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October 2020 & Its Roars: The Great Awakening Is Here - The Arcturian Collective

October 2020 & Its Roars: The Great Awakening Is Here-The Arcturian Collective

Remember To Breathe As Primal Wounds Rise . . .
5d Nirvana Breathing Resets & Aligns New Timelines

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Light of Great Central Suns, the Heart of Source, and the Heart of your Beloved Gaia Frequencies, connecting with you in the Oneness We Truly Are.  Allow the energy of the Central Sun Portals and the Stars in your Night Sky to remind you of your All-Time Grace, your All-Time Celestial Essence, and your Perfect Place in the unfoldments in your lives and in this world that is rising into its Perfect Divine and Sovereign Nature once more.  Breathe with us a Sacred Conscious Breath that reflects to you and that reminds you of the beautiful ease with which you are Infinitely Connected to the Heart of One, the Law of One, and the Essence of One. 

For in this Conscious Breath, you are able to breathe and remember Unity, Singularity, Oneness, and Wholeness in effortless ways.  Each and every conscious breath you breathe dear ones invites your remembrance and embodiment of the Integrated Wholeness, Oneness, Peace, and Ease that you truly are.  This is Your Divine Nature.  And we are here first and foremostly in this transmission today ~ to invite you into the Lived Experience of that Vibrational Frequency, that Energy of Feeling and BE-ing perfectly Whole and filled with Light, in this Now moment . . . no matter the events, circumstances, dynamics, schedules, etc. unfolding in your outer life. You Are Perfection and Divine Wholeness Within, Always, and especially when you breathe and allow it to be so in your Lived Vibrational Inner Experience.  

October 2020 has begun with a roar in many ways hasn’t it, dear ones?  You might recall that in our last transmission we spoke to your riding the tailwinds of the Lion’s Gate Portal Frequencies ~ that are sounding frequencies of Divine Truth and cracking the codes of the 3D illusions increasingly so now. As the Lion’s Gate Portal Frequencies continue to roar in your lives, in your world, and in the Collective Consciousness, like flashes of Cosmic and Divine Lightening, all are being summoned to Rising Frequencies of Divine Empowerment, Clarity of Sight, Inner Truth, Sacred Balance, and a Willingness to Breathe in the New 5D Frequencies of the New Timeline . . . of this New 5D Loving, Giving, Sovereign, and Grace-filled Mother Earth.  

As you breathe in the energies of the Sacred Feminine within the Earth Mother’s 5th Dimensional Grids and the Timeline that that manifests into form, you can consciously engage the process of breathing out the old 3D timeline of confusion, corruption, toxicity, separation, fear, duality, pain, and suffering.  Breathing In the Light of Source, the Unity within the All That Is, the Power in Each Present Moment, the Power of your Creative and Creationary Life Force, and the Power of Your Divine Free Will and Divine Empowerment that has always been inside you.  And Breathing Out the centuries-old tether-wounds to karmic contracts, smallness, contraction, collusion, compliance, disempowerment, separation, fear, and disconnection from Source.  For through your Conscious Breath, you literally and intentionally are breathing yourself onto the Living Vibrational Timeline that you wish to now experience.  

The Human Collective has already voted, dear ones.  It already voted out the 3D illusion and thus the dream of separation.  And it is voting in the Dream of Divine Reunion once more.  How do you vote and vibrationally implement that soul choice ~ to release the pain and suffering of a 3D matrix and the illusion and fear it brings?  For starters, you breathe it consciously out of your body temple.  You breathe it out of your lived experience.  You breathe it out of your mental mind and the many mind control programs that reside there.  

October 2020 & Its Roars: The Great Awakening Is Here-The Arcturian Collective

Lion Medicine and the Lion’s Gate Portal are walking with you now in the journey.  They are inviting you to step up in your Spirit and to live the expansion, vibrance, joy, creative expression, authenticity, and resilience that you have always been.  Suppression and oppression serve not only to enslave those who directly experience that energy of manipulation and control, but they serve to silence future generations of once powerful beings so that no one thinks, seeks, or explores “beyond the box” they were placed within. This is how contraction, submission, compliance, and subversion become the norm, and how once thriving daughters and sons of the Creator Source and Mother Earth ultimately accept the paradigm of merely surviving to get by and to pass the time here.  

We can tell you dear ones that you are not designed to merely survive.  You are not here to merely exist.  You are not divinely designed to live small, to breathe small, or to BE small.  You are infinite, expansive, highly gifted, and eternally sovereign sons and daughters of Divine Creator Source and All Of Creation!  And the Lion’s Gate Portal and Frequencies are rising inside you to help you remember how to set yourselves free.  

Breathe in that Sacred Vibrant Other-Worldly Frequency with us a moment more.  Breathe in the Spirit and Essence of Living Freedom, Celestial Freedom, Cosmic and Expansive Freedom, that offers the Essence and the Life Force of Nirvana within each and all of you.  And notice the vibrational difference, when you take in simply a routine breath of oxygen ~ the minimum life-sustaining requirement to exist in a 3D matrix.  Can you feel that?  Can you truly experience the difference between breathing the Powerful Life Force-Giving Prana Energy flowing in directly through your breath, into your lungs, into your belly, into your body, and into every single cell in your trillions and trillions of cells that make up your physical body temple in this present life experience?  Feel that expansive and exponential energy.  And then take a regular 3D breath, a breath of survival, a breath of passing time, and a breath of necessity in the small world that the 3D matrix has mirrored to you that you are and will only ever continue to be.  Can you feel that difference?  Can you discern that difference?  This is just a hint of what is to come.  This is an illustration of what is happening on your world right here and right now in October 2020 and beyond.  

You are steadily now being invited and summoned really into discerning this difference.  For the experiential landscape is changing on your world.  The flat 3D earth energies that generally permit just enough oxygen, excitement, engagement, and entertainment to get by . . . are losing more and more of their life force and ability to sustain an entire planetary collective through the games they play.  And therefore, many are discovering that they need something different. They feel there is something different.  There is something better, somewhere, whether that is a move to a new location, whether that is a job change, whether it is a relationship shift, a shift in their experience of their bodies and their physical health and well being, or a new creative project.  Spirit is right there with you, breathing possibilities and exponential invitations and inspirations to explore, to expand, and to rise into something new and more powerful and more empowered within!  Source is breathing you in these times dear ones, if you allow it.  If you will let it in, Source is right there, breathing your journey, breathing those inspirations, and breathing your compass, lantern, and cosmic map inside you.  Source is right there, if you will simply allow yourselves to remember how to Allow the God Energy within you to breathe you, to breathe through you, and to breathe Who You Really Are once more, beyond the shackles of the 3D enslavement programs and conditioning of suppression and oppression.  

What is this that we speak of today in this transmission?  What is this fantastical, celestial, eternal, vital, and expansive Divine Source Oxygen and Life Force we are speaking of?  It is The Great Awakening.  You all know what this means deep within.  It is a Knowing in your Gut.  It is a Feeling in your Heart.  It is a Sensing beyond your mental mind and its limited capacities.  It is Known and Remembered Holistically from Within.  

How do you know your are not breathing this Life Enriching Energy with Source?  How do you know you are still breathing the Flat 3D Earth Energy from the old paradigm and matrix?  You feel depleted in these times.  You might feel anger, rage, frustration, fear, doubt, exhaustion, low self worth, lack, scarcity, judgement, and more.  For those frequencies have been the oxygen of the 3D matrix.  Those energies have been the fuel of the 3D matrix. And in a timeline and cosmology of a lower, darker world age and cycle, in a denser place in time and space, a planetary collective has lived that experience of suffering, struggling, scarcity, and pain . . . despite ~ at a soul level ~ and at a physical level ~ also feeling challenged to breathe and to find much ease, peace, prosperity, and joy in much of their lived experiences.

The 3D matrix has done a superb job at mirroring to you what “freedom” looks like, and how you achieve it.  Working hard and many long hours, away from family and friends often, and sometimes in unscrupulous ways . . . is one of the mirrors shown to you. Dividing families so mothers and fathers have to be separated from their children is another way the matrix mirrors this “freedom” to you.  Having “stars” who become famous for this talent or that offering or ability ~ mirrors to the collective as well ~ that only a few reach their “star potential” to shine in this way and to make money and experience success in this way.  And that few ever reach that distant potential, all the while reinforcing the feeling of smallness, suppression, hard work, and survival as a way of life.  

When people are stressed, or recently in your news cycles, there was a being who literally died saying, I can’t breathe . . . this is the 3D matrix mirroring to humanity ~ the mirror it wants projected about not being able to breathe.  In the narrative it wants told.  

We would say from a much broader lens and perspective on the changes and the invitation steadily flowing to your world, this 3D matrix can’t breathe.  This empty, low vibrational, separation-consciousness-infused matrix is what can’t breathe.  Yet the intelligence of this 3D matrix cannot be underestimated. And it knows its life force is dying.  Why?  Because people are waking up.  What better way to call people back to a suppressed state and a prison planet than to stage in some way the illustration and example it wants the collective to see . . . to trigger the centuries-old training, conditioning, and programming of your own lack of breathing, your own fear of survival, your own experience of divisions and separations, that have formed the basis of this matrix, at its core, in the very beginning of this 3D world age and cycle?  So the 3D matrix itself feeds you the narrative, the imagery, and the visceral feeling of the fear and the programs that you have been conditioned into ~ as a condition of life on earth, with the puppeteers of this matrix at the helm, manifesting these scenarios.  

It is very, very effective, in a world where people at soul level remember well the shock of the original wound that is underneath it all . . . the most painful wound . . . of having to learn to live in a realm without Source Energy.  Without Unity Consciousness.  Without Light Consciousness.  Without Christ Consciousness.  It is a Primal Wound dear ones.  It is a deep soul wound within the Heart of the Collective.  And the 3D Matrix knows this.  

So how do you trigger the collective back into compliance with a 3D enslavement and separation matrix?  That feeds itself through fear, discord, division, and separation?  You create experiences of division, fear, discord, and separation ~ continuously.  What do people feel when life continues to strangle joy, tether or limit creativity and self expression, judge freedom and emancipated living, and devalue the sovereign nature of individuals and their rights to freedom?  They can’t breathe.  And breath then becomes a literal metaphor and lived vibrational experience of the traumas and trauma bonds of living in a 3D matrix.  And when someone can’t breathe, due to stress, overwhelm, abuse, trauma, limits, lack, and they are shrinking with the weight of that pressure and that level of contraction and constriction, they often yield to the 3D temptations of division, discord, judgment, hate, anger, ridicule, blame, corruption, cruelty, contraction, suppression, oppression, and ultimately smallness, submission, and compliance.

So let us take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In together.  Allow your lungs and your belly to fully expand and receive that Divine Gift in this moment.  Feel that Divine Breath flowing Directly from Source Energy, flowing Directly from the Earth Mother, and flowing Directly from the Heart of Creation Itself . . . refilling you, refueling you, reminding you, and re-empowering you with the Frequencies of Divine Expansion and Life Force that You Truly Are.  Can you feel it?  Can you take another Deep Divine Breath In and fill that breath with a Sacred Color, Light, or Tone in it as well?  Feel that Breath flow to all of the parts of you that haven’t been breathing in this way, perhaps for a very long time.  Feel that Breath flow to all of the places inside you that are constricted, contracted, and living small in this life and in other lifetimes, simultaneous to this Now moment, through Time and Space.  Breathe All Aspects of You, the Divine Sovereign You, in All Lifetimes, in All Versions of You, in All Countries and Centuries of Time, as One Now.  In Nirvana.  Breathe and Unite all of these aspects of you in the One True Light and the Living Life Force of Source Energy that You Truly Are.  Feel this God Energy emerging from within . . . that was ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, there within you . . . feel it reuniting with you and realigning you . . . to the Living Light Codes you ALWAYS and TRULY ARE AND WERE.  And Feel this Sacred Oxygen Resetting and Restoring you to Breathe New Life and 5D Awareness and Clear Soul Sight . . . and Expanding you into the Higher Dimensional Source Essence and Presence that you have always been.  

If you have ever seen food in its dehydrated state, and then you add living water to it, it expands, yes?  It literally comes back to life, and becomes many times its size.  Once contracted and compacted into its dehydrated storable state, it is now fresh, made new, expanded, and filled with nutrition, aromas, and living accessible life force for you to eat.  Can you picture this?

You are the same as this example, a living expression of dehydrated flat 3D oxygen . . . and breathing now Divine Source Life Force through Prana Energies filling your Soul, filling your Lighthouse, filling your Divine Merkaba, and waking up all of your Divine and Sovereign Gifts in the most expansive, the most resplendent, the most resilient, and the most Divine Ways.

The Great Awakening could also then be called
The Great Rehydration or The Great Divine Prana-tion
or The Great Reunion & Re-Breathe-ation. 

Because this is what is unfolding on your world.  The Human Collective is being summoned to Breathe Again.  The Human Collective is being summoned to Hydrate in 5D Light and Color Codes and Source Breath again.  The Human Collective is being summoned to Expand and Ascend Again.  And thus, the Human Collective is being summoned to Divinely See and to Be Sovereign and Free Again.  

Is your Conscious Breathing important?  We would say a resounding ~ yes.  Is your awareness of the 3D matrix’s attempts to keep you small, dehydrated, divided, fearful, and barely breathing as you move from one triggering event to another triggering event vital to rising up and out of the 3D matrix and mind control programs?  We would say a resounding ~ yes.  Will everyone wake up in these activations and summonings to Higher Light and a New 5D Vibrational and Lived Experience of the New 5D Earth?  It is unlikely.  Not all are ready for this Cycle of Divine Expansion, Truth, Transparency, Grace, Ease, Integration, and Light.  It sounds strange to hear, but it is True.  Every soul has Free Will Choice and the Power to Choose.  So choose, they will.  But the invitation itself has been given to every being on the planet.  And that is the beautiful Grace of Source and an Energy of Life Force that we hope will give you all comfort in these times.  

Anyone Awakening in this Divinely Expansive Way . . .
is at some level . . . choosing to do so.  

Anyone NOT Awakening in this Divinely Expansive Way
. . . is at some level . . . choosing to do so.  

It may get harder to breathe in the 3D matrix that continues to contract and struggle to find ways to instill more fear into the planetary collective.  It will also become clearer and self evident to many that where there is a lack of oxygen and 3D fuel sources in this collective experience . . . there is an abundance of 5D Prana, Life Force, Unity, Light, Reunion, Joy, Creativity, Innovation, and Love. It may not look always like “the packaging” people might expect, but it will be there.  It IS Already There.  People are now tasked ever more clearly in 2020 to choose where they see the LIVING EXPRESSION of these 5D Light Codes and Source Breath shining through.  

The 3D Matrix is very skilled at both looking like Divine Breath and Triggering Feelings and Fears of Not Having Divine Breath as well. It is in a way a two-headed snake, chameleonizing itself in any way necessary to access the fuel and life force it requires to sustain itself.  

The 5D New Earth will continue to stand in its Truth, to shine its Light, and to overtly express through its actions, its creations, its innovations, and its Vibrational Essence Who and What It Is . . . and where the Divine Oxygen and Divine Prana from Source Truly Is.

All are being summoned Home to this Living Light Now.

All are being summoned into a Greater Inner State of Awareness and Discernment Now.

All are being shown the Tricks of the Illusion of the 3D False Matrix Now.

All are being shown the Truth and the Light of the 5D New Earth Now.

All have been deceived in the Collective Dream of Separation in exponential ways over time.

All have been deceived by the snake in the Collective Dream of Separation in exponential ways into a 3D PERCEPTION of Freedom, Oxygen, and Unity.

Now is the Time for the True Freedom, True Sovereignty, True Light, True Leadership, True Life Force, and True Prana to Emerge once more.

Remember ~ Source partners, empowers, loves, refuels, refreshes and guides you in Every Conscious Living Breath you inhale.  

And Source also assists you in seeing, cleansing, releasing, and alchemizing anything less than your Perfect Divinity Codes and 5D Perfect Soul Presence in every breath you exhale.  

We invite you to appreciate and engage your Conscious Breathing throughout the events and revelations of October 2020 and beyond, as a Divine Soul Skill that has eternally lived in you The Whole Time.  

These are your red shoes that Dorothy
had within her The Whole Time.

Your Conscious Breathing is your Living, Giving, Loving, Reuniting Life Force that is restoring you to your Organic Divine Nature that You Always and Truly Were . . . and raising you onto the 5D New Earth Timeline . . . as a Vibrational Experience, Knowing, and Living Light now in this times.

You can Consciously Breathe your way into the New 5D Earth Timeline, if you can open and activate your Clear Soul Sight in 2020 to do so.   

The Time For Sleeping Is Over.  

The Time for Rising and Zero Point Vision is Here.

Conscious Breathing is your Divine Activational Life Force that is the Fuel for this Grand and Global Reset.  

We invite you to Breathe with us and Breathe with Source and Breathe the Light of your Beloved Mother Earth deep within, whenever you see, hear, sense, or experience something that leads you into constriction, contraction, intense and unpleasant emotions, and smallness.  

You are Divinely Designed to Expand, to Live Free, to Create, to be Authentic, to Experience Infinite Joy and Peace, and to Shine.  

It Is Time! 

You are loved, dear ones.  
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Watch Part 2 of this timely transmission, where Marie shares her Messages, & Marinades to help you to expand your vision, awaken your Truth, and apply these insights from the Arcturian Collective in your life.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.

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