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Message from The Angels - Turning It All To Good

Message from The Angels - Turning It All To Good

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Everything you have manifested in your life, intentionally or not, can be turned into something good. Even the most unwanted situations you have inadvertently allowed or attracted can be changed for your benefit. 

The fertilizer can grow roses. The illness can lead to an enhanced quality of life in the future, or bliss beyond reason in heaven. The ugliest relationship you've ever experienced can drive you more deeply into self-love. The death of a loved one can catalyze an entire spiritual journey and your own awakening to mystical abilities.

Did you create this unpleasantness to catalyze your growth and lessons? Not really, dear ones. While there are cases when you and other souls decide to help each other grow in some tough ways, God never plunges you into darkness so you can find the light. The angels never guide you into challenging situations so you can find your strength. You—by your decisions to dance with other souls—and by your vibration attract and allow vibrational matches. It is that simple in concept. In reality, your most challenging job is bypassing old conditioning, which teaches you to act first. As you learn to shift your vibration first, your life will continue to progress with ever-increasing ease.

Suppose you want a relationship. You feel desperate. You've wanted one for some time, and they're not here! You're emanating frustration, fear, doubt, and lack. You don't realize that you've tuned into the exact opposite of all you desire much of the time, and so, in your frustration, you join an online dating site and begin the hunt. At best, you will attract no one. You'll more likely attract others in a similarly frustrated space who want you to make them feel better. You found vibrational matches. Despite current frustrations, you can shift your vibration and turn this to good. You can tune back into love more consistently, focus on the delicious anticipation of the love you want to share, and, in so doing, change everything.

Likewise, suppose that after years of stuffing feelings, criticizing yourself, or feeling upset, you develop an illness. You weren't given this illness to develop strength or to heal and help others. You just pinched off the love that was trying to flow to you on numerous small occasions, eventually taking a toll on the body. It is much the same as if you cut off the water to your plants a thousand times a day, and eventually, it begins to wither. However, here is the good news. You can change your vibration to one of love; in that frequency, even the most serious illnesses can shift into a profoundly beautiful reality.

A more difficult scenario is when someone you love dies or is going through a hard time. You didn't create their reality. You can't uncreate it for them. You came together in a mutual vibration of love and a desire for expansion and growth. Each of you has chosen—consciously or not—to attune to different realities and, therefore, create different outcomes. You don't control their vibration or their choices, and they do not control yours.

So here you are, drawn together by love and a desire for expansion. Suppose you have tuned to love and created an easier path. Perhaps they were so hard on themselves that the only way to expand was to leave this brain and body behind and return to the glory of their soul. Perhaps they decided before birth to leave early and catalyze expansion for all. You have both grown. You have both expanded. You both love. But as a human being, you hurt. You miss them. We understand.

Even this, dear ones, can be turned into good, gently, slowly, and organically. The more you can shift away from the unpleasant emotions by focusing instead on how much you love, how magnificent your love is, and how deeply you care—the more you will feel your connection with your dear ones in spirit. If you can appreciate the love in your own heart, you will feel their love for you. Likewise, when you have a friend or family member who is suffering, focus on your love, their light, and all that is good in life. You will become a strong, positive, energetic influence if you can do this. Your influence does not come from words or deeds but rather from you being in a space of confident belief in their goodness and eventual success. You become a tuning fork for their benefit.

No matter how good or how challenging your life, tuning to love will shift reality and turn even the most difficult situation into good. Care about yourselves enough to reach for what feels better—one thought at a time—and in so "being," you will create more good than all the "doing" in the world can do for you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels


Message from Ann

Hi Everyone,

Last week, around 3 a.m. one night, after I'd done everything I knew to fix my email program, read every article I could find, and already had a few long conversations with customer service, I knew it was time for a vibrational solution. I wandered to the kitchen, made a little healthy late-night meal, and sat to contemplate the beauty of life. Things weren't looking as I wished, but that was no excuse to avoid bringing love into the situation.

I looked around at the quiet peace of my cozy home. I appreciate the soft blanket I love to snuggle up with and the thriving little lettuce plants I sprouted from my grocery lettuce. I thought about how insignificant this current challenge was in the greater scheme of life and how confident I was that something good would come of it.

Suddenly, the thought of asking Artificial Intelligence to help popped into my mind. I hopped on the site and described my problem. In its amazing wisdom, it suggested several things I've already tried, but then it also told me about an alternate email program that might work better than the one I was currently using. I'd never heard of this app before. It happened to be free as well! I downloaded it, entered all seven of my email addresses, and was dumbfounded. In less than ten minutes, it had all the settings correct, and I was back in business, able to send and receive.

Before talking to customer service again on Saturday, I sat and appreciated life, appreciated all the helpful souls who assist us with our technical challenges, and focused on the feeling of everything working correctly. The last tech rep I talked to had recommended reinstalling the operating system and, that failing, said we could wipe my hard drive and recreate everything. I wasn't keen on the second idea. I suspected God had better ideas.In fact, I was so sure there was a better solution, that I became excited as I waited for the scheduled call.

It never came! Something good was afoot. I was vibrationally attuned to good and I knew it! I called the company and got a new rep who was a senior tech specialist. He reviewed my case and quietly confided that there was no use in going through the tedious process of reinstalling the operating system since it had known bugs that the developers were working on. I got off the phone and did the happy dance! Everything was turning to good. The bug would be fixed for me. I didn't have to reinstall my operating system. As I continue to learn the new email app, I realize that there are aspects of it that will make my life much easier—things I had wished for and forgotten!

I know email issues are nothing compared to the loss of a dear one, but the principles of turning something into good by tuning to love are the same. Last month, I lost a dear friend. Cheryl Booth, who some of you know, was the medium who helped me refine my abilities over 25 years ago when we both worked as psychics in a little bookstore. She helped me understand what was going on and how to work with the other side. We've kept in touch on and off all these years, and so when I received her phone message, "I'm dying and would love to talk to you one last time," I dropped everything.

It was a poignant, beautiful, and emotional conversation. We knew our friendship would continue. Two mediums don't disconnect due to death! Nonetheless, I was flooded with emotion as I felt the magnitude of a soul's appreciation for the dance we do in a lifetime, the eternity of a friendship, and the beauty beneath all roles we play for one another. I got off the phone teary-eyed with appreciation for life and excited for her journey. No one called to tell me when she left, but she let me know. I continue to feel her magnificent and angelic presence, free from the pain and challenges she faced at the end of her life.

This is where attuning to love becomes practical. I could have beaten myself up for not getting her call sooner, for not being available every time she came to town, and for not being able to do more. I could have focused on the thousand small things I could have done better in our decades of friendship, but honestly, none of that matters. Love matters. I tuned myself into that, and now I can tune myself into the love she feels in heaven. It's bliss and beauty.

Everything can be turned to good as we tune to love. Even the most undesirable, painful situations can be shifted into something better. A career that once nearly killed me set me on my spiritual path wherein I found a career I loved and the ability to help thousands. A divorce that felt like failure propelled me into a journey of self-love and a relationship with the Divine that fulfilled even the desires I didn't know I had. Betrayals, ugliness, and cruelty all forced me to care less about what others think and do and to focus on what God thinks of me. As a result, I'm playing with art, and design, which has been in my heart forever. I'm having a blast.

I didn't create these things to make myself learn. I created, allowed, attracted, or whatever you want to call it, based on my vibration at the time. When I wallowed in self-pity, there was no movement, but the minute I turned to focus on something better, anything better, even the beautiful shaft of sunlight peeking through a window, my life started to turn for the better. God gave me "beauty for ashes," as the saying goes. The Divine grew roses out of the fertilizer I created! Good is trying to flow into our lives no matter what.

Here are some pointers to help you out of the unpleasant situations in life and into a kinder, better, and more beautiful reality.

1.   Bless the mess, and look forward to the best.

No matter what you are going through, be it a technical issue or a huge loss, it is temporary. We all are. Eventually, all problems get solved or worked around. Eventually, even if the old falls away or breaks, new comes. Eventually, we reunite with our loved ones who go before us. Nothing in this temporal 3D world is permanent except the love we leave.

So feel your feelings, then bless the mess. Here you are. Might as well make the best of it. You may not like what is going on, but you can add love to life right here, right now, and as you give love, you draw it through you.

You can appreciate the smallest item in front of you. You can play a song you like. (70s music or funny country songs always get me going!) You can think about all the good in your life. Whatever you do, start flowing love.

Then, say to yourself, "Life is what it is. I am who I am. What next?"

If you take the time and small effort to reach for a better feeling first, you'll perceive the heavens' answer, which always starts guiding you to better.

2. Don't overanalyze the mess. Instead, focus forward.

We can spend hours to days to years analyzing why we got ourselves into an unpleasant situation. I used to. We hope to understand how we got here in an effort to avoid it in the future. That's understandable.

The easier path, however, is realizing that we got where we are now due to our vibration and we can create better by putting forth the effort to reach for better feelings more consistently. It is truly that simple.

When I first started doing readings, the angels liked to say, "If you want to get where you want to go, break off the rearview mirror and look through the windshield!" They were referring to the futility of looking back and the utility of facing forward.

I no longer beat myself up when I create a mess. I no longer spend much time worrying about how I got here. I tell myself often, "Doesn't matter. Where next?" As a result, things can turn into good on a dime. Try it. Next time you're in a situation you don't like, don't even ask why. If you need to know, life will tell you.

Instead, focus forward. Look for other subjects that feel better to think about, and let the momentum of love raise you above the problem and bring you solutions.

3. Develop a practice of looking for good

It takes a while to learn how effective it is to sit down, focus on things that feel good, and wait for guidance rather than jumping into frenzied action or spinning in unpleasant thoughts. Old habits take some tenacity to overcome. However, if you cultivate a habit of looking for things to love or appreciate, then you strengthen your mind. You're better prepared to shift out of challenges when they arise.

These years of focusing on appreciation for the smallest things in life have made it easy to do so even when a friend and a family member went into arrhythmia and had dangerous blood pressure spikes in the same week. Learning to look for the good everywhere helps me find it when my devices aren't behaving when someone is upset around me, and when I have more to do than hours in the day to do it. I'm currently even working on shifting my relationship with time!

So, if you practice looking for good and appreciating life when it is easy, you'll develop the mental strength and habits that come to the rescue when you're facing a challenge.

In a space of love, truly, all things can be turned into glorious good. We deserve this. There's no use beating yourself or anyone else up when things aren't fun. It is far better to tune into love and let more flow into your life. If you can bless the mess and look forward to the best, your course will be set on a beautfiul, ever more loving, trajectory.

Have a blessed week,

Ann Albers and The Angels
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