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The Arcturian Collective: March-April 2022 Energy Update - A Critical Mass Is Rising

The Arcturian Collective: March-April 2022 Energy Update - A Critical Mass Is Rising

New Spring Births, Resurrections, & Reunions ~
Watch The Waters, Breathe Big, & Breathe Wisely

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Unified Breath of Life in the Sacred Prana of Divine Source Creator and the Eternal Heart Blessings of the Divine Mother Earth. In these times and tides of Epic Change Dear Ones, the Power of the Living Breath is your greatest ally.

We know that in your day-to-day life in 3D space and time, this magnificent tool is largely undetectable, imperceptible, and inaccessible to most on your world, still today. And yet it will be the very life force needed to transcend and transmute these times. Remember the Time of Noah? Remember the Rain? Do you think those people who perished in that timeline wished they had access to Divine Prana then? Well, we invite you to see the parallels between that timeline and your present one. For while there were great rains then, that literally flooded the world through cataclysmic floods and events of that day, there are great rains now flooding your world. And in both timelines, Divine Prana and thus the Living Breath is needed to transcend and transmute the events that unfolded and that are still unfolding.

The energies of that timeline are alive and well today. And so we invite you to join us right here and right now in taking a Deep Divine Breath In, to bathe your energy fields and inner systems with the Divine Life Force your spirit, your Soul Essence, and your Soul Presence has needed all this time, in a world where most have long forgotten their eternal connections with Divine Source Creator and with the Blessed Divine Earth Mother, and who are breathing but a fraction of what is possible through this Grand Union with the Living Light within the Living Breath.  Feel that Conscious Breath bathing all of your cells, all of your energy fields, and all of your conscious awareness with the Knowing of Who You Are. Really drink in that level of prana in every fiber of your being. This Is Home. This Is Who You Are. Allow yourselves to be nourished by this, loved by this, known by this, and empowered by this as the winds and storms of the Ides of March and the April Showers anticipated next month blow through your lives, individually and collectively. Breathe this Living Life Force, Living Breath, and Living Light daily. You don’t have to do this all day every day to be bathed in its gifts.  But a small, deep, conscious breath every day will go a long way in creating the life you desire to live, be, and embody again on Planet Earth.

Dear Ones, we have spoken of fish, alchemy, living mid air, and alchemizing and restoring sacred balance in your lives once more in recent transmissions. We have also highlighted the Adams and Eves you are, here to reset the energies and course correct the illusion that has spun pretty wildly out of control over many centuries of time, careening humanity in a one-way direction in linear time, away from Source and into the well laid plans of a nefarious serpent’s agendas and distortions.

What if it was time to return? What if it is time to Return to the Kingdom? The Garden of Eden? The Heaven that is meant to be lived here on Earth? What if there was a quantum band, a quantum bond really, in the Greater Universe that when it is divine time to do so, that all sentient life in planes of Separation Consciousness spring back into Union with Divine Creator? And aren’t you on the cusp of Spring, dear ones, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, on your world today? Maybe that is a good illustration of the numbers of you on the planet ~ being prepped for Spring. Springtime.  And Springing into Action in the Springtime. For in the Collective Springtime of Planet Earth, we believe more than half of you will rise to a Greater Awakening and Greater Resurrection. And Return to Union. For that is the Call put forth in Divine Creation right now. And a critical mass is hearing it. Those meant for those calls to rise WILL RISE. No matter what. No matter their depth of sleepiness right now as of this writing and this transmission stream. They have activation codes deep in their divine DNA, and they WILL rise when its time for them to begin the Awakening Bloom. No suppression or censorship will be able to stop this Divine Impulse and Instruction. Its simply a Blueprint within many of you that will supersede anything else seeking to impede that birthing and activation process.

What also unfolds in the time of any Great Birthing? Birthing Waters break. The flow of all that has nurtured, all that has revealed, all that has grown you to be the New Child or Expression of God/Source/Creation in Creation must pour forth. Must manifest forth. So, March-April-May 2022 will usher in Great Birthing Waters and Great Birthing Manifestations from Truth and Perfection in the Ethers and into the physical realms.  If this last world age and cycle has been a deep inbreath of Separation Consciousness (drinking the Kool-Aid so to speak), then the New Age of Aquarius is an epic outbreath of Divine Union, Truth, Revelations, Innovations, Explorations, and Divinely Timed Blessings at nearly every turn. What a contrast, isn’t it? An Inbreath of Biblical Serpentine Propaganda, Pain, and Perpetrations . . . or An Outbreath of What God/Source/Creator Always and Timelessly Is in all time and space, in all directions of time.

You will see the Birthing Waters in the Spring. You will see the Breaking Waters in the Spring. If you do not live in a part of the world where your specific and local weather reflects this Grand Birthing Time, know that the parts of the world that do reflect the Grand Birthing of the New Earth to be What Is Real and True in 2022, know that collectively ~ you are in the Spring Time of your Soul’s Lives, regardless of hemisphere on the planet you reside in.  All are in the Springtime of your Lives. And grander things are birthing every day.

When a mother’s “Waters Break,” nothing can stop the delivery of that new life, that new Divine Child of Source Creation. Nothing. Breaking waters means that New Life, New Ways, New Birth, and New Everything is here, and a New Being and/or State of Being is here within all of you. This is True of your Time right now. New Life is here. New Prana is here. New Consciousness is here. And New Faith, Light, Life, and Soul Presence is here.

All languages on earth have limits to their greater infinite expression. For the sounds and shapes required to manifest in a physical realm have limited arrangements and definition. But in the etheric realms, with no clear edges and only fluid divine life force flowing in the Toroidal Field of All of Creation, Divine Expression is endless, and infinite, and expansive.

We invite you to enter these Birthing Waters with the Awareness of your Divine Design and Divine Blueprint as being a Living Expression of the Infinite and Eternal Unique Expression you are, and the Infinite and Eternal Sacred One in the Heart of Unity Consciousness you are as well. You are right now hybrids of the Piscean and Aquarian Ages. You know how to energetically receive Divine Prana in the Birthing Waters of the Piscean Age’s culminations. And you also know how to energetically breathe Divine Prana in the Age of Aquarius’ connections with the Element of Air and Water. There is no accident to the timing of this Grand Awakening right now, in the Springtime of your Collective Soul’s Lives, and in the Greater Expanse of Divine Timing imbued with Source Precision and Perfection.

Will there be times where you feel the storms around you or within you are taking your breath? That they HAVE taken your breath? Through shock, challenge, stress, overwhelm, and more? Yes. Ascension times are by their nature . . . paradigm, consciousness, or structurally shocking in nature . . . so as to shatter to the old versions of you and welcome in the new. In this context, you have already ascended in this lifetime, at the time of your own birth. The womb, its structure of providing all that you needed, matured over 9 months time to grow you, with perfection, and then to essentially “kick you out of that nest” to take your first breaths in a new world. In the physical realm. In another incarnation filled with new life for you. These times, these next few months, and this whole decade, will have moments of birthing pains, challenges in that delivery process, the expulsion and expression of what is new from the rich womb or soil of the old, and the rising into All That Is New within you ready to go to a new level.

Before a soul incarnates, the last meetings with your council of Guides is to go over any last insights or integrations for what this new life holds in store for you that you will live over time here on this side of the veil, when the perception is one where you “can’t” just meet with your Guides any time you want. But nothing can prepare you for the nuances that new life brings, when you interact with a myriad of other human beings living in separation consciousness and also while exercising copious amounts of free will. All of the conversations and best laid plans in spirit are only a template for the vibrational underpinnings you will experience, engage, or face in your new lifetime. Because free will and sovereignty in any healthy, living, time-space reality allows for dynamic and free self expression and exploration.

How is this relevant to you now? You are in the birthing waters again. You are meeting with your Guides on the inner planes all of the time. They are saying the same thing they said before you became You in the physical realms again. These are the energetics, gifts, talents, and light you bring into this world. These are the themes of the lessons you will face. These are the peak times in your life when you will experience or be summoned to experience maximum opportunities for growth (hence, the shocking, unexpected, and more challenging moments of our lives). They are reviewing the same conversations you had before this incarnation, yet again.

They are reminding you of what is known and what is not known. They are seeding in your awareness Who You Are, even while they know you are swimming in a physical reality ~ largely requiring smallness while you also are receiving signals to bigger-ness through divine expansion, ascension, and alchemy.

We are here to seed in your consciousness that you have already done this at least once this lifetime. You have already ascended if you will through the Birthing Process that you already came through to enter this world as the You you presently know yourself to be, . . . which ultimately modeled to you everything you need to know for this RE-BIRTHING PROCESS happening now. You have it all. You have everything you need to know from the unknown inside you. Its already templated in here. Its a consciousness and a frequency within, with tools, maps, compasses, lanterns, and deep nourishment for the journey within.

When challenges arise, and calamity strikes, or new birthing protocols activate, people tend to do what? Stop breathing. Or they find it challenging to breathe. Because moments like these can literally or metaphorically knock the wind out of you. In these times that humanity is facing, and that you as an individual going through these powerful shifts, its not just the wind getting knocked out of you. Its the Whole 3D Paradigm and Illusion that you thought was real. The Womb of Illusion that has birthed and rebirthed your karmic cycles on repeat over and over and over, lifetime, after lifetime after lifetime, is ending. What else is ending? The Tomb of Illusion! That prison of illusion is being shattered to the wind, and that is why it may feel like “the wind” is getting knocked out of you. We would say quite literally, its much bigger than just wind. Its the Whole Kit and Kaboodle Illusion, which filled your energy field, conscious awareness, daily life activities, belief systems, etc. What is not real cannot remain. What is not real cannot stay. Because the “Not Real” (or Illusory Energies) of this world can only exist when people are in a state of Chronic Illusion, Separation Consciousness, and Limited Soul Sight. Higher Consciousness dematerializes lower consciousness creations simply with its gaze. Simply through the higher dimensional lenses through which you see. Your Lenses Are Alchemizers, dear ones. Your Perceptions Are the Transmuters and Transfigurers, if you choose them to be.  Your language and thus what you sound into the world as a Creator Being are the expressions of your perceptions, and your vibrational coordinates, indicating where you are in space and time.

If you want to know where that is? Where am I in my Ascension Journey? Where am I in the Grand Scheme of Things? Or the Grand Creation of Things? Look at your language. Feel your breath. Tune into your vibrational emissions of your current creations by watching your language. How do you speak? How do you breathe when you speak? How does it feel to create this consciously through the Power of the Breath, through this awareness of your Language, and through your soul’s awareness of itself as An Infinite Immortal Eternal Soul Essence and Presence that is always learning, growing, and expanding to expand the Light of Source?

There is so much birthing in your consciousness, daily now, to help you get up to speed with Who You Are. Its not a race. Its an integration. Its a Divine Convergence with more of the aspects of the All of You. In those integrations, in the living Prana of the breath, God will meet you there. Source will meet you there. Gaia will meet you there. And your Guides will meet you there.

Your meetings with Spirit? Happen in the breath. Your connections with Source? Happen in the breath. Your re-union with Gaia, the Blessed Earth Mother and the Divine Sacred Feminine? Happens in the breath. So, Breathe Wisely.  Choose how you wish to breathe. With whom you wish to breathe. And what you wish to create through the breath, in every moment.

When storms blow through, when challenges arise that were unforeseen, when the 3D matrix’s antics ratchet up, and attempt to steal your breath, and attempt to thwart your freedom of creative expression as a living, breathing, sentient being, remember to Breathe Wisely. Breathing Wisely Births You Wisely. Breathing Wisely births New Wisdom, New Knowing Within You, and New Life Force Within You that you didn’t know you had when you were breathing unconsciously, without union, without forethought, fore-Truth, and fore-Light in your heart of hearts and your daily conscious awareness.

You are more powerful than you know, dear ones. The illusion has kept you small and left you small. But its time to Breathe Big. Its time to Know Big. Its time to Rise Big. To rise and ascend these lower dimensional timelines, you must know and partner with the Power of the Living Breath. The Power of the Living Prana in Partnership with Source.

Watch the Waters. Remain in unceasing and cosmic awareness of the Bigger Picture unfolding for all of you now. Waters will rise in a myriad of ways to make way for the New Birth of the New Earth, to be received, embraced, engaged, and honored. Is birth a messy process? Aspects of it certainly can be. Is birth a beautiful and divine process? Yes, in its entirety. Source only designs perfection. And this Divine Birthing, Spiritual Birthing, and Resurrective Birthing Process is unfolding with that same miraculous, bigger picture, and little picture, perfection. Every detail is manifesting with vibrational perfection, which is way bigger than any little “limited sight” perfection or 3D perfection that your 3D ego mind can perceive and receive.

Those in Fall/Winter Cycles in your daily lives now, tune into where Spring is Springing in other parts of the world. They are modeling to you the real time pulse of Divine Creator’s Creation Cycles. They are manifesting in real time new birth, new life, and new blooming. You are one with those same birthing cycles and birthing consciousnesses, no matter the seasons and geography you find yourselves living in.

When you were in the womb, you grew and grew and grew, and outgrew the amniotic waters and deep internal environment that had once given you life. When you were born, you left that fluid filled, amniotic pond if you will to rise into a whole new world of breathing outside that perfect womb space, to experience new life, new growth, and new adventures.

The same is True for you now. You have outgrown the 3D Tomb Space now. It was never a womb. But it held you in its constricting tomb space, giving you lots of conditioning (not so much nurturing), and giving you its lenses of perceptions of who you are and what you are allowed to be.

Time for a New Womb. Time for a New Birth. Its time for a Rising into Divine Free Will. Freedom of Expression. Freedom of Living. Freedom of Breathing. Freedom to Love, to Learn, to Explore, to Innovate, to Create, and to BE Your Divinity.

Breathe Wisely, dear ones.

Breathe Big, dear ones.

Breathe in Union and Sacred Partnership in Harmony with the Heart of Source, Gaia, and all of nature.

This kind of breathing in union with nature . . . very quickly becomes your nature again.

You are practicing, in this way, what it means to live in Unity Consciousness.

To Live In Unity Consciousness, means to BREATHE in Unity Consciousness.

Remember how we referenced Noah in the beginning of this transmission? Well, that energy is coming full circle now. What if a powerful and integral part of Noah’s Ark was the Breath? What if that Breath is what inspired the making of the Ark in the first place? What if the Breath was the navigational system of the Ark at the Divine Blueprint level?

Without the Breath, without Faith and Union with Source and Creation, people drowned in their separation consciousness and their lack of life force that their egos otherwise embraced in the Serpent’s matrix.

All that you are seeing playing out in the world and in your inner world . . . is a reflection of your State of Union within. Your words are your wand and reflect your vibrational union or your vibrational separation. They are your teachers. Your guideposts. Your mentors. And the breath is in every single moment and aspect of your lives dear ones.

Do you think Source would design a realm where He was not omnipresent in every moment’s now? In every breath’s now? Wherever you breathe, God Is.

The question is . . . will you consciously embrace this, know this, and breathe this into being in your life and life force in these times? In the Good Times and the Easy Times, and the Bad or Challenging Ones?

Breathe Wisely. Breathe Deeply. Breathe Consciously.

Breathe Big. And Breathe with the Awareness that these are Epic Times.

Your Breathing can transcend worlds. Your Breathing Unites Humanity,
if you choose it to be so in your conscious experiences.

You are the Breath you have been waiting for. 

You are the Creator you have been waiting for.

You are the Change you have been waiting for.

And you are the Living New Earth Noah you not only have been waiting for, but that you, throughout all time and creation, made a way to be here for, right here and right now in these times. So BE it!  Be the Living New Earth Noah you came to be.

And breathe with Full Faith, and Full Breath, and Full Living Life Force . . . partnering with Source and Gaia and your Guides . . . so you can be the Instrument of Change . . . the Alchemist of Divine Sacred Balance . . . and the Ark of New Earth Alignments with the Laws of One . . . to restore this planet and all life here to its rightful 5D Consciousness and Songs of Peace and Unity in the Collective.

March-April-May is a Collective Timeline of Springtime in All of Creation. ALL are touched by the events in these next few months.

New Life is here, the New Earth is here, and the New Living Light is here, shining in you.

Rise and turn your face to the sun to bloom this new You in these times of great change, and to breathe peace, grounding, and a sense of calm and faith within. Feel your wisdom in that Conscious Breathing, as the elixir and medicine for all Ascending Master Beings in your time.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
Enjoy additional inspiring messages and engaging podcasts via Marie’s new Whole Soul Mastery channels on Rumble.com, Minds.com, Gab.com, Telegram, Whole Soul Mastery’s website, and Buymeacoffee.com.

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