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The Arcturian Collective: March 2022 Energy Update

The Arcturian Collective: March 2022 Energy Update

Dark To Light, Fishbowls To Freedom,
& Illusion To Illumination:

The Call to Quantum Leaping Is Here.
Breathe Big and Know Bigger Than The Storms!

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Energies of Love, Faith, Light, Spiritual Fortitude, and Divine Union today, as we continue to see each and all of you rising up and through these biblical flood waters prophesized for these times.  Let us first take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath in to seed our connections in this transmission with the Highest Light, the Deepest Grace, and the Will of God/Source/Creator to breathe Unity Consciousness, Faith, and Fearlessness as great change sweeps your global atmosphere and your own inner atmosphere and awareness as well.  

You are in the Time of the Return to God’s Timeline, and thus all that is out of alignment with the Center of Creation, the Center of the Cosmos, and the Heart that Beats within All That Is must surface, must be seen for what it is and what it was, and then it must be transmuted.  And the alliance of energies that fill and fuel February, March, April, & May 2022 is founded upon these energies of transmutation and alchemization, turning the darkness back into the Light.  Dark to Light.  Evil to Good.  Pain into Prosperity of every kind.  And Illusion into Illumination.  That which has been so severely distorted, inverted, and corrupted will be made new.  It will be made whole.  It will rise in the alchemical process of a Greater Divine Crucifixion to remember your eternal perfection, goodness, and wholeness again.  Inversions are being reversed and set right.  Stolen sacred words and texts are returning to the people.  Missing pieces of humanity’s lost history are surfacing and returning more and more to those ready to receive them.  And in all of this, through all of this, humanity is being made whole.  You are renewed, strengthened, guided, and led by the Living Light that fills and fuels all worlds.  And that is the energy we wish for you to breathe with us a moment more as we begin this soulful connection today, on the precipice of March 2022. 

Now dear ones, we know we spoke to you of the phenomena of Fish Out Of Water in the most recent transmission.  And we know that that may be a fluid experience of your lives and your integration now as change sweeps the consciousness of this world.  Fish swim, they race, they jump, and they even fly to adapt to their ever-changing environments in the waters of your world, and in the ocean depths.  And even though there are great swells during epic storms, and there are also calm seas in their experiences as well, they have an inner compass inside them that knows the Heartbeat of Source, the same one we referenced above.  And it is that inner compass, that guidance system, that leads all of humanity into a realm that you cannot imagine and that you cannot see (or see fully), without the aid of your Inner Light, your Inner Life, and your Inner Truth, that stands eternally next to Divine Creator and Divine Creation.

That Fish Out of Water feeling?  For many of you it’s that you have risen so far and so fast in this lifetime to Know beyond the shadow of a doubt that what you are living right now is not Divine Creation.  Yes, it has the template of creation underneath all of the distortions.  And yes, it is told to you over the centuries that this is All That Creation Ever Is and Ever Will Be.  But many of you know that it is not the Divine Template for Sentient Life in a Sentient Universe and that it is lacking many of the essential ingredients for a happy, harmonious, and peaceful sentient humanity and all life here on earth to rise and rejoin the much greater collective, in the cosmic conversation that is happening daily for those with ears to hear and eyes to see.  Why are you jumping out of the water?  That seems almost counterintuitive to most “fish.”  For the water in a fish world appears to be All There Is. And yet, these fish jumping out of water are leaping into the unknown they know, for they Know that in this new shift, they are guided to see and breathe and live something much greater than their present sight can see.  They know it and they seek it, especially because they cannot see where it is leading them.

Isn’t that a powerful twist and turn in the Ascension Journey?  Trusting more of the Unknown than the Known in these times?  Stepping into what is hidden more than remaining safely immobile, or paralyzed to create any movement or change, at all.  Yes, movement, inertia, seeking with curiosity, allowing new experiences even if they are uncomfortable are essential components of the newness calling to so many of you.  What happens when you practice a new habit?  It feels foreign at first.  Your old routines and patterns want to call you to turn left like you always have, but the new you knows its time to turn to the right.  Your familiar thought companions throughout the day might even begin to seem a bit stale.  They are so familiar that they may become less attractive to you.  Because Ascension Pioneers and Avatars on the planet in these times recognize that the old ways of doing things, being yourselves, and living your lives are more palpably lacking in Life Force, aren’t they?  You see where there is no forward movement, even if you are standing still or if you are running circles around many people in your lives.  In Ascension Timelines and Times, you can run circles and still go nowhere, because the only way to move in these new energies and this new energy field is to move yourself vibrationally.

You may recall a scene in a movie called Ghost, where Patrick Swayze played a character named Sam Wheat who had just been murdered, and he had to learn how-to live-in spirit and yet communicate with the physical world he could still see playing out his unresolved issues.  To do that, he meets another soul who had crossed over but who could make matter move.  Patrick Swayze or Sam Wheat rather is then schooled in how to move energy differently now that he was in a different form.  He couldn’t kick a soda can with his etheric foot and make it move.  He couldn’t make something as small as a penny move without the engagement of his focus.  His intentions to move it.  He had to feel this energy stirring and moving within him in the etheric realms to empower his vibration to move objects differently in this new form.  And with practice, he does move objects in this new way.  

Well, this is True for you now.  Where are you moving old stale energy just to different corners of your “house?”  That can be your literal house, or it can be your physical body temple and your emotions.  It can be your relationships.  It can be a number of things you experience on a daily basis.  Because human beings are a cumulative expression of all lives lived and all experiences had.  The staleness of unresolved karmic baggage and unresolved painful memories, and even current energetic entanglements playing out again and again and again are showing up to reveal to you what IS old.  What is forgotten but not absent from your daily lives?  Its all right here, with you, traveling in similar speeds and circles like it always has, ensuring that you retrace similar steps, and that you journey with similar people, and that you live a similar life to what you have lived as a kind of vibrational set point or default setting, to keep you in the 3D zone of recreating your patterning again and again, without moving too far from the center of that version of you and the stories you have lived and adopted about you from this 3D matrix itself.  That is how old stale energy lives and breathes and moves within people who might look very much alive, but their patterns are anything BUT new.  And you have to move in new ways to see a new world emerging before your eyes, that previously you did not have the capacity to conceive, believe, or receive.  And now here it is, a Precipice of a New Age Dawning, in you, on the other side of illusory inertia.  The real movement is here, and it is flowing in in Floods of Light, to your world, to people near you, and to your own Sacred Heart Center.

Within the fog of the 3D Illusion and the Games that perpetuate it as a vibrational reality to many, a fish could be in the water and have no idea that it is wet.  Or that they are immersed in something that many call water.  They do not have language for their aquatic environment, for perhaps in this metaphor we are sharing with you, they never questioned it.  The ocean, or pond, or lake, or river, is all there is.  Its where they are born.  It’s where they transition from, again and again, through the circadian rhythms and cycles of karmic incarnations.  Those fish often don’t know that there is anything to get out of, for what they live day in and day out is all there is.  But fairly routinely, unbeknownst to many of them, certain fish rise.  And want to see what is above the surface of what they see and perceive.  Some swim really fast along the surface plane of the water.  Some may allow for a deeper stillness to commune with the Knowing of the Great Beyond on the inner planes.  And yet others, will do a combination of these things and add some Quantum Leaping.  And those are the fish we want to illustrate to you now, for that is who you are in your own ways.  Even an ocean can feel too small of a pond when a soul outgrows their old vibrational set point and they are seeking something new. 

Now not only are those inner cues flowing within . . . that something about your life or this realm or your daily routines and schedules isn’t fulfilling quite like it was.  It’s not the same as it was.  And maybe it is simply not as interesting as it once was.  You are pulling back the curtain on the illusions and 3D lenses you have seen through all this time, and are asking yourself, is there more “out there?”  Are there others “out there” seeking something different too?  And we would say a deep and resounding YES.  There are many others “out there” and you will first find them and their energy, in here.  

An “in here process” is a growing admission that you are ready to take a leap.  You don’t know where it is exactly, and you don’t know when, but when it shows up, you will know it.  And you will take it.  Because it is becoming increasingly clear to you that you must leap.  You must take it.  You are called to choose it, because the old life you have been living in simply can’t support the prana you increasingly need to live in the new world that IS calling to you.  

You have outgrown your old life.  Your old patterns.  Your old flow of 3D submergence under the serpentine waters that have quietly in the background limited you or at least facilitated and propagated the notion that you by your nature ARE limited. That’s the Ocean you have been swimming in as fish out of water, or Adam and Eve frequencies out of God/Source/Creator’s Garden (of Eden), all this time.  And do you know something?  That’s not the tiny pool of awareness you are meant to eternally remain in.  Hence, the Call to the Leap.  Hence the call to join people at the Leading Edge. Hence the call to take a leap or running jump from the Precipice of what you have Known and into the Mists of this New Life and this New Earth Dawning as we speak.

These next several months, more conditions, events, and circumstances will cause the crumbling of the old paradigm, further than it already appears to be crumbling now.  Irreparable events will unfold, that are ultimately designed to liberate this planet but that will feel at the same time, as surprising, shocking, disturbing, and unsettling, at best.  Those with Soul Vision, those with Clear Soul Sight or awakening Soul Vision, will have something guiding them from within that says, this change is okay.  Change is happening for a reason.  These events and these energies are cracking the illusions to let the light in.  Its through the messy, twisty-turny energies of birthing a new world that the old one gets further exposed for the illusion that it was.  Illusions are profoundly convincing until one day, when they simply aren’t.  And what was once impossible to be believed . . . through the lenses of one’s complicitness in the illusion . . . where pain, struggle, lack, scarcity, division, and war are the only way forward and backward for humanity ~ thus keeping all sentient life on a perpetual repetitive cycle of the same people, same vibrations, same consciousness, and same struggles ~ becomes holistically, indescribably, and very knowably transparent . . . the illusion becomes what cannot in any way be believed . . . and the Truth reigns again in an instant, or a biblical event, or a wake up call that can no longer be denied.  

This is the Time of the Great Awakening.

And this is the Time of The Earth’s Epic Rising.  

You are the ones you have been waiting for all this time.  It is YOU who will feel these seeds of epic awakening.  It is you who will be swimming along in the stale seas of 3D illusions, or the daily dramas of them, one or the other.  Perfectly content in the way life is playing out for you again and again.  Until one day, in one breath, one moment, one interaction, or a series of inexplicable events that cannot be ignored, you will be awake and alert in the 3D matrix understanding that you are not meant to be a fish in the waters of these perpetrated and perpetuated illusions.  And you will receive new prana and new life force in a quest, in a curiosity, in a deep desire to do what it takes to rise and set yourself free. And you have a knowing that by your awakening to those seas of illusion, maybe, just maybe, others around you will too.  Not because you taught a class in awakening to them, not because you lecture them now about their 3D ways (that you just recently lived too), and not because you told them so.  But because you lived it, you know it, you chose it, and you see it, and they feel what you see, even if they can’t see it yet too.  And the more they see you swim in new ways, the more they see you willing to leap up into the air, to see from a new perspective, the sea of illusion you were once swimming in, and that they have been in too, the more they begin to see their “reality” from a lens of curiosity and through questions like “is this all there is?” That they find expansive and liberating and intriguing too.  

Illusion models and teaches that CHANGE is the illusion, and not the rule Illusion models and teaches that CHANGE is the illusion, and not the divine design.  Illusion teaches that the familiar is where the life force resides, and that if you stray from it, you will lose your life force, whither, and risk your very lives.  But the soul who sees more clearly, more divinely, more Truthfully, recognizes those waters as a perfect birthplace from which to grow.  But they are not a place where you want to build your home, marry, and raise a family.  They are not where a soul truly lives.  For all of that living . . . unfolds through expansion.  And expansion like this ~ of which we speak?  Happening on the inner planes? Creates outer experiences that shine in God’s True and Divine Creation, beyond the fishbowl of the 3D illusion that would use propaganda to teach, reinforce, infiltrate, and obfuscate anyone’s ability to question and seek Truth about whether the fishbowl is truly the Ocean, and the be all and end of all of life in physical form!

That fish in the fishbowl feeling curious about the bigger picture?  Would clearly show signs of being a conspiracy theorist and would clearly show signs of being a prepper.  For their seeking in and of itself breaks the shackles of the 3D matrix itself.  Thinking bigger in this way is already a deal breaker with the 3D matrix.  And we can shorten that to simply THINKING and exploring your thoughts, why you have them, where they come from, and what the source of them ultimately is . . . automatically takes you out of the box (or fishbowl in this instance) and into a brave new world of Thought Pioneers, Innovation and Exploration, and Soul Expansion and Higher Dimensional Living!  

And that dear ones, is where humanity is flowing and growing.  The astrology and the movements within God’s Ultimate Timeline and these ascension shifts unfolding will be contracting and birthing a brand-new earth in these next few weeks and months. With all of these references to water and to air, these seas of vibrational soup, these birthing waters to rise out of that soup, and these invitations to breathe differently and breathe freely more quantum breaths, more quantum prana, and more quantum vision as far as the eye can see, you can see the Invitation to Ascension, to Expansion, to Transformation, and to Transmutation that is affecting each and every one of you.

Today we are speaking to you about where do you still live small in the fishbowl of your patterns?  Where do you submit or go along to get along with certain schools of thought like schools of fish who have been swimming in the same waters for a very long time?  Where do you accept a sense of being small, as if that is the only version of you and the True version of you, untested, Un-explored, and censored from any other points of view on that particular topic and experience of your life?  

You are growing, dear ones.  You are expanding in leaps and bounds.  The world is changing.  Continents are changing.  Countries are changing.  Those in “leadership positions” are retiring, resigning, or leaving roles they have held for decades of time.  Political structures are failing and being re-designed and re-created.  Financial structures are failing, requiring shifts in how you buy goods and services, and even how you move in the ways you engage the things in your lives that you need on a daily basis.  Your beliefs about money, family, friendship, jobs, education, health, the purpose of life and more, are changing.  All of the Old Fishbowl Ways of Living are drying up.  Floods of Truth and Light are exposing where the fishbowl was false and filled with fake narratives.  And at the same time, those floods are drying out what was once a timeless sea of sameness, ruled by a nefarious, slick, crafty, and biblical serpent attempting to masquerade as God, as Creator, and as Creation.  The players and minions the serpent installed in positions that govern human behavior and compliance are also being hung out to dry.  Stay tuned and look for where more of those serpent servants are called up by the Living Light to be exposed, to further shatter the illusions they have spent this lifetime, or lifetimes, creating.  And as more of this happens on a daily, weekly, monthly, and all the time basis, change will be undeniable.  Change IS undeniable for many of you already.

We invite you to Swim In The New Light and Life Force of these Higher Dimensional Fields of Consciousness, where curiosity is encouraged.  Where freedom is embraced.  Where expansion is Known and Sought as a Living Life Force and Source of Divine Vitality and Resilience.  We invite you to be a willing witness to what the old 3D constrictions, constraints, false narratives, serpent rhetoric, and claims of Facts where in most cases the forked tongue speeches of serpent servants actually mean the opposite ~ where those “Facts” are actually the “Fiction”.  Where down is up and up is down.  

Noah prepared to live a new life.  He didn’t know it with his earthly eyes.  But he knew it already with his spiritual vision and his spiritual fortitude.  And what is Spiritual Vision combined with Spiritual Fortitude?  FAITH.  Its all about Faith, dear ones.  The more you have, the more you can see in the darkness, and still maintain your light.  The more you have it the more you can rise in the density and not be pulled down by its weight.  The more you can walk through fires of alchemical heat and light, and not be burned by the intensity of its scrutiny.  You are purifying.  You are enlightening. You are rising.  

The end of February, the month of March, and these next months will be exposing where the waters of humanity’s astigmatism and blindness led to the co-creation of a small but well-oiled machine of serpent minions and serpent servants.  Thus, these higher and more expansive quantum frequencies are simultaneously exposing the darkness AND brightening the already resplendent Living Light.  

We give you cosmic breadcrumbs dear ones in the form of energy parcels.  This is why we love to work with our dear conduit, this frequency writer.  Metaphor helps the spiritual hero in you to rise and see deeper.  To expand and see the falsehoods.  To desire a greater version of you living in a more expansively free and sovereign world.  We do not seek to give you earthly intel as much as we seek to gift to your vibrational patterns playing themselves out on the surface of your world and in the seas of energy that swirl through time like a never ending sea and a never ending story of vibrational sameness and karmic recycling.  

When at first a new energy, thought, idea, event, belief, value, strikes your world, and opens up a crack in the sea of illusion and sea of sameness and familiarity you have been living in, we invite you to not simply dismiss it, kick it out, seek to avoid it, or destroy or censor it.  But rather, we invite you to consider it.  We invite you to question things in your life and in your perceptions.  We invite you to learn these ways of surfing the waves of ebbing and flowing newness and emancipation, while exploring the Unknown Realms that feel unfamiliar to you but that lead to New Light much of the time.  

The world is shifting from Dark to Light.  The fish bowls are being called out and ultimately are summoned to return to the Much Greater Sea.  Source is inviting you in these shifts to see the Much Greater Sea, or the More Expansive Soul Sight that has always accompanied and escorted your All-Knowing Heart Center through grand cycles of time in higher vibrational realms and realities beyond this one.

See the seas of intense energies and ask to be shown more of what is True.  What is Real.  What is God/Source/Creator.  And what is NOT.  You might be surprised if you affirm that powerful prayer . . . what you DO see . . . when you seek to Know, Feel, and Recognize Divine Truth again.  

Karmic echoes of patterns through time are surfacing again in these Floods of Light that ultimately come from Source.  The Atlantean-Lemurian Civilizations’ collective losses and pain through time is a big karmic echo resurfacing at this time for more transmutation and release.  Interestingly both of those civilizations ultimately ended and left your 3D sight by falling under the sea.  Artifacts of both of these highly advanced civilizations still exist today, and may be rediscovered by more and more of you, as revelations continue to unfold and reverberate on your world, as something to be celebrated and embraced.

Clearing energy from the depths of the sea within yourselves is not always a fun process.  But it gets easier.  Karmic clearing and pattern cleansing of vibrational echoes and collective re-dos often start at the local level which means inside individuals, at a very personal level.  When you sense a karmic squeeze rising through a vibrational echo, something you have lived and seen before but that did not come to closure for one reason or another, you can transmute it with greater ease by witnessing it, honoring it, and allowing it to pass through and back to the Heart of God and Heart of Creation, which is this deep and transformational transmutation work.  

So much is rising for healing.  So much is streaming through each and all of you.  Many lifetimes, many timelines, many wounds, and extensive weariness are rising to the surface now, to say, its too hard, uncomfortable, and actually misaligned to carry this with us anymore.  And that fish in the fishbowl, who once felt safe in that small environment’s illusion of safety, is beginning to see the trap of the 3D matrix, and endless looping of a humanity and collective that never seems to learn from its mistakes and to heal itself.  Because the serpent-infiltrated fishbowl and matrix that wants everyone to know about . . . doesn’t want humanity to learn.  It only wants to repeat . . . the same wounds that derive from the original Adam and Eve Creation story, again and again and again.  For guilt and shame are some of the most challenging emotions and energies to clear, for they sometimes embed the deepest into your root and lower chakras, believed to be the Truth of you, that must be protected, defended, avoided, or buried.  And this is when they become so deeply internalized, that they become the definition and embodiment of Who You Think You Are.

A great deal of those versions of you stem from the Serpent’s illusions.  And you’re drinking that in ~ in a fishbowl of the Serpent’s manipulations.  Consider that those lower aspects of you that you might today believe are true . . . that may be part of your vibrational experiences in and through time, . . . but maybe they were never truly the story of you in the first place.  Fraud, false narratives, and false stories of you vitiate, or nullify, all of the subsequent aspects of you.  And when you finally begin to see that, when you open to allowing yourself to breathe that, and when you allow yourself to breathe real oxygen instead of masking your feelings about you, each other, this entire fishbowl experience, and this 3D cycle of illusion and time, you breathe your first signs and first breaths of emancipation, divine union, and epic freedom than you have in a long, long time.  

And that’s where we are waiting to meet you!  We delight in summoning you to the Precipice of Meeting Your True Selves, Exploring your Quantum Abilities, Remembering yourselves as Souls who love and crave Divine Expansion and Exploration as life force for meaningful, joyful, and abundantly enjoyed lives.  

So keep rising!  No matter the invitations to see the fishbowls narratives and to stay small, remember to Breathe Big.  When the narratives constrict and threaten to storm your awakening process, again, Breathe and Know Big and Bigger than those storms.  When karmic echoes of Adam and Eve choice-points rear up to remind you of where you came from and to attempt to shame you into returning to your small fishbowl of thinking and submission again, Breathe, Know, and See Bigger than those old outdated and truly illusory stories.  And if other wounds from Atlantis, Lemuria, or other Cataclysmic-like lifetimes resurface in some way, and trigger fear in this Now of your life experiences, Breathe Bigger, as Big as the Sea, as Big as the Night Sky, and know that you are part of an infinite creation that knows itself way bigger and much more beyond the small stories of the Serpent’s Theatre and your character(s) in those stories.  

You are free.  You are sovereign.  You are divine.  Nothing can stop that Truth from rising now.  Nothing.  Yes, distractions can call you away from it for a time.  But all you have to do more of your day than not, is Breathe Big and Center.  Breathe Deep and Remember.  Breathe Soulfully and Consciously and Re-Align with God’s Timeline, which is your most epic and True Timeline, of all time.

And when you Breathe in this way each time, we will meet you there.  God will meet you there.  The Living Light and Liberation will meet you there.

BE Those Fish Out of Water with Joy, Compassion, and Willing Hearts now.  

The more you allow yourself to leap free, breathe free, shine free, and explore freely the Truth of Who You Are, you will leave the costumes of the Old 3D Matrix and its stifling or stale stories of you and humanity.  And the more you will release the fear of letting that Old Matrix go, and your fear of losing yourself and your orientation in Time and Space.  And the more you will realize that God has got you.  Source is right there, as is your Team in Spirit, grounding and celebrating your Freedom and your Highest Good’s Glory, to expand in your life and to light up your life, which is what this Ascension and this Great Awakening is really all about. 

Breathe Big and Deep, and Know you Have All That You Need Inside to Transcend, Transform, and Transmute these wild waves and stormy seas, and to bring calm to your world, your inner world, right here and right now, with incredible grace and divine precision.  

Quantum leaps are happening.  Between the realms.  And in YOU! 

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
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