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The Arcturians: The Time Is Now To Know The Power of Your Dream

The Arcturians: The Time Is Now To Know The Power of Your Dream

September 2023 Energy Update

The Time Is Now To Know The Power of Your Dream:

You Are The Projector & Director of What You Experience ~
What Are You Bringing Into Form as You Dream Your New Life
In These Bridge Times that are Creating the Grand New 5D Earth?

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, God/Source/Creator, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Luminous Light of the Heart of Creation and the Luminous Light that lives in your own Sacred Heart Centers.  We come to you today with a message of hope, grace, remembrance, and activation, as the energies of September 2023 fill your consciousness, your daily experiences, and your budding quantum dreams and creations.  Many layers are being peeled back to reveal Great Truths and also to reveal Great Illusions, and the darkness or shadow aspects that gave them form.  And yet, while the ego’s tendencies are to focus on the Darkness, Illusions, and fear of exposing unpleasant Truths, we invite you to allow as much of your conscious awareness to focus on the Illumined Truth and Light that are joining and uniting the Higher Quantum Consciousness that lives inside the Human Collective for the Liberation of a Lifetime.  It is happening dear ones, and many of you know this.  Illumined Truth and Luminous Light are expanding, and growing more holistically and completely in your world, with each passing breath, with every single days expansions, and with the roll out of an entirely New Earth Frequency . . . that at its core . . . pulses the Frequencies of Divine Creation and The Ultimate Supreme Source.

So let’s take a Deep Divine Breath In.  Let’s allow this Pure Divine Conscious Breath to flow to all of the places inside you . . . desiring liberation, freedom, health, well-being, and prosperity and love . . . but that are also experiencing the multidimensional stressors too . . . of living in a false matrix . . . that many still give their energies to . . . to keep it alive.  Those that know the illusion is truly an illusion have the ability . . . and increasingly so . . . to simply witness the illusion but to give zero life force to it.  And that is helping it to crumble, simply by your courageous non-attachment to it, and your conscious clearing of it, through Quantum and Multidimensional Witnessing and Sacred Neutrality.  For this old 3D matrix relied most heavily on those with the Greatest Light.  And as those with the Greatest Light, and Greatest Divinity Awakened in your Conscious Awareness and Hearts once more . . . turn away from the Farce, The Fakery, The Snakery, and the Deceptions that give Illusions Form in the first place, . . . the crumbling is hastened.  And the Earth’s Emancipation is hastened as well!

So let’s take a Deep Divine Breath for releasing the Illusion’s Grip on Planet Earth in its entirety now.  Evil’s grip on humanity can no longer be sustained, with so many awakened and illumined LightWarriors taking their place at the Precipice of Divine Co-Creation with Source, right here and right now in this moment.  And let’s take a Deep Divine Breath In for that Epic and Expansive Union with Source that many listening to a transmission like this are Unifying to Create, in their Body Mind and Spirit . . . and let’s know that God is meeting the Quantum Light Warrior Creators in Union every single time . . . and building the bridges of this New Earth Light and Life for All on Planet Earth and for All in this Sentient Cosmos.  God/Source/Creator is loving the Energy of Creating for the Good Of All, and you here are giving the greatness of THAT form, right here and right now.

So let’s breathe into these frequencies of September 2023.  Let us acknowledge the Cosmic Kraken energy that is activated and on full power here, to create the cleansings necessary for the Perfect Divine Blueprint to rise again on Planet Earth.  And let us also acknowledge the Power in each of you to live your Essence as a Multidimensional Kraken, in your lives each day.  For you ring into this world The Bells of Truth.  The Trumpets of Truth Telling.  And the Essence and Energy of Shining Your Light. When this continues to magnetize more and more souls who are resonating at a frequency that creates for the Good of All in every thought, in every breath, in every moment’s now, you will palpably have experienced the Power of Positive Group Intention, the Power of Quantum Remembrance, and the Power of Pure Positive Quantum Resonance.

Who here can sing your light beyond the din and distractions of your 3D world at this point?  Who here can shine your light beyond that very same din and 24/7 barrage of distractions?  Who here can hold your gaze, your inner dreaming gaze, and rest your eyes on the New Life and New Light that the New Earth pulses in your life?  And know it in deep feeling detail?  And know it through deep sentient sight inside your heart’s greatest imaginings?  THIS is how you Dream the Divine Dream. This is how you discern and discipline your life force to give your Power to the Dream You Want versus giving your power and life force to the Dream (or nightmare) that you do not want to experience any longer.

Those who watch the Main Stream News channels continue to work as vibrational employees of the old 3D paradigm, shoring up its structures, strengthening its reach, and drilling in those narratives in future generations who are born into that system and then who become slaves to uphold and enforce it.  Those who give their attention to Main Stream Movie Studios and Narrative Centers, what many who participate in these studios still believe IS the News, are projectors of that vision and projectors of that multilayered system of control, chaos, and serpentine destruction.

Those who spend time in nature, those who connect with their Spirit, those who sing soul songs and affirmations they already know or that they make up as they flow through their day . . . these are the children of God/Source/Creator who are called to stand up as leaders of the New Light.  The most learned among you can often be the most dense.  The most indoctrinated.  And the most committed to the illusion and its systems that enslave the masses.  In God/Source’s Creations, you are invited to give life force to the Greater Dream. The Dream of Goodness, the Dream of Unity, the Dream of Abundant Creation and Co-Creation, that has no beginning and no end.  And that is where True Prana lives its Best Light in Creation.  In the Space of Joy.  In the Space of Child Like Innocence.  In that Place of Dreamy Visioning and Heart Channeled Remembrance of Time before the Fall of Planet Earth, where all was truly well in All Timelines and in All Universes.

You brave souls, you brave epic avatars, you are the Children of Source and Gaia who are here on a mission to clear the past, present, and future from the evils of Serpent Distortions and Deceptions.  And thus, as you accept your place as a Divine Creator in this Higher Vibrational Quantum Co-Creation with Source, through your Breath, and through your Conscious Channeled and Directed Energy into God’s Greatest Visions for this world and this epic Universe, the world you see is changing.  The world you have always loved is emerging.  The world you have always known and dreamed of . . . is taking form.

Some of you may do this through tangible plans and remembrances of building a business or service plan, that is here to change the world for the better.  Some of you may do this through investing in the new Quantum Financial System of your world, where all will be Pristinely Transparent and all will serve the Highest Potential of the Sentient Collective.  Some of you do this through Consciously Choosing to Parent your children, and be fully present as much as you can be in their lives, empowering a new generation of souls that feel Divine Love through Conscious Parenting Intention, Attention, and Love.  Some may do this by Consciously Choosing to Grow Food with God’s tools for Sustainable Living and Sustainable Gardening, which includes a more natural, organic, vegetarian lifestyle . . . and eliminating the slaughter of all animals on the planet.  There is a QUANTUM REBALANCING taking place. There is a QUANTUM RECALIBRATION taking place.  All serpentine systems are being transmuted and replaced with God and Gaia backed systems.  Those who can, allow this awareness into your consciousness.  And feel the win-win-win-win Quantum Shifts that are giving form to the Grace of Source in your every manifestation and your every experience.

The Destruction of the Illusions is well underway.  A significant portion of the Earth that was involved in some way, shape, or form in Crimes against All Sentient Life here and in the cosmos are being destroyed, repurposed, and otherwise alchemized into usable life force for the Good of All Again.  Do not confuse the Destruction of the Old with the Birthing of the New.  Old Satanic Structures and Systems must be removed and dematerialized, and/or alchemized into New God Templated Codes, Designs, and Blueprints that work for All People, All Life, and All Light on this world.  Never again will tyranny disguised as democracy or as “God’s Creation” be inflicted and perpetrated on the Human Family and All Life here on Planet Earth.  Liberty is the remedy for tyranny.  And Liberty ~ Planet Earth will have.  A God Plan of Liberation and Liberty is on its way to every person, place, or thing in form on the earth right now.

Do you remember what it feels like to float in the water ~ like when you were a kid?  When you could jump in the pool or play in the ocean for hours?  And even though your skin might have gotten all wrinkly in your fingertips, and your teeth might even be chattering as the sun recedes from the peak of the day, your consciousness was on the feeling of play.  It was on the feeling of buoyancy.  And not on your hunger per se, or your wrinkly skin, or your fatigue from a great day spent in the sun?  Were you tired? Maybe.  But did you feel tired?  Most would say no.  You were so focused on the joy of the experience of the full freedom of summer, that you may not even have noticed the discomfort that other parts of you felt.  We are using this example to invite you to play in the Multidimensional Movie playing out as a Multidimensional Reality right now . . . where you focus on how good it feels to breathe with God/Source, how great it feels to BE with God/Source, and how awesome it feels to really allow yourself to tune to the vibrations in the power of your greatest dream . . . and you know yourself as Divinely Buoyant . . . and unable to be squashed down . . . with anything less than the best dream you have dreamt in all of your lifetimes.

The Time Is Now To Know The Power of Your Dream. 

The Time Is Now to Know the Power of your Exponential Power To Dream
(and Give Form To) the Best Divine Dream that any collective has ever dreamed.

What would that feel like?  What would that look like?  How can you sentiently experience the power of THAT dream?
This is what we invite you to know again.  To remember again.

For Dreaming in Timelines of Grand Ascension is your Lifeline.
Its your Protection.  Its your Compass.  And its your Buoyancy.

Nothing can take you down when you enter that Higher Vibrational State of Divine Alignment.

Nothing can sink your Light into Serpentine Waters of Despair, if you don’t participate in it.

You are the Director and Projector of what you experience.

SO what do you want to experience in this Shift of the Ages? 

How do you want to experience your Buoyancy as more storms roll out and roll in to the collective’s experience?

Can you ground, and can you find your Buoyancy Point, as a Cosmic Coordinate, on the High Seas of Epic Change on this Planet?

Can you find your Vibrational Focal Point in 30 seconds, 20 seconds, 10 seconds, and Buoy Up into Divine Protection, Direction, Intention, and Connection . . . no matter what is happening in your outer world?

Can you tune into the God News Channel inside, and know that the weather is a perfect Sunny, Blue Sky, 75-degree day with a slight breeze, and little to no humidity in the air?  Can you create your own inner weather for your greatest day and vibration, out of thin air?  Through your conscious intention, attention, and self expression?  It is the direction of your vibrational attention that gives form to the formless. 

If you don’t want evil to exist, focus on God’s Light being omnipresent in every particle on the planet, and every aspect of sentient experience in all living life forms on this world.

If you don’t want crazy forest fires and mass destruction, focus your energy into the collective dream of peaceful ascension and portals of multidimensional grace showering this world with love and with feelings of harmony and unity.

If you don’t want turmoil and chaos to reign in the human experience, picture the world you do desire . . . living in unity and abundance . . . in harmony with nature and all worldwide weather patterns.

You are the Ascension Weather Barometers, dear ones.  You are the forecasters.  The Serpent usurped your knowledge of your Power.  And claimed it for itself and its agendas.  But you don’t have to fight the serpent to get it back.  You simply don’t give the serpent your attention.  You simply don’t empower the things you do not want.  You simply discipline your attention and focus to be on the aspects of Life in a God Timeline where All Is Supremely Well for every being.  For every tree.  For every blade of grass.  And every aspect of life that is interconnected with all of the others.

You are the Creators of your own experiences.  And Divine Resonance will bring All of the Highest and Best Dreams into harmonic resonance at some point, pulsing only joy, well being, abundance, and goodness for all.

Divine Dreaming is a Powerful Ascension Tool.  Divine Dreaming Invites the World to Join in the One Song, which is the Song of the Universe, and the Song of Your Infinite and Eternal Unity.

In September 2023, you don’t have to fight the News.  The Main Stream News.  You are invited to make the Movie Scripts irrelevant.  Because in a God Timeline, lies have no relevance.  The Entire 5D Paradigm and New Earth Experience has no vibrational space for that which does not align.  So it remains FORMLESS, unless a person who isn’t aware . . . and isn’t connected . . . and isn’t conscious . . . gives it form.

We invite you to be much more conscious of what you give FORM to in the coming weeks and months.

You can witness all kinds of Revelations coming to the surface of human consciousness, while only giving actual vibrational energy and attention to Divine Greatness through the Power of your Ability to Dream the Divine Dream.

You witness Darkness, and you empower Light.

You witness Shadow and Fear, and you empower Faith and Divine Union once more.

You witness Lack and Scarcity, and you empower Wealth and Abundance for every living being in the world.

This is all created at the Level of Frequency and Vibration. 

You are Creators of the Highest Light.  And Highest Abilities. 

Use your Skills as Divine Creators of the One True Creator Source to Empower New Life and New Light in your own personal lives, and in the lives of others. 

Everyone is ready to rise and to be free.

Be the among the first souls to envision that to be True and to give it Form.

Be among the first souls to dream your Greatest Dream and to Know it Beyond the Vast Confusions and Fears that will continue to surface on your world, as the old 3D systems continue to fail, shift, or become vacuumed and absorbed into new 5D Higher Light Forms and Purposes.

It Is Happening.  Ascension IS Happening.  Your Expansion and Ascension ARE Unfolding.  Dream Your Best Light, and Live Your Best Life . . . Now . . . In the Greatest Shift and Rise in Consciousness the Universe has ever seen.

You Are Loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
Enjoy additional inspiring messages and engaging podcasts via Marie’s new Whole Soul Mastery channels on Rumble.com, Minds.com, Gab.com, Telegram, Whole Soul Mastery’s website, and Buymeacoffee.com.

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