows All Things, Seeds All Things, and Creates All Things.

And its through these cracks that the Light has been getting in, despite the Serpent’s Best Efforts to Cancel God.  It is the cracks through which this Living Light has been seeding, and re-seeding, and resetting the Truth of Source Energy and the Truth of God ~ the Mother/Father of All Creation ~ and the Source of All That Is in the hearts of this world through time as you have known it.

There are some lyrics from a song this channel knows well that are singing through her as she receives this now, inspired by something she had seen years ago in someone’s home.  And they go like this:

Ring the bells that still can ring, forget your perfect offering,
There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the Light gets in.

This is a mantra that you might think of in these times as a Mantra of these Biblical Times.  It is a Mantra of God and For God in these times.  Those lyrics were written and sung by Leonard Cohen in a song called Anthem.  

There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the Light gets in.   

God is shining in those cracks.  Everywhere where your ego reigns, God is reigning and raining Light now.  Everywhere your fears reign, God is reigning and raining Light now.  Every country, government, agency, business, system, organization, structure, and person that is still raining the corrupted codes and distorted narratives and fears of the serpent’s contracts embeded in the ego brain, God is reigning and raining Light now.  

And do you know what we would say here today?  



The Reign Of Light.  

It Is Time.  

Now we know that for some, hearing or seeing something like that, can induce or trigger a Chicken Little Response.  Some might cry out and say . . . are they saying “The Sky Is Falling,” “The Sky Is Falling!”  And we would say, from a 3D lens and perspective, we can see how you might say that.  We would say we are saying, from a 5D Lens and Expanded Soul Vision, The Light Is Reigning, the Light Is Raining, God Is Returning, Liberation Is Rising, Freedom Is Calling, and Sovereignty Is Shining.  That is what we are saying.  

The serpent loves to incite the ego and to call on its conditioned narratives in the ancestral codes of Adam and Eve’s children . . . to remember and to fear . . . without me, you have nothing.  You are nothing.  You will never be anything, have anything, or do anything.  The serpent relies on cheap tricks that only work when people don’t know of its existence and it moves in insidious ways to coerce and threaten people through its myriad of vehicles, that make people feel, see, and perceive as if the sky is falling.  And that can be scary, relentless, and overwhelming.  We do understand how precarious life on earth can feel.

And we would say, in contrast, God likes to shine, radiate, support, empower, and breathe Love, Belief, Faith, Fortitude, Courage, Miracles, Magic, Epic Manifestations, and Divine Joy, Peace, Abundance, and Grace in every one and every thing.

When you look around the world, and see unpleasant or painful things and realities, the serpent seeded the narrative that God wants it this way, while hiding behind the curtains of 3D creations, and facilitating those very unpleasant and painful things and framing it or manipulating the blame to point to God.  But in Truth, if you really take a moment to remember, to really feel who God might be if you don’t have a conscious relationship with this amazing Divine Energy and Loving Source Creator, is this Truly what the Garden of Eden feels like?  Do we Truly as a galactic culture and citizenry (for that is what we really are) believe that there is so much perfection in nature, in the cycles of life, in the ways things manifest, heal, and rise to shine in the world, do we really think that is the blueprint of a malicious, manipulative, punitive God?  These are things to not just hear today, but to feel.  To explore.  To receive.

God Is Free Energy.  God Is Limitless Light and Love.  God Is Free Will.  God Is Freedom and Sovereignty, Joy, and Grace.  

The only thing ending on your world is the Serpent’s Vision for this world.  And for each and all of you.  The Serpent is the Ultimate Ego.  The Serpent Energy is the Ultimate Narcissistic Energy on any planet or any world.  

It capitalized on a weak point in time where it could literally worm and snake itself into this Pristine, Perfect Planet and steal her resources, her life force, and her children’s life force.  But no more.  Enough is enough.  And Source says, no longer will that darkness thrive in the void of Creation itself, and certainly, on planet Earth as a beautiful creation within Creation.  No Longer.

So will there be cracks in everything not built on the foundations of Source/Creator/and the Living Light of Creation?  Yes.  

Will there be floods of Truth pouring into the Serpent’s Lies and Manipulations?  Yes.  

Does God have a Plan for this time that was birthed in All Time, that is finally reaching humanity’s shores?  Yes.

That Plan . . . is called The Great Awakening.    

And the Only Thing flooding this world is Truth.  Is Light.  Is Life.  

The only thing falling, the only “sky” that is falling, is the field of perception that was seeded eons ago in the human ego, that is the slice of mind that was manipulated to see through the serpent’s vision in the first place.

That ego has built many systems.  Organizations.  Histories.  Narratives.  Products.  And ways of commerce and “doing business” in the world.  In families, communities, and globally.

All of those Ego-Based Systems, All of those Serpent Visioned Plans and Manipulations and Narratives, must come crashing down.  

How is that going to happen?  Through the cracks in everything . . . that is letting the Light in.

The 3D world IS cracked.  It is broken.  For it was never meant to be healthy, strong, and well.  The serpent requires brokenness TO REIGN.  

God is flooding in through the games, tricks, and weak points of the serpent, and resetting what IS ALWAYS AND ETERNALLY REAL AND TRUE again.

So this month and in the coming months, you will see cracks in everything.  

You will see shake ups, quakes, and rattlings of every system, every narrative, and every thing you thought was true . . . but without fully knowing the depth of the serpent’s narrative in all facets of life on earth.

Its Time to Go Home.  Its Time to Rise and Allow the Light of God to Pierce the Manipulations, Mind Control, and Serpent Contracts that have imprisoned this planet . . . to then liberate this planet.

The Human Collective and the entire Sentient Collective on this planet and alive today are here as the warriors, one and all, releasing an extraordinary and deep age of darkness and separation and restoring a Brand New Age of Light and Eternal Life and Garden of Eden template for the Highest Good of All.

This is no small task.  And yet, you dear one, YOU came for these times.

And we are grateful for your service.  We are grateful for your Light.  

For you are a spark in the darkness of this world in deep transition now.

Deep breaths.  Soul skills ready and activated.  Grounding cords down.  And wings upward.  Inner Listening Antenna on.  And Inner Discernment ready too.  

All skills learned, remembered, and activated will be needed to transcend these times and anchor the Light in this realm, in this Ascension Process, deep in flow and deep in its Flooding Season now.   

Its Time to Call in your Noah Skills and Your Divine Frequencies.  

It Is Ark Time!

Prepare for Rain.  Prepare for the New Reign of Light, that is flooding this world and activating Higher Soul Sight for all to see.  

Its Time for God to Reign Once More in this Portal of Creation that you know and love to be . . . Mother Earth . . . the Mother of All That Is in this corner of the Universe and in your Sacred Heart Centers, now and always.  

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
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