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Your New Skin (5D) - Arcturian Council Update

Your New Skin (5D) - Arcturian Council Update

Dear Lightworkers,

Before covering the crux of our message we wish to cover some essential ground that we feel can easily be overlooked in times of great triggers. A quick revisit will add some light to your day.

Let us start by how much we love you and how well you are adapting to what are incredible changes occurring in your lives. One of the most important things you can do in this time is practice gratitude for what you have as this will help you manifest more of what you want in other areas of your life. When you feel that you have a lack or are going without, this perpetuates the cycle further. So practice this every morning upon waking up and thanking the situation you are in and for what it is teaching you regards how to slip out of your old skin into the new.

More importantly, however, we ask that you practice kindness to yourselves more. From our perspective, we are aware of the colossal changes you are undergoing in all areas of your life and we want nothing more than you to begin to appreciate this and practice seeing this as we do. Albeit that we have an external point of view, you can also gain a greater perspective from your internal point of view by going within and cooling off from the noise of the outside world.

We ask that you read a book more often, take more time away from your computer and put the phone down, and stop playing the game that you are addicted to or whatever technological entertainment that keeps you hooked. These things offer you little in return and even a couple of minutes a day longer away from these distractions will allow you to connect with your higher self and begin receiving the answers you are looking for. If the way is not clear in your life, it is because you are distracted by friends, family, dogma, conformities, and external influences that have claimed importance over you with your permission being granted in the first place.

Let us return to kindness. Use Alexander for example. He has high expectations upon which he feels he should be manifesting his desired results not understanding that these outcomes will manifest in an orderly time which is only just over the hill. Worry slows down your mode of transportation and interns the speed at which you travel over the brow of the hill concluding the next manifestation you have been working on. So we ask you all to be kind to yourself in this respect and trust in yourselves more. Now to the importance of our message.

We see and understand that so many of you feel so very disenfranchised at the moment with most things in your world and many of you are taking this out indirectly upon yourselves like some kind of vendetta that causes pain inside. You are letting the external become internal when the internal should be manifesting as the external. When you become disenfranchised with a brand or company do you take it upon the situation to chastise yourself and let it take you down? The answer is no because the product has ceased to resonate with you, and as a result, you move onto something different. Humans like to categorize things in boxes and use linear words to describe such things. So we will use one of your linear words being "fault". If you're not energetically resonating with something anymore is it a cause for a fault to others or yourself?

Let us expand on this more. You are going through a process that seems you are so consciously unaware of, and yet you are master experts in, having completed this process so many times in other places and parts of the universe. You are masters of this procedure and yet because of the lingering illusions of the old vibration, you struggle to remember what it is you are going through, even after we remind you all.

Many of you are defaulting back to autopilot upon stressful moments in your waking day. The triggers are making you resonate back into what you like to call 3D. We ask that you begin to use these triggers now as a platform to see what it is that is changing in your lives. So much is changing and this is something that is energetically being brought around by not just one of you, but the collective working together with Gaia. There are changes in every element of your life at the moment.

Let us expand more with the idea of being disenfranchised. The vibration of whatever has been “servicing” you has changed. It has changed because you have changed.

You have gone up and the element that is not now servicing you has stayed the same vibrationally. You have on some level left something behind so to speak. Many of you are seeing the foods you are eating are not resonating with you, so you leave curtain foods and drinks behind because it now does not resonate or has stopped serving. Perhaps relationships are playing out in the same way and you are feeling this moment in one of your most powerful energies which you call your love life. Perhaps you feel the physical part has gone in your relationship. Or is it because you have moved onto a higher energetic perception whereby you are reevaluating that love without the need for constant physical assurance in the bedroom? You are seeing a deeper love that is taking time to weave its way through you before you return to the status quo, and perhaps you have outgrown that person entirely.

Much like politics, many have relied on one side or another for structure or identity in your world upon which you are able to measure your place socially and energetically in turn keeping with the herd as strength in numbers has always been the way of it since tribal times.

Many of you vibrationally are not an energetic match for politics anymore and you have become disenfranchised with not only the opposing side but the team you supported also. What a predicament.

This list goes on and on with many elements of your lives. To conclude all of this we ask that you keep a focus on the goals that you created before arriving on this earth which were to ascend leaving the 3D world behind along with all its trappings, being certain people, places, routines, human-made divide and conquer constructs and objects that do not serve your highest and the collectives highest growth into the new world.

Do you feel disenfranchised with many elements in your outer world? Then we congratulate you at the highest, for you have lost the taste for the dying 3D world and new taste buds are formulating as of this moment.

So again we ask, please be kind to yourself.

You all are succeeding beyond our greatest expectations in doing what you came here to do.

None of this is a fault of any kind, be it yours or anyone else’s, blame is a vibration of the lowest. It is a triumph that you must begin to see more in your every day lives as you leave the old behind and slowly begin to peek into the new.

Eventually, when it is your time to temporarily come back to this side before returning, you will see the great enormity of the challenges you faced and the resounding triumphs that every one of you achieved simply just by coming here at this time.

We thank you, we love you.

We are the Arcturians in service to humanity.

Channeled by our beautiful brother Alexander Quinn
Artist: IG @indg0

We are the ground crew of the Galactic Federation. We're advanced spiritual beings from other stars watching over the evolution in consciousness and assisting the global ascension of Earth and humanity. 
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation | Lyran High Council Elder | Emissary of The Goddess
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