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November 2022: Ascension Is Happening

November 2022: Ascension Is Happening

November 2022 Energy Update

Dream Big & Quantum Leap Beyond 3D
Freedom Into 5D Sacred Sovereignty

Ascension Is Happening:
Ascension Is An Active Process
Quantum Leap Beyond 3D Freedom
Into 5D Sacred Sovereignty
Feel The Divine Difference

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through Divine White Light and The Heart of All That Is. We come to you today through these Celestial and Divinely Seeded Heart Frequencies, because they are Remembrance Codes.

They are 11:11 Awakening Codes. And they are Living Light Codes that exist within all beings in this Earthly Realm, who are in the process of receiving these summoning’s to Awaken to their Clear Soul Sight, their Timeless and Eternal Light Within, and their Union with the Creator and with Creation. Things are happening so rapidly, so quantumly, so precisely, and so expansively to usher in colossal change through this Ascension Process . . . that time even appears to stand still. Have you ever seen energy spin so fast that it appears to morph into a new time or new form altogether? Time is stretching dear ones. Time is elasticizing dear ones. And you are its change agents. You are its instruments. And you are its new form.

Its new expression. What is that elasticity designed to be? Your Multidimensionality. You are Divinely Designed to Free Form and Flow Freely into all that your Unique Soul Essence and Presence is meant to be in an Infinite Universe and Infinite Creation. And Freedom continues to be a theme that finds the Hearts of Humanity despite appearances that suggest deepening incarcerations and shadowy illusions. It is THROUGH the Darkness that Light most efficiently and effectively expands. And so you are each here, on the planet at this time, to evolve your sense of Time, your sense of Self, your sense of Soul, and your sense of Embodying Optimal Rays of Light within your Sacred Physical Body Temples. You are the Change you have been looking for, through many seasons, cycles, and lifetimes. And here it is . . . finding YOU.

So let us begin this transmission in November 2022 by receiving and allowing a Deep Divine Breath In. This Sacred Breath is divinely designed to flow to all of the places inside you that would seem to gravitate to the lower vibrational awareness many in humanity carry, about what is impossible, what is unfixable, what is unhealable, and what is un-rise-able. Let this Sacred Conscious Breath flow into all of those places, cells, nooks, and crannies within your Multidimensional Energy Field, and draw those wounds and fears out for this Celestial Cleansing today. Nothing is impossible in a Living, Divine, and Sentient Universe. Nothing is impossible through the Eternal Heart Frequencies that empower and enliven All Of Creation. Nothing. And when you receive Deep Conscious Breaths gifted to All Sentient Life through the Godheart, through the Heart of Creation, and through the Ever-Expanding Infinite Now, . . . you portal your consciousness into a Higher Union with the Divine . . . which allows a Higher Joy, Reflection, Peace, Stillness, Light, and Enthusiasm inside you that transcends Time and Limitation. So we invite you to breathe consciously with us today, and as much as you can remember in your days ahead. When experiences or events unfold that summon contraction, or shrinkage of your spirit, . . . remember to BREATHE to center in Divine Expansion again. Remember to BREATHE to center in Divine Love again. And Remember to BREATHE to center in Divine Peace and Stillness that passes all understanding in the 3D world, and that simultaneously is the most natural of your Living Gifts of Grace in all higher realms. You are this, Peace. You are this Presence. You are this Grace that is returning to you in these profound times. And witnessing its return to you, brings those of us in Spirit and the Higher Vibrational Planes of Consciousness immense Joy. For this is Who You Are.

Freedom. This the topic we wish to share insights about today. Many feel Freedom is elusive. That it is an unattainable energy and life force in your world. And that is because it has become so well hidden, so concealed, from your 3D sight that it seems an impossibility. And yet Freedom is your nature. Expansion is your nature. And Freedom invokes and ushers in Higher Expansion on all levels of your being. And this is why Freedom has either been thwarted or crushed by the servants of the serpent’s 3D matrix or manipulated such that Freedom is accepted through forms of oppression, suppression, censorship, and conditions of living and being on your world today. You can be free if . . . you do x, y, or z. You can freely express yourself as long as you don’t say x, y, or z. You are free if only you will pay x, y, or z. Freedom in the 3D world has limits, doesn’t it? It has conditions. Yes? And we would say, the word Freedom is dumbing down your experience and innate knowing of what being Divinely FREE really means. Free-dom. Free-dumb. Interestingly, numb rhymes with dumb. And humanity has been experiencing this dumbing down and this numbing down of their Higher Senses, their Higher Knowings, and their Higher Talents and Gifts for a long, long time.

The Lion Harbinger and the Eagle Harbinger arrive in your Higher Consciousness every Summer and Fall, as Seasonal Reminders of your Innate Brilliance. Of your Inner Expansiveness. And of your Innate Sovereignty, which shines a Light far brighter than the 3D Energetics and Understandings of “Freedom”. To be Sovereign, is to SEE. To be Sovereign, is to embody God’s Truth, God’s Light, God’s Grace, and God’s Vision and Heart in YOU. And these are the attributes of Lion and Eagle that they wish for you to remember and to reclaim in your Heart of Hearts. In your Lion Heart. And in your Eagle Heart, at the core of your True Nature.

In all that is transpiring on your world, during this Epic Quantum Ascension, where do you feel yourself more aligned with 3D constructs of Linear Time? Where do you feel yourself still tethered and mired in the games and tricks of Linear Time and the level of Perception and Soul Sight required to justify your place in it? Where do you allow your vision and self knowings to embrace, protect, and embolden even . . . 3D limitations? Or the energies of Scarcity Consciousness, and not having enough?

What if you were born with an infinitely renewable magical magnetism that could draw to you anything your heart truly desires? What if you were that irresistible, irrefutable, and epically and expansively Soul Essence and Presence that could magnetically manifest whatever you most cherished and desired to experience? You are made and endowed with the Creator’s Expansive Will and Vision for All of Creation. And this means that nothing in Linear Time thwarts you, tethers you, or impedes your Quantum and Divine Soul Expansion but your own belief in its limitations.

And so, we invite you to Dream Big now in November and December 2022. As more Rockets of Revelations are launched to awaken the Sleeping Masses, we invite those already Awake and Awakening to use your Divinely Endowed Magnetism and Quantum Soul Sighted Perceptions to Dream Bigger than the 3D Matrix “allows.” We invite you to see a bigger, broader, deeper vision for your Soul Gifts and your family’s Collective Strengths and Gifts. We invite you to remember that you are living in a Matrix of Illusion as you ride these Ascension Waves to their Ultimate Destination . . . which is the Emancipation and Sovereignty of every Single Sentient Life Form on your world. And while the Matrix of Illusion and Deception is being revealed for many who still slumber in its tethers and tricks, it need not engage you and your life force in these times as much as it has in recent years. Being in this world and not of it has led you to focus more of your energy on the True Art of Embodying Higher Light in a Lower Dimensional World. What is inviting many of you now . . . is to journey more quantumly so that your Vibrational Self and Soul Awareness rises to a level that you are no longer in this world vibrationally but in The New Earth Vibrations, Perceptions, Creations, and Expansions altogether.

So much emphasis has been placed on The Untethering required to free yourself from this 3D world, that collectively it has manifested new or perhaps bigger cords to that very energy, belief, conditioning, trigger, etc. which you and the collective would claim to want to let go of. Untethering in a way is like Vibrational Quicksand. The more you struggle to cut the cords, or to wiggle yourself free, the more you entangle yourself in the mires and quagmires of 3D entrapment.

The soul that awakens to Quantum Visioning, Quantum Breathing, Quantum Knowing, and Quantum Intuiting is the soul that is now living beyond the 3D matrix, because they have made the ways, the games, the gimmicks, and tricks of the entire illusion irrelevant to their Divine Destiny. And thus, they in turn are able to empower and expand their Sacred and Magical Electro-Magnetism that flows through a much more unified Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Merkaba Frequency within themselves, and they no longer answer to the Laws and Belief Systems within 3D Science, 3D Conditionings, and 3D Structures and Systems.

November 2022 invites the Eagle Harbinger in You to fly above those 3D tethers now. It invites those who carry Divine Knowing to fly beyond the frequencies of lack, and into more exciting vibrations of pure alignment, pure faith, pure sovereignty, and pure abundance and vitality again. There are many ways the 3D matrix might call to you through collective pain points in the coming weeks and months and through the more quantum revelations emerging on the scene of this Spiritual Battle playing out. And yet you have a choice dear ones. You have the choice to fly beyond those invitations now. Or to witness them and continue to engage them in order to find ways to transmute the energies that are otherwise attempting to tether your vibrational attention into the quagmire of quicksand which they offer. More and more of you are realizing that engaging and sustaining your attention on anything that captivates your interest . . . gives it life force. And your life force, your Divine Life Force, is your most precious gift from Creator Source.

We invite you to make time in your day, as the swirls of energies rolling in about elections, fraud, corruption, illusion, and more continue to stream loudly and heavily through many channels and stations reporting on Earthly “news” . . . to enter Divine Stillness. To connect with Nature and Breathe with the Trees. To imagine yourself as Eagle flying above and beyond any 3D ego tethers that are playing out in your mind body spirit experience of your life right now. And as you Breathe in Higher Vibrational Prana, and as you are fortified by Higher Life Force Containing Intentions and Divine Connections with God, Gaia, and your Unique Team and Council of Guides, feel yourself vibrationally inhabiting more of the Life you are ready to lead. Feel yourself Vibrationally Empowering and Claiming the Life that is ready to vastly elevate your lived experience of Sacred Sovereignty and Alignment with Source in a New Earth.

The Change Agents in these Ascension Times are YOU. Each and every one of you. Yet you each create your own Ascension Paths. And you do this by Consciously Breathing yourself beyond the confines of Linear Time, and the Media spouted propaganda that streams from Serpentine Agendas. And you Consciously Breathe your way into the God Timeline of Higher Frequencies Creationary Bliss. Conscious Breathing untethers you from the Timeline of Adam and Eve’s Descent into the Serpent’s Garden and it raises you up into the God Timeline and Original Garden of Eden that never left. Only a slice of your consciousness did, when it aligned with the shame, guilt, regret, and pain of separation consciousness, that Adam and Eve believed to be their fate, and that they passed on to their descendants, all the way to present day.

Adam and Eve are your vibrational ancestors, and they are ready to be cleansed of their pain and suffering through your own other worldly fortitude and faith that resets worlds. That resets your inner world. That creates a rich inner life within you, free of those pain tethers and karmic cords to the ever-repeating cycles of 3D enslavements and entrapments again and again. You are the rising Adams and Eves now, releasing your attachment to their Descension and Devolvement Stories, and to your own.

The way up is through. The way into this higher frequencied 5D+ quantum New Earth experience is by empowering the 5D+ Creator that you carry within. Let Your Inner Light Shine. Allow your Inner Faith and Guidance to Guide You. Open your Heart and your Divine Life Force to God’s Quantum Picture for you and your gifts and talents. Allow yourself today dream your new life in a whole new realm where this spiritual battle between good and evil is a thing of the past in your incarnational history and new and present timeline. 

There are souls who are called now to go BEYOND the confines of Linear Time. There are souls now who are called to go BEYOND the games, gimmicks, and tricks of the 3D Earth, “fallen angel” story, and the seduction and temptation of Adam and Eve story.

Those souls are paving a way to the Timeline where Adam and Eve never left God’s Divine Garden. They are paving the way to the 5D Higher Dimensional Glorious Earth Reality where abundance and Divine Union has always been All There Is. Those souls are paving the way for easy transport and teleportation to this Higher Dimensional Mother Earth Starship Experience to be All There Is and Ever Was, knowing the Old Illusion of a 3D Paradigm was in certain realms of Creation a mere holographic experience for the Sacred Learning that was gleaned and whose time has come to dematerialize.

Those souls at the Leading Edge of Creation and at the Leading Edge of Divine Union with Prana Filled Breath partnering in you to Create God’s Greatest Visions for you and for all sentient life here and in any realm . . . are the builders of the New Earth. You are the architects of what Sacred and Joyful Living looks and feels like. You are the quantum painters and designers of Quantumly Cooperative Co-Creation. And you are the embodiers of Sacred Sovereignty, lived to its fullest and powered by True Divine Life Force in every breath.

Freedom is an enticing frequency in a 3D realm, because it has the word Free in it. Its the -dumb part of this word frequency that indicates yet another ceiling or threshold or set of bars that limit humanity by limiting your ability to “expand beyond” what the 3D matrix sets forth for sentient life here.

You are transcending Free-Dumb. And you are rising into the True Nature of God’s Greatest Gift to all Sentient Life . . . which is Eternal, Sacred, and Divine Sovereignty, that is beginningless, endingless, limitless, and infinitely renewable as a Life Force, as a Divine Stream of Higher Consciousness, and as the Living Light of the Godspark in every Sentient Soul in Creation.

No matter what is transpiring in the world in the coming weeks and months . . . solely waiting for revelations and decisive God events to flip the time tables on the serpents and eradicate this realm of illusion all have been giving their life force to . . . for millennia . . . is another way and form of Serpentine Entrapment and Games and Tricks through its Smoke and Mirrors playbooks.

Ascension Is An Active Process. Ascension Requires Active Participation. Ascension Necessitates Deep Conscious Breathing. And Ascension Requires A Willingness To Reach Within and Find Your Sacred Sovereignty that Lives in Your Heart Center. It is Heart Vision that has the ability to see through Quantum and All-Time Perception. Its your Heart Vision that is Big Picture Vision. It is your Heart Vision that offers you 20/20 Clear Soul Sight in these times. You are the precious Light you have been seeking. You are the New Life and New Earth Vision and Visionary you have been seeking.   

You are the Soul that KNOWS how to access your True Inner Electro-Magnetism that lives in your Toroidal Field. It is your Inner Torus that communes with your All Knowing Heart Center that can truly take this turn and this step beyond the Precipice of Ascensionary Change so you can BE The Ascensionary Change Yourself.  

The Ego will continue to be called again and again to tether and to react to invitations to fear and the unfoldments of the 3D paradigm. It is your Heart that is built to go the distance in these times. It is built to go the QUANTUM DISTANCE now and unify your Light with the Timeless Light and Expansive Nature of Divine and Quantum Creation.

You dream yourself there. You are the one who breathes yourself there. Wear your Conscious Breathing as your new attire in these Ascensionary Times. It is your greatest foundation of All Time. It is your greatest Ally in All Time. And is your ultimate Union with Source, through which all blessings flow.

You are the Quantum Adam and Eve Spirits who are rising to reclaim your lived experience of the God Timeline and the Eternal Garden of Eden, where many cycles of wondrous evolutionary experiences are seeded and birthed. Only now, in this Timeline, as Rising and Ascending Quantum and Sovereign Adams and Eves . . . you create and manifest evolutionary experiences IN UNION WITH SOURCE. IN UNION WITH THIS CONSCIOUS LIVING UNIVERSE. And IN UNION WITH THE JOY OF QUANTUM CO-CREATION FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL once more.

These are powerful times. Portal into your Union with Source through your Conscious Breathing. Breathe your new Quantum Life, Wealth, Health, Joy, Family, and Holistic Visions for Living in Divinity in the New Earth every day, when you can be fully present for 5-10 minutes in stillness or in nature.

More storms are blowing through humanity’s collective experiences now. November and December will usher more of this in. Yet many are ready to rise beyond the storms and to reunite with Sovereign and Unity Consciousness again. If you feel this call, we honor you. We support you. We feel you. And we appreciate you!

Keep rising. Claim your A-Lion-Ment with the Quantum Christed Lionheart you have and shine from within. Claim your Inner Eagle Harbinger that knows how to fly beyond the tethers now, and to vibrationally direct your lenses of perception to the Timeline that you desire to live in. Bull and Boar are Twin Harbingers who are here to partner with you as well, to lead you to the Divine Human Essence and Presence you came to express and to be, in a world that knew it would be shaken from top to bottom, and from every vibrational direction necessary to usher in This Epic Ascension and Emancipation in these times.

When you think of the word Freedom, know and embrace its True and Emancipated form . . . Sacred Sovereignty in All Directions of Time.   

Sovereignty, Joy, Abundance, Ease, and Joyful Creation are your Divine Birthright. It may not seem like humanity is in any way prepared for this level of Higher Dimensional Living yet. But we will say that at soul level, it is. At soul level, you are. Or this Ascension Timeline could never have taken place. And Ascension IS Happening.

See with soul eyes from within. Let intuition and partnership with Source be your eyes. Let it be your vision. And your guidance. And protection. Invite God’s Vision and Divine Will to be your Vision and your Will. And then allow the Living Light in those Quantum Intentions to Lead the Way to your True Timeline, up and out of the serpent’s summonings to play in the duality game any longer.

Beautiful Sovereign Soul. Epic Sovereign Conscious Creator. We thank you. We appreciate you. We see you. And we Know Who You Are. Together, with Unified Life Force and Divine Breath Within, we are participating in Unifying the Entire Universe, where a single note is heard around the cosmos . . . trumpeting the Joy . . . Let Unity Ring. Let Sovereignty Ring. Let Peace Ring. Let Light Ring. Let Love Ring. And Let Joyful Co-Creation with the Heart of God and the Heart of Creation Ring for All Time, in all directions of time. It is so! Aho!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
Enjoy additional inspiring messages and engaging podcasts via Marie’s new Whole Soul Mastery channels on Rumble.com, Minds.com, Gab.com, Telegram, Whole Soul Mastery’s website, and Buymeacoffee.com.

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