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October ~ November 2020 Energy Update: Truth - The Arcturian Collective

October ~ November 2020 Energy Update: Truth - The Arcturian Collective

- The Great Emancipator, Propaganda ~
A Third Dimensional Word With Multidimensional Consequences,
& A Deep Quantum Reset Process -

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, on this magical day in human history and on this auspicious precipice of Great Change, Great Revelations, and Epic Emancipations at this time.  We connect with each and all of you through a brilliant resplendent Arcturian Sapphire Blue frequency showering your world and showering your hearts right here and right now, as we gather together in this transmission today and as we invite you Home into the Energies of Sacred Oneness, Sovereignty, Wholeness, Aliveness, Joy, Love, and Peace. 

Breathe in a Deep Conscious Breath with us as we all allow ourselves to bathe in the Presence, Essence, and Life Force of Christ Consciousness and Unity Consciousness, which are the Heart of Creation and the Heartbeat of the All That Is.  Feel yourself allowing and embracing that Timeless Source Energy that is a vibrational match to Who You Truly Are.  You Are This Living Christ Light.  You Are This Living Source Light.  You Are This Living Quantum Light.  And today, and every day now going forward, we invite you to know this, breathe this, feel this, embrace this, and embody this.  For This IS Your Divine Compass, Lantern, and Map in these extraordinary and epic times.  This IS The Magic You Are Coloring Back Into Your Daily Lives, Daily Life Force, and Daily Vibration on all levels of your being now.  Consciously or unconsciously, ALL are being upgraded to their Higher Light now.  

Are you feeling the Lion’s Gate Portal Frequencies still in your daily lives?  Are you witnessing the Roars heard around the world, as exposure after exposure flows to all of the places where the deeper darknesses reside ~ but can no longer hide? In some senses, this is an exposure of the shadow aspects in public figures in government, in politics, in leadership roles, in the entertainment industries, in the realm of professional sports, etc.  It is also an exposure of the shadow aspects within you dear ones.  For all of your unresolved and unhealed wounds and unmet needs are showing up inside you as well.  Now those essences of unmet needs and unhealed trauma wounds may look as if they are a politician, a public leader, an entertainer, an athlete, etc. outside of you, but if you are experiencing that energy ~ there are frequencies inside you as well to witness, to work through, and to still release at this time.

For the corruption running rampant on your world today has been the culmination of lifetimes of the shadow and darkness that has guided the human experience since the beginning of this last world age and cycle.  And now?  The Light Is Returning to Guide Humanity Once More.  Source Energy, God Energy Itself, is returning to guide humanity itself in these times.  New Oxygen, New Light Codes, New Templates for Living, Breathing, and Being are returning to one and all.  And it is this Great Alchemy and this Great Transformation that we want to spotlight in today’s transmission for November 2020 and beyond.

An upside down and inside out world is turning right side up and outside in again.  October 2020 and beyond is signaling this Crescendo Frequency of all timelines in a corrupt and separation-consciousness-led 3D matrix coming to an end AND a brand new timeline opening to each and all of you that is infused with the Heart and Soul of Source Energy Itself . . . templating joy, inspiration, innovation, compassion, collaboration, abundance, and well-being For All.  And in this timeline happening right now on your world . . . archaic draconian structures of enslavement, entrapment, suppression, oppression, and darkness that have impacted all sentient life on earth (not just some individuals, groups or people, or certain civilizations) . . . are being neutralized, removed, cleared, and dematerialized from your world and lived experiences in exponentially quantum ways.  And in this timeline happening right now on your world . . . the Light of 1000 Suns is returning to you and to your Soul Presence and Divine Essence through the Central Sun Portals that are the Soul Sight and Divine Love of your Creator Source, showering unfathomable waves of Love, Compassion, Hope, Healing, Joy, and Bliss-full Reunion Energies into each and every one of you, to reset the Remembrance of Who You Really Are.  You are literally being breathed and sun-bathed into this Deep Divine Remembrance, as The Great Awakening continues to unfold.

Let us remember together now 
that you came for these times. 

You came to bathe in the Light of these Quantum Frequencies at this time. 
You came to Shine Your Light for Source 

and for the World at this time. 

And you also came to Know The Light
and to Emit This Light for the world at this time.  

What makes this timeline and this particular point in time quite challenging . . . is that many still remain asleep . . . despite the Lion’s Roars.  Despite the Quantum Crumbling.  Despite the acts of violence against this planetary body, this sentient collective, and the human collective on all fronts.  This 3D Earth has not only become a prison planet but a toxic planet, toxic in more ways than many of you even know at this point.  It is a multidimensional toxicity whose time has come for A-Tone-Ment . . . to reset humanity into At-One-Ment once more.  And yet, many resist the A-Tone-Ment.  Many prefer to cover their eyes, to continue to drink the familiar streams of propaganda as a form of perceived “safe” nourishment in these times, and thus fail to peak behind the curtains at who is orchestrating these toxic energy streams, and why

Propaganda is a third dimensional word
with multidimensional consequences.

And so even the word itself . . . might make it appear to be less of a threat to your entire civilization than it is.  But Truth Be Told, it is one of the most lethal weapons ever wielded in any realm.  For it is a poison that does not just infiltrate the minds of its subjects, or the hearts of its subjects.  But rather, it infiltrates and corrupts the soul of its subjects to bend to its will over many, many conditionings, injections, infiltrations, and subjugations over time.  So much so that people engage a form of “Stockholm Syndrome” in multidimensional ways, and become the army for their captors to police, defend, perpetrate, and perpetuate the Dark Shadow’s and 3D Matrix’s Agendas on their own.  

This is in part what you are seeing unravel on your world right now.  Some reading this might unknowingly be part of that multidimensional enslavement mind control programming right now.  And some reading and listening to this might very consciously be part of the multidimensional awakening and activation process right now as well.  Somewhere, ALL of you are in this journey to rise beyond the soul-sucking, life force depleting, mind-controlling mechanisms of a 3D Matrix, and the puppets that administer it through lies, deceit, manipulation, corruption, bribery, and more.  

It is a Deep and Vast Reset Process. 
It is a Powerful and Exponential Inner Rising Process. 
And All Are Experiencing It Now 

in some way, shape, or form.

October 2020 is cracking the codes of the games and the agendas of the old 3D matrix that many are consciously rising up and out of as we speak.  October 2020 is cracking the codes of the deeper games, propaganda, and multidimensional control measures that many are still vulnerable to and victims of, for they simply do not have the eyes or the soul strength yet to stand in it, to reside within it, . . . and still see it.  In The Duality Game that exists, there is a Great Polarity revealing itself to one and all, would you agree?  While there may be some in the process of awakening and gathering more Truth, Understanding, and Clarity at this time, at the core ~ truly ~ there are those who Sleep in the Multidimensional Mind Control Programs . . . and there are those Awake to the Truth of their Existence and liberating yourselves from them.  

October 2020 is streaming through Revelations of Epic Proportions, which will continue dear ones for many months to come.  But October 2020 is a Quantum Crescendo Frequency where Divine Truth is Bursting through the Ethers, like a Comet of Divine Truth sent to this world to shatter the illusions that have poisoned this once Pristine and Resplendent Mother Earth planet.  Many will feel these Quantum Crescendos and literal vibrational “BOOMS” to their multidimensional mind-and-soul-controlled personal energy fields . . . and double down to work harder to defend the “truth” they have been told and sold in bitter pill after bitter pill as “the way life is.” These same beings will also work harder to defend their captors and their captors’ behavior, because it is all that they know at this point To Do.  Those awake, and those awakening, on the other side of the Duality unfolding, will be called to Stand Tall in the Light of the Truth Known and Revealed From Within, through that Quantum Breath, that Reunion with Source, that Inner Divine Compass, Lantern, and Map that was rediscovered in their own Activation Process and Breath of Divine Prana . . . that is filling their lungs, heart, mind, and soul once more.  Those Awake and Those Awakening will be called to Stand Tall In The Continued Surges, Streams, and Crescendos of Divine Truth . . . and also to maintain compassion for those still sleeping . . . aware of what they must awaken to.  

Where a 3D Matrix lives off The Shame Game, The Duality Game, and The “Stealing Energy and Life Force Game” that is “perpetrated duality,”  the 5D Realms of Divine Life and Light are fueled and empowered by True Divine Source Energy and Positive Polarity . . . where All in the One . . . compliment and nurture the Whole.  The pain of the 3D suffering is excruciating for many, and yet it is that excruciating energy in a 3D matrix that continues to fuel the Stockholm Syndrome at deep subconscious levels . . . so much so that those under that spell are not even aware they are doing it.  They are not even aware that they are part of the problem, and not the solution. They are not even aware that they are perpetrating it instead of healing it.  And this is the pain that is coming, or currently underway, . . . for the masses who are sleeping . . . the masses who are heart-mind-and-soul controlled . . . and yet are believing that they are working for the Light ~ when they are led by the scams and ancient draconian measures of deeply effective multidimensional control.  Waking up to realizing their own “pawn-like” nature in this 3D Duality Game of 3D Chess . . . means waking up to realize that ALL were played by the matrix itself . . . to kill each other, to hate each other, to blame each other, to manipulate each other, and to ultimately shut down ~ not only each other’s sovereignty, freedom, health, well-being, abundance, etc . . . but really to shut down at multidimensional levels . . .  the Pathway Source Has Been Offering The Whole Time . . . A Pathway To Divine, Interdimensional, Eternal Grace, Love, Unity, and Living Light.  

The Matrix itself is doing everything it can through its own High Level Puppets to continue to inject this matrix with that which it feeds and organizes upon . . . which is FEAR.  The Matrix and all of its puppets are utilizing FEAR and Mind Control Programs . . . to access a deeper level of control now than ever before . . . the Multidimensional Control of Humanity and the Soul of this Planet and all sentient life here.  And to some degree, it might seem to be working.  It has appeared to work for many months, and years.  And especially through the recent global pandemic.  Propaganda measures have reached an all-time high, and those vulnerable to this injection of lies, fear, distortions, and these multidimensional control measures have drank it in and are deeply satiated with it now.  Those not vulnerable and those strong in Drinking Divine Truth, Divine Prana, Living Light, and Source-Infused Higher Soul Sight and Sovereign Soul Awareness . . . Remember Who They Are . . . and Know Fully Well the lies, deceit, danger, and destruction of the False 3D Timeline and the False 3D Narratives and Propaganda.  They know that the Propaganda is the Poison, and a direct hit to the Heart and Soul of Humanity.  And they are Standing for Truth for themselves, for their families, for the human and sentient family all around this globe, and for those not awake yet to see for themselves.

Many listening to this channel have heard many deep transmissions that we have conveyed over time.  Many understand that the Energies of what we are conveying are more important that the words themselves.  And this is deeply and eternally True.  Energy doesn’t lie.  Words can.  People can.  But Energy Itself cannot lie.  

There are Brave, Courageous, Divine Knights and Amazing Epic Heroes standing in the Light, holding this Immense Light, and knowing the Timeless Truth of the Light for and with humanity and all sentient life upon this planet at this time. You might not yet understand fully Who the White Wolves and Who the Dark Wolves are, but October is revealing more and more of these costumes with pristine precision now.  You are witnessing the epic deconstruction and exposure now . . . in the public’s view and for the public’s awakening . . . so that people CAN begin to wake up and take their place in the Truth of the Great Awakening . . . versus the truth of multidimensional mind-and-soul-control that the propaganda’s poison still has some believing . . . that their false leaders and beliefs are what are actually freeing or protecting humanity.  The world must now collectively witness the emergence of this profound change and reset.  The world must now be SHOWN the manipulators . . . and their manipulation and corruption.  One by one, and then in small clusters and teams wrought with deep criminality, they will be exposed for their True Creations, their True Intentions, their True Actions, their True Religion, their True Beliefs, and their True Crimes Against Humanity, all Sentient Life, and the Earth Mother Herself.  

This is going to be an Epic Time of Revelations.  It is unfolding to be a very Biblical Time.  It is a Time where True Faith is required.  It is a Time where Deep Grounding is required.  It is a Time where you will be summoned to activate your Soul Skills in your Divine Satchels in deep vibrational ways, beyond simply “conceptually” knowing about them.  Vibrationally practicing these skills is what will make them vibrationally relevant and KNOWN to you in these times.

It Is Time for the Epic Hero in You to rise in whatever layer of consciousness you are presently in . . . and seek the Truth.  It is Time for you to rise in whatever layer of vibrational experience and emission you are presently in . . . and find new ways to Question the truth that you may currently believe and embrace. It requires a diversity of information and perspectives in this level of Ascension that all are going through . . . to learn to Discern the Truth from Poisonous Propaganda and Lies.  There will be swamps to cross, dragons to battle or outwit, sacred scrolls to uncover and rediscover, deep dark dens of shadow, caves of despair to face.  And then . . . The Great Resurrection of the Light will emerge in all of that searching.  In all of that inquiry.  In all of that courageous journeying.  The Light will reveal itself to those who seek it.  The Truth IS revealing it to a Humanity that has cried out in despair here for many millenia.  It may not be the Truth many want.  But it is the Truth that many need.

Truth is the Great Emancipator.  

October, November, and December of 2020 are Quantum Catalysts in that Epic Multidimensional Emancipation and Ascension Process unfolding.  

Great Revelations will roll out for many, many months and years to come.  It took centuries and millenia for Humanity’s Descent into Separation Consciousness to complete its cycle.  It now will require at least many months and years for more Seeds of Liberating Divine Truth to surface to emancipate Humanity fully, so that never again is an experience of this Depth of Separation Consciousness ever needed for the Growth of a Divine Collective to Know Itself as the Living Light of One Divine Creator and One Divine Supreme Creation . . . that is known as The All That Is.   

Remain aware that the poisonous propaganda will accelerate now in October and November 2020, while the Light of Timeless Divine Truth accelerates even more quantumly and rises above and beyond the games of this smaller 3D realm and matrix . . . that is just about out of tricks, generator power, substance, and sustenance.  

The Light Is Shining Victorious in all of its splendor, 
in the Eternal Light of the Godheart 
and the Portals of the Great Central Suns.

It is the human experience now that must catch up with what is already Divinely Known, in this and all other realms, in all physical and nonphysical worlds.  Humanity is playing catch up here in our 3D earth experiences . . . to get up to speed with the Higher Dimensional Vibrations that the 5D Earth has already embodied herself.  October and November 2020 is a Timeline for Humanity to do just that . . . to catch up with Truth.  

In 2020, Humanity on a Global Scale “caught” the Illusion of a Global Pandemic, which is the Greatest Global Virus ever to be unleashed on this planet.  

In 2020, Humanity on a Global Scale is catching the Quantum Frequencies of Divine Truth, Light, Emancipation, and Ascension, and resetting itself to the God Codes and the Divinity Codes of Divine Wealth, Health, Joy, Unity, Love, and Immense Light beyond the linear mental mind’s capacity for understanding. 

And yet, it is happening!

The Light Is Leading This 
Epic Earth Emancipation.

Brave Epic Heroes are at the forefront of a multidimensional chess game to Free the Soul of the World and to Free the Soul of the Collective and the Soul of the Divine Wholeness that each one of you truly is . . . from the grips and games of a very nefarious and insidious energy and agenda of a relative few that many know in the Bible as evil.  

Some are playing very public roles on the grand stage.  Some are playing more private roles on the inner stage.  All are an essential part in The Great Awakening unfolding right here and right now, in you and throughout this whole planet.  

It Is Time To Invite the Light To Shine In Full . . . Unmasked and Unbridled on your world again . . . and inside you.  Then, and only then, can the darkness and the poison truly clear, and can the Light Reset The Coordinates for the Miracles and Magic to Bless Your World and Re-Establish God’s Laws and Divine Design (through the Law of One) . . . once more.

We are with you.  We love you.  We Remember Who You Truly Are!

And the Light of All Time Shines in each and all of you.  
It Is Simply Time to Remember!

You are loved, dear ones.  
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Watch Part 2 of this timely transmission, where Marie shares her Messages, & Marinades to help you to expand your vision, awaken your Truth, and apply these insights from the Arcturian Collective in your life.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.

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