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The Hathors: Human Spirit

The Hathors: Human Spirit

We are here to share with you that this is a time of unparalleled opportunity.

All eyes are focused on your planet. Humanity on your planet has the grand opportunity to awaken from the illusion. Celestial beings from many realities and dimensions are watching because what happens here will affect the whole - it will affect their realities and dimensions.

Mass consciousness has been controlled through fear by your religions, your leaders, your systems and your schools. Programs have been taught and vibrations have been offered. Everyone has been taught separation, prejudice, hatred, violence, mistrust, lack and scarcity. This is an under-current of energy that runs through your planet.

We say “Human Spirit” because it gives you a visual image of the joining of the physical with Spirit…in partnership. Each human spirit has the opportunity to realize their divineness, their connection with the whole, and their connection with Divine Mind. Each human, at every moment, in every exchange, has the opportunity to invite, shift and uplift their connection with their celestial family.

Be aware of how the media and leaders continue to add to the fear, mistrust, and prejudice with their thoughts, words, deeds and actions. Be sure to claim your divineness, your wholeness, your belonging to the all, and your belonging to the oneness. This is what is taking place in this moment of time here on your planet. All are observing from many realms…uncertain of the outcome.

Each human spirit is critical to the plan of awakening. Each person has the responsibility as a galactic citizen to realize who they are and to step into the place which radiates love and gratitude. Everywhere, there are those awakening to this purpose. This is an evolutionary shift in consciousness. It is critical to the survival of your planet.

We, and many like us, are contacting the “receptive ones” encouraging this shift within.

Each person adds to the grid of consciousness. You add to the fear, or you add to the love. It is always your choice. Each time you choose fear, worry, mistrust, prejudice or judgment, you are assisting the old paradigm to remain. Each time you choose love, joy, gratitude, or any higher-vibration emotions, you are assisting the new paradigm to manifest.

This is a game. It is in the last quarter. It is a close game. It has been played out for thousands of years. Your Earth, and all its life forms, have suffered and are close to total destruction.

There has been cosmic support which has been assisting humanity to awaken.

There are codes within each being and each human that are being activated. Awareness is expanding. There is an awaking from the illusion that you are powerless.

Each of you is a master. You are a highly-qualified skilled being who has cloaked yourself with flesh and stepped into a dimension, a reality, and a game in order to transform the energy.

Begin by loving yourself. Begin by honoring yourself. Then love and honor others.

We bath you in our love and honor who you are. We acknowledge the human spirit.

It gives you a visual image of the joining of the physical with Spirit in partnership. This partnership between the two aspects takes many forms.

There are those who live wholly in the physical with little awareness of their Spirit. There are those who live mostly in Spirit with little awareness of their physical vehicle.

These are neither in balance nor harmony.

The highest partnership is the total blending of the two aspects; where Spirit fully embodies the physical, and the physical vehicle communicates consciously with the Spirit. This is the ideal, the goal of what is possible on your planet. It is the most important partnership at this time. It will assist humanity to win the game.

As you are aware, there are infinite possibilities of ways the partnership of human/

Spirit manifest in your reality.

There are genetic patterns in each human form carried over from generation to generation. There are mental patterns that are installed by your society and beliefs.

There are emotional traumas that are reactionary. These contribute to how the human aspect relates to Spirit.

Spirit is pure ALL THAT IS. Spirit is infused in the human form with the spark of divine, the life force. Spirit is Divine Mind dwelling in the human body. Each being has a unique relationship and awareness to the Divine Mind…the ALL THAT IS. Spirit which embodies the physical inspires growth. Being IN SPIRIT promotes evolution.

We are at a critical time in the unfolding reality. The awareness and acknowledgment of the partnership between Spirit and human is being activated with great purpose. The codes which each human carries genetically have been activated.

These are like programs in the computer which have never been used; most humans are unaware they exist. The codes are stimulating the higher form of communication and interaction between physical and Spirit. These codes are stimulating a higher form of connection between heaven and earth, cells and stars. Your very cells are connected to the galaxy. They reflect the movement, the energy, the hologram of all.

Remember, each morning as you step into the new day to say, claim and intend: "I am fully embodied. I am anchored to this planet. I am my divine self in this physical form."

This statement reminds you to honor both the physical form and the Spirit. This practice will open communication between your physical body and your divine consciousness. We invite you to listen to your body, listen to what your cells and muscles say. Invite Spirit with each breathe to embody you more fully.

Practice your joy. Practice your gratitude. Both of these vibrations open your circuits and your connection to your wholeness. Be at Peace. the 'team'

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"We say “Human Spirit” because it gives you a visual image of the joining of the physical with Spirit…in partnership. Each human spirit has the opportunity to realize their divineness, their connection with the whole, and their connection with Divine Mind. Each human, at every moment, in every exchange, has the opportunity to invite, shift and uplift their connection with their celestial family." the 'team'


Peggy Black and the "team" [Hathors]
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