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The Angels: Are You Living In Reality?

The Angels: Are You Living In Reality?

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Are you living in the real world? Are you living in the world of love, abundance, peace, joy, and harmony? Are you living in the world where the Source of all love and life wants to fulfill the essence of each and every desire in your heart?

Or are you living in the world created by those who have blocked the flow of love in their world a long time ago? Are you living in a world that you were conditioned to believe is real? Heaven and hell and every world in between exist simultaneously, in every single space and time. These are dimensions of awareness that exist at different frequencies, much as your different television and radio stations. You get to choose which one you attune yourselves to.

In the middle of the Great Depression most would have said the "real world" was a dismal mess. Yet there were many thriving, in their own "realities." There were many who found opportunities to create work, employ others, and invest when stocks were low. In the middle of the pandemic, billions living in the "real" world agonized because their lives were interrupted, they were isolated, and scared. Yet there were also many of you who were relieved that you finally had time to yourselves, time to rest and time to rethink your lives. There are people at this moment, in war-torn countries, where bombs are going off in the "real" world, and yet they are living in love, laughing with their families, and living in a vibration completely apart from what is going on around them. To them, their world – the world of eternal love – is more real, than the world of war.

You get to choose which "reality" you attune yourself to. You get to choose where you place your focus.

Reality, as we know it, is a world of unbounded, formless, infinite love just waiting to be molded into form with your focus. Reality is an energetic world in which thought creates vibration, vibration attracts what you are tuning into, and what you tune into draws the unseen into form. Our reality is the world in which you are loved beyond measure, a world in which you are guided in each and every moment of your lives, a world in which you are loved beyond measure.

Most people look at what has already been created in your 3D world, and say, "This is the way it is! This is reality! Live with it. Deal with it. You're fated to it. Put up with it. Try to make the best of it."

With all the love in our beings, we gently remind you that were not designed to react and survive. You were designed to create and thrive.

So when you look at the 3D world around you, look deeper. When you see the pandemic, the upsets, the frustrations, the restrictions, the blockages, the bickering, etc., look deeper. Most are still trying to "fix" all that exists now, which is – in our reality – what was created in your past. Most are looking at what has already been created and are saying, "This is reality." However, dear ones, the deeper reality is the unseen, unbounded, formless, infinite love that you are molding with your focus in this very moment! The deeper reality is the well-being that you are collectively calling for. The deeper reality is the freedom that you are calling for. The deeper reality is the harmony you are calling for. This is the reality that you will live to witness coming into form because you are creating it with your faith and your focus here and now.

The hair on your head is real in the world of form. It exists. Nonetheless, there is a deeper and more elegant reality within you. Within you exists the potential to grow the most perfect, healthy hair you could imagine! Depending on your diet, circulation, and especially stress or relaxation exists an invisible world of hair being nurtured and grown or pinched off and restricted. Beyond even that, exists a world of energy that either informs the perfection of your body or is pinched off. Your faith and focus, or your doubt and limiting beliefs control how much that world of energy is allowed to inform and coordinate your cells. The hair you will see on your head next month depends on what goes on inside of you right now. Likewise, the reality you see in your future depends on what is going on inside of you right now!

So if you want well-being, tune into the "loving energetic reality" of well-being by focusing on any good feeling you can. Give thanks for everything you love about your body, every sensory feeling you enjoy, every sight that you love, every smell and taste that you savor, every slight touch of the breeze upon your skin. As you focus on the wonder and the wellness of any part of your body, you start to tune into the "loving energetic reality" of well-being. You allow Love to inform your cells and call them to operate in greater harmony. Any good feeling in your body assists you in allowing every good feeling in your body. People have healed from fatal diseases by choosing to focus on living their lives in joy and enjoying what they can. Next time you don't feel perfect in your body, do what you need to do to handle the issue, according to your own guidance, then focus on anything and everything else that does feel good. You will heal so much more quickly by tuning in to the "reality" of well-being.

Likewise, if you have frustration with another human being, this may be very real in your world. You may even have just cause. However, you can, if you like, turn your focus to the "reality" of harmony in your life. You can focus on all the wonderful people whom you love and adore. You can focus on your wondrous relationship with your animals. You can focus on all you appreciate about your life and yourself. Soon, in this space of focusing on the things that make you feel good and feeling the "reality" of love in so many other areas of life, you will not find the need to focus on the "reality" of irritation, because you simply prefer to focus on the "reality" that feels better.

There are so many "realities" dear friends. Each of you lives in the same world and yet each of you lives in your own "reality." Two of you in the exact same place at the exact same time can experience the same human life and have two very different experiences of "reality." Of course, the deepest version of "reality" is love.

You get to choose what you focus upon. Why not focus on the "reality" of love? If your hair were not healthy you could obsess about it, or you could take care of your body and focus your thoughts on things that uplift, and soon your outer world would reflect the inner. As you focused on loving thoughts your muscles would relax. Increased circulation would flow to the scalp. You would crave healthy foods and movement. The relaxation would assist in creating a wonderful hormonal balance. You might say to us, "but losing hair runs in my family," and it may well do so, but you, with your focus and habits, can choose to repeat the family genetics or cause new gene expressions!

And you dear ones, can choose to repeat the realities you have been conditioned to create, the ones you focus upon over and over again that you see in your world, or you can create a reality that is far more "real" and eternal – a reality based on love, well-being, harmony, and all that you desire.

No matter what is going on in your 3D "real" world, ocus on the world that is more real. Focus on the love that is offered to you daily in the smallest of pleasures. Focus on the fact that you are a walking miracle – a kingdom of cells that love you and attempt greater order at all times. Focus on the people in your world who are doing good, behaving kindly, and laboring in love. Focus on all that you do right instead of criticizing what you do wrong. You will not be able to maintain this positive, happy, focus at all times but when the "real" 3D world causes you to wobble, align yourself once again with love in the simplest of ways. Hug yourself. Notice something good. Focus on the world in your mind that you are creating. Dream of better.

Reality, dear ones, is unique to each of you. The greater, most "real" world, however, is a world where your thoughts are your power tools, your feelings are your guides, and statistics have no bearing whatsoever on what you choose to create.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages by Ann and the AngelsMessage from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I've been told many times that I don't live in the "real" world. Since those who say it are talking about consensus "reality," that is true much of the time. I mostly live in a happy little bubble created very intentionally by my own thoughts. Still I interact with the "real" 3D world all of the time. That may sound confusing, but we've all heard the saying, "Be in the world but not of it." I strive to live that way.

I hear the pain of so many people on a daily basis. I wake up to emails with news of death, illness, loss, confusion, sadness, anger, and more. I get emails with titles like "Holy hell," "WTF" and many more. Before breakfast I am barraged with pain. It has taken me years to learn to "put my oxygen mask on first" as the saying goes, and to give myself permission to be happy, while helping so many that I deeply care about. The more I tend to my own vibration the better I am at helping others. My ability to serve more deeply depends on me doing everything in my power to stay attuned only to the "real" world of Love.

That said, I'm so not perfect at this. I'm still extremely human! I have messed up my body far too often, because I haven't paid enough attention to it. Happily my turn-around time for healing is getting pretty fast! Just two weeks ago I took a few 11 mile hikes on uneven terrain, rock hopping in the cold creek. Glorious! The fall colors were vibrant. The birds were singing. Nature was pulsating with life. I was so happy I didn't pay attention to my feet which were trying to tell me this was a bit much after being sedentary most of the year due to an eariler injury. I had foot cramps and bruising so bad the following days that putting shoes on wasn't much fun.

Still I wanted to hike last weekend! One more fall color outing called to my heart. 3D "reality" wasn't working in my favor so I changed it. I intended to feel good by my hike. I imagined the wondrous sensation of being outdoors again, basking in the autumn glow, chilly breeze and the soft sounds of leaves crunching under my happy feet. The angels advised me to go further with my focus by obsessing over every reason I could find to enjoy living in a human body. I tasted my food and revelled in the miracule of it. I smelled my roses. I touched my growing garden plants. I felt the grass under my rapidly healing feet. I stood outside and delighted in the feeling of the soft chilly morning breeze on my skin. I hugged myself and felt the warmth of it.

In less than a day I was feeling – as the Divine does –  that it was a miraculous privilege to be spirit in a body! What an incredible experience to have these finely tuned senses! What a joy to taste, touch, smell, hear, and feel the things i took for granted every day – the symphony of the birds, the smell of the rose buds vs. the full formed blossom, the smoothness of the whipping cream on my coffee, the feel of my own hands working out the tight muscles in my feet. I'd never noticed the wondrous sensation of the blast of cold air when I entered the fresh produce section of Costco and the warmth I felt once I emerged with my veggies in hand! The list of everyday delights that I had once taken for granted boggled my mind.

In the past I had looked at my body as something cumbersome to be maintained and dealt with, frequently enjoying it, but never regularly experiencing it as the glorious vehicle for human delight that it is.

Needless to say I shifted 3D reality and was able to hike very comfortably last weekend, up a mountain and down again, amidst colors in the forest that took my breath away. As I had intended and imagined, I felt better the night after the hike than before.

Love always wants for us, the loving reality that we want. This is the deeper "reality." This is the reality that feels good to focus on!

I know there's a pandemic going on, but not in my "reality." I know there are restrictions out there but I don't feel restricted in my "reality." I find things to do that feel like freedom. I know there are supply issues but I live in a loving "realtiy" where in the words of Florence Scovel Schinn, "God is my source and supply." While I'm not perfect at satying in this "reality" at all times, and may never be, most of the time my reality is the one that the angels constantly point me towards, which is the "reality of love."

This is a reality that exists on the inside. It is a reality I must choose time and again. It is a reality accessible to us all, no matter what the world is doing and who is kind or not. It is a reality that is available no matter what the world does or doesn't do.

In the reality of Love, race is irrelevant and the soul is what matters. We can love and value the differences we bring to the table. In the reality or Love, political parties are less relevant, and our core values are what matter most. In the reality of Love well-being is accessible whether or not you get a shot, whether or not there is a cranky virus trying to stay alive by inhabiting the human race, and whether or not conditions are perfect. In the reality of Love, no matter what supply chains are doing, God is your source and supply. In a reality of Love, the parts of the 3D world you perceive and interact with are mostly the loving parts. The rest of the vibrational "realities" always exist, but you choose to tune into the higher and happier ones.

Here are a few pointers on how to live in the "reality" of Love

1. Define What is your Real World

Don't worry about what others consider "the real world" to be. Define your own "real world." Do you live in a world where people are mostly good? Do you live in a world where well-being flows to you at all times and you get to open to it or pinch it off? Do you live in a world where you trust your own feelings so much that you can tell who, external to you, is trustworthy?

Do you live in a world that gets better each day? Do you live in a world where there are opportunies at all times, even when you miss a big one? Do you live in a reality where your body is resiliant?

Rather than look around and say to yourself, "Well this is reality," go within. What reality are you going to define? Pick something and create it.

For example, years ago I got playful with financies and created, out of thin air, a belief that my money is like waves. It comes. It goes. Sometimes it holds its shape for awhile, other times I have a huge outflow, which like the outflow of waves before a tidal wave, means I have a huge inflow coming. I made that up. Guess what. I got silly with this belief. I started playing with it, telling it to myself often. When a big outflow happened in my life I use my imagination to get excited about the upcomging inflow and sure enough it happened. I've repeated this often throughout the years and the more I believe it, the more I see it.

Likewise years ago when I was on crutches and cleaning house was a real pain, I playfully invented a belief in "anti-static fairies" that were energetic beings who kept the dust from settling on my furniture. I imagined them as a loving glow around my furniture repelling dust. Lo and behold, I went for a few months without having to dust... in a city that is known for its dust!

Energy is just waiting to be molded!

So pick a playful belief that you want to experience. Make it up. Play with it. Imagine it. Don't keep "taking the pulse of creation" by checking to see if it is working. Keep your new playful belief alive within you, like a child with a wonderful fantasy, until it does work. Stick to it till you see it.

Maybe you want to have people smile at you and be kind wherever you go. Start telling yourself, "I run into the kindnest people!" Maybe you want to find pennies everywhere. Tell yourself, "I find pennies everywhere! I can't believe it! I love seeing them!" imagine it, keep the belief alive in your mind until it becomes your reality.

Maybe you want something more serious like, "My body is amazing and resiliant. It heals from everything! It gets stronger and stronger. I love my body and it loves me back. The more I love it, the quicker it heals." Imagine it. Play with the thought. Repeat it to youself often. Then as time passes you will see your new belief's effect on "reality"

2. Watch your words

Stop saying "This is the way it is... This is the way I am" unless you want it to be that way! Our words point to our thoughts. Our thoughts create our vibrations! So if you insist, "I'm always broke. I'll never heal. Republicans or Democrats are this or that" you will be right. Every time. Whether you like it or not. You'll miss opportunities to make money and pinch off healing. You'll see the people you expect to see. Life is huge and varied but if we believe something is one way, we will see all the people and situations that match this belief.

This is a huge dilemma for many. We want to tell the truth. You can. You can say, "This is what is in front of me now but I believe I'm creating better!" "I've been in pain awhile but now that I understand how to let well-being in I have high hopes of feelnig better each day!" "These are the kinds of people I've been experiencing up till now but I'm open to better."

Those words are kinder to yoruself. They don't limit you to your past observations. They give you room for a new and better reality.

3. Trust your Own Inner Compass about what is "Real" for you

Everyone lives in their own personal version of reality. Someone might "tell you like it is" but they're telling you about their version of "reality" which may or may not have anything to do with yours! You decide what is true for you. You will know by the way you feel. For exmple I've heard from many people who have either gotten or denied getting the vaccine that they felt very clear until they talked to a well-meaning friend or relative who had a different opinion. Your reality will always feel loving to you. Trust that over anyone else's version of their own "reality." You know what is right, for you.

There are 7.8 billion people on the planet. That means there are 7.8 billion experiences of reality. Many overlap but no two are the same. Each of us, with our focus gets to choose. When we select the realty based on love, we experience the best this life and this world have to offer and rise above the other not-so-loving "realities that seem to tug and pull at us for attention.

I wish you a blessed & beautiful week immersed in the "reality" of Love!

Ann Albers and The Angels
Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,
Reprinted with permission from Ann Albers on All rights reserved.
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