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June 2023 Energy Update: Endings & Beginnings

June 2023 Energy Update: Endings & Beginnings

June 2023 Energy Update

Endings and Beginnings Have
Their Place in God’s/Creation’s Story:

June & Summer 2023 Brings Planetary Detoxification,
Calls to “God Breathing,” & Soul Inquiries Like
“What’s Next For Me?”

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Purest Light of the Central Suns, awakening all of you Star Seeds to your next level frequencies as well as those just beginning to stir from a long, long soul slumber.  Rise and Shine, dear ones!  June 2023 is here and its energies are summoning in the Fire Signs and the Lion Harbinger Frequencies once more.  While many of you feel called to rest more often, hydrate more consciously, nurture your light bodies, and protect your energy fields from negativity in these times . . . simultaneously now you are being called to rise in your Light Vehicles, which are essentially your Merkabas.  For it is time for the Union of the Light in your Bodies and your Spirits into Oneness again.

The Summer of 2023 will bring a great planetary detoxification.  It will also pave the way for Expansive Integration as well.  So, we invite you to consciously welcome in the colors of Fire, Sun, and Lion Energy, for they nurture and bathe your lower chakras with higher vibrational color hues that know exactly what to do to harmonize YOU.

Let us now take a Deep Divine Breath In.  Allow this breath to bathe all of your cells and every God Essence and God Particle in you with the Living Light of your Christ Mastery and your Vibrational Place in the Oneness of God.  Breathe and bathe in this Living Light.  Breathe and simultaneously bathe in the soothing nature of coming all the way Home to your Christed Origins, your Essences of Being Made from the Stars and from God’s Breath ~ breathing you into form.  You are an extraordinary being.  Human beings who come from God’s Lineage are extraordinary beings here to do great things in this time of The Great Awakening.  So, breathe one more God Breath with us today.  Breathe one more Conscious Breath with us today.  And know that a single breath breathed consciously in this way with ease, faith, trust, Truth, and Light, . . . can illuminate anything.  It can restore your entire mind body and spirit.  It can bring back to life that which you might think has long been dormant, or out of reach, or unattainable in a lower vibrational realm such as 3D Planet Earth.  Conscious Breathing for those on the path of Spiritual Ascension is the step before God Breathing.  And God Breathing creates worlds!  So, breathe consciously and with Source as often as you can in these next few weeks and months, allowing perhaps more God Breath to fill your lungs than the 3D oxygen that you might more typically breathe, simply because you haven’t fully experienced and activated the awareness of the difference between the two.  We would say oxygen and God Breath are different worlds.  And it is your body temple that can tell you the difference.  It is your spirit that will either shine and sparkle, or gray out in the flatness of normal 3D oxygen breathing that people have been embracing for centuries.

The Time is Now to Wake Up ~ more holistically, completely, and joyfully ~ and to send those ripples of Awakened Light throughout all of the versions of you in known and unknown time, in all directions of time!  Conscious Breathing, and partnering with Source/God/Creator to God Breathe, will assist you expansively in this process.

June 2023.  What can we say about June 2023?  Much has been seeded, in the Spring of 2023, and in the seasons of time prior to 2023.  Yet since the entire 2020+ decade is all about awakening you to your Essence as a Godspark and Godstar, and the Truth of Who You Really Are, through exercises and lessons in cleansing and clearing and embracing your Clear Soul Sight, we would say June, July, and August 2023 will be most illuminating.  Most awakening.  And most impactful on your world, beyond anything humanity has seen YET in recorded history.

Epic Change is here and it is here to do its work until the job is done.  Your work of soul expansion and awakening is here too, until the work and the job are done.  You are each being summoned to live free, to answer the calls to deeper and greater self and soul alignment with True Purpose and True Union With Source, and to let go old pathways of thinking and accommodating a serpent matrix that never had your best interest and greatest purpose in mind.

What is not serving you will continuously fall away, as it has for many years now.  But The Ascension Schedule on the Quantum Express Train soaring through your world will see more and more cleansings, clearings, releasings, endings, and Grand New Beginnings.  Many will want to focus more of their energy on what is failing and falling away.  But all are invited to reduce and release attachments to the things in your life and lives that have less and less and less resonance and place in the new life you are entering and will soon be occupying.  You are all called to get increasingly comfortable with dropping your myths ~ the personal and collective myths ~ that are simply too heavy to make it through the Zero Point Frequencies of Change and Transformation and that must be left behind in a crumbling and decaying illusion. For that is where they belong anyway.

All that is New is light, bright, transparent, eager, excited, energetic, abundant, and engaging.  Notice the contrasts, and yet don’t become them.  Notice the dead-end nature of the old 3D roads and pathways.  They are leading all of humanity nowhere now.  Roads to traditional education will soon be found to lead nowhere.  Roads to 3D medical treatments will soon be found to lead nowhere.  Financial institutions that are not compliant with a new and more God-aligned system for wealth management and growth for ALL ~ they too will be exposed for the fraudulent foundations they were once built upon.  And through the exposure of these old decaying systems, greatness will rise and be a contagious frequency for all who remain on planet Earth . . . to joyfully embrace their awakening DNA and to joyously engage their gifts and talents that each one of you brought in for exactly this time.

If you don’t know what your purpose, passion, or mission is, wait.  Breathe.  And trust.  Surrender the not knowing you feel to Source/Creator/God itself.  And know again through Conscious Breathing that you are exactly where you are meant to be to do exactly what you are meant to do and to be!

All is being revealed.  All is being unveiled.  If you feel fearful or triggered by a rumbling or crumbling or a not knowing of what you “should” be doing or what your true purpose is “supposed” to be . . . pause and give credit to the Serpent and Serpent-Contracted part of your Ego for those words and those feelings.  Because The SOUL KNOWS.  She Knows.  The Soul is fluid.  It is feminine.  It is aligned with the All-Knowing Heart and Soul of the Cosmos, and thus of the Entire Grand Creation.

The feminine aspects thus in you KNOW Who You Are, even if your serpent infiltrated ego and mental (or monkey) mind does not.  Release language that incarcerates you, and choose more open language and word songs that liberate you.  Where you feel doubt and defeat, or struggle and fear, take a Breath.  Invite God in to Breathe You.  And allow in your Soul’s Higher Knowings, that you do KNOW in all realms of time this timeline that you are in right now.  And in the comfort of this Higher Self Led connection and neurologically integrative union in all of the energetic fibers of your being, you can fall ever deeper into your faith that God Knows you even when you forget, even when you doubt, and even when you feel ill equipped to rise in the quantum leaping ways we are suggesting today and in all of 2023 and beyond.  You’ve got it, all IN HERE.

Events in June, July, and August 2023 may bring an Alchemical Heat that we have spoken extensively about in prior messages.  These same events offer you the keys to your own expansive inner kingdom and your merkabas that can help to relocate your Conscious Awareness into the best octave for you and the soul skills you bring to empower an Awakening Collective to the Truth of the Extraordinary Light and Talents this planet Truly has.

Earth is not lacking anything.  Earth, and all her inhabitants, need only remember the Power the Lives Within.  And be that feeling.  Be that knowing.  Be that sentience that connects all things and all beings to one single Heart in the Oneness of All Things in Creation.  From there, you will have all that you need.  Rest in that receiving.  Rest in that knowing.  Rest in the Greatness of Source ~ Activating in You.

Witness serpentine systems crumble and fail.  And fail and crumble.  No one is coming to save them.  They must crumble to dust and ashes in alchemical ways that never allow a speck of those former creations to come back to life in any realm in the future.  The serpentine timeline, and the Cycles of Babylon, have run their course.  And now, what is occurring simultaneously is that through the death of One Cycle . . . there is the Birthing of the New.  The Rebirth of the God Timeline. 

So, remember the New Births as you witness the Deaths of Old Creations and Cycles simultaneously.  Endings and Beginnings have their places in God’s Story.  These seasons are as old as Time and Incarnational Cycles themselves.  Find peace and comfort in the Endings and Completions of All Distortions and Forked Tongued Speeches and Games.  And embrace . . . What’s Next For Me?  Now that I am liberated from all that is NOT me, what’s next for what IS me?  What’s next for what Truly Is Me in the God Timeline that I AM?

Listen. Make time to listen.  Increasing swirls of words, revelations, exposures, and changes will invite you into the Stillness of your Heart, Soul, and Divine Being.  Go there.  Make time to meet your Soul Presence in the Stillness.  And make time for God Breathing in that Stillness.  Meet Source/God/Creator in the Garden of Divine Breathing and the Flowering of your Truest Light and Truest Gifts in this time of upendings and shifting cycles.

Copious amounts of Celestial Support are here to fortify you, to empower you, and to grace you with what you desire and need to live your best light on planet Earth like you have not lived in eons and eons of time.  You will be invited to breathe like you have never breathed before.  To love like you may never have loved before.  To trust like you may never have trusted before.  And to open like you may never have opened before.

God has the Bigger Picture for all of you.  God IS the bigger picture for all of you, and OF all of you.  Find time to gaze at the stars.  To breathe next to the Earth’s most majestic trees.  To allow your soul to speak freely through you, even if through divine soul songs at first, that activate your Quantum Airways just enough to sing your Soul Light Awake.  Open your Divine Airways to God’s Light and Breath.  Open your Heart’s Pathways and Sentient Flow-ways to God’s Light and God’s Breath and Guidance.

You are your own Bigger Picture that God/Source/Creator has made.  We, the Arcturian Collective, invite you to tap into that Divine Celestial Bigger Picture of You.  And we invite you when you are triggered to look small, feel small, see small, and go back into the serpent’s conditioned myopia, to remember that you are already a Bigger Picture than the Serpent Can Ever Control or Manipulate if you will simply allow your Light to be Its Full Expansive Size.  If you will simply allow your Consciousness and the Consciousness in your Lungs and Respiratory System to BREATHE BIG and to BREATHE the Bigger Picture of YOU into Being, right then and there in that moment.

June 2023 will bring more heat.  April’s Rains and May’s Flowerings of New Expansive Timeline Unfoldments are now merging into the Heat and Heart of June and July’s Liberation Frequencies and the Expression of Earth’s New 5D+ Birth.  Nothing can stop the Bigness of God’s Greatest Visions unfolding.  Nothing can stop the endings required for that Bigger Picture Planetary Vision to unfold.  Nothing will stop the new beginnings required either.  All is aligning in a much bigger grander vision . . . divinely designed to usher in a new quantum experience of Lived Divinity on Planet Earth.  The Garden of Eden is reseeding in all of these “Seeds of Epic Change” right now, through each one of you.

So, breathe and allow it.  Breathe and become it.  Breathe and consciously seed it.

Allow the old to fall away.  Trust in God’s Leadership and Bigger Picture Vision for All of Creation.  And continue to reorient your vision and attention to your own Divine Alignment with what is Good, Godly, and Whole . . . FOR YOU . . . and your new life in this New Earth Birthing ever more gloriously in 2023.

Where there is alchemical heat, there are also invitations to stillness and release.

Keep rising, dear ones!  You have everything you need within to Rise, if you will simply breathe through every moment with Source, . . . a co-creative, fortified, and faith-filled Breath, that surrenders to the Expansiveness of Source Vision in every moment.  And then BE THAT FAITH and LIGHT everywhere you go.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
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