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November 2022 Energy Update: Arcturian Collective - Ascensionary Change

November 2022 Energy Update: Arcturian Collective - Ascensionary Change

November 2022 Energy Update

Powerful Portals of Ascensionary Change:
The Illusion Is Coming Down For The People
To Rise UpSuffering Is Serpentine,
Thriving Is Divine!

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through Pure Divine White Light Frequencies of the Highest Radiance and Resplendence. You are each and all made of this very same Light. And it is Time on your world for this Grand Living Light’s Return.

November 2022 will usher in powerful portals of Ascensionary Change. The Blazing Heat and Blazing Trails of the Alchemical Fire that blew through the 8:8 Lion’s Gate and that has journeyed with you through Red October 2022 will continue to escort all of Humanity into the Deeper Awakenings that must rise now in November and December 2022. 2022 is a God Jubilee Year. And as such, the clearing of all debt (financial, emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, karmic, etc.) must stream through the ethers and wipe out all of the old enslavement programs, tools, propaganda, and all manner of control mechanisms that have usurped God’s True Creation in this 3D Inserpented Underworld of Creation. Hell has been the lived experience of this 3D Realm, where humanity has lived through the Deepest Spells of Separation Consciousness. Spells of Separation from Source, from the I AM Consciousness, and from the Living Light of Sacred Union on all levels of your being . . . must now come to a close. For God/Source/Creator is clearing the way for the Christ Light Codes to Return to the Hearts of All on your world in these times. To do this, all that wreaks of Serpent Manipulations, Perpetrations, and Control Mechanisms that keep the Human and Sentient Collective in their Spiritual Amnesia and Unconscious Collusion with the Serpent’s Illusion and Matrix will crumble. You are seeing more and more evidence of this every day, and even the sleepers can no longer deny that the Earth is being shaken. That the core corrupt structures that have ruled your world for thousands and thousands of years are being shaken. And more will shake and quake in November 2022.

Yet while more quakes and shakes, an invitation to Divine Stillness rises. Can you feel it? While more swirls around each of you in this epic Ascension Timeline, and the Quickening of Change amplifies and gains momentum, there is a grounding that is unfolding in the Hearts of Awakening Souls. Its as if God/Source/Creator is spotlighting the safety zone and the Hammock of Grace inside you, that lives in the Stillness that your Soul most deeply knows how to access and to be. And it is this Divine Stillness that is calling your attention now Dear Ones, where you can commune with God, your everlasting and eternal Source, from which all Life Force, all Blessings, and all Joys in All of Creation flow. This is your Saving Grace. This is your Sacred Ark. This is the Light of Love that lives in Wellness and Wholeness beyond your present imaginings. Yet your Heart can see it. Your Heart knows it. Your Heart is lit with every tool of Timeless Awareness and Multidimensional Experience that you have gleaned for lifetimes. And this place of Multidimensional Awareness and these Multidimensional Skills are finding you ever more transparently, ever more accessibly, and ever more fruitfully when you find time every day to enter the flow of Divine Stillness and Presence Within.

To facilitate this connection, we invite you to take a Deep Divine Breath In with us. And in this Sacred Breath, we invite you to call in all of your Divine Gnosis, All of your Calm, Cool, and Collected Divine Soul Skills, and All of your Clear and Divine Soul Sight that is eternally connected with the Heart of One and the Grand Heart of Source to be your Inner Guidance System and Multidimensional Locomotion while the landscape beneath your feet changes forever. Your Conscious Breathing portals you into the Higher 5th Dimensional Timeline while the lower 3rd Dimensional Timeline continues to more and more rapidly fall away. Structures that once organized your thinking, your goal setting, your deepest visioning, and your most powerful prayers still originated from the Spells of the 3D Serpent Matrix’s Gimmicks, Games, and Tricks. You haven’t been fully allowed to Dream the Divine Dream of an Awakened Humanity because you as a Human Collective have been so mired in the 3D Matrix and its Multidimensional Control Mechanisms. Your Divine Breathing has been one of the ONLY ways in this entire cycle of Separation Consciousness . . . that you could escape the flames and fires of this prison planet which operates through linear time itself. Conscious Breathing in this way allows you to fly free of the control structures and to see ahead where Divine Source Creator is leading this Grand Earth Planet, into Epic Glory again. You cannot see God’s Glory and Resplendence from a cosmic coordinate and level of sight on the 3D Earth Grid. You can only Breathe yourself Beyond it. Above it. And Cosmically Integrated with the Heart and Heartbeat of the Real and True Divine Creation.

So let us continue to Deeply Consciously and Divinely Breathe throughout today’s Transmission, and throughout the remaining months of 2022. You will want to BREATHE your Soul Sight into broader and broader perceptions of the Vastness and Expansiveness of God’s Original Creation, to see beyond the traps of the 3D collapsing structures that may invite you and many others into the vibrations of fear. Do not get ensnared in the calls of Fear, that desire to keep you Here, believing that the Prison Gates of Separation Consciousness and the Underworld’s Perpetrations of Perpetual Soulless Propaganda and Sentient Suffering is all that the True God/Source/Creator can offer to you. Suffering Is Serpentine. Thriving Is Divine. Remember this. If you are suffering, you are vulnerable to the gimmicks and tricks of the Serpent. And if you are consciously breathing, no matter the alchemical fires bringing the demise of the old 3D world structures . . . you can be at peace. You could be in peace. You could EMBODY PEACE. And you can exude and emit frequencies of being Whole, Sovereign, Safe, Love Filled, and Light Led in that Divine Breath and Hammock of Grace. This is where you find Grace in Epic Spiritual Storms. In Conscious Breathing and Unity with Source. Your Conscious Breathing is the Greatest Divine Expression of Soulful Union with Source. And this is where we invite you to go each and every time you feel triggered with the 3D collapse. This is where we invite you to go when you see others in pain and experiencing suffering, confusion, and lack due to the 3D Matrix in rapid decline. 

Your Divine and Conscious Breathing is your Cosmic Parachute if you will that can provide the Greatest and most Immeasurable Life Sustaining and Life Force Giving Support and Empowerment, in Ascension Times like these. So, continue to Breathe these Deep Divine and Conscious Breaths within, as we journey into the energies of November and December 2022 here in these transmissions and also in your every day experiences.

In the last transmission, we spoke about the Will of the People Returning. We spotlighted the Truth of Humanity’s Greatest Fear . . . is not seeing their Pain, Suffering, and Fear. But rather, Humanity’s Greatest Fear is having to see with full transparency the Depth of the Deceptions that the Serpent Perpetrated on them, and that they themselves Perpetuated through Participation and Collusion in the Illusion, as manifesters of the Serpent’s Visions for this world. Adam and Eve, your Ultimate Vibrational and deepest Ancestral Archetypal Energies, were corrupted and distorted in the Original Garden of Eden. There is more of that story to be unveiled to the world, when it is right timing to do so. But not everything is as it seems, and not everything is what has been told and sold to the Human Collective as accurate history on this planet. Distortion and Deception are two of the Serpent’s Specialties. Being able to hide behind the veils of humanity’s consciousness and calculatedly usurp the Power of the People millennia after millennia through a small group of willing serpent servants has led to the creation of so many false structures, soul entanglements, spiritual enslavements, and essentially, the spiritual amnesia and astigmatism that exists on your world today.

All of that is changing.

There is no time in God’s Grand Creation. Only Frequencies, Energies, and Vibrations. Sound and Light form the building blocks of the True Divine Creation in all worlds and universes. In the Blink of an Eye, Source/God/Creator can change the entire direction of the Serpent’s Mis-creations and Humanity’s Deceptions. And in November and December 2022 you can expect to witness and experience many of those Divine Decrees and many of those Quantum Clearings of anything less than God’s Divine Design.

Change will be swift. Change will be decisive. Change will be broad reaching. And Change will be globally impactful. When the Hands of God reach into physical realms such as this one . . . epic change undoubtedly unfolds. You are in those times of sweeping change. You are in the timeline of rapid crumbling’s. You are in the timeline where Fear and Distrust, Division and Discord, and Separation and Suffering will be turned right side up in very rapid domino effects and ways.

What keeps the Serpent’s Underworld Alive? Public Perception and Beliefs in it. When the world population experiences Divine Acts and Swift Changes of the Caliber that we are describing, and the very world they have believed to be God’s Creation and God’s World crumbles perhaps literally overnight, people will see behind the wallpaper. They will see beneath the concrete. They will detect tears in the ceiling of this epic Earth theater and set. 

The Illusion is coming down. For the People to Rise Up.

And your work now? Is to Know how to Consciously Breathe and to Choose to Consciously Breathe your way into the Higher Dimensional Awareness and Grounded Multidimensional Perception, to sail through these Ascension Storms, and into your Higher Eternal and Unified Light.

The Lighter you become, the easier the Ascension Shifts and Quantum Crumbling’s will be.

The Heat is on. Those who will feel the heat the most are those resisting the Awakening and those resisting the Truth and Transparency, that this level of Immense Source Light is ushering in.

Those awakened to the Gifts of this Heat will weather the storms a little better. You will know when to tuck in your consciousness in Divine Stillness and receive guidance. You will know when to step up and help a neighbor who is struggling with these Times of Revelations. You will know when to engage deeper self and soul care. And you will know when to step up and help others by sharing some of the knowledge and soul sight that has helped to get you through, and that has helped to ground you in your personal life, as the earth beneath you continued to transform, throughout your heroic souls journey.

These times will test and try every sentient soul on your world. These times will try and test your ability to find and engage your Conscious Breathing when every other indication might be that your very Life Force just ran out the door. For those that can muster the FAITH, and the FORTITUDE, to be like Noah, to be like Moses, to embody the Inner Light of Christ Consciousness during these shakings and quaking’s on your world, Conscious Breathing will be abundantly available to you. Divine Partnership, Help, Grounding, Protection, Sustenance, and Support will be abundantly available to you.

As more and more people awaken to their Soul Sight beyond the curtains that have disguised and hidden their own Sacred Light, the more people will be shining a light and a pathway to Reunion with Source, Reunion with Divine Creation, and Reunion with the Love and Light within Unity Consciousness, on which all 5th Dimensional Worlds and Civilizations are built.

And the more people breathe consciously in this way, the more people rise in Faith, as the 3D earth beneath their feet crumbles and disintegrates, the more glorious new beginnings will emerge in that great vacuum to restore and reset Mother Earth on her proper axis in God’s Divine Creation. And the more glorious new beginnings will emerge in that great vacuum to restore and reset YOU on YOUR proper axis in God’s Divine Creation as well.

November is bringing the Heat of your All-Knowing Heart. November is breathing the Light of Truth and Transparency, and Great Liberation from Serpent Tyranny. November 2022 is ushering in invitations and opportunities to be grateful for the simple skills, tools, resources, and connections you have and hold dear in your life. And November 2022 is ushering in the Hands of God who is offering again and again . . . opportunities for Divine Union and Reunion, while more of the Serpent’s Illusion is exposed and cleared away.

November is an invitation to Get Used to New! For Newness is blooming through the composted soil of a dying and dematerializing 3D Serpent Corrupted World and Consciousness.

We invite each and all of you to open your hearts, open your minds, connect with your Divine Feminine Frequencies, and to connect with your Divine Masculine Frequencies, to open an Inner Multidimensional Portal to connect with your Conscious Breathing and the Light of God Within. This Little Light of Mine, I’m gonna let it shine. Do you remember that song? The Culmination of 2022 is not just another year’s closure. It is an epic biblical season that is bringing DIVINE LIBERATION to an entire planet, and truly, to the entire cosmos. This Culmination is a Destruction of the Old Guard as well as the Illumination of a New Earth . . . Sovereign in its Divine Design, Sovereign in Consciously Implemented Free Will, and Sovereign in the Myriads of Ways that Unity Consciousness comes together to Co-Create Harmony and Highest Good Outcomes for an Entire Planetary Collective.

Do we see people rising and shining? You bet. Any alchemical heat people are feeling from those flames can at any time be alchemized into the Living Light of the Central Suns and the Heart of God’s Ultimate Divine Illumination. You are being illuminated in 2022. You are being expanded in 2022. You are being liberated in 2022. And you are ascending in 2022. This is an Epic Time. This is an Epic Month. This is an Epic Upending of Serpentine Corruption and Distortion. And this is an Epic Emergence of God Energy on your world for all time.

You are the Luminous Light you have been looking for.

You are the Divine Stillness you have sought through lifetimes.

You are the Soul Sight and Soul Skills you have cultivated throughout countless reincarnation cycles.

And you are the Avatar and Brave Epic Heroic Soul who came to be all of this . . . in these times!

Stay grounded and present in your Heart Centers as the storms blow through. And know your Inner Light is what is guiding your soul path, your ascension experience, and your best and highest visions for the Newness that you came to seed on Planet Earth for many generations to come!

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
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