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The Arcturians - Energy Update: Breathe, Dream, Align, Ring Your Bells!

The Arcturians - Energy Update: Breathe, Dream, Align, Ring Your Bells!

November 2023 Energy Update

Ring Your Bells!
And Draw & Seed Your Visions!

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, God/Source/Creator, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Luminous Light and Archway of the 11:11 Gateway and Portal of Divine Grace. Many of you are entering your Timeline of Soul Mastery. The energy of 11 is about Spiritual Mastery and the Alignment of your Heart’s Frequencies with the Godheart’s Frequencies such that all that you make, create, and manifest is aligned with the Center of Divine Creation. This 11:11 Sacred Gateway today is summoning you into embracing the Codes of Light you have and hold within. It is about uncovering and discovering the Sacred Path to your Divinity again. And it is about unveiling your Soul’s Extraordinary Gifts so that they can partner with you, your greatest visions, and your sacred life force that flows through Conscious Breathing . . . so that you can live your BEST life and your BEST soul sight and your Best Soul Mastery in the form of your activated Soul Purpose and Soul Visions in the Now of your lives.

Let us take a Deep Divine Conscious Breath In, and let’s feel it flowing to all of the places inside that are ready to wake up and align with the Higher Dimensional Timeline that a significant part of many you is leading most of your conscious choices every day now. Allow this Sacred Breath to flow into all that you are, all that you desire, and all that you know you have carried inside you all of this time, simply awaiting this Now moment that has arrived. You are the Dreamer of Dreams. You are the Singer of your Soul Songs. You are the Embodier of this Light that only you can channel into form through your very unique gifts. These Sacred Breaths that we are breathing together today are here to activate the Star Seeded Souls who Know they have a Deep Divine Purpose to Build the New Earth and to bring forth Divine and Quantum Creations that dazzle the spirit soul in every living sentient being on the Earth. This time right now in your lives is the Activation of God’s Sacred Arks in You. They are Arcs of Transcendence and Arcs of Divine Creation. And they are literal Arks that provide transportation into the Quantum Realms and into Deeper Communion with the Star Nations in this Great Universe. Breathe deeply and divinely in this way, in Union with Source, and simply allow yourself to receive all of the Galactic Support you need and desire to bring forth your Greatest Visions for what you are here to Create in your personal world and in the Greater Collective on this world. This Conscious Breathing and this Awareness of Conscious Breathing is a life force and an abundance source of everything you can possibly need to birth your dreams into form. So breathe well, breathe BIG, breathe wisely and consciously, and breathe enthusiastically. For the time is here for Dreamers to become Changemakers. And for Dreamers to become Conscious Leaders. And for Dreamers to become Conscious Builders of the New in this “New Age” of Aquarius. You are the templaters dear ones. You are the visionaries. And thus so too must you be the Deep Conscious Breathers that Breathe Light, God, and Inspiration at this higher frequency into form!

November 2023 is a Time of Change. It is a Time of Becoming. It is a Time of Cracking Open the Illusions, and allowing the Marrow of God’s Divine Creation to birth and burst forth. It is a Time of Faith and Trust in Source. And it is a Time of Action for many who are feeling more keenly and more clearly Seeds of their Dreams, that wish to take priority in your Time, Care, Attention, Intention, and Action Steps. These are not passive seeds for a Time Yet To Come. They are Active Seeds for a Time That Is Now! You are the Breathers, the Believers, The Knowers, and the Channels of Every Dream Seed that you are encoded to grow on the Earth now. November 2023 Energies for Star Seeds, and truly for Activated and Activating Star Seeds, is one of expansion, dreaming, planting, growing, and thriving. So we invite and Call All of the Beautiful Star Seeds to Rise and to Embrace the 11:11 Portal of Frequencies that are here to Beam You Awake and to Infuse Your Soul’s Best Projects and Best Visions with everything needed to Give Them Life. You are literally here to Birth A New 5D Earth, through your best and most activated Dream Seeds that are ready to become Dream Seeded Thriving Gardens for and with Divine Source Creator.

Now November 2023 can be a Timeline of Thriving if you so choose it to be. In every rumble and crumble of the old 3D earth, more life force is infused into Star Seeded Projects and Visions. In every quake and shake of the old 3D earth, more life force is emerging within Star Seeded Projects and Visions. As Giants (mentioned in the last channeling) continue to face off and do battle if you will, Star Seeds are summoned and called to turn to their gifts and to empower their visions with God’s Light and Life Force to become more and more of a physically manifested reality every day. As God/Source and the Light Warrior Army faces off with Dark Forces and the Biblical Serpent’s Minions, Star Seeds are called to rise up, step up, and use this time wisely and well to seed every single project you came to bring through with the Required Life Force, Prana, and Infusions of Abundance needed to Create New Portals and Pathways of Human Experience and Sentient Life on this planet. You are here to manifest the Glory of God/Source/Creator in every breath. And in fact, lets change that word, man-ifest, and change it to unifest, breathe-ifest, or align-ifest your dreams into greater and greater and greater reality as much as you can. Choose which word essence feels most right to you, and embrace it! It is not time to engage the Spiritual Battles, for those with Star Seeded Visions. It is time to get cracking in the timeline of the Great Cracking, and align-ifest your heart’s greatest visions with the teams and resources most needed to make it happen. To grow the vision. To grow the actual offerings into form.

Now for others (un)initiated in the ways of the Star Seeded Light and Soul Sight, in the months of November and December 2023, and into the first two quarters of 2024, more will rumble and crumble, seemingly in Chicken Little ways. The illusion of the 3D Earth will continue to crumble, including the earth beneath their feet and the skies above, and everywhere in between. The false idols that people placed their faith and financial resources in will quake, shake, and begin to be dismantled. The 3D structures are not real. And must come down. Those who believe those structures to be their idols, their source of security, their source of meaning and order in their lives . . . may feel the rug is literally being pulled out from underneath them. Which in some ways, this is True. Anything false must come down. Anything based on illusion must crumble. The Humpty Dumpty structures of this 3D Matrix will crumble and won’t be put back together again. The fragility of false frequencies, structures, and allegiances will be made known to those uninitiated in the way of The Way, The Truth, and The Life.  All have been learning these lessons this lifetime. Some earlier than others. But all are here on the planet to embrace Divine Soul Mastery. And many will arrive here in this next few months time through the experiences of crumbling, quaking, and shaking of failing and fake systems.

Those already initiated in the ways of the God Codes, the Truth, The Way, and The Life . . . are summoned here in these messages to be ready and to be prepared to turn into your Gifts, as more quakes rumble. Be ready and prepared to breathe Life into your projects and new creations, as more shakes crumble. As the battle is playing on, many Star Seeds will be able to merely witness the continued shakiness of the old 3D illusions, and continue to pour a steady stream of life force, creativity, and joy into your Quantum Creations and your Humanitarian Visions and Projects. The projects you feel in your hearts now were seeded a long, long time ago when Christ Consciousness was all there was all around the Earth. When Union of Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul were all there was. You are remembering dear ones. You are remembering those star seeded and soul seeded projects that you brought through in a time far, far away then, that is very close in your Now.

So remember how to Breathe and Ground. Remember how to Breathe and Center. Remember how to Breathe and Vision. And remember how to Breathe and Empower the Living Light into everything your eyes rest upon, through inner and outer vision. Noah had to hear about the forthcoming rain, prepare for foreshadowed rain, imminent storms, and ultimately a great flood that was for others to experience and for Noah and his family to transcend. You are those New Earth Noahs now. If you have prepared emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally, financially, and in all other ways you uniquely know to align with and uni-fest (as in ~ Create In The Field of Unity and Oneness) . . . then your time is here now to begin to Breathe God Breath Within You and Through You into your Dreams, into your Visions, and into Daily Action Steps that make them so! Others may experience more of the Crumbling, and Rumblings, that are part of your present day “floods” in this great Spiritual Battle. But Star Seeded Souls, initiated Star Seeded Souls, . . . it’s time to go to the next level . . . and BUILD. Build the Ark of your Unique 5D Projects. Build the ARK of your Dream Visions. Build the Arc of Energies and Enthusiasm that carry the Life Force of All That You Know is destined and designed to touch the world and inspire new ways of living and enjoying Divine Creation as Awakened Souls and Sentient Sparks of the Godheart.

Do not get caught in the trap of looking back, like Lot’s Wife in biblical times. Witness the crumblings through inner visions. Know that they are part of the divine plan. And empower your thoughts and vibrations with Forward Looking Frequencies! Look more where you are going than where you have been. Look more toward what you have within to create Lighthouses for this Sentient New Earth, than toward your inability to save or spare the crumblings happening and the grief and despair for some in its wake. All must orient now to the God Timeline. That is the ONLY Destination in these times.

If you Know this, then you can Know that ALL are returning to God and the God Timeline, no matter their particular route to arrive there. For those who resonate with being a Star Seed, or an Awakened Soul, or a Divine Spark of the Godheart whose purpose it is to Create with Source what you uniquely came to do and be, Trust with a Capital T the journey of all souls on planet earth right now, and the routes being taken to arrive in Union with Source in the Timeline of God, and the Garden of Eden. Do not fear their fear or their pain and struggle, if crumblings impact the foundations of their belief systems and their fear programming. Rumblings will unfold by design. Some chose the timeline of crumbling for their greatest expansion and greatest growth in these times. Again, every soul has chosen their path now.

And the ones who appear to not have yet chosen, fence sitting is a choice as well. Sometimes the most powerful act a Spirit Soul or Divine Presence on the earth can make is . . . mastering and manifesting a Sacred No or a Sacred Yes! These are the times that TRY men’s (and women’s) souls. These are also the times that ALIGN men’s and women’s souls! Some need more trying times to let go of the illusion they hold on to so tightly. Fence sitting in the divine bifurcations that have been happening and that continue to happen only creates more challenges. And some will learn the Way of Fence Cleansing and Divine Alignment through that more intensive bifurcation process.

Those who Know already to align with the God Timeline, then there is less and less “choosing” to do and truly more allowing and aligning to let in. Your nature as God Souls dear ones . . . is Alignment. Is a Sacred Yes to God. If you know this and resonate with this, then continue to breathe, pray, and intend your Sacred Yes in every moment to God. And that Sacred Yes offers you a cosmic and divine map to follow on the inner planes while the outer maps become null and void. Clear soul sight is a key energy in that inner map. And a Sacred Yes to God and Christ Consciousness is your rudder on your ark to orient you to God in every breath, no matter what!

So dear ones, Star Seeds, Awakened Ones, and Light Warriors who are oriented and aligned with the God Heart and the God Timeline, this is your time to embrace Creation. This is your Time to Embrace the Sacred Yes and Commitment to Live Your Best Gifts now. Don’t wait. Start today. Start now. Even if this is a template of your vision drawn on a napkin at a coffee shop, because you feel a flow come through you and you find yourself inspired to draw it out! Let your visions, purpose, and joy be known to you again.

Focus there! Focus on your joy. Focus on your passions. Focus on the Light that is finding you, after many millennia of being behind the veils and the smog of this 3D illusion. And remember this, as we have shared through and with this channel before:

Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering.

There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.

(Leonard Cohen, Anthem Lyrics)

Star Seeds and Light Warriors aligned with the Heart of God ~ Ring Your Bells!

Star Seeds and Light Warriors aligned with the Heart of God ~ Draw and Seed Your Visions!

Star Seeds and Light Warriors aligned with the Heart of God ~ Empower Your Visions in Partnership and Union with the Breath of God!

Star Seeds and Light Warriors aligned with the Heart of God ~ Receive all of the Divine Support you need for the abundance your vision requires!

Star Seeds and Light Warriors aligned with the Heart of God ~ Know Your Vision as an Inner Map and Inner Lighthouse to Guide You and Inspire You as the False Light in a False 3D Matrix dims out.

For you will be guided from IN-SPIR-ATION. From your Inner Light. From your Inner Sight. And From the Grace of Source Within, breathing you and filling you with 5D Prana when the 3D matrix loses its life force, its form, and its structure.

God is resetting this Earth, into the Original God Codes and Template for Creation. All are on the Ark and Arc of Mother Earth to re-align with God/Source/Creator. The paths to get there will be vast and different. But all will arrive in the same destination, on their own course. Others may not understand your path. Nor you, theirs.

Yet you can always recenter in the breath, in union with Source, and breathe your Life Force into the God Vision that you are uniquely encoded with, for your sacred yes and sacred project for Source. And find yourself oriented on the inner planes to exactly where and with whom you are meant to be!

Dream Big dear ones. Breathe Big. Trust God’s Plan. Trust the God In You to Know Your Sacred Yes’s and No’s as more of the Divine Plan reveals itself. Orient your Ark to Purpose. To Creation. To Life. And to Light. And Know you are safe in your Soul Sight and Heart’s Commitment to be a Dreamer, Builder, and Noah of this Timeline, where the world is entering the True God Timeline once more.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
Enjoy additional inspiring messages and engaging podcasts via Marie’s new Whole Soul Mastery channels on Rumble.com, Minds.com, Gab.com, Telegram, Whole Soul Mastery’s website, and Buymeacoffee.com.

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