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Message From The Angels: Making Good Use of Your New Now

Message From The Angels: Making Good Use of Your New Now

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Happy New Year! Happy New You! Happy New Now! As so many of you make your resolutions and intentions for the coming year, we remind you today that while your New Year is a beautiful marker and milepost, you have the opportunity to re-create your life – and yourself– in every "new now."

You can celebrate each moment as a chance for a change. With every thought, every breath, and every choice, you can release the old and look forward to the new. In every "new now," you can become a happier, healthier, more abundant, more loved, and more loving version of yourself. With every new thought, your life begins to move in new directions. Every moment, your body is undergoing massive transformation, with billions of cells leaving their little bodies and new, fresh, healthy ones being born.

Now you are new... and now again.

If you want to create change in your life, start now. Become new right here, right now. What thoughts no longer serve you? Are you tired of feeling tired? Then dear ones dream of feeling refreshed, energetic, and happy. Focus on any moments when you feel good. Look for them. Notice your improved feelings first. Think thoughts that don't drag you down. Now. Right here, right now, think a thought that makes you feel more refreshed, energized, and eager for life on planet earth.

You might think to yourself, "I love my cozy bed. I feel so comforted by my covers and blankets. Right before I drift off to sleep, I feel refreshed." You might think of someone who uplifts you, and suddenly you feel more energized. You might think of a food that thrills you, a song that makes you feel like moving, or a show you like. These are simple thoughts, but now, and now, and now again, you are made new.

You can create the new you, who you want to be, right here, right now, and now again.

So many of you want rapid change and yet refuse to change now. Many of you want to lose weight but focus on heavy thoughts. Many of you want to eat healthier but focus on punishing yourselves with diets that don't titillate your taste buds. You could instead dream of feeling wonderful and eating foods you love. Then, dear ones, the new you, in your new now, will attract a "diet" or "healthy eating" ideas that turn you on as well as tune you up.

Many of you want to get in shape, but thinking about exercise feels like an exercise in drudgery itself. In your new now, it would be far kinder to imagine feeling good in your body and participating in an activity that makes your cells buzz with anticipation. If you use your mind in this fashion, it won't be long before you want to move. You may be inspired to turn on one of your favorite songs and tap your toes. You may feel motivated to put on an outfit that makes you feel like moving. You may start to treat yourself like a beautiful and worthy person right here and now and wait till inspiration hits later. Now you are new. Why not create the new you that you want to be? 

Suppose you want to be more organized but feel overwhelmed. Imagine, right here and now, the feeling of walking in your home and knowing exactly where things are and what you are doing on a given day. Imagine flowing through your days with ease. If you don't have a great imagination, look at pictures of organized homes and watch videos of people who seem to have managed their lives. Right here, right now, you can focus on the feeling you want to feel. Now is new. Now you can find and feel the energy you want to enjoy on a regular basis, and your days will begin to flow in a more harmonious way.

Suppose you want a romantic partner in your life. In this very instant, you can conjure up the lover within. You can easily, if you're willing, find something or someone in your life to love and appreciate right now. Perhaps you luxuriate in your soft pillows or love the adoring way your dog looks at you. You can enjoy the intoxicating fragrance of a freshly squeezed orange for breakfast and look in the mirror with rapt appreciation, seeing yourself as you wish a lover would. Right here and now, you can begin to be the person that you imagine you will be in the relationship you want. Think about how you would eat, dress, speak, and act. Would you be a better you if someone were there to admire you? Now is new. Be that gracious, loving, appreciative, self-accepting version of yourself right now.

We could share examples forever, but the bottom line is simply this: In this new now, you can begin to focus with anticipation and joy on what you seek. In this new now, you can look for the good. In this new now, you can find the glass half full, the silver lining, and all that is right in your life. In this new now, you can start to become the person you want to be.

So this year, commit to being loving and kind to yourself. Commit to thinking thoughts that make you feel delicious. When old, exhausting or discouraging thoughts come up, do your best to switch to gentler, kinder, more encouraging ones.

You deserve your own love, dear ones. You deserve to feel good. You deserve to think thoughts that vibrate to everything and anything you want to experience here on this earth. The holidays are over, but you can get Present, and in each here and now, give yourself the gift of the life you want to allow and attract and ultimately live. Happy New Year, dear ones. Happy New You! You are already changed having read our words.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages by Ann and the AngelsMessage from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

If one bit of angel wisdom has really stuck with me and changed how I approach life, it is simply this: "Every now is new. The universe doesn't keep score." The universe doesn't care if our thoughts have been negative for years; the minute we think of a good one, we start to change our lives.

To say I was looking forward to my Christmas break this year was a huge understatement. I was ready to unplug, go silent, and relax. Unfortunately, I had been focusing on "never getting any rest," so that's exactly what I created for the first seven days of my 8-day vacation! The computer upgrade didn't play nicely with my external backup drive, which took several days to remedy. My garden needed new structures built around the plants and frost cloth installed for the winter. My dear, sweet, cherished lemon tree ripened, so I picked enough to ship 20 boxes, juice 4 gallons, make lemon cleaner, candied lemon peels, and more!

As a result, I enjoyed an upgraded computer, lots of lemon love, and a glorious time with friends and family. Nonetheless, by the end of the week, I started to think about the fact that I had barely enjoyed any rest during my vacation. On top of it, my body told me it wasn't ready to go on the hike and polar dip I'd been looking forward to. I prefer to say I handled the disappointments with grace, but instead, I had a little pity party on the morning of New Year's eve! Unthinkable but true!

I knew better, so with plenty of hours left to create "a new now," I dove inward. I realized I'd made good choices, even if they weren't restful. I upgraded the operating system at the perfect time. No one was expecting to hear from me anyway. I listened to the guidance to back everything up and, as a result, didn't lose any data. I got the best, kindest, most knowledgeable customer service rep to help, and now everything works better than before.

I didn't have to pick the lemons, but it felt wonderful to be outdoors, inhaling their fresh scent while climbing a tree that I adore. It was a luxury to have time to pack, process, juice, and enjoy a mutual love of lemons with friends and relatives across the country! I connected with my childhood neighbor, who received her box in time to help heal a cold. I chatted with my brother's sister-in-law, a delightful woman with whom I enjoy laughing and sharing lemon recipes. I sent some sunshine to friends in the snow and delighted my family, including my youngest niece, a self-proclaimed expert at making lemonade! For the first time, I made a gluten-free lemon meringue pie for the postal folks who helped me lift all these boxes. The recipe is fantastic. No double boiler is needed, and no rolling of the dough. Could life be better? For the love of lemons, I started to feel insanely and abundantly blessed.

In that high vibe, it occurred to me that even if I hadn't been able to hike, I could just walk to the backyard and hop in the pool for my New Year's polar dip! Five minutes in the icy water requires my mind to turn off entirely, and in blissful silence and oneness, truth returned!

Now was new, and so was I!

I was fueled with good thoughts, positive vibes, and happy intentions for 2023! It was as if my pity party had never existed. Instead, I had a glorious New Year's eve and made time to pray for myself, my friends, my family, and the world. New Year's day, I rested until midnight, and now in the wee hours of the second day of 2023, I'm channeling this newsletter restfully, peacefully, and happily.

Now is new.

Here are a few tips to help you take advantage of your new nows...

1. Don't "keep score." The universe doesn't

It doesn't matter how good or bad the last seconds, minutes, or decades of your life have been. It doesn't matter how much momentum you have going with thoughts you are used to thinking. You can change them now.

Right now, imagine that you have no past. Imagine that you got plopped right into the life you're in, and you know you have the power to change everything, starting with your very next thought! Can you find something to admire, appreciate, or deliciously dream about? You can. You just have to chose it.

It doesn't matter how long you've focused on what you lack, how bad you feel, how nobody loves you, how broke you are, etc... in just one new now, you can begin to think better feeling thoughts and turn it all around.

Go for it. Now is new.

2. Look at the Costs vs. the Payoff of Creating Different New Nows!

It is a human phenomenon that when life doesn't look as we wish, we throw quiet adult tantrums by refusing to feel good until we get our way! No one wants to admit it, but we all do it occasionally — some more than others. I frequently receive epic tantrums in my inbox. I respect the rant! Sometimes we aren't strong-minded enough to switch our focus, and going through the emotion is often the easiest way out.

That said, there are both payoffs and costs to this behavior. In effect, a tantrum about the present, although very understandable, squanders our new nows.

If we refuse to be happy until something works or someone behaves differently, or if we can't be grateful for more minor things until the more significant ones are going our way, we're wasting the opportunity for change. There are payoffs, or we wouldn't engage in this mindset, but the cost of not shifting our focus is much greater.

The payoff to pouting is pretty straightforward. We don't have to take responsibility for creating our reality. We can let external reality and others create our lives and then blame them. We can get sympathy and attention from others, some of whom will go out of their way to coddle us when we feel bad. We can be adult children, waiting for someone to rescue us instead of doing the real inner work. These are payoffs.

However, the cost of not using our minds to create "new nows" that feel better is enormous! Spending the bulk of our time on thoughts that feel bad is like eating bad food and wanting it to taste good or staying in an abusive relationship and hoping it will get better. We prevent ourselves from allowing the universe to deliver what we want. We cut off our reception from loved ones in heaven and miss our guidance.

Our vibration is our most precious and powerful resource, and it takes only one moment, just one thought to shift it. That's all. Then one more thought and one more, and soon we're on the way to a new reality. The past loses its grip when we're in the new now.

If you keep up the process, soon the payoffs of using your new nows productively will radically outweigh the cost of taking the extra effort to think good-feeling thoughts.

3. Energy vs. Action

In the 3D paradigm, a new thought or vibe doesn't seem like a big deal because you don't see things change immediately. However, in the 5D paradigm – in the energetic universe – in every new now, you create a new broadcast to the universe, and, as a result, you begin to get a whole new response. It's like a ping on the computer. You send out a signal, and you get a signal back almost instantly. Your first indicator that you're shifting your reality is that you feel better. Stay with that energy, and soon you'll be inspired to take useful action.

2023 will be a great year if we make it so. The world is getting sick and tired of being sick and tired. The shouting, hollering, and wrong-making are getting old for many. While politics and world affairs are still pretty wild, there is an undercurrent of love arising. We may not see it on the surface just yet – things still look pretty choppy as people learn to be comfy with their true selves enough to be comfortable with others.

Nonetheless, we will begin to see more and more glimpses of this loving current. It is rising in unexpected ways, quietly, without pontification, right now in the lives of those being themselves and those accepting our differences. You can see evidence of this new love arising. Transgender announcers rang in the new year in some areas of the country. Young YouTube influencers frequently speak about the need to be true to yourself and let others do the same. Commercials and movies refer to your "vibe," and more people are caring about how they feel. Many more are taking charge of their bodies and minds. There is great love and good bubbling up in each new now, and we can choose to have that in our lives every day.

Happy New Year, and Happy New You, as the angels like to say, and of course, Happy New Now!

Have a blessed week :)


Ann Albers and The Angels
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