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Mercy - The Arcturian Group

Mercy - The Arcturian Group

Dear ones, be patient as you observe a world where chaos and violence seem to have become the norm. Every person spiritually awake or asleep, is effected by the high resonating energies pouring to earth at this time and as a result, some of those unaware of earth's ascension process are acting out.

Those who have built their inner foundation on false narratives of duality, separation, and two powers feel confused and fearful as they observer many of their long held beliefs about right living questioned and even changed.

Individuals are beginning to think for themselves, which is a sign of empowerment. The result of this is that increasingly more individuals are feeling a need to engage in protests and activities both for and against many long accepted beliefs about right and wrong. Some consider certain issues to be an affront to what is right while at the same time just as many disagree.

Many of these present day conflicts between right and wrong originate in energies of old rigid religious beliefs and doctrines that remain alive and well in the cellular memory of many. As new ways of seeing everything begin to manifest, those who erroneously believe that they have all the right answers about God and man feel threatened. This is actually part of the ascension process for many.

Advertising continually promotes concepts of what is needed for happiness through the constant bombardment of paid messages through all forms of media. Drugs will make you feel better and healthier. Families and individuals will become content and conflict free if they choose to eat certain foods, support certain businesses, or use certain products. Subliminal messaging continues to push individuals into buying products or services they don't need but suddenly feel they must have.

Advertising and promotions are legitimate methods of explaining products and services but much of today's advertising is based in taking advantage of the restlessness and confusion so many are feeling. Products guaranteed make one feel better, be happy, and have a better life are simply more examples of the belief that your good lies outside of you and some things may actually work--for awhile.

Every person yearns for that sense of wholeness and completeness that is only found through realizing ONEness--that they are already complete and whole because they are not a part of, but the full expression of God. Many ignorantly spend their whole lives seeking fulfillment-- through attaining more money, having a "perfect" partner, accumulating lots of "stuff", good sex, being handsome or beautiful, holding positions of power, and hundreds of the ways continually being promoted as paths to happiness.

The rich and famous are envied and emulated in the belief that if one copies them, they too will have the status, love, and sense of completeness that the one they emulate seems to have. The "rich and famous" have just as many problems and heartaches as everyone else. Frequently their chosen life lesson was to learn that fame and fortune doesn't bring fulfillment and an end to the yearning for wholeness as they thought it would. Rather, many have discovered that rather than bringing fulfillment it has brought the end of their personal freedom.

The overriding message of the three dimensional state of consciousness is: "You will never be good enough" and because you have lived so many lifetimes under the influence of this, it will continue to intrude into your mind even after you have come to more deeply understand who and what you are. When these types of thoughts come (they can take many forms) you may be tempted to believe them, but take time to stop, recognize, and allow them to flow through and into the nothingness that they are.

In spite of what conditions or situations you may be facing at this time, never forget that you can and will never be other than what you really are--a spiritual being having three dimensional experiences at this time. You are the manifestation of ONE omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Godhead embodying all the qualities of this ONE Infinite Godhead. Evolution is simply the process involved in attaining the consciousness of this.

Most have chosen to evolve on earth because it is where they first began to form the beliefs and energies they are now clearing and is familiar. Not all evolve on earth, there are others who have chosen to evolve on other planets where the density is much less. Earth being an intense and difficult school is not for the fainthearted. Three dimensional energy is heavy, dense, and slow causing the majority of those living in it to completely forget who and what they are.

Many of those who graduate from the "Earth School of Evolution" will be teachers and guides for those learning on other three dimensional planets. Graduates of earth's "School of Evolution" are well prepared and fully aware of the pitfalls and problems that arise from living a state of consciousness that does not remember who it is. They--you will make wonderful teachers.

You are going to see things happening in the outer scene that reflect a lessening of the "power over" energy that has dominated earth for a very long time. As increasingly more light enters into and becomes part of collective consciousness it cannot help but effect the minds and consciousness of the majority. The old guard is dying even though it does not yet know this and things appear to be "business as usual" because much has not yet manifested into material form.

Mercy, a word heard rarely in today's world, is state of consciousness that expresses as gentle forgiveness and love. Mercy respects and allows others their free will but does not stand back and allow them to torment, abuse, or degrade self or others. Mercy knows the true identity of every person but is comfortable allowing others to experience the repercussions of their choices.

Mercy understands that a person is only capable of living and acting from their present attained state of consciousness and so easily sees through appearances. Mercy stands with hand ready to grasp the hand of anyone sincerely reaching for help but does not feel a need to forcefully drag someone unwilling to leave their chosen "gutter experience" out of it. (Doing this can and often represents ego on the part of the one doing the dragging who believes that they can and must "save" everyone according to their concept of saving.)

Mercy lovingly allows another to fall flat on their face if that is the wake up call they need but remains silently alert to their needs not their wants.

Mercy reflects a state of high resonating consciousness able to see and act not by saying to someone; "Oh poor you." but rather through its ability to look into every pair of eyes and silently acknowledge; "I know who you are dear one, you are the Christ, son of the living God in spite of all you are pretending to be."

We are the Arcturian Group

Mariyln Raffaele
Arcturian Group Message 7/31/22

About Marilyn The Channel:

I began meditating and then following the mystical principles presented through Joel S. Goldsmith's "Infinite Way" material in 1970. This brought an increasingly intense desire to more deeply understand and bring together in practice, the many world teachings, modalities of healing, and myth which in turn led to a series of intense inner shifts (not all so pleasant) and an ability to communicate with my guides and other Teachers of Light. I was asked by the Arcturians who are my guides, to start a website which would allow them to get their messages of Love and Light out to the world at this very important time. 

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