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Tunia: The ET Diet

Tunia: The ET Diet

My dearest brothers and sisters - this is too new speaking. I love you so very much.

A lot of earthlings have less energy and health and mental well-being than they would like, or they experience mental pain because of their weight, or they experience mental discomfort because they struggle to stay away from unhealthy Foods.

I would like to help with these things. First of all, I love you unconditionally, no matter what you eat, no matter, what your weight is, I get that Earth is really tough. Second of all, personally, I think it's more important that you feel good and energetic and that you are healthy than that.

You conform to some societal Beauty standard. That being said, obese people are generally less energetic and less healthy than people who are not obese unhealed trauma can make it very difficult to lose weight and can make unhealthy Foods seem appealing if you're, currently in mental pain, then in some cases it is a good Idea to work on your psychological pain first and to focus on weight loss. Second, my message: Tunia, how to heal, can be helpful in that scenario, please note that I do not have any kind of official Earth qualification with regards to nutrition.

Also, if your doctor tells you something please listen to your doctor, if you have a medical condition, some of the advice here may not apply to you and it may be a good idea to go to a doctor with that said, let's talk about the Pleiadian perspective On what would be appropriate for most earthlings to eat - I say most earthlings here, because it's hard to give one size fits all nutrition advice. After all, people are different and it's not just that people are different. It’s also that the level of someone's Spiritual Development slightly changes what foods their body needs.

This is why, for example, you see that people tend to eat less meat as they become more spiritually mature. This is not just a matter of them. Thinking oh eating.

Meat is immoral; it's also that in general, their bodies will literally desire more fruit and Less meat. That said, there are absolutely vegetarians with a low level of Spiritual Development and meat eaters with a high level of Spiritual Development. All I am saying is the level of someone's Spiritual Development slightly changes what foods their body needs.

It sometimes happens on Earth that a spiritual teacher says that a certain Clean Diet is great, and it genuinely is great for them, but it might not yet work for an average person. So, it is important to not get too caught up in theories and Concepts and to Simply listen to your body and your intuition. If you can communicate with your soul, that's even better.

For example, you can think or say my soul. What should I eat today? Only answers that arise immediately come from your soul.

Your soul will answer in your regular inner voice, but the answer will be from your soul. If you're able to communicate with your soul, please follow it over anything that I say or that anyone else says there is an earth joke that, apparently every kind of food is unhealthy. Unfortunately, there is some truth to this.

There is no or almost no food in your average Earthling Supermarket that I would personally be happy to eat. If I were to spend time on Earth, I would consider living on or starting an organic farm, or at least I consider having a big garden and growing some of my own food, possibly together with people in my neighborhood. That said, I understand that not everyone is in a position to do so.

Personally, I would not eat meat partly for moral reasons, partly because this can hold you back spiritually and partly because of the things that are being put in meat. That said, the ET diet that I will present here does work. If you eat a bit of meat, occasionally I am personally okay, with occasionally consuming non-meat animal products that are obtained without the animal suffering.

However, in practice almost all animal products and supermarkets do involve the animals suffering along the way, so I would not eat those plus again. The animals are often injected with things that I do not want in my body. Even if I had access to animal products that were obtained without the animal suffering, I would only eat them once in a while most days I would eat in a vegan way.

Also. I do not like the term Animal product, so what do I recommend that earthlings eat, in summary, a huge amount of carbohydrates and relatively little fats and proteins? As you may already know, foods like rice, potatoes, bread, fruit and even sugar have a lot of carbohydrates or carbs.

For short, I recommend eating a lot of carbs because they are your body's primary fuel source. Eating carbs is what makes you feel energetic. You do need a little fats and proteins to be healthy, but only a little most western people eat too many fats and proteins and eat too.

Few carbs eating lots of carbs and only a little fat and protein will also generally lead to weight loss. There’s an asterisk here that is described in the troubleshooting section to get an intuitive idea of this. You can think of Asian people who traditionally ate a lot of white rice and only a little bit of meat and other foods that come from animals and the common view of the Asians is that they are generally lean healthy, able to function well at old age.

Able to work hard and that they are good at mathematics in large part, they have these advantages because they eat plenty of carbs or you could say. If you give your body plenty of fuel which is primarily carbs, then your body will function well before I expand further on what kind of diet I recommend, let's first discuss some misconceptions about nutrition: that earthlings have misconceptions about food. First of all, let's discuss the concept of calories and calories out.

The idea here is that a calorie is a calorie and that, if you want to lose weight, you do so by counting your calories and making sure that you eat less calories than you burn. There are some problems with this idea. First of all, if you look at any animal in the wild, they just eat whenever they want and they have a healthy weight.

They are not using spreadsheets or mobile apps to count their calories. This is because, if you eat food in roughly correct proportions, you can eat as much as you want without getting fat animals in the wild demonstrate this. This is true for earthlings as well.

If you eat plenty of carbs and only a little bit of fat and protein, then generally you can eat as much as you want and you will maintain a healthy weight. Also, we see that trying to restrict calories doesn't work in practice. After all, a lot of overweight earthlings try to lose weight in this way, yet in the medium term, very few of them succeed calorie restricting is what often leads to the dreaded yo-yo dieting.

The calories and calories out Viewpoint also misses that the energy expenditure of your body depends on the type of calorie that you eat. If you eat a high fat high carb meal of seven hundred calories, then you will likely feel lethargic. This is a sign that your body is not expending much energy at the moment.

However, if you eat a high carb near zero fat meal of seven hundred calories, then you will likely feel energetic. This is a sign that your body is expending a good amount of energy. At the moment, so the type of calorie you eat influences the calorie out part of the calories and calories out Theory.

The type of calorie you eat has an impact on whether you lose weight, maintain your weight, or gain weight. Moreover, the type of calorie you eat determines the calories and part of the theory as well, namely what kind of calorie you eat affects how much hunger you have and thus how much you will eat. Lets’ say that Tom needs eight grams of carbs to feel energetic.

If he eats eighty grams of carbs and about zero grams of fat, then he'll feel good, and this is a relatively low-calorie meal. If he eats a high fat high carb meal, then his body will often push him to keep eating until he has reached eighty grams of carbs, and this is a relatively high calorie meal. In this way, the kind of calorie you eat also depends on how much craving you feel for additional food, and hence it affects how many calories you ingest.

While the body is a bit more complicated. It’s a pretty good rule of thumb to think in terms of carbs are fuel and people need a certain amount of carbs to feel energetic. Their body will keep pushing them to eat until they have eaten that many carbs, because the body wants a certain amount of fuel.

So, if you eat mostly carbs, you will feel energetic and generally not gain weight. If you eat high fat high carb meals, then either you will eat until you have enough carbs, but this leads to weight gain, or you will stop eating at a point where you're not gaining weight. But then you don't have enough carbs and you will feel lethargic.

People who eat high fat, high carb meals often feel like they have to choose between not getting enough fuel in their meals versus getting enough fuel, but then also eating so much that they gain weight. And yes, if you eat high fat, high carb meals, that often is unfortunately your choice. You feel like.

You are starving yourself or you eat, so much that you gain weight. This is a big part of why people who eat high fat, high, carb meals will often become overweight. Fortunately, there is nothing wrong with you.

You just happen to be eating a wrong mix of carbs versus fats and you can just start eating more carbs and then you will likely start losing weight. You are not flawed or weak or broken. You are not weak willed.

You just happen to be eating the wrong kinds of food at the moment, and this is fixable now some people will say that it's carbs that make you fat. This is not true. Any kind of carbs make you fat meal.

You can think of probably has significant amount of fat in it. If carbs made you fat, then why are people on the traditional Asian diet frequently so slim those people eat a huge amount of white rice after all and few foods that comes from animals. It is true that if you eat zero carbs over a long period of time, then you can enter ketosis and start burning fat as your primary fuel source.

This is the idea behind the keto diet. However, for most people this is not a healthy diet. In the medium term, for one thing in practice, the keto diet often means eating lots of meat and eating lots of meat can lead to heart failure.

For another thing, some people become psychologically unwell. On the keto diet, you can try to hack your body with a keto diet, and it works relatively well in the short term. However, in the medium term, things may start breaking down on the keto diet.

Your body was not meant to function without carbs for extended periods of time. Also, after a few months or Years, A lot of people are no longer able to maintain the keto diet. It is not popular to say, I fell off the keto diet, because people don't like admitting failure and don't want to open themselves up to criticism.

However, people failing to maintain the keto diet is pretty common running the body on the keto. Diet is like running your body on your backup energy source fats, as opposed to running it on your body's primary energy source, which is carbs. You see this because switching to keto is an unpleasant process and if you are in keto and have some carbs immediately, your body goes out of ketosis and switches back to using carbs for fuel.

Your body really does not want to be in ketosis in general. It’s better to work with your body than against your body. In this case, which means it's better to eat a lot of carbs than to go keto and eat near zero.

Carbs carbs are your body's primary fuel source. It’s what your body Burns for energy! If you want to feel energetic generally, it's a good idea to eat plenty of carbs the gas versus motor oil metaphor.

As many of you know, cars need lots of gas or petrol as fuel and cars need a little bit of motor oil. Your bodies work. Similarly, they need lots of carbs as fuel, and they also need a little bit of motor oil, which is a metaphor for proteins and fats.

Most people in the west get way too little gas or petrol or in other words carbs. Meanwhile, they drown their bodies in motor oil or, in other words, fats and proteins. This can contribute to their bodies becoming overweight and functioning poorly.

Of course, motor oil is important. I am not saying that you should eat 100 carbs, I'm saying that most western people eat too many fats and proteins and eat too little carbs they put too much motor oil and not enough gas in their cars. If people were to eat more carbs, they would generally lose weight, feel more energetic and also feel emotionally much better.

Not all, but some forms of psychological unwellness can literally be solved just by eating more carbs. The ET diet, important principles during every meal eat as many carbs as you want to eat. Unlimited carbs eat more carbs than you think is reasonable.

Should you struggle with this way of eating? Probably the solution is to add more carbs or more water. Even after I say this, a lot of people who try this diet will still not eat enough carbs.

So long as you keep your fat and protein intake, low eating lots of carbs will generally not lead to weight gain. Remember the discussion that we had about calories. I recommend eating as many carbs as you feel like eating, without tracking calories or skipping meals.

Remember that people on the traditional Asian diet ate lots of white rice and little fat and they were lean and healthy. So, what I'm recommending here is eating in a way. That’s similar to how billions of people have eaten for centuries.

It’s not some kind of crazy new idea. Instead, it's a very tried and tested method of eating. If you want to lose weight, I recommend only eating 10 to 15 grams of fat for the entire day.

It’s good to experiment whether you feel better when eating either 10 or 15 grams of fat to get an idea. 10 to 15 grams of fat can be two to three eggs, or it can be half an avocado or it can be a small handful of nuts, or it can be about three cups of chickpeas. If you want to know how much fat say an egg has, you can use your favorite search engine to search for egg nutrients if you don't want to lose weight, add fat to your diet until your weight stabilizes?

If you are currently underweight and you want to gain body fat, add even more fat to your diet, I recommend limiting how much processed foods and drinks that you consume, or, to put it in another way, have foods and liquids that your grandmother would recognize. I also recommend limiting how much food from animals you eat on top of sticking to your fat budget. Yes, technically egg whites contain almost no fat, and so technically you can fit a whole lot of egg whites in your 10 to 15 grams fat budget.

But I do not recommend doing that. I recommend only eating a little meat and other food from animals if you want to eat that at all. This isn't just for ethical reasons.

This is for health reasons too. If you eat normal foods and live a pretty average life, then very likely you are getting enough protein. Without eating specific protein foods such as protein shakes or egg whites, you will get enough protein as a side effect from eating your carbs and fats.

So, I would focus on eating a lot of carbs. Instead of focusing on eating a lot of protein, the human body really does not need as much protein as mainstream nutrition. Science says that it does.

The meat industry has heavily lobbied people to increase the recommended amount of protein, but that's not based on science. That’s based on the meat industry wanting to make more profits. In reality, the human body only needs a little bit of protein.

This goes for men too. To see this, you can look at human. Breast milk.

Human babies need to build muscles right, but human breast milk only has a relatively small amount of protein in it, which you can verify with a Google search. Furthermore, small children generally love fruit, but initially don't like eating meat when it's first given to them. This again illustrates that our bodies need tons of carbs and only a bit of protein.

If you are overweight and you want to sculpt the muscular body, then I would first focus on losing weight. The ET diet is excellent for sustainable weight loss. Once you are lean, you can focus on building muscle, and you may want to exercise intensively and eat more protein for the average person who engages in little to moderate exercise.

You will get enough protein just by eating normal food. If you work out intensively and want to become more muscular, then you can think about egg whites or other ways to get more protein. While exercise is, of course, good, you can lose weight on the ET diet without exercising.

Conversely, you can certainly gain weight if you eat high fat high carb foods. Even if you exercise a lot so diet is the most important thing when it comes to weight loss. You cannot outrun your fork.

If you are currently not yet exercising, I would recommend getting used to eating in the ET diet way. First, then, add some exercise a bit later, if possible, try to find a way of moving your body that you actually enjoy, that might be team sports, yoga, dancing, or it might be walking or running with an audiobook aside from protein recommendations, recommendations about how many vitamins You should have every day are not correct either. Furthermore, some information about which foods contain how many vitamins are also false.

I would suggest focusing on getting enough carbs and not focusing on eating the exact foods that a spreadsheet says. You need to get all your vitamins. Note that I will suggest eating a lot of fruit, which are an amazing source of vitamins.

If you eat in a varied way and supplement vitamin D, if you live outside the tropics, you should do pretty well. If you eat little food that comes from animals, then it's good to supplement vitamin B12 too, and if you have any cravings for weird food, then go eat that because there may be some nutrients in there that your body is missing. Your body is smart enough to give you a craving for a specific kind of food if that food has some vitamins or other nutrients that you are missing.

Listening to your body is a good idea in general, the ET diet on refined sugar. The Australian Paradox is the observation that, during a period where people ate less refined sugar, more Australians became obese. This is because, if you tell people to avoid refined sugar, then in practice they will start consuming more high fat, high carb meals in turn.

That will make them more overweight. If the average person reduces their refined sugar intake, then indirectly they will become more overweight and unhealthier. Yes, refined sugar is bad, but if you tell people to not eat refined sugar, then on average they will consume too much fat, which is worse.

Consuming a bit of refined sugar is the Lesser evil. Artificial sweeteners are not a way out of this situation, because artificial sweeteners do not satisfy people for a moderately long period of time, like sugar. Does.

Moreover, artificial sweeteners are absolutely terrible for the body. Therefore, I'm going to advise people to eat some refined sugar. I would rather give advice that actually helps people rather than advice that is theoretically great, but that people can't actually adhere to a lot of people on your planet, give advice that is theoretically great, but that most people can't actually adhere to in practice.

I do not think this is helpful if you give advice that most people can follow, then the advice simply isn't very good while refined sugar isn't great, it's not as bad as earthlings think it is. For example, if you Google, Ellie Kipchoge sugar, then you can read that this long-distance Runner consumes 10 to 15 teaspoons of sugar per day and he's perhaps the greatest marathoner on Earth. Now I wouldn't necessarily consume that much sugar myself.

But my point is that refined sugar is not as bad as people think it is if you are currently eating in a very clean way, and you feel amazing, healthy, and energetic then great, I would not add refined sugar to your diet in your case. But if you are currently overweight or are struggling with staying away from junk food, which is most people in the west, then I would have some refined sugar. You can always reduce your refined sugar intake later.

If you keep your fat intake very low, then a bit of sugar will not make you fat. When people think sugar makes you fat, then they often picture foods that are high in sugar and also high in fat such as ice cream. But it's the high carb high fat way of eating.

That’s the culprit here, not the sugar. I would recommend that you do not theorize about this way of eating too much, because your rational mind can easily Lead You astray. I would recommend that you actually try out this way of eating for a week and see how this way of eating makes you feel think of it as an experiment.

At worst, you will learn a few things about nutrition and about your body and at best this may just be the ticket to health and leanness and having plenty of energy that you've been searching for the ET diet meal by meal. So long as you stay within your fat budget and eat lots of carbs and do not eat too much food that comes from animals or processed food and stay away from artificial sweeteners, then you can have any meal you want on the ET diet. Still, I will give some suggestions for breakfast.

I would first drink about a liter of water. If you can afford it, it's good to buy a water distillation machine, because there is some stuff in tap water, including in European countries, that I would not want to ingest as we'll be drinking two to three liters of water per day. It’s good to buy a sufficiently big water.

Distiller. That said, getting dehydrated is worse than drinking tap water. If you normally have access to distilled water, but for a couple of hours you do not, then I do suggest just drinking tap water, it's generally better to drink.

A lot of water at Mealtime, rather than have small amounts of water during the day. This is because your body needs a very specific balance between water and sodium, and, if you keep having small sips of water, you keep messing up your internal balance. Therefore, it's best to drink large amounts of water a few times per day, although I would not drink more than a liter at one time for every meal.

I suggest eating as many carbs as you want. Generally, it's best to have almost pure carbs for breakfast and lunch, because that makes you energetic, I suggest, having your vegetables and fats and proteins at dinner time, because you can generally afford to become a bit more sluggish after dinner. For breakfast, it's a great option to drink a liter of water.

Then I would pick one fruit and have as many of that fruit as you want. For example, this might be four to ten bananas, or it might be a whole bunch of dates. If you want a type of fruit, that's expensive, such as blueberries, then you can either try to get them Frozen because that's cheaper or you can have two kinds of fruit for breakfast.

But in that case, I would not mix sweet and sour fruits having only having one kind of fruit is a bit easier on the digestion for most people plus it's easier to prepare. Yes, you should eat varied foods, but you can fulfill that just fine by having bananas one day, kiwis the next day and dates on the third day. This is a very natural way of eating.

If your ancestors were hungry and found a banana tree, they would just eat ten bananas that would be their meal. Fruit is amazing, and there are a lot of vitamins packed away in Fruit. Even more than your internet suggests.

Fruit has many benefits, and one of them is preventing hair loss, which a lot of men are concerned about. Yes, there are fruit, sugars in Fruit, but fruit, sugars are healthy. If you want a snack at any time of the day, it's completely fine to just have more carbs such as more fruit.

You can also have as much fruit juice or orange juice as you want, either during meals or outside of mealtime. You can also have other drinks if you want possibly with refined sugar. However, I would still have two to three liters of water per day, no matter how many other liquids you drink for lunch, it's time for half a liter to a whole liter of water, you can add a drink this about 10 minutes before the meal or at The start of the meal and again make sure that you get enough carbs eat whatever carbs you want.

The best carbs are the ones that you are happy to eat a lot of eat more carbs than you think is reasonable. Breakfast and lunch should be either completely or mostly carbs. So long as you keep fats very low, you can eat as many carbs as you want and in fact you should eat carbs until you're satiated every single meal.

If you appreciate a suggestion for many people, it will work very well to have a lunch with mostly or only white rice. Many earthlings think that white rice is just empty calories. I would say that white rice is like a very pure gas for your car to use the earlier metaphor, sure you shouldn't eat nothing, but white rice motor oil is also important, but you certainly could do worse than eating a lot of white rice.

Personally, I would vary my carbs occasionally, but I would have white rice during those days. It’s just a pure form of fuel. Yes, it's not motor oil, but cars don't need that much motor oil.

If you think that white rice is not tasty, then I would like to invite you to experiment with different kinds of white rice, a lot of people really like kochukaru rice and think it is much more tasty than average white rice. Koshy Hickory rice is a bit more expensive, but it is still pretty affordable. If you buy it online in large quantities, you can also experiment with different kinds of sauces.

It’s fine! If you use a sauce that has sugar in it, it's even fine to sprinkle a bit of refined sugar over your rice and some people like adding some vinegar to their rice too. You can either have just rice for lunch, or you can have rice with some vegetables or soup or other Foods.

On top of it still, I would recommend, having mostly rice and only having a bit of vegetables or other Foods, because your body needs mostly carbs. Don’t have so much motor oil that your engine lacks gas or petrol and generally, I would have most of my fats during dinner time and not for lunch. Rice cookers make preparing rice very easy.

I would recommend having a lot of rice and if you do, I recommend getting a rice cooker. You don't need a very expensive one. A rice cooker for 25 to 30 Euros can work quite well.

I would finally have a normal dinner with again half a liter to a whole liter of water. I would have again a good amount of carbs and I would have my fats here. You can open any cookbook and look up dinner recipes for inspiration.

The ET diet a sample day, the Chandler, has been eating in this way for some time now and is losing weight and feeling much more energetic than before. Here is a fairly typical day for him, breakfast, a liter of water plus as much of any one kind of fruit as he wants. For example, this might be five plus large bananas or seven plus kiwis 11 o'clock as much fruit juice as he wants, which is often between half a liter and a liter.

Sometimes he is regular, non-juice fruit lunch. He drinks between half a liter of water and a whole liter of water. Then he eats as much Koshy Hickory white rice as he wants.

He eats that with a sugary sauce and sometimes a bit of vinegar. Sometimes he has some vegetables, but not too much because he wants to be able to fit enough carbs into his stomach soup would be another option. The Chandler also doesn't have more than a little bit of fat for breakfast or lunch three to four o'clock.

Sometimes he has a snack here, like some hard rolls. He likes sourdough or soda with sugar and without artificial sweeteners, while not ideal. Having some soda occasionally is what he needs to be able to stick to the diet.

For now, if you've stopped drinking soda, he'd start reaching for ice cream and fries, and that would be more unhealthy dinner again, he drinks half a liter of water up to a whole liter of water. Then he has a normal dinner. This can be lots of different things.

He again has quite some carbs. He typically has most or all of his fat at dinner time, which can be chickpeas or nuts or hummus, or seeds or eggs or other things. Sometimes he is steamed vegetables.

Some herbs can be healthy and tasty to note the abundance of carbs and water that he ate during this day. The ET diet troubleshooting, if you don't feel energetic or if you have a hard time, resisting junk food. Probably the solution is to either eat more carbs or drink more water.

I expect that many Western people who try this diet will initially add some carbs to their diet, but not add enough carbs to the diet, just eat carbs whenever you are hungry and eat as much of them as you want, don't count, calories or limit your carbs Intake or skip meals, if you do, you may not succeed on this diet. If you struggle to fit enough carbs into your stomach, then you can consider reducing the amount of non-carbs you eat. For example, the Chandler has been eating in this way for a while.

Now, with huge success and for him specifically, it works best to have vegetables only one to two times per week, so that he can fit more carbs into his stomach.

For some people it will be healthy to eat more vegetables than that, but still, if you struggle with this way of eating and can't fit more carbs into your stomach, consider eating less non-carbs foods.

An alternative is eating or refined sugar, because that is a really easy to stomach way to consume more carbs as we discussed, refined sugar is often the Lesser evil that makes it possible for people to avoid reaching for pizza and ice cream, or you can try to Swap out whatever carbs you're having for white rice, it's a very pure form of energy sleeping enough and regularly enough is also important both for your well-being and your waistline.

If you are on a tight budget, then you can just eat a whole lot of white rice.

It’s very cheap and fits very well into this diet.

Bananas are affordable as well dates, chickpeas, and eggs are all relatively affordable too also.

If you have been engaging in severe caloric restrictions or fasting or meal skipping or eating way too few carbs, then you may initially gain weight for say one or two months by eating this way, as your body comes out of starvation mode, if you have been severely Starving yourself for a long time, then you may be putting on weight for up to three years if you eat this way.

If you are in this scenario, I would still recommend eating this way and just accepting short-term weight gain.

Eventually, your body and your thyroid will heal, and you will lose weight and feel fantastic.

Doubling down on depriving your body of calories or carbs is not healthy.

Unfortunately, so the best thing is to give your body what it wants and accepting short-term weight gain.

Eventually, you will very likely start losing weight in particular.

If you have been eating too few carbs, then it may be the case that your glycogen stores are empty.

Then, if you start eating an abundance of carbs and water, your glycogen stores will replenish.

This is very healthy, and it is what your body wants to do.

However, this may register on the scale as weight gain, and this may make your pants feel tighter, even if you gain glycogen and not body fat.

For this reason, and for other reasons I would not make a habit of weighing yourself.

Conversely, if you restrict carbs and engage in moderate exercise, then usually you will burn through your glycogen stores.

This will make your pants feel looser and will make your scale show you a lower number, however, burning through your glycogen stores, by depriving yourself of carbs is not necessarily good for you there's a reason your body wants to have stored glycogen.

Yes, this way of eating doesn't lead to weight loss as quickly as either significantly calorie restricting yourself or eating very few carbs, but the ET diet is both physically and psychologically healthier and more sustainable in the medium term.

Eventually, you will feel fantastic, and you will be healthy and look great if you eat this way.

Whereas if you restrict calories or eat very few carbs, then it is quite likely that in a medium term you will regain a weight.

You lost and possibly more conclusion.

So, in summary, the ET diet is eaten, as many carbs as you want, without counting calories, eat 10 to 15 grams of fat for the entire day.

If you want to lose weight, preferably at dinner time eat more fat than that.

If you don't want to lose weight, have some refined sugar so that you are actually able to stick to a low-fat diet.

Most people can't stick to a low fat, no refined sugar diet in the long term, drink two to three liters of water per day and consider having a fruit breakfast and a white rice lunch.

I hope this was helpful if you try this out, I'm very curious to hear what your experiences were feel free to write it in the comments.

I love you very much, regardless of what you eat or what you do or how much you weigh.

I know times are really tough on Earth, you are respected, and you are loved tuna.

This article was transcribed automatically from video using YouTubes free transcription service. It may contain grammatical and spelling errors. 

Some humans were not born on Earth. There is a large group of humans in the Pleiades star system. They are often called Pleiadians.

Pleiadians are much more loving and spiritually and technologically advanced than we are. They live in a Star Trek like, love-based society. They want to help Earthlings create a love-based society. In particular, the Pleiadian woman Tunia brings us a message of love. And the man and commander Hakann brings us a message of personal empowerment.


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Lugh - Celtic God Of The Sun

The god Lugh was worshiped in Ireland as a deity of the sun. This connection... Read more

Wild Rose

Wild Rose

Wild Rose Fills your life with soft romance. Gender: Feminine Planet: Venus... Read more



The Cleansing Stone Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy.... Read more

Egyptian Zodiac/Astrology

Egyptian Zodiac/Astrology

Egyptian astrology was one of the earliest forms of astrology. The Egyptians... Read more



CANCER Jun 21 - Jul 22 Read more

Lammas by The Hedgewitch

Lammas by The Hedgewitch

Although in the heat of a Mid-western summer it might be difficult to discer... Read more

Birth Totem - Woodpecker

Birth Totem - Woodpecker

Birth Totem Woodpecker Birth dates: June 21 - July 21 Read more

Cancer Mythology

Cancer Mythology

The Hidden Myth Behind the Zodiac Sign Had the Scriptures of Delphi never b... Read more

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