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The Arcturians: August 2023 Energy Update - Divine Dreaming

The Arcturians: August 2023 Energy Update - Divine Dreaming

August 2023 Energy Update

Divine Dreaming, Spiritual Snafus,
Key Choice-Points, & Quantum Manifesting:

It’s Time to Lose Your Mind To Enter The All Knowing Gifts
& Abilities of the Heart . . . And It’s Time to Choose
and Manifest Your Place in God’s Timeline

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, God/Source/Creator, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Heart of the Center of Creation today.  For this is the place of Eternal and Forever Grace.  We come to you to remind you of this Sacred Space that lives in You.  It is a Fountain of Youth, it is a Fountain of Creativity, and it is a Fountain of Divine Prana that lives in the Frequencies of your own Heart.  The Heart is a Reservoir of Extraordinary Divine Potential.  It is a Reservoir of Pure Sacred Life Force that knows the easiest and best ways to connect with your Divinity.  And it is a Reservoir of All That Has Ever Been Created in this Creation, past, present, & future.  Thus, your Heart knows where you are now and where you are going, for it knows your eternal states of Becoming.  And this is another Gift from Creator Source that wishes to awaken in you to support you, empower you, activate you, and inspire you in these times.

So let us take a Deep and Divine Conscious Breath In right now together.  And let us see this Deep Divine Breath flowing into all of the places inside you that need to wake up from a long Spiritual Slumber.  Even within the most awake among you, there is more to wake up inside you in these times.  For the Sleeping Spell cast over Planet Earth has been thick with Serpent Smog, and you still might hold some old, vaporous serpent frequencies in the minutest particles, that need to be God Breathed into Total and Complete Clearing.  That is what we invite you to do and be with us right now.  Breathe and Envision Yourself as One Giant and Seamless Breath of God Energy right now in this moment.  And simultaneously as you do this, God is meeting you there.  In the Breath.  And now you can feel yourself Breathing As One with the God Consciousness in You.  See that God Consciousness flowing into all of your cells, and Breathing them into Pristine 5D Clarity right here and right now.  And feel that God Consciousness flow into your Heart Center, waking up your Deepest and Most Divine Dreams, that know through All Time . . . Who You Are . . . What Your Amazing Skills Are . . . How Your Divine Talents want to come alive in your 5D Now Timeline . . . and How You Feel When All of This Transpires to be the Living Magical Life You Most Desire.  Your Conscious Breathing ignites the Universal Creationary Spark that brings Divine Life Force into your Desires so that they can Transpire and Respire.

Re-Spire means Breathing Again.  And God is only asking each of you right now listening to this message ~ to Breathe Again ~ in this way with Source.  The more you Re-Spire the more you Ignite Again the Life Force of God/Source/Creator/Creation In You.  And this is part of the Activation and Unvelations finding you at the end of July 2023 and the Beginning of August 2023.  God has Great Works to manifest and to transpire through your Awakened Desires.  But what must unfold for that to occur?  The Awakening of Your Conscious Breathing into your Cells, into your Heart Center, and into the Core of your Vibrational Beingness and Awareness.  And once this activates, you have all that you need to create magical worlds within magical worlds within magical worlds.

So as the old serpentine world continues to crumble, who is interested in learning more about Divine Dreaming today?  Who listening to this message desires to Breathe their way into their own Magical Worlds in God’s Timeline, where you are living your Divine Potential every day, filled with Expansive and Life Affirming God Breath, and joyously and seamlessly feeling more connected with the world within and around you?

As one world falls away, the new one is emerging simultaneously, yes?  So let us talk about entering a conscious awakened state of allowing yourself to Divinely Dream.  Divine Dreaming always begins with the Breath.  It is the Magical Elixir your heart requires to feel inspired in ways that open up its Sacred Creationary Portal.  All 4 Chambers of the Heart simultaneously receive these Divine Breaths of the God Breath, and that powerful whoosh of energy opens your Divine Portals within your Sacred Heart Centers to access new realms of consciousness.  And this is where the Magic of Dreams happens.  This is the Cosmic Workshop where your soul’s greatest wishes, intentions, and beliefs about Who You Can Be and What You Can Create lives.

So let’s stay in this High Vibrational Conscious Breathing State as we journey in this transmission today, into the Energies of the Infinite, into the Energies of Things that Block Access to your Etheric Infinite Nature, and into the Energies of the Grandest God Timeline that your Soul’s Visioning can access through feelings, imagination, faith, fortitude, and appreciation.

Divine Dreaming is a Consciousness.  It is an Awakened State of the Creator in you that is a Living Creator of God/Source/Creator.  In a metaphorical as well as metaphysical sense, you are a Character, an Essence, a Spark in God’s Story.  The Ultimate Divine Creator dreamed You to dream just like Him.  And in God’s Dream, in this Living Reality, you CAN truly Dream at this Brilliant Level.  The Light Codes for this Power and this Presence live inside you.  You simply have to turn them on with your faith, your belief, your conscious awareness, and your breath.

If you let yourself Soul Breathe, this process of Divine Dreaming is as natural as human 3D breathing.  Yes?  Your body is designed to automatically know how to breathe, without you thinking about it and telling your body to do this.  What humanity as a collective whole has forgotten is that Dreaming in this Divine Way of Dreaming is just as Natural.  You think a thought and feel a feeling about your Dream . . . and you are designed to naturally, organically, and divinely Breathe Into Form . . . exactly the manifestation that you thought and felt just moments before.

But does it?  Manifest in that instant way . . . in your daily lives?  Not as often as some would like, we would say.  Manifestations take time in a lower 3D world.  Because the Ego believes they take time.  And the Ego is scared of the trillions of things that can go wrong, so that your original pure intentions get clouded with the vibrational vines of all the things that can stop or thwart you from getting what you want.  So the Ego orchestrates vibrations, thoughts, feelings, and senses to wrap around your happiest of dreams, believing the process of Divine Dreaming and Joyful Manifesting to be hard, treacherous, and often unattainable.

And this is how the Serpent and the Ego conspire together through unwritten yet vibrational contracts to Spiritually Snafu your Divine Spark’s Greatest Dreams.  How does this energy vine around your deepest wishes?  Your greatest intentions?  Your happiest of personal and collective dreams?  Doubt.  Doubt is the biggest snafu of all.  For it is a more palatable vibrational version of Fear.  Doubt is a mental projection of the raw feelings of Fear.  Can you see the pattern?  The Ego is Afraid.  And Fearful.  And that raw emotion in a 3D world then rises up and through the filter of a Serpent Contracted Mental or Linear Mind.  And then the Ego Mind takes over the feeling and repackages it as Doubt, or Skepticism, that the Ego Mind sells to the rest of your Mind Body Spirit as Guidance, as Wisdom, as Logic, and even sometimes as Discernment.

So let us be clear in this stage of covering Spiritual Snafus.  Fear is a 3D feeling.  Doubt is the 3D emotion and mental construct that the Ego with the Serpent’s conditioning and assistance . . . repackages as Wisdom, Logic, Safety, and Security . . . to deal with the original 3D feeling of Fear. Discernment is not the same thing as Skepticism and Judgement.  Discernment is Vibrational Awareness that comes from the All Knowing, Wise, and Timeless Heart Center.  Skepticism and Judgement are implemented through the Ego’s Cues of Distorted Fears that are Re-Packaged as Doubt, which then the person embraces as Positive Protection, False Sense of Security, and Illusory Feelings of Safety.  Thus, it is important to illuminate the vibrations in the words you each use to make sense of the world within you and the world around you.  Remember:  Words can liberate and words can incarcerate. Your consciousness reveals and unveils things to you daily whether you are traveling the realms of incarceration or traveling the realms of liberation.  Doubt is seeded and controlled through the 3D matrix’s illusions and Ego contracts.  Discernment is seeded and eternally honored in the higher dimensional portal of your All-Knowing Sacred Heart Center.

So dear ones, we see many of you today . . . listening to a message like this . . . aware of many aspects of serpentine corruption on your world.  We see you watching the movies play out.  And the theater play out.  And we watch more and more of the illusion appear to potentially come into your experiences as unpleasant manifestations.  Like when more Truth is exposed on more and more of your social media platforms.  In your governments.  And in every day conversations.  The illusion comes close to all of you, doesn’t it?  For it seeks to access feelings of fear . . . to trigger the Ego to roll out serpent contracted and accepted responses . . . that ultimately project and manifest the serpent’s agendas for you and for humanity.  And to ultimately thwart the Divine Dreamer ~ that needs access to their All-Knowing Heart Center, in order to neutralize the seeds of fear in the first place, that have no place in any God Timeline in Creation.  So we know that many of you are hearing about illusions that might threaten your financial security for instance, your personal freedom for instance, and even your body sovereignty for instance.  And yet, we know also that those that have the ability to Divinely Dream beyond the Spiritual Snafus that the Serpent has long reinforced in humanity’s conditioning since the timeline of Adam and Eve . . . those that can and will Divinely Dream into the New Timeline . . . you actually secure more of your Consciousness and more of your Daily Manifestations into the Higher 5D+ God Timeline than ever before.

Energy will be expended, for those that continue to join the Serpent’s narratives in the outer world and also in your inner world.  It takes a lot of energy to experience fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) and repackage it into a more palatable daily life experience riddled with mental, logical, skeptical, and judgmental doubts, and then implement those doubts into your daily vibrational projections . . . that manifest more illusion in all of your lives.

Energy is renewed, revitalized, and rejuvenated, for those that see the option of Ego Distortions and Re-Packagings . . . and instead choose to Breathe a God Breath into their Heart Centers, and allow their Soul Essences to feel the Knowing of Divine Solutions, Divine Creations, and Divine Manifestations that all Children of God/Source/Creation/Creator have the ability to access and dream into form.

God/Source/Creator and Creation Itself are both calling to the Daughters and Sons of Adam and Eve, to awaken from this centuries old cycle of separation consciousness and serpentine illusion.  How do you awaken from the matrix?  The illusion?  You Breathe Deep Divine Truth into your Lungs, into your Cells, and into your Heart Centers.  It is through the Portal of Higher Consciousness and Awareness that your Hearts have always contained and channeled in this world . . . that you will feel your powers and gifts awaken to manifest miracles where pain and suffering once resided.  You must lose your mind to enter the All-Knowing Gifts and Abilities of your Sacred Heart Center.  You must relinquish and even banish your Ego Contracts with Doubt, Skepticism, Judgement, and any another other re-branded Egoic Form of 3D Protection to allow the All-Seeing 3rd Eye and the All Feeling and Knowing 5D Heart Center . . . to lead your life with Light, Peace, Greater Ease, and Grace in these times.

Spiritual Snafus show up in many ways, but very often have their roots in contracts with the Ego, and thus contracts with the biblical serpent and its 3D matrix. Many people who have not chosen the God Timeline, and the Portal of their Higher Heart’s Access to that Divine God Timeline, are getting entangled and mired more and more fully into the 3D Matrix’s Illusions of Pain, Suffering, 3D Story Telling and Rehashing, Ego Defensiveness, Painful Ego Judgements, Low Vibrational Projections, and more.  And they lack soul sight and self and soul awareness to even know that they are doing it.

In the movies playing out in this time of the Great Ascension, the theater or the movie is playing them.  They are hence not Divine Dreamers and Quantum Creators in this shift of the ages.  They are players and actors in the very same movie and theater they have always found themselves IN.

Every soul must choose his or her timeline.  Every soul must choose now more than ever if they will Breathe With God or Contract with the Serpent.  Each soul must choose if they are going to play in the 3D weeds where the Serpent Contracted Ego wants them to play . . . and get played by the serpent every time . . . or if they are going to do the inner vibrational work to Breathe With God in every breath and choose the God Timeline that they cannot yet fully physically see with their Conscious Vision and Present Soul Sight.  But that is becoming more real than anything the illusion has to offer every single day.

Do not entangle yourselves with others on the path of liberating themselves from the 3D Movie playing 24/7 called Serpent Entanglement.  It’s playing in every theater, main stream news station, in many alternative media channels, in families, in places of business, schools, etc.  The 3D Earth is a captured stage.  The serpent captured it long ago, with the stealing of Adam and Eve’s Innocence through Temptations, Deceptions, Seductions, and Distortions.

Many of you Listening to this Today know yourselves to be Adam and Eve’s Divine Descendants. The invitation for all of you is to wake up from the Serpent’s Contemporary Poisoned Apple Filled Illusions, and claim your sovereignty now by choosing the path that seeks Truth, that seeks Life, that seeks Light, and that seeks the Divine Dream beyond this present 3D serpentine captured Earth planet . . . which means . . . claiming your sovereignty now by choosing the Timeline of God.  Through the Breath.  Through your vibrational focus and attention.  Through what you spend your time feeling, saying, exchanging, creating, doing, and being.

Many caught in the net now . . . who are still fooled by the Serpent’s illusions and manipulations . . . may get louder and may struggle more . . . for they have forgotten that the doorway and the passageway to God and the God Timeline has always been within.  Scrambled thoughts, unchecked emotions and fears, lack of self awareness, projecting pain and distortions, and more may be the expression of some who still haven’t found a clear path of Choosing God, Choosing Truth, Choosing Creation, and Choosing Light now in their lives.

Many ready to leave that serpent’s 3D matrix and fishing net . . . need to learn about and awaken to their Inner Divine Dreamer who knows how to see and manifest through an awakened and God Aligned Heart Center . . . and practice Deep Divine Conscious Breathing of the God Breath and God Light in their lives.  And those souls with practice and commitment will feel a grounding like no other as God’s Divine Prana and Partnership orient their Creative Gifts, Heart, and Talents to what they were always meant to be: Creationary Tools in a Garden of Eden led, created, supported, and empowered by our True God Creator and Ultimate Baker of Worlds in all universes.

The end of July, the Month of August, and the remainder of 2023 will invite all sentient beings to Profound Choice-points.  The Biggest Choice-point of All is whether you are rising into the God Timeline or descending further into the Serpentine Illusion.  These choices are made consciously or by default.  They are far more enjoyable, solid, and strong if chosen consciously than by default.

The Portal of the Heart of Creation is open dear ones.  And it is inviting all souls ready to take the quantum leap back to the God Timeline, and the Land of What’s Real and True in the Heart of God.

Doubt is the destroyer of dreams and the slippery slope of Divine Ascension.

Ascension Warriors can encounter doubt and use it is as a marker on their Ascension Path, noting to not turn down that path but instead to choose the next road over, the Pathway of Conscious Breathing and Illumination.  You have the inner gps inside dear ones to recognize serpent markers and God paths.

As much as you can, engage your Divine Discernment, and release your Ego’s need to Judge, Doubt, Project, Entangle, and Distort.

And most of all, Breathe in Sacred Heart Alignment with the Heart of Source and the Heart of Creation, as much as you can each day.

Storms of Various Sizes and Shapes will continue to roll through physical places on the Earth stage.  The Helping and Affirming Hands of Source are reaching into your lives and into your hearts if you will allow the Light of That Truth and Clarity in, in these wobbling and escalating times.

We call the Awakening Adams and Eves to rise into your Sacred Heart Portals and Dream and Breathe the God Timeline in your Soul’s Greatest Visions.  Have compassion for those struggling, entangled in nets of their own consciousness and fears.  And yet, turn your attention and intentions within, to the Divine Dreaming and Sacred Breathing that opens clearer and clearer portals in you . . . to Enter the God Timeline and to Shine Your Light from the Higher Realms. 

For in the Conscious Breathing and in the Divine Dreaming, you have the strength, the faith, the power, and the fortitude to Shine Like A Heavenly Beacon in the True Timeline and Creation of God . . . to light the way for others . . . to find that path within themselves as well . . . and vibrationally set THEMSELVES free. 

God is not seeking saviors.  God is seeking creators.

Be the Divine Dreamers and 5D+ Creators you were born to be.

And set yourselves free.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
Enjoy additional inspiring messages and engaging podcasts via Marie’s new Whole Soul Mastery channels on Rumble.com, Minds.com, Gab.com, Telegram, Whole Soul Mastery’s website, and Buymeacoffee.com.

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